Kon'nichiwa! Hopeful future author/mangaka Sapphire Nightshade here! Whenever I read Case Closed and a case concerning Kaito Kid pops up, I usually think, "Looks like Dark's got some competition." So I decided to make a crossover about it! Here's the first chapter. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1:

Daisuke couldn't sleep. He was in the kitchen, drinking some hot milk, hoping that it might make him drowsy so he could fall asleep instead of restlessly tossing around in his bed.

Daisuke and Dark had recently returned from stealing the Towa no Kizuna, Eternity's Bonds, a Hikari work of art similar to the Towa no Shirube, Eternity's Guide. But despite returning home exhausted, something was bothering Daisuke enough that he couldn't sleep. He just didn't know what.

Daisuke? A voice inside his head said.

"Dark!" Daisuke exclaimed, surprised. "What are you doing up? I thought you were asleep."

I might ask you the same question, Dark responded, You woke me up.

"Oh, sorry, Dark," Daisuke said, "For some reason I can't sleep. I don't know why."

Dark yawned, Well, find out how to get to sleep soon. I'm tired. Then he added, Try reading. That always seems to help you get to sleep.

"Okay," Daisuke said, picking up a manga and taking a sip of his hot milk. He didn't ask how Dark knew about that. For Daisuke knew that he and Dark were one and the same . . . and yet not the same.*

After Daisuke returned to his room to try get some sleep, he asked, "Dark?"

Hm? Dark replied.

"Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to be in the world of a fantasy story? Like a manga or a book or something?"

Dark sighed, Sometimes, Daisuke, he said, But we might find out eventually.

"Huh?!" Daisuke asked, startled.

You know I have magic, Dark explained, And that's one of the things I can do: travel to different worlds and dimensions.

"You can? How come you've never told me before?"

You never asked, Dark replied. Then he added, Besides, you passed out for two days, just from me attacking Krad with some of my magic. If we travel dimensions . . . who knows what might happen to you?

Daisuke replied, sighing, "I know. But if there's any story I would go to, it would be Edogawa Conan's world."

Surprised, Dark responded, You want to go to a place where people are always unnaturally dying?**

"I wouldn't," Daisuke retorted, "Because nobody there has a grudge against me since I've never been there before. To them, it's like I don't exist."

Unless Krad ends up following, Dark muttered to himself.

"Besides," Daisuke added, "There's a phantom thief there that no one has been able to catch. Kaito Kid. He uses magic–"

Magic? Dark cut Daisuke off. I've sometimes watched you read Case Closed, and there's no magic in that world.

"I was saying," Daisuke said, "he's a magician. He uses fake magic, illusions, to steal the artworks."

Dark scoffed, Faker. He'd never last in a competition against me.

"Maybe someday you can have a contest against him," Daisuke replied, yawning, "But I'm finally getting tired. Goodnight, Dark."

. . . Goodnight, Daisuke.


"Daaaaiiiisuke!" Emiko, Daisuke's mom, called cheerily, poking her head through the kitchen doorway to look at Daisuke. "You're going to go stealing again tonight!"

"Again?!" Daisuke complained, "Mom, I just went last night!"

"Ah," Emiko responded as she winked and held her index finger up, close to her face, "but this time it's different!"

"Different?" Daisuke echoed, thinking to himself, she's never told me this early before.

Maybe it's very important or we need a lot of time to prepare for it, Dark replied.

"Yes!" Emiko responded to Daisuke, "I'm still wondering how it got there, but we found a Hikari artwork in another world!" She frowned, thinking, then called to To-to, "What was the manga-world it's in called again?"

"Case Closed!" To-to answered from the other room.

"What?!" Daisuke and Dark said/thought in unison.

*In DN Angel, Daisuke has a genetic condition (starting when he's 14) where whenever he thinks enough of the girl he loves, he turns into the infamous phantom thief Dark, and vice versa. The two are like two different people inside one body. When Daisuke transforms into Dark, his physical appearance changes, as well as the person in control.

**Case Closed/Detective Conan is a mystery manga/anime where the main character, Shinichi Kudo (usually using the alias Conan Edogawa), solves mysteries. Most of them are murder mysteries.

Well, I hope you liked it so far! I know it's a short chapter, but I'll try updating it as soon as possible. The times will probably get longer when school starts up again, but I'll try my best! Sorry if the characters are ooc (out of character), but it's hard to give them the right personality.

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