15 minutes later I deemed myself fit enough to get up and walk. I closed my book and set it on my nightstand. I stood up quickly changed out of my blood covered clothes and into a pair of PJ's which were black with little bats on them. I picked my book back up and walked out of my room. I head toward the kitchen only to stop short of the door when I heard Nightwing yell "Raven, why didn't you tell me that Reagan was being bullied." I look in the door Nightwing was at the table his fists clenched. Mom was at the counter chopping vegetables.

I watched mom's eyes close and open several times before she said "Because they were just schoolhouse bullies Nightwing. I figured they'd get bored and eventually move on. But no they never did and today was the worst it's ever been. She's never come home coughing up blood or with a broken leg before." I saw the distress on her face and felt the distress and fear that was rolling off of her as she slid the vegetables into the stir fry pot. "Maybe we should Call Beast boy." Nightwing said and mom visibly tensed and she said "No we won't. That idiot doesn't need to know. He's perfectly happy wherever he is."

I walked past the kitchen and into the living room. I sat on an overstuffed chair looking over the legend pertaining to Trigon. At one point it talked about him having a daughter and at another point it talks about his defeat in the mortal realm at the hands of said daughter. But for some odd reason his daughters full name was never mention the book simply refers to her a 'R'.

I looked up when both Nightwing and mom sat on the loveseat. I wanted to know more about Trigon so I voiced my curiosity "Hey mom, who's Trigon?" Moms face paled even more than it already was and she tensed as did Nightwing. "Where did you hear that name?" I looked at her and said "This book." I held up 'The Legends Of Azerath' moms eyes widen and she snatched the book out of my hands. She began leafing through the pages of the book. I watched as her eyes widened when she got to the page about Trigon.

I watched as she handed the book to Nightwing and said "Reagan, honey I don't want you reading that book anymore." I was shocked. Mom had just told me not to read my all time favorite book. I voiced my protest "But mom. I'm not even half way through." My protests fell on deaf ears. Now I was pissed. I stood up and yelled "I want to know who Trigon is NOW! I also want to know who 'R' is!" I stood angry. Mom could see it in my eyes that I wouldn't back down. She sighed and said "Fine just please calm down." I smiled inwardly and sat back down. Mom was rubbing her temples I watched as she repeated something over and over again.

When mom finally spoke her voice seemed distant. "Trigon is a terrible demon who once ruled Azerath. He also is my Father. If you can even call him that. As for 'R' you're looking at her." I stood up no longer angry and asked "Are you still keeping the book?" Mom shook her head and levitated the book into my hands.
I walked into my room lay on my small twin bed. I crawled into a sitting position and soon was lost in the Legends of Azerath. After reading about the monks of Azerath for 20 minutes I felt myself falling asleep. I set my book down on my nightstand and turned of my lamp. Soon I was dreaming about the land I've read about in so many books. Azerath.