Chapter 1 Revelations and plans

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"A.I. speech/thoughts"

Mother of Invention

"D how many times are you going to do this to me?" a soldier in tan armor said.

A green hologram of an armored figure appeared floating above his right shoulder.

"I do not follow agent York." It said in a calm crisp tone.

"I wouldn't expect you to. Delta, why are we here?" The now identified agent York asked.

"We are here to help the Director bring peace."

"D, you know what I mean." York said.

"Agent York it is against protocol to speak of your past at this or any other time." The A.I. replied.

York shook his head; of course he'd get like this.

"Look, as long as you don't mention my plan then we're fine. I just need to figure out the rest of this formula."

"Are you sure it isn't correct and you are overthinking it?" The A.I. asked.

"Yes D I'm sure. I just need to fine tune it and get the others."

Agent York to any member of Project Freelancer was just York, the laid back and second best Freelancer in the project but to himself and those who knew him originally he was a boy named Harry Potter, the not so loved son of Lily and James Potter and brother to Michael Potter the Boy-Who-Lived. Now he was trying to get back home and start making a name for himself.

What he was trying to figure out was how it came to this. One day he was the second best and a loyal soldier, now he questions what he's doing. He asked the others how they'd feel about a group get together and they all thought it'd be funny to see what he had planned. Now he has to figure out how to get them to his home time without killing them.

"Hey D, do you think by putting some of my own energy into it I could get it to work?" He asked.

"While I don't recommend doing that while the ship is in orbit I do believe that this could work." The little green midget said. (A:N: Definitely keeping this)

"How about a deal, if I get this to work without killing us you have to act more human, if I fail and we survive then I'll act like you. How's that sound?"

The silence was expected. Truth be told Delta was the best gambler out of the A.I. and one of the luckiest.

"One chance to succeed is all you get Agent York." It replied.

"Alright D but you better start learning to act like a human." York said with a smile.

The agent and his little A.I. made their way to their room. York kept nothing to personalize it like the others did, Wyoming had the old British flag hanging on his wall with various memorabilia lying around, and Maine kept a few football posters of past champions and some combat books for him to read. Those two were the basic ones out of the group. York kept things simple while the others tried to make things more like home. While he was graced with Delta and his protocol personality the others were lucky to have an A.I. that didn't act like a perfect follower. North had Theta and he was just a little kid, Carolina had Sigma who acted like everything was just a game. Even Wyoming had an A.I. that was kind of laid back in Gamma, the light bulb as he had started calling him told too many knock knock jokes, bad ones too.

He sat on his bed and thought over his plan. Every precaution was being taken but no way of telling how it would end. If he could just focus enough of his magic into the device he and Delta were working on then he could have a way home. He had spent hours reading up on the links from his time to the present just to figure out how to stop the events of Project Freelancer from happening and all it would take is keeping one person from dying in the war and keeping her alive.

"Hey D are the others on their way?" York asked in a bored tone.

"Agents Washington and North are almost here, it appears that Agents South and Maine are in the middle of a sparring session." Delta replied.

York sighed. Ever since he convinced them to do this South and Maine had taken to fighting each other every other day. It was unbearable with Wyoming and C.T. edging them on.

"Please tell me she isn't with the Director." York pleaded.

"No, on the contrary she is actually waiting outside the door and can hear everything we say." The A.I. said.

"You're kidding right?"

"No he's not." A voice said from the other side of the door.

"How much of that did you hear 'lina?" York asked nervously.

"Enough." Was the curt reply.

'So much for surprises.' He thought.

"York I believe now would be the appropriate time to open the door."

"Why is that Delta? I figured survival was a logical option." York asked the diminutive A.I.

"Normally you would be correct but seeing as how she is waiting and can hear us added with the fact the only agent not here in five minutes will be Wyoming I think it best to let them in." The logical A.I said.

The logic in Deltas words was undeniable. Sometimes he wondered why he was stuck with the one that made sense. York unlocked the door and let in the seven armored figures waiting on the other side.

"Lose in an argument of common sense York? That's not like you." A guy in purple and green armor said in a joking tone.

"We all can't be masters of sense like you North, besides, I prefer some fun once in a while." York said.

"At least North follows orders." Carolina commented.

York placed a hand over his heart and in a false hurt tone said "You wound me my lady."

She rolled her eyes at his theatrics while the guys laughed with him. Maine stood in the corner of the room eyeing York and Delta, unlike popular belief he was an observer looking for any sign of weakness before striking and York looked like he was hiding something. C.T. and South were joking around with Wash while North was trying to keep Theta calm being surrounded by the other agents.

"York what exactly did you call us here for?" Wash asked curiously.

"D, shut the door and lock it, we can't keep secrets from friends." York said with a sigh.

Wyoming walked in just as the door closed behind him. The Freelancers looked at their comrade in confusion; he never seemed this down before.

"What I am about to tell you cannot leave this room." He said solemnly.

They all nodded their heads.

"I've found out certain things that could change the future."

A pause.

"The Director has been abusing his power so he can recreate his deceased wife. The A.I. that we have are just fragments of the one he's been torturing."

To say the Freelancers were shocked was an understatement when compared to the reactions of the A.I. Sigma and Gamma could be described as giving the darkest looks, it only helped Sigma due to him being surrounded by flames. Theta one of the chattiest when he isn't being shy was completely silent. The agents were more or less denying York's claims.

"York I don't think a joke like that would be found funny." North said.

"I know, but I wasn't joking, what I said was true and Delta can back me up on it." He said.

All eyes turned to the little green midget. Delta refused to meet their eyes.

"I can prove it." York said suddenly.

"Start proving it if you don't want to end up like the Insurrection." Carolina threatened.

"Right, I don't know where you all came from but I found out that the Director has been…viewing future events, I don't know how but he has. Everything is listed, death dates, A.I., actions and even betrayals. Delta has each file ready to load into your data pads if need be but I'd like to say the gist of it before you try to kill someone."

No one argued with him. They were all wondering who would kill them in the future.

"Who wants to go first?" York asked in a slightly cheerful mood.

Wyoming raised his hand.

"Might as well get it over with." He said.

"All I can say for you Wyoming is you are partnered with Gamma and we fought during a Freelancer civil war of sorts. After that I joined forces with agent Texas to hunt you down and ended up killed by you." York said calmly.

York noticed Carolina's eyes shift from anger to worry. He made a mental note to ask her about that later. The others looked like they didn't want to believe him but Wyoming just nodded his head with a smile.

"Always knew I was the better shot York." He said.

"How can you just sit there smiling while knowing you killed your teammate!?" Carolina screamed.

Wyoming shrugged. "Because I know he won't let that happen."

"The only reason why he succeeded was because of an injury I received in a training test with Texas." York said trying to placate the angered redhead.

"While it is true Agent York was rather pressed for time, had certain events not played out all of you would've survived." Delta said.

"Delta, I get the feeling there's more than just who kills who, you, mind explaining that to us?" North asked.

"Of course. In the next couple of years a new agent would join the project and rise to the top but at the same time certain secrets would be revealed. While it is unwise to kill someone for what they could have done or are doing it is more beneficial to us if you listen to what Agent York has to say." Delta said in a commanding voice.

"Since when could Delta be commanding?" Wash asked out loud.

"Who knows, there's a lot of things we don't know about going on though." North replied.

"If there aren't any other interruptions would anyone else like to know about what happens to them?" York asked tiredly.

South raised her hand at the same time as Wash.

"Well this is just perfect." York said sarcastically. "South as one of the Freelancers who got the short end of the stick you grew jealous of those with an A.I. so at your first chance to get one you took it. After the collapse of the project a rogue Freelancer called 'The Meta' started hunting us for our A.I. he managed to take two off of Carolina and then took Theta. You South, left North to die and saved yourself." He let that sink in.

North couldn't make eye contact with anyone, he felt torn between worrying about Theta and South or cutting all ties to both. South was on the verge of tears. She couldn't believe that shed do that to her own brother.

"It gets worse." York said. "Wash was sent to recover North's armor but found that its enhancement was gone along with Theta. He and South started working together to collect my armor and stop the Meta but problems arose. South was given Delta and fled after shooting Wash in the back. The Meta started losing its mind due to having so many already in its head, his armor couldn't function properly due to the stress of the enhancements. So much death that could've been avoided."

At this point nearly the whole room wanted South and this Meta dead but wouldn't due to Deltas warning.

"I know you guys aren't happy with this but you need to understand, my idea is to tell you the future then change it, this way we don't have to be used by anyone." York's words fell on deaf ears. Not one of the Freelancers could comprehend the revelations.

"D how long do we have?" York asked his A.I. companion.

"We can start when you're ready." He said.

"Guys, I know this is a lot but I'm offering you all a chance to restart your lives, you can all come with me and ensure that this never happens."

"Are we allowed to collect our stuff first?" Maine asked.

York nodded his head in confirmation.

"Anything you'll need. A.I. have to be kept under lock and key, for safety reasons for them and us we need them to shut down for a while."

They all shuffled out to collect their gear, clothes and anything else they would need. York sat down on his bed and tried to calm down. On the inside this was the biggest decision he would be making for a while and he didn't want to mess up with everyone's lives in his hands.

"D I just don't think I can do this. Save the world maybe, but change the future and go home? Not a chance." He admitted to his digital friend.

"Whether or not you believe you can doesn't matter. You can do this York and I have faith in you." Delta flickered slightly as he said this.

"Back up?"


"Should've expected this from you. Think you can make a backup of me?"


"Once we do this I think 'lina will try and kill me." He said nonchalantly.

"I have complete faith that she will." The A.I. said with the hints of a smirk.

"Glad to know you care for my life D."

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