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Alice and Luna were starting to freak out as Sebastian got closer and closer to them. They leaned as far into the corner as they could. They froze as Sebastian looked at the door and grabbed the door handle. "Just as I had thought. Did you really think that I wouldn't notice?" Alice and Luna were nearly shaking. "Pluto, you filthy dog! You tracked dirt on the floor and the door!" With that Sebastian left with a very fearful looking Pluto. Alice and Luna looked at each other and sighed. 'Well better him than us.' Alice thought. As soon as they thought Sebastian was long gone they came out.

"So what now Alice?"

"I don't know, but we can't stay here, he'll be back to clean the room so we have to leave."

"Yea but where, I don't even remember how we even got here. I was winging it the whole time." Luna said as she raised her arms in the air dramatically.

"Well we could try to find our way out but we might run into someone, but we can't hide in the closet all day either. Hmm." Alice didn't really know what to do.

"Well, we could try to look for a window and stay outside."

"That would be good but, what are we going to do about the dog Luna? I'm pretty sure he's going to be even angrier when he sees us after this."

"So now what?!"

"Well, i guess we're going to have to 'wing' it again. Its better than panicking here." Alice said with a huff. Honestly she didn't really know what to do but going around the manor was better than being sitting ducks. They peered out the door to make sure that no one was around. They quietly sneaked around the manor taking extra precautions not to be seen. They tried to remember the way they entered but after they passed Ciel's office they heard footsteps yet again. With no plants or any decor large enough to hide them they quickly hid behind the curtains. They waited for whoever it was to pass by and hopefully not notice them. Luckily for them it was Mey-Rin, the maid and based on how she tripped and broke items as she was cleaning, they were pretty sure that she wouldn't be too hard to sneak by. They tipped toed out of their hiding spot and sped walked down the stairs and into the main foyer of the building.

"Alice we found the front door!"

"Great let's go." Alice said as she grabbed the handle. "We'll come back later since our first walk-through was a bust. "

"I think we should hold off and meet up with the others to figure out what we should do. That way we can avoid another mishap like this." Luna said as they ran out of the manor.

Alice agreed as they went down the road and Alice said she would go and tell the others. What they didn't notice was a man leaning onto the door frame as the girls were leaving. 'I think I've let them wander around enough. I should go and put an end to this now before they cause me more trouble' Sebastian thought as he smirked. Although he was aware of their presence from the start, he was curious as to how the girls were going to react. It astounded him how clever they were and was rather impressed that they made it through the manor quickly and without getting caught as well. Although the other servants were rather incompetent he was still impressed never the less. Most people would have gotten lost in the corridors or would have taken a while to find their way through but these girls did it in under six minutes. He completed his chores early knowing that someone was going to try to spy on him today and had already prepared Ciel's dinner which he asked Baird and Mey-Rin to serve to Ciel in a few hours if he did not come back from his little 'errand'. He waited a bit before closing the door behind him and pursued the girls.

As he followed the two girls he was rather curious that the formed a sort of mini organization. 'How cute' he thought. He saw as the girl named Alice told the other girl ,Luna, to go and contact the others. 'So they are all going to meet up then. This is going to make things easier for me then.' He followed Luna as she went to the park to relax. After about twenty minutes she met up with the same two girls he saw watching him the other day. They chatted away for a good thirty minutes as he watched from behind a large oak tree. He learned that the other two girls were named Claire and Blake. Its was rather endearing how close they were, almost like sisters. But that wouldn't deter him from discovering what they up too. If they were going to be a problem in the future then it would be better to take them out now while they are not a threat. Although the thought did make him feel rather depressed, it would be such a pity to do so with their skill set. Then the three got up and started to head to the back of a book store. Sebastian watched as the girls climbed to the top of the book store. He then jumped onto the roof of the next door Inn which was a story taller than the bookstore. He sat on the ledge as he waited as the fourth girl, Alice, came from the same direction the other girls had climbed. 'Let's see what they are up too' he thought with a slight chuckle.

"Hey guys!" Alice said as she come over the ledge.

"You're late. We've been here for a while little miss punctuality.~" Luna teased. She snickered as she received a glare from Alice.

"Luna don't be mean!" Blake scolded as Luna laughed.

"Come on you guys,let's remember what we all came here for. Besides I gotta get home early tonight too." Claire said as took a seat on the ledge.

"Really? That's weird, I thought your mom didn't give you a curfew." Luna said as she shot Claire a confused look.

"My mom says that she wants to spend more time with me because we haven't really been able to hang out since the contract and all." Claire said as she shrugged her shoulders. It wasn't that she wasn't fond of the idea of interacting with her mother, just that it rarely happens anymore. She unconsciously smiled a bit at the thought of her just being able to talk to her mother.

"Anyways, today was kinda bad for me and Luna. We caused quite a bit of commotion and narrowly avoided being caught. I think that we should probably meet up after every time after both groups have done their recon." Alice said as Luna nodded.

"Yea, cause the whole 'running around the manor like a couple of chickens with their heads cut off' was not fun." Luna said with a negative tone.

"Wait, why were you guys running in the manor?" Blake asked curiously.

"Well I forgot to bring something to give to their dog and he chased us into the house. What was really odd is that he can switch to a human form. ….. Although he was … naked. ..." Alice said very perturbed.

"Come on Alice, you know you liked it.~"Luna cooed.

"Shut it Luna! God, I swear you are just as pervy as your mom!" Alice said as she blushed a bit and face palmed. Luna did not look very pleased at the last statement and looked as if she was about to argue with her when Claire cut her off.

"Back to the matter at hand, Blake and I have some information that we feel is kinda important, Blake if you would. " Claire said as she gestured to Blake.

"Oh yea! Apparently Sebastian is the only servant at the manor who can accomplish stuff. The other don't really seem all that intelligent either so that makes things alot easier for that-"

"Oh, so you have more information from your stalking? Hmm." Sebastian said as all four girls turned to him.

"May I inquire as to why you four are following me?" He said with a cheeky grin.

"And why should we tell you?!" Luna shouted, who was obviously not happy with their surprise visitor.

"I do believe I am deserving of an answer after all the trouble you have caused, especially you two. " Sebastian said as he pointed to Alice and Luna.

"We aren't going to tell you anything." Claire said with a scowl.

"Oh, dear so violent. Well I will tell you this. If you interfere with my work or get in the way whatsoever, I will not hesitate to terminate the four of you. " Sebastian said while flashing his demon eyes along with a slight display of his demon aura. His was rather amused to see that they still stood their ground but flinched when he glared.

"Well, it seems like you know your place. If you are to forget that then I'll pick you off one by one. Perhaps I will start with the girl with the skull barrette in her hair." Alice, Luna and Claire stepped in front of Blake defensively. "Like hell you will! I am not letting you lay a finger on her!" Claire said while her eyes glowed a fierce magenta-maroon color and looked as if she was ready to attack.

Sebastian was taken aback a bit by her outburst but didn't show it. He didn't think that a little threat like that would rile up the girl, but he was rather amused by how protective they were of one another. "And what makes you think you can stop me? Do you honestly think that you can beat me in a fight? If you do then you are sadly mistaken." And with that remark Claire growled and lunged at Sebastian ready to fight.


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