AN: Hey everybody! So this is my first story so sorry if it's not the best quality. Anywhose~ I know that it may not make sense in the beginning, but it will later on. Although I am not sure where this is going yet and I am a bit worried about the plot, or lack of it, but I digress. So enjoy the story and tips and criticism are appreciated.

It had been a long day at work and William was still angry because he was forced to work overtime yet again. His mood was lifted upon hearing his daughter's voice and being brought into a hug . "Mama, you're home!"

William smiled, "Sorry Alice, I had overtime again. "

"It's ok. Oh and I already made dinner if you're hungry. It should still be warm."

"Thank you Alice, I think I'll get some before heading off to bed." "Ok, I'll be in my room" William proceeded to eat his dinner, take a quick shower, say goodnight to Alice and went to bed. As soon as she was sure that he was out-cold she grabbed her sweater and headed out. 'I hope I'll be able to get back before Mama wakes up tomorrow.'

Meanwhile at Grell's Apartment~

After a long shift of overtime due to Grell's slight mishap when filling out the last document for the souls he collected, were scattered about the office when he ran right into William, he was finally home.

"Oh sweetheart!~ Mama's home!"

"Hey, mom, I ordered take-out. I got you your favorite!"

"That's so sweet of you Luna. Don't stay up too late, I'm just going to take my food to my room and crash out. "

"Was today really that bad?"

"No, Luna just a long day. Just go to bed before eleven okay? "

"Sure Mom."

Luna waited for about twenty-five minutes, before she was sure that her mother was asleep before leaving.

"I should probably go and pick up Blake on my way over. Heavens knows that girl gets lost too easy" After about fifteen she was at the back window of a morgue and as she tried to sneak through the window she fell in as her shirt snagged onto the edge of the window. "Ow" She soon heard some door open and footsteps. She tried to hide but found nothing so she decided to duck and hope whoever it was wouldn't notice her but after she saw that it was just Claire she got up.

"Luna! What the hell, you could have woken up Blake's mom!" Claire whispered. Luna just rolled her eyes and asked her why she was there. Then Claire explained that she was she was able to leave her house early and was going to pick her up but lost track of time. Luna smirked.

"Well then its a good thing I came by when I did huh?"

"Calm down, we were going to make it on-"

"Guys, we gotta hurry up we're gonna make Alice angry again if we're late "

"She's got a point." And with that all three girls left to the top of a bookstore overlooking a park.

Luna, Claire and Blake were looking around to see if Alice was already there and soon Blake called the other two girls when she saw Alice coming over.

"Hey guys, nice to see you all actually got here on time" they all shared a laugh but then Alice's expression turned serious.

"Alright you guys, you know why we are here right?"

"Yep, we are gonna find out what this man has to do with our mothers" Blake said with an adorable look of determination.

"So what are we going to do? A little recon perhaps?" Luna asked very enthusiastically.

"Actually we are. Claire has already gotten us some info on him. His name is Sebastian Michaelis, and is a demon who is currently in a contract with an earl, Ciel Phantomhive." Alice explained. Then Blake and Luna looked over at Claire with a surprised look on their faces.

"Alright so we have some good info here, but we need to know more before we try anything."

"Right!" The other three cheered in unison

"Alright, we are going to do our recon in pairs and switch off every other day. So tomorrow its going to be Blake and Claire then we'll switch off to Luna and me."

"Sounds good. I'll be at your house early tomorrow so we can start tomorrow." And with that Alice, Luna, Blake, and Claire went home.