AN this is a story on what should've happened after Bones stopped singing Girls just wanna have fun instead of Booth being shot.

Brennan's POV.

I had just finished singing my favorite song girls just wanna have fun when agent Sacks walked in and said that Pam Numen had been stopped at the entrance because she had a gun and was raving to kill ME. Once Sacks left Booth walked up to me and said that Pam had been stopped at the entrance and was now being charged with the attempted murder of an FBI agent and a FBI consultant. She had been brought to the St. Joseph's hospital psychiatric ward for those 'with a few screws lose.' She was going to be sent to a special place were she was going to spend the rest of her life not being able to hurt people. After he had said that to me he invited me to the bar for some drinks. Once we got there we both ordered a drink and Booth decided that he was going to start apologizing for not seeing that Pam was getting obsessed with him and saw her as 'a threat to their happiness' so she decided that she had to kill her in order to ensure that they could be 'happy.' Once he started saying that he should've seen the fact that she was starting to be obsessed with him. I was quick to stopping him from apologizing telling him that I was ok so he shouldn't be sorry for her wanting to hurt me. He then Starred strait at me...

SORRY but I'm Doing a Cliffhanger

FYI I don't own bones or Agent Sacks he belongs to NCIS