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United Destinies

I'm very sorry I didn't update this past years at fanfiction, but I didn't have time to write this story. I just let me a little bit of patience for update this story, please. :D

Cap 2 - Meanwhile at St Vladimir and big news

Dimitri's POV

After I talked to my sister, I went to classes with my friends. At the end of the day I have being thinking about all the things that happens until today. Being new in this country made me feel more uncomfortable to make friends, but this crew accepted me as one of them and now I feel more welcome than before. Just if my best friend Ivan will be here, everything will be complete to me.

Flashback - ~ Freezing Day ~ back in Russia

"Hey bro I dare you to jump to this freezing pond just in your underwear" Ivan smirks.

"You and your dares, can you just grow up" I sigh

"JAJAJAJA you are a pussy, let's make a deal, you jump in the pond and I don't do pranks for a week" he said

Mmmmmhhhh it's a tentative deal, but if a going to do this dare I want more. "Well let's make it a month without pranks and we make the deal" I say


"If you keep complaining, I will add more days" now I make a devil smirk

"Fine, deal done" he sighs

I always keep my word, so I jumped on the pond in just my underwear, but when I gotten out he asked me how was the water and then I said why he doesn't try it, I pushed him…. JAJAJAJA a very hilarious moment.

~ end flashback~

JAJAJAJA good times, but I really miss him too much, he is my best friend, my brother. After the vacations my family moved out to United States, so I had to study in a new school war away of Russia.

Some ringing interrupted me of my thoughts, when I see my phone screen I make a huge smile on my face. Talk of the devil (a/n I like this quote in Spanish much better) Ivan's name appears at my phone calling.

"Hey Ivan, what's up" I said

"Good, good, Hey D guess what?" he answer exciting. Huuuummmm

"What, you quit make pranks, hook up with random girls, smoke?" I said sarcastically

"WHAT NO MAN, I never quit to those things, especially with the ladies" he said. I sigh when he's going to change

"Well what is it? I said

"I convince my parents that they transferred me to your school, what you think?" he said

That almost let me speechless "WHAT NO WAY MAN, WHAT YOU DO TO CONVINCE THEM, AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE HERE" I can't believe it

"Yes my dear friend, nothing is going to can break the dynamic duo, just I promise to not be in problem and upgrade my notes, one thing wrong and they quit me out and return to Russia" he said

"That's going to be a problem, you always being in trouble and you didn't like to study" I answer.

"Hey man, a little bit of fate, when I propose something, I can do it you'll see" he said with a strong determination

"Well we will see, when you are going to arrive here" I said

"I going to be in a week, so be waiting. So I'm going to quit this call, I have a lot of things to pack, Bye D, see you next week" he said exciting

"Bye Ivan, see you"

"See you Dimitri" and he disconnect the call

What a news I received today, wwwwaaaaooo I didn't think this could happen. Then a message from Ivan


JAJAJAJA, he never gonna change. I going to tell my mom about the great news, she is will be very happy. My mom Olena treats Ivan like her other son, she is an amazing and sweet mother. "My mama" I sigh. Well I went to my room and I'm preparing for sleep, I remove my clothes just my boxers to sleep, but I decide to read first another chapter of my western novel that I like to read, I'm fascinated with the old west and those stuff; just a scape of reality.

~ The next day ~

Andre's POV

I was walking to the hall, late for the first period class when I listen headmaster's voice speaking at the phone.

"It will be a big change for the students, they are going to accustom to this, but I hope there will not be problems between them. Also that we have to relocate the students from the dormitories. This isn't going to be just a few students who is changing of school, but all the student body"

What's going on!

"Yes, we make a deal Ellen"

Wait a minute as Ellen Kirova? Isn't she my little sister headmistress? I know by rumors that St Anna's Academy have a few problems, but I didn't know that it will close definitely. And most important, they are going to transfer to St Vladimir's Academy. Interesting

"I informed the parents of the changes of the school and they are agree to this. Some of them have children in both schools, so they don't have no problem with that" So my parents know this, I'm going to ask them later. What a big news, so they are going to be girls, here. There will going to be a lot of fun.

The Ring of the first period sound, so I miss first class, but it was worth it. I going to announce it to the guys, they are going to be excited about this information I just heard.

"So why did you miss class, do you fell asleep again?" said Adrian

"Well I little bit, I was actually going to class, but I just heard news that you may be interested, and I not going to tell you right now, you will have to wait until lunch and tell the other guys."

"No man tell me now, you left me with intrigue!" Adrian shout

"Patience is a virtue" intercept Dimitri walking towards us

"You and your Zen lessons, Dimitri" Adrian laughs

We went to class, after that

~ Lunch Break ~

I met with my friends at the table (Mason, Eddie, Dimitri, Christian, Adrian) "I have big news to tell you, but don't shout because I want nobody outside our group to know" I said cautiously

"You have me waiting, until now to tell I have being waiting all the morning" Adrian said

"What's the big secret that you want to tell us" said Christian

"We will going to have girls to attend at St Vlad's. Apparently St Anna is going to close and they are going to be here attending class with us. I start

"WHAT THAT'S COOL!" Adrian shout and the others said SSSHHH to him.

"You can just shut up, I don't what others to know. So as I was telling a just heard the headmaster Lazar speaking to headmistress Kirova about the changes, relocation of the students in the dorms and that our parents know about this."

"How did you know that there will be girls" Mason said

"I know, because my sister and her best friend attends to St Anna, so I overheard Mr. Lazar saying 'we make a deal Ellen', she is the headmistress of that school." I reply

"My little sister Victoria attends to that school too, so she is going to be here too" said Dimitri. "She didn't said me anything about that" Dimitri continues

"Lissa neither, maybe they didn't know" I reply

"So we are going to yours and Dimitri's sisters here. Finally we are going to meet you sisters and that best friend of your sister Andre you didn't talk too much of her, just you said Lissa's best friend, never her name" Adrian said

"It's very strange, you talk somethings of her but never said her name, why?" Eddie asked

"Her name is Rose, alright, and no longer makes senses talk about her, she is going to be here soon, so if you want to know about her, ask herself." I sigh.

I have crush on Rose, but I am a coward to say to her that I like her a lot. I think she thinks I'm a big brother to her, just like Lissa. Maybe this will be the opportunity to said my feelings to her, because we are going to spend more time together, so I will arm in courage to say it to her before someone else do it. If the guys see her, possibly some of them will want to be with her, because who would not be with her, she's funny, she likes the parties and has the body of a goddess. WOW. I just hope I'm wrong with that. I just excited to see her in person and my sister too of course.

I am going to put Rose in boys problems, poor her. Next chapter, Announcement at both schools and The arrive of the girls to St Vladimir's Academy.

I'm so sorry for didn't update all these years, my inspiration to write stories was almost gone and I have a lot of things to think in my personal life. I didn't like to update short chapters, so I will not update fast. I hope you like this chapter and this story so far.