I arrived at a door marked with a Giant '7' and I walked through it into a hallway I walked through the hallway until I found a door with a sign above it that said 'Gym' I opened the door and was amazed at the equipment. They had punching bags, karate dummies, treadmills, weights and all sorts of tech for training.

I pulled off my hoodie and walked over to a punching bag. I began delivering punch after punch and roundhouse kick after kick to the sand filled bag. I wanted to destroy it. This was no longer about blowing off steam. This was full blown anger. Someone else's anger.

I paused in my assault and turned to look at the door. There standing in the doorway was Beast Boy. Just looking at him made the anger swell in me. It was moms anger. Why was she so angry with this guy. "Look I'd get outta here before I kick your scrawny little snot colored ass all the way to Gotham City." I yelled as I turned my attention back to the defenseless punching bag. After another half hour of assaulting the sand filled bag it finally broke open. Sand poured from the fist-shaped hole and over my boots.

The silence was broken when Beast Boy asked "Why are you so angry at me?" I felt like gorging out his eyes as I said in the calmest manner I could manage "I'm not the one who's mad at you. It's my mom. She beyond pissed at you. And I just happen to be the only other empath in the Tower. I'm picking up on her anger and boy is she angry. Whatever you did to her in the past to make her this angry at you it must have been something huge. She's not one to hold a grudge."

I delivered another punch to the already leaking bag and suddenly I felt all the anger leak from my body. I looked up at the ceiling and said in a dreamy voice "She's calmed down." I watched as Beast Boys belt began blinking red and he ran out of the room. I grabbed my hoodie and ran after him.

I followed him into the Main Ops' and saw the window was now a computer screen. It showed three mugshots of teens two were male and one was female. The female had blonde hair and green eyes. One of the males was small and had a bald head. The other male was huge and had long red hair and a beard. Under the mugshots were their names respectively their names were 'Zola', 'Gadget', and 'Mastodon'. Nightwing typed something into the computer and said "It's the H.I.V.E. Titans Go!" I watched as the Titans rushed out of the room.

I pulled on my hoodie and followed them into the garage. I watched Cyborg get into the T-Car I quickly approached the trunk, opened it and jumped inside. I quickly closed the trunk and pulled my knees to my chest. I felt the engine start and the car began to move.

15 minutes later the car came to a stop and I peered out the back window to see the Origianal Titans converging on the three teens from the mugshots in front of a jewelry store. I opened the trunk door and door and crawled out. I stood in horror as I watched the titans fight the villians.