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It was the crack of dawn when Claire woke up. She left a note for her mother telling her that she would be out for a few hours and went off to get Blake. By the time she got there Blake had gotten up and had already ate her breakfast. She told her mother that she was going to go out for a bit and was coaxed her mother with puppy eyes to let her go. She gathered some things Claire had told her to get and waited behind her house. Soon Claire came and they set off to the Phantomhive Manor.

"Claire, what's this guy like? " Blake said deciding to be the one to break the silence during their walk to the manor.

"Well as far as I can tell he's a fairly serious man, has an obsession with cats and is a bit of a perfectionist." Claire stopped and pulled Blake off of the road and into the woods.

"Wait, why are we going through the woods"

"We're gathering information. We can't just go straight to the front door. We're gonna go to the back of the house. You did bring what I told you too right?" Claire said as they were coming into the backyard and passed the rose garden.

"Yea, but why did you have me bring some ham and a bone?" Then they heard a howl and a very large white dog was growling at them with burning red eyes with displaying his sharp fangs.

"Thats why. Hand me the stuff."Blake handed Claire the ham and the bone and hid behind her.

"Pluto, if you're a good boy and keep quiet I'll give this to you~" Pluto wagged his tail fiercely and begged for the food.

"Here, I'll give you some ham now and you'll get the rest later as long as you don't make things difficult for us, okay?" Pluto changed into his human form and ate happily.

"How did you know they had a dog?"

"Last time I was here he nearly gave me away and I was almost caught by the gardener."Claire and Blake proceeded to deeper into the into the yard. They stopped when they reached ciel's office window.

"Claire, why are we watching this kid? I thought you said we were gonna find more stuff about Sebastian."

"We are, just watch" after about three minutes of waiting a tall black haired man in a butler suit entered the room with some tea and some crepes.

"Hey, look at his eyes, I didn't notice-"Blake yelped as Claire grabbed her arm and pulled her around the corner of the building as the window opened.

"Be more careful, he almost saw us!"

"I know but did you notice his eyes?"

"Not really why?" Claire asked curious as to what Blake had discovered.

"I didn't notice it in the picture but when he headed towards the window his eyes glowed and changed color for a split second." Claire was still trying to figure out how that was relevant to anything and gave Blake a confused face. Blake sighed and said "That happens to you when you get crazy mad."

"Well, I know I'm at least half demon because of my mother so I guess its just a demon thing. But you have a sharp eye, I didn't even notice that." With that Blake smiled proudly and they continued to follow Sebastian after he left

"Good day, my lord. Today I have prepared some crepes garnished with a chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries along with Earl Grey tea. " Sebastian said as he placed the food on Ciel's desk. Then something outside the window caught his attention. He went to go investigate and noticed something go around the corner of mansion as he looked out the window.

"Sebastian what are you doing?"

"Nothing my lord. Just thought you might enjoy some fresh air" Sebastian said as he turned to Ciel with a smile on his face. Ciel did not think much of it and ordered Sebastian to finish up the rest of his chores. As he was working he couldn't help but think that he was being watched and could have sworn that he heard some giggling. He took a quick look at the window and saw two figures duck quickly. 'Hmmm, seems like we have some uninvited visitors. This should be interesting considering they know how mask their presence. I'll have to keep an eye on them.'

After about three and a half hours of watching Sebastian they decided that they should head back home to get some lunch and rest for the day.

"Alright there were a couple of close calls but I think we did good today."

"Claire, what are you talking about? We didn't learn anything today." Blake said on their way back through the rose garden.

"We found out that they have demon dog that shape shift and that they have four more servants here along with Sebastian and his master Ciel. So I say we count that as a win."

"I guess, so who's gonna fill in Alice and Luna on what we found out so far?"

"I am, my mom is in a contract with this guy right now and she wants me no where near the guy. Something about him being too 'crazy' or something. But that means I get to hang out with you guys more so it works out perfectly." Claire said as she smiled at Blake. They made their way near the end of the backyard and gave Pluto what they promised him and where on their what they didn't notice was a certain raven haired butler observing them from the top of a hedge. 'So there are two more. Hmmm. Perhaps I should humor them for a bit to see what they want from me' He watched as they disappeared into the forest but made sure to catch their scent.

After their mission Claire left Blake back at her house and went to fill in Alice on what she and Blake found out. Alice told her that she was going to meet up with Luna to get ready and that she would fill her in so that Claire could go home. Right before she left Claire warned her about their dog and then she left. The next day Alice got up and waited for her mother to go to work before leaving. After that she went to the top of the bookstore they were at two nights ago. She waited for about ten minutes before Luna showed up.

"Its about time Luna."

"Yea sorry, my mom was taking awhile to leave. Anyways what's the plan?"

"We go and observe for now."

"And after that?" Luna asked curiously.

"When we feel that we know what we're up against, then we'll challenge him and force him to tell us how he's connected to our mothers" Alice said while fistpumping. Luna looked over at her with a devilish smile. "Does that mean we can torture him too!~"

"I doubt that'll be necessary. From what we know so far he'll probably keep his word, besides I don't trust that look on you face " Alice said with a slight laugh and looked over at Luna who pouted. And with that, they set off to the Phantomhive manor. They took the same route that Claire and Blake took. When they reached the backyard they went through the shrubs instead of going through the garden because they saw the gardener. Luckily he didn't spot them so they went further in. Then suddenly Alice stopped and had a look of realization. Luna looked back worried "Alice what's wrong?!"

"I can't believe it! And she just told me yesterday!"

"What are you talking about?"

"They have a big dog. Claire told me but I forgot to bring something to bribe him with. I can't believe I forgot!"

"Calm down. We just gotta make sure we don't run into him."

"That's easier said than done." Alice said with a not so convinced expression. They ventured in deeper until they near the back entrance. They started debating where they should start their recon when suddenly a large shadow was looming over them. They turned back when they heard a growl. There was the dog that Claire had mentioned to them. In her surprise Luna grabbed Alice by her wrist and ran into the mansion. Pluto switched into his human form so that he could follow them and was quick on their heels. Luna was running blindly through the manor with Alice alongside her. They had made into the main hallways when a door that they had just passed opened. A blue haired boy with an eye patch came out shouting. "What is all this racket?!" As soon as he saw pluto he ducked back into his office to avoid being ran over by him. "Sebastian!"

"Yes my lord?" Sebastian said as he appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

"Pluto is in the house. Take care of it at once." Ciel fumed.

"Of course." Sebastian said as Ciel closed the door. His expression then turned serious as he went to go find Pluto.

Meanwhile Alice and Luna made a wrong turn and ended up in one of the guest rooms. They ran and into the closet and kept it open enough for them to peep through without being noticed. As Pluto started sniffing around and it didn't take long for him to catch their scent. He was about to open the closet door when suddenly he was lifted off the ground. "What have I told you about being inside the house!" Sebastian said with a glare. Pluto whimpered. Luna and Alice breathed a sigh of relief as they saw Sebastian make his way out. Then he stopped at the doorway and went towards the closet door.

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