United Destinies

Author's Note 2:

First of all thanks for your reviews. Second, I will try to update soon, but I have so many stuff at university (projects, homeworks, exams, organizing a marketing journey that is part of my degree), so I hope you will be patient and understand me. Like I said before English isn't my native language, Spanish is; and it's very difficult write a story in another language.

For the people that ask me why I didn't write in Spanish, and then translate into English, I can't do that, I'm practicing my English, and I have to think in English not Spanish.

So I hope you will understand that I can't update faster, maybe on vacations. (since December 7 until March 17) during those months I will try to update more faster, maybe 3 to 5 chapters a week, and more long chapters, believe me my English teacher at school said me that I write very long essays *laughs* well anyway thanks for reading this.

Until next time, and God Bless You