I limped up the back steps of my house. I opened the door and limped inside immediately heading toward my bedroom in the back of the house. As I neared the back hallway I stopped when I saw my mom, a former teen Titan known as Raven, talking with a man with long pitch black hair. He wore a black and blue skin tight outfit with a mask on his face. I recognized him as one of the Titans Nightwing.

I quickly proceeded on to my room not wanting to interrupt moms reunion. I opened the door to my room looking around at the violet walls and the black bed. Three of the walls were covered with pictures of me and my mother. The other wall was covered with two bookcases that were full to the brim. I dropped my book bag to the floor and hobbled over to the bed. I gingerly laid down on my bed.

I felt the need to examine my wounds so I pressed a hand on my stomach feeling the knot left after the beating. I pressed down harder. Not a good idea. I let out a loud yelp and tasted blood in my mouth. I sat up, clutching my head as I spit a wad of blood to the floor. The door to my room burst open revealing my mom looking very concerned. She ran over to the bed and forced me to lay down. Mom looked me in the eye and asked "What happened to you Rae? Was it those bullies again?"

I took a deep breath and said "It's nothing mom. Really." I knew it wasn't nothing but I didn't want to look weak not in front of two of the Teen Titans. Mom shook her head and began to heal my stomach. I lay there looking at the ceiling mural of Azerath. When she finished with my stomach I said "Mom they got my right leg to." By saying that I had all but told my mom that I had once again been beaten to a pulp by my school life tormentors.

I watched her hands, glowing with transparent light blue aura, go over my leg. Mom finished healing my leg she sat on the floor with her back against the side of my bed. She sighed and said "Reagan that's the third time this week." I sat up and said in a really small voice "I'm sorry." I watched as Nightwing walked into the room from where he was standing in the door and said "Raven what happened to Raegen?" Mom let out another sigh and said "Its nothing, Nightwing. Just some stupid kids." I tired to stand up but Mom pushed me back down with her powers saying "You need to rest."

I looked up at her and said "I was just getting a book." I watched mom walk over to my bookcase and pull out a book labeled 'The Legends of Azerath' and handed it to me. I opened it and began reading about my mothers birthplace. She turned around and walked out but Nightwing stayed looking at me. I looked up at him and said "Aren't you going to leave." He shook his head and took a seat in the overstuffed black chair. He looked me in the eye and said "What happened?" I looked away and said "You heard what I told my mom it's nothing."

At that Nightwing Burst into a fit of laughter and said "You really are just like Raven. Whenever something was wrong that's exactly what she'd say 'Its nothing'."

I looked at him and went back to my book I was currently reading about Trigon. "Now tell me how'd you get all beat up like that?"

I sighed resigned to tell him what happened "Francis and his cronies cornered me at lunch and decided that the goth girl needed to be taught a lesson." I shuddered and watched as Nightwing left the room leaving me alone with my thoughts on the story about Trigon the Terrible