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Chapter 33:

When Daisuke and Dark returned home, Tsubasa and Sakura had gone back to their art form and now looked like a solid gold bracelet with sakura petal engravings with a diamond inserted in it. The masterpiece was complete.

It was night when they came back. Daisuke wondered why they appeared in his room when they left at the bottom of the stairs.

Just be happy that you weren't unconscious for a day like you were when we left, Dark replied.

"Oh, that's right," Daisuke groaned, the day of unconsciousness reminding him, "I wonder how much school I missed."

Emiko poked her head in. "Dai-chan, you're early!"

Daisuke spun around. "Huh? Early?" he asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well," she explained in a thoughtful pose, "you were supposed to come back tomorrow."

Now that I think about it, Dark said, I've heard that many worlds' time passes at different rates than other worlds. Looks like you won't be missing school after all.

"Eh?!" Daisuke said, "Why didn't you tell me this before?!"

I forgot it, Dark said simply.

"Daaarrrk!" Daisuke said.

Emiko giggled, took the "Pair of Fortunes", and left the two phantom thieves to their arguing.

"Now the important thing," Shinichi said to himself as he started walking to the Mouri Detective Agency, "is that they don't find out."

"'They'?" Kaito Kid asked from behind, "Who's 'they'?"

"The less you know about this, the better," he replied. Then he added, "Wait a minute, why are you following me? Go back to your hideout."

"Well I can't very well let you see even what direction my hideout is in, now can I? When a crowd passes by, I'll slip into it and escape."

"You're gonna stand out too much," Shinichi said. "I'm surprised you haven't drawn a crowd already."

"People will just think I'm someone dressing up as the famous Magician in the Moonlight," Kid said, "because I'll pretend I'm going to a costume party."

"I doubt that will work," Shinichi muttered to himself, walking into a combined supermarket/jewelry store. "Don't steal anything," he said to Kid.

"I'm not out for these little trinkets," Kid replied, "Don't worry." While in the store, several people came up to the white kaito, but were always dismissed when Kid told them his costume party excuse.

"I'm surprised that actually worked," Shinichi said, coming up to Kid with a hat low over his face and a scarf covering his neck and mouth. It was cold out today so nobody would think it strange.

Kid noticed that the highschool detective was holding something in his hand. "What's that?" he asked.

"One of those 'little trinkets'," Shinichi replied, voice muffled through the scarf, as he held up a necklace. "It's for a friend," he added, blushing slightly as he thought of Ran. But when Kid didn't respond and Shinichi turned around, the kaito had left.

Shrugging, Shinichi continued on. The magician could do whatever he wanted. He passed by a newspaper stand and saw the date. Yikes! He thought, It's gonna be a narrow margin between the time I leave and the time Conan is supposed to come back.

Finally at the Detective Agency, Shinichi rang the doorbell, resisting the urge to just walk in saying "tadaima*" as Conan would have. It turned out that it was Ran who opened the door, and when she saw who had come, she tackled Shinichi in a hug.

Uh oh, Shinichi thought, She's never going to let me go again, is she? Oh well, I can say that someone called me about something life-threatening happening to a friend.

When Ran finally let up, Shinichi showed her the necklace and, blushing, said, "I-I got this for you."

Ran blushed and took the necklace. Then, after she put it on, her expression changed and she slapped Shinichi across the face and said, "Don't you ever leave me or scare me like that again!"

"O-owwww," Shinichi replied.

The rest of the week passed without incident. The week after, however, earned Conan some suspicious glances from Ran, and a narrowly escaped confrontation. In the middle of that week, Ran, her dad, and Conan were watching the news when the TV showed a notice sent by Kid, who was going to steal something from a certain store.

I never should've showed him that jewelry store, Conan thought, What was that about "little trinkets"?

*Tadaima basically means "I'm home".

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