Chapter 6

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"A.I. Speech/Thoughts"

While York and the other freelancers were attending the classes at Hogwarts with the students Maxwell Powers was concerned. After they left, the rune he made started to glow. He thought someone was using it from the future but they couldn't do that without magic. He summoned Domino and Reaper teams to secure the room just in case. What they expected was a freelancer to appear, what they got was something much worse.

(line break)

"What happened during your first class North?"

Lunch time, the sacred time for Wash and the worst part of the day for Maine. Currently North and York were seated at the Hufflepuff table discussing their first day of 'school'.

"Nothing much really, just learned how to turn a needle into a frog and back then a cup into a rat. You'd think that a magic school would teach something more, complicated."

Typical North. Unless he can snipe someone he doesn't like the course.

"Wait till you try the flying course." York said.

North raised an eyebrow."Flying? For first years? I might take you up on that offer."

"It's not as fun as it looks." A voice grumbled.

York shook his head as Wash joined them. The freelancer had been irritable ever since he crashed into the castle during his first flying lesson.

"What's got you in such a bad mood?" North asked.

"Wash here decided to introduce himself to the castle. I'll be watching that footage for years to come." York said with a chuckle.

"Laugh it up." He grumbled.

"Sorry Wash," North says finally containing his laughter "But you have to admit that it's funny. I still can't believe beat us on the flight Sims. How did you beat us on them anyway?"


North and York looked at their partner in crime expectantly. Wash seemed to be at a loss for words.

"We're waiting." York said.

"I may have used one of your A.I.'s to do the simulations for me." He said sheepishly.

"Which one?"

"Delta." He mumbled.

On cue the little green midget appeared on York's shoulder.

"D, anything you have to say for yourself?"

"In my defense Agent Washington managed to crash into several buildings, cars, and clouds before I stepped in and passed it for him."

"Traitor." Wash grumbled under his breath.

"On the contrary, to be a traitor would imply that I was on your side, I am on everyone else's side so long as it doesn't deviate from York's plans."

"York I think you're A.I. is defective."

And so the argument between Freelancer and super computer began.

North watched the two go back and forth like a tennis match. The students and staff were torn between being amazed by Delta and laughing at Washington.

"Any chance that we can record this?" York asked.

"I don't think Carolina will enjoy this being on the internet."

York sighed in defeat. The Get-Rich-On-Internet plan officially down the drain. York watched as the Slytherin table eyed them warily. He caught the eyes of blonde boy resembling a ferret glaring at him.

"Think I found tonight's entertainment North." He said.


York jerked his head at the Slytherin table. North noticed the purebloods glaring at them and laughed outright.

"Seriously? They do realize what we can do right?"

York shook his head. "Wizards remember? They're purebloods for a reason after all."

"Brain damage and overcompensation right?"

The two turned to Wash who seemed to have forgotten about Delta once the purebloods were mentioned.

"I sometimes wonder about you." North said with a shake of the head.

Wash was about to comment when they heard a beep coming from York's helmet.

"Hold that thought Wash. Hello?" York answered.

"Harry?" the voice sounded nervous.


"Listen, do you remember that file you left me about the future events in that timeline?"

"Yeah?" he said uneasily.

"One of the contents just appeared a little over an hour or so ago and began trashing your recruits."

His blood ran cold. York heard a crash and gunfire over the line. One of the 'contents' could mean anything.

"Every team?" He asked putting emphasis on every.

Another crash followed by shouting.

"Every team. I don't know who she is but she is worse than your mother was when we broke her flower vase."

"You mean when you broke it." York clarified.

"Just get someone down here and we'll discuss that later!"

York sighed. Whichever deity he managed to anger in a past life wasn't about to cut him some slack anytime soon.

"What was that about?" Wash asked.

"Dad's got a mission for us. Thing is I can't abandon this place too soon. Otherwise I would've done that after day one."

Maine and Wyoming made their way over as he said this.

"Anything we can do?" North asked.

"Yeah, Maine, Wyoming. How do you two feel about fighting another freelancer?" York asked seriously.

Maine growled while Wyoming thought it over. "So who are we fighting then?" He asked.

Wash held his hands up and shook his head. North chuckled.

"You ever hear about the Freelancer from Texas?"

(Line break)

"You have got to be kidding me."

With some persuasive words and alibis from Sigma and Delta Dumbledore allowed the two freelancers to return to the states. Unfortunately for them the 'Freelancer' they were going to fight was one that York knew would be powerful even for them. Maine was the first to arrive on the scene being met by a weapon rack. Wyoming fired several warning shots which resulted in being kicked in the side of the head. One of the trainees was pinned to a wall by the obviously overpowered Freelancer while they choked out another.

Maine got back up with a growl. He was pissed. Beyond pissed would explain it. He was the strongest yet he had been knocked down by a weapons rack? That just doesn't happen. Maine ran at the Freelancer.

(Line break)

"So why did we send two of our best fighters for a new guy?" Wash asked.

North shrugged. York sighed tiredly. "That 'new guy' just happens to be a part of the reason why I brought us here in the first place."

North and Wash shared a look. York mentioned they all would die in some way or another. Or in Wash's case be surrounded by idiots.

"Doesn't exactly change the fact that you are hiding something from us York."

"Not the time North." York hissed as several prefects, Slytherins, passed by eyeing them warily.

"What is up with these kids? Snake fetishes along with incest, is there a single normal one in that group?" Wash asked. His comment received several stinging jinxes to his armored body.

York shook his head. "All funny moments aside. This isn't just any Freelancer. This is actually the Freelancer, unbeatable unless her luck runs out which, judging by the video feed I set up isn't happening any time soon."

North stopped. "Wait, did you just say she's unstoppable? As in never gets hit or loses a fight?"

York nods his head slowly.

"Isn't Carolina here with us though?" Wash asked now nervous of being on the red heads bad side.

"Never said it was Carolina that I was talking about." York replied.

(Line Break)

Maxwell powers stood petrified of the Freelancer before him. He had watched for the last five minutes as the very best soldiers he had ever seen were wiped out by one person. The Freelancer wasn't that different on the outside from the rest. Same type of armor, only difference being it was black. Agent Maine managed to pin her but she easily broke free and proceeded to throw him into Wyoming. For himself all hope seemed lost until Wyoming got a lucky shot off with his sniper effectively injuring her enough not to kill but to contain.

He was going to need therapy after this, he was sure of it.

(Line break)

"You sure they can handle it?" Wash asked nervously "Not that I doubt them or anything but from what you've told us Tex just might be able to take down Maine without breaking a sweat."

North, though he didn't show it, was shaken by the revelation. York shrugged off the comment. He learned that to survive in a strange land or any place for that matter you needed to be able to adapt fairly quickly.

"But he also has kept some information to himself." North added "He won't tell us what happens to who, or even what the 'Meta' was. All we know is that we all died except for you and Carolina."

Wash turned to York "And might I add that I am very grateful to you for saving me from that."

York waved him off. The three suddenly felt a chill run down their spines.

"Please tell me that was a draft." Wash said.

"Don't these suits prevent us from getting cold?"

Delta popped up on York's shoulder. "It would appear that Agents Maine and Wyoming have failed to handle the situation."

Underneath their helmets Wash and North paled. York on the other hand chuckled nervously.

"Could be worse right? It's not like she knows anything right?"

"Actually she does. Your father was more than willing to speak to her and learn about the life she now has." Delta shot down that idea.

"Wait, now has?"

"Correct. It appears that the Agent Texas that you know is actually fully living."

"Anything else I should know about then?" He asked slightly irritated by his A.I. counterpart.

"She appears to have been affected by the seal and made into who she was based off of. For all intents and purposes she is a living person, not a robot, her luck also seems to have repaired itself if the footage we have is anything to go by."

York let out a tired sigh. This day just keeps getting better and better.

"Thank you Delta. I just hope 'lina doesn't find out about this." He said.

Wash coughed suddenly and tried to back up. North seemed to be staring at something in fear.

"She's right behind me isn't she?" He asked already dreading the answer.

"Yes and she is going to have a nice long chat with you, York." Was the icy reply.

"Bugger." Was the only thing that seemed to sum up the day.

Cue frying pan to the head.

"Damn it! What are those things made of?"

Another whack.

"No cursing in front of children!"

Meanwhile off to the side.

"How long till he remembers that he can turn off his radio?" wash asked.

North shrugged his shoulders "Probably when Carolina stops hitting him."

They watched this for several minutes. York was stuttering out a response but the recent head injuries seemed to be working against him.

"I just thought of something!" Wash said excitedly.

"Okay now this I have to hear."

"We haven't done anything to end up like him." Wash said. Not getting a reaction he elaborated "Think about it, South would be doing to us what Carolina is doing to him right now, but we haven't done anything to deserve it."

North blinked. Leave it to Wash to jinx them. "I'm out." He said as he began walking towards the library.

"Where are you going?"

"Anywhere that isn't near you."

Before Wash had the chance to make a comment he was sent to the ground courtesy of one frying pan from South. North shook his head when he heard Wash's cries of pain.

Sometimes it didn't pay to wake up in the morning.

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