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Madelyn led the newest trainees through the facilities. They all passed the online course, so this would be the final test. Many did not make it past this part of the training.

Maddie flipped through her speech booklet and recited what was written, slowly and carefully, as if she were afraid to mess up.

"You all know why you are here," she began, the class finished for her "Because we are the most dedicated and devoted nerds in Fanfiction." They recited perfectly. Maddie eyed them suspiciously. They acted like they had heard this speech before. She looked down at the clipboard and eyeballed the paper she was reading. Maddie blushed as she realized that she was reading the email that the agency had sent out. She tried to play it cool, but epically failed as she turned the page on her clipboard.

"Anyways, you all have passed the online testing, so now we are going to do a little bit of training. Please follow me; I am state your name and it will be a pleasure instructing you." Maddie, again, realizing that they were already following turned the clipboard. Finally, she got so frustrated, that she threw the clipboard at the window of the nearest cubicle window. The workers inside ignored it as if it was a regular occurrence for them.

The trainees however, were very surprised. You see, Maddie was a small woman, around the age of 21, who looked to be about 5 feet exactly. She gave off a nerdy librarian look, wearing red framed glasses and kept her hair in a bun.

"That was… unexpected." A young girl named Monica said under her breath. She was only 12 and really shouldn't have been on Fanfiction due to the age restrictions. A fifteen year-old named Chris smiled. He looked like your typical skater dude and had a gray (NOT grey, because I am American so please don't waste reviews on correcting it :D) beanie with shorts down to his knees.

"We are here!" Maddie said in a singsong voice. The group of trainees suddenly became aware of their surroundings. The place they were at had the appearance of a public school library. A projector and a row of desks came into view as they sat down in the seat that had their names on it. The only thing that ruined the library theme was a bolted metal door with the letters TYPE 1 REHAB printed on it.

Maddie started the slide. Bullet points came up as following.


Is S/he an OC?

Do numerous people of the opposite sex find them irresistible?

If it is a Cannon Fic*, do they mess up the story line?

If it isn't a Cannon Fic, does the plot seem unrealistic?

Do they have an incredibly dreadful past, yet seem perfect and unfazed?

Do they have unbelievable powers that even the main characters don't have?

Maddie finished reading then cleared her throat.

"Since you guys got here incredibly late, there are tents in the back, so you can spend the night here. See y'all tomorrow." She said in a fake country accent.

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