United Destinies


There are 2 schools: St. Anna for girls and St. Vladimir for boys. St. Anna has economic issues and has to close the school. Mr. Lazar headmaster of St. Vladimir wants to help Ellen Kirova (an old friend of him and headmistress of St. Anna) and takes hers students to his academy. What will happen when girls and boys share their lives in a same roof? (They aren't used to be together in schools). Will the things be easy or difficult? Follow your favorite gang of Vampire Academy in their new destiny. There will be love, cheating, jokes, laughs, new challenges and friendship.

In this story will include Andre, Mason and Ivan, because I want them to be alive. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own of Vampire Academy, all the credit is for Richelle Mead. I only own of the plot.

Soon Chapter # 1 (It's my first fanfiction)