I felt that there should be a fanfic about this fabulous video OwO

I made up the names that I put in here, they're not offical.


"Green is not a creative color." The white notepad on my left said again. I sighed and watched her cross out my favorite color. Again. I don't even see why I try to get her to think it's creative, she'll never listen to me. As I felt my more... creative side take over my body, I thought about the notepad, who was more or less our very creative leader.

Why is she so... calm all the time... I wondered as a scream tore through my throat. I tried to show her how I feel about her, with my picture of the clown, but she just poured ink over it... I guess she doesn't feel the same way about me... I eyed the cake made out of some of the humans we kept in our basement, and watched as my friend Jimi cut the cake, some blood getting on him and blending with his red hair. We ate the cake, and although I offered some of my portion to the notepad, she refused as always, with that beautiful smirk of hers upon her face. That was the last thing I remembered before my creative side got tired and I passed out.

"C'mon guys! Get up!" The love of my life yelled as I bolted upright. I ate one of the fruits sitting on the table as breakfast, making sure not to choose her treasured orange, which had quite a lovely smile. We did our routine again, but this time when she poured paint over the wonderful picture I had drawn, I just lost it.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! I'M SICK OF YOU JUST BRUSHING AWAY MY FEELINGS FOR YOU AS IF THEY WERE NOTHING! I TRY AND GIVE YOU A TOKEN OF MY LOVE, AND YOU JUST RUIN IT! I'M DONE WITH THIS!" I got up and walked away angrily. Why does she not care... I could hear a shocked silence from the room I had just left, then my love saying

".. I'll be right back, keep being creative!~" She said, getting up and extending her long legs that she usually kept hidden. I heard her walk over to me.

"Jaxon, what's the matter?"


"Does it have to do with your clown?"


She sighed. "If you must know.. I quite like your clown... I quite like you, in fact."

"Really?" I looked up at her hopefully. She nodded.

"Yes. Now we should get back to being creative, we shouldn't waste perfectly good human meat." She extended her hand to me and I took it, allowing her to lead me back.

Maybe I have a chance with her after all.


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