This Time On Bad Girls Club: Seven proclaimed bad girls all come together for three months, and have to learn how to deal with each other differences, can these girls survive the Bad Girls Club

I don't Own Bad Girls Club nor do I own any of these characters but I will be using some girls from Disney shows to be bad girls. Also, these's girls were picked out by me and my sister, we picked their personalities but altered some because they couldn't all be bad girls. Also I hate flamers so if we can keep that as a no-go I'm all good thank you guys for liking the season so far.


Cecilia "Cece" Jones 21 Chicago, IL

Raven Baxter 23 San Francisco,CA

Alex Russo 21 New York, NY

Dina Garcia 21 Ocean City, NJ

Tinka Hessenheffer 23 Chicago,IL

London Tipton 23 Boston,MA

Ivy Wentz 24 Denver,CO


"You're not here to be our friend bitch"

Somewhere In Miami

Monday 3:45 AM

Jessie- In All honesty all I want to do is fight the three girls who jumped me and just go home for beating their asses.

Jessie walked into a room with a bottle of ketchup and dumped it all on some clothes. Then she walked into another room with a huge bottle of bleach and dumped it all on the clothes that were on the bed.

A limo pulled up in front of the house and six girls got out.

Jessie ran outside to the backyard.

The six girls walked into the house two went upstairs while the remaining four was heading to the backyard.

Three girls headed towards the pool.

A girl with black hair walked up to a sitting Jessie, "Why would you fuck with our things when we all are cool"

"I didn't know" Jessie told her "But since we're all cool let me go and talk to Raven"

Jessie picks up three cups and heads to the pools, she gives one to Blondie and the other to Raven.

"The Bad Girls Club season 1" Jessie raised her fist.

"Cheers" the blonde exclaimed.

"The Bad Girls Club regardless I don't give a fuck" Raven exclaimed as she took a gulp from her cup.

Jessie brought her fist down and punched Raven in the face, she brought fist back and punched her again.

Raven and Jessie started fighting



A month before.

Miami, Florida

Tuesday 12:45 P.M.

A young woman sat in front of a restaurant drinking from a straw inside a glass, the girl had a petite body with long black wavy hair falling two or three inches under her breast, her eyes were brown, and her skin was tan with warm yellow like undertone, she was five feet five inches tall and she wore a metal chain dress with a leather belt, golden pendant heart necklace and a gold charm bracelet with black snake specs. "I'm best known for trouble but yet trouble always seem to find me." Alex. Age:21. Nickname: The Hispanic Dynamite. Hometown: New York City, New-York. "I'm Alex and I'm twenty-one years old, you may recognize me for my attitude and personality if you see me at places. I'm not going to go on about how I got a bad attitude, if you hate it why put it on blast, but I will say when I'm in a fit of rage you'll wanna see how it goes down. When people see me they usually think I'm a lazy and immature hoe with no goal in my life. I'm not afraid to be myself nor will I attack anyone else for being them but if they're fake that's a whole different story", Alex turned around as a waiter walked past her "Excuse me, can I have another one of these?" she asked waving her glass.

As Alex was sitting there waiting, another girl walked by, this girl had long flowing brown hair falling in the mid-section of her back, her skin was light caramel with medium brown eyes, she was five feet two inches tall, she wore a tight denim jacket with a white blouse and black skinny jeans with ankle length black heels. "When I walk into the house they would all know I will run it soon as they see me." Raven. Age:23. Nickname: The Fashionista Queen. Hometown: San Francisco, California. "My definition of being a Bad Girl is doing your own thing and , my Fashion Icon is Beyoncé and my hair is real. In high school I always picked on for being sneaky and conniving, and when I was at work I was fired many times for my behavior, as much as I would hate to bring that side out of me I am not afraid to do scared because the queen is gonna rock this season." Raven walks up to the table right before the waiter was about to leave, "Excuse me can I get a mango hurricane smoothie thank you" she demanded, the waiter stood right staring at Raven she sighed and walked away writing on her little pad, Raven sat down at the table where Alex was sitting down at.

"Hey." Raven greeted with a smile.

Alex looked at her with the straw in her mouth before taking it away with a smirk "Hey I'm Alex and you?" she asked.

Raven smiled "I'm Raven," she introduced herself and looked around "Damn this place is bad ass! Are you ready to run Miami like some boss ass bitches?" she exclaimed while Alex eyed her.

Alex- The first girl I meet had this thing about her that I like,she looks like she can be that bitch but also a boss.

Alex nodded "Yeah I'm ready, this city needs to be shown how to host bad girls" she agreed.

Raven stood up "Let's go then" she told Alex just as a limo came around the corner. Both girls got into the limo,as the limo started to drive away the girls rolled down the window and shouted "Bad Girls Club Miami!"

Raven- Me and Alex are coming Bad Girls Club,we will be the baddest you will ever meet, so stay tuned.

Waiting outside on the docks stood a young woman with long black hair wearing a white dress with white high heels "I'm not here to be anyone's friend but that doesn't mean that I can't have any." Dina. Age: 21. Nickname: The Latin Beatdown. Hometown: Ocean City,New Jersey "I'm best known for my attitude and personality I don't deal with fake because if you can talk it then you can handle the consequences that comes with the bullshit out that mouth of yours, you have to be your toes because you don't know if the person you trust will be the on doing all the backstabbing.", as she turned around a limo pulled and stopped in front of her she opened the door and got in when she took a seat she saw two other young woman one had long blonde hair that stopped at her breast wearing a yellow dress with pink heels "I'm not a doormat or a person you can use when you want to." Tinka. Age:23. Nickname: The Crazy Blonde. Hometown: Chicago, Illinois. "I wasn't given everything I wanted in life, but I can handle my own without the help of others, my definition of a bad girl is a girl who can party like an animal, who can talk the problem out instead of fighting on instinct but is not afraid to get her hands dirty." ,next to Tinka sat a young woman with golden copper hair wearing a black leather jacket with a red dress with black high heels "I know what I want and I go for it." Cecilia. Age:22. Nickname: The Fiery Redhead. Hometown: Chicago,Illinois "I would like to call myself the HBIC: Head Bitch In Charge, I prove myself to be a bad girl I have problems like everyone one, but do I fight because of it no I can deal with my issues like a mature person, I was raised by a single mother and I give my props to any mother who raised their own child or children being single, when I'm around it's either my way or the highway."

When the limo started moving Cece looked at the girl sitting in front by the door.

"Hey I'm Cece"she introduced herself.

"And I'm Tinka"Tinka introduced herself and looked at the girl.

Dina looked at them, "I'm Dina, so where are you two from?"she asked in a Mid-Atlantic accent.

"We are both from Chicago, what about you?"Cece told her.

"I'm from Ocean City, New Jersey" Dina told them.

Cece- This girl, Dina is pretty cool yes she looks like she doesn't know what she got into but she is mostly cool.

"Well you are in for an awesome time we are the party animals to hit the club"Tinka told her

Tinka- I think that Dina needs to know that we are here to stay and are not go nowhere don't get me, I don't hate the girl it's just that I'm trying to see where she will stand at in the house.

"Well at least I'm not alone I love to party that is what I'm best known for doing in Ocean City"Dina laughed.

Dina- Tinka and Cece are really cool girls I'm not about to lie I was afraid that they didn't like me and was going to point me out as weak.

"Cece and Tinka when we get there lets room together since the three of us show that we are the baddest girls that gonna rock this bad girls club"Dina explained with excitement.

Cece and Tinka both nodded their head in agreement and Dina launched herself on them and all three shrieked with excitement.

A young petite woman was walking down the boardwalk with black hair with light brown extensions at the tips with brown eyes wearing a gray shirt and blue denim jeans with black heels. "Don't get it twisted I am not just a spoiled rich girl." London. Age:23. Nickname: The Rich Bitch. Hometown: Boston,Massachusetts "Just because my dad gave me things doesn't mean I am a stuck up rich bitch that doesn't know everything about life, that is what everyone thinks about me I can hold my own ever since I left home and never asked my dad for anything except for money I needed to pay off my credit card debts, I have things for people who are independent and don't need a group or posse you will mostly see me by myself because I'm secluded and don't need anyone on my side except for myself and that's it." London walked on the beach with her shoes in her hand and walked to an outdoor bar and order a smoothie margarita when another girl took a seat next to her, this girl had black hair with brown eyes and was wearing a white shirt and black tights "I'm not the type of person you want to mess with." Ivy. Age:24. Nickname: The Feisty Diva. Hometown: Denver,Colorado. "I've been picked on about my size in high school and ever since then I had a backbone, I choose when to show my crazy side not when another bitch is in my face popping off and trying to annoy know, when I walk into the building you're gonna notice me I'm like the biggest person in the room but hey I was blessed with this body and I'm going to work it but don't ever use my weight against me in an argument." she looked at London and smiled.

"Hey I'm Ivy what's up?" Ivy introduced herself.

London turned and looked at Ivy "Hey I'm London what brings you here?"she asked.

Ivy eyed her "I'm looking for another girl for Bad Girls Club because the limo is here waiting for us" she explained.

London stood up "Okay let's go then"she told her.

Ivy looked at London with a heated glare.

Ivy- Are you kidding me? this bitch wasn't going to tell me that she was the girl I was looking for and all she has to say is 'Okay let's go' please girl you lucky me and you just met or you gonna have problems with me.

London- I know that this girl doesn't like how I didn't admit to be the girl she was looking for but at least she didn't have to look for me anymore.

As the limo for the girls pull up London and Ivy got in and the limo drove off towards its destination.

A mansion comes into view as the first limo pulls up, Alex and Raven run inside and stop right there by the door "THIS IS HOUSE MOTHERFUCKING PERFECT" yelled Alex.

Raven- This is house is amazing me and Alex are sharing a room because we are the real bosses and these ain't got nothing on us.

Alex- Can you believe it I am living here for three months I am so ready for these girls to get here.

As Raven and Alex tour the house they don't see another limo pull up out this limo comes Dina,Cece, and Tinka.

Tinka and Cece run up to the door as Dina takes her time "OMG THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING" yelled Cece.

Tinka and Dina look at Cece and laugh"What do I have something on my face"Cece asked.

"No it's funny didn't you see all of those houses that we passed on our way over here?"asked Dina

"She probably was too excited to noticed" explained Tinka as she started laughing.

Tinka, Dina, and Cece walked into the kitchen,where they saw Alex and Raven taking shots of cherry vodka.

"Hey there I'm Raven"Raven introduced herself and went to hug Cece, Dina,and Tinka who all hugged back.

"And I'm Alex"Alex introduced herself and went to hug Cece and Dina.

Alex- There is something about Tinka that I don't like and I will avoid all situations with her and maybe we'll see what happens.

Cece smiled at Raven and Alex

"Well I'm Cece" Cece told them.

"And I'm Tinka" Tinka told them as she and Cece smiled and looked at Dina.

Dina shook her head, "Sorry I'm Dina" she introduced herself and smiled.

As the girls were getting to know each other, another limo pulled up and London and Ivy got out and walked into the mansion with excitement "OMG" yelled Ivy and London.

London- This place is amazing and when I walked around you can hear laughter and giggling going on.

Ivy- Bad Girls Club get ready for the boss bitch to take this place by storm.

"Bad Girls Let's get Crackin' in this motherfucker." yelled Ivy when she walked into the house.

When Ivy and London walked into to the kitchen they walked with confidence they saw the rest of the girls,

Ivy- You can tell that there is already cliques formed you had this group of three girls with black, golden copper, and blonde hair and then you had these two girls with black and brown hair.

"Hey there I'm Raven" Raven told them as she went to hug Ivy.

"And I'm Alex" Alex introduced herself and went to hug London and Ivy.

"Hey I'm Ivy and this is London and we are so glad to be here." Ivy told them as she returned the hugs.

London smiled but then frowned when she saw the look that Alex was giving Tinka "Here we go." she muttered with a roll of her eyes. Cece,Dina, and Tinka all walked out the kitchen and away from the girls.

**Cecilia, Dina, and Tinka**

"So the last two girls are here and I can tell that they are trouble and I'm going to but distance between us"Cece explained.

"I agree we are the baddest bitches in this house and it will stay that way till we leave"Tinka exclaimed.

"I know for a fact that Ivy and London are in for a surprise if the cross us"yelled Dina.

**Cecilia, Dina, and Tinka**

The seven young women walked out of the house and went towards the limo.

Dina- So, we're on our way to a club called Mansion, and I'm ready to get drunk and just party my ass off.

When the girls made it to the club they stepped out of the limo and walked ahead of the line into the club, the music playing was Usher singing Scream. All the girls immediately began dancing, Alex and London began dancing with each other.

Alex- So, I'm dancing with London and I can see that me and her probably will be coming closer in the house than anyone else might be.

Dina was dancing with Tinka, while Cece just shaking her head making her hair fly everywhere, Cece and Tinka watched Dina dance while waving their hands making money fall; Dina climbed up on the table where the pole was, she climbed up it only to slide back down slowly, Tinka and Cece were doing catcalls for her along with a lot of other people.

Cece- So, Dina decides to get on the pole and do some dancing, I'm like hell yeah, if she's going to dance then I'm going to encourage her on for dancing by herself and doing her own thing

Ivy was dancing mildly while taking a shot with Raven right next to her rolling her eyes as she watched people encourage Dina on. Ivy sees the looks she was giving Dina "What's your beef with her?" she asked her.

Raven shrugged her shoulders "I don't know but everything she's doing is annoying me, her laughing, her being stupid and her dancing for attention. My mother raises me to ignore people like that but seeing it is pissing me off." she told her.

Ivy placed a hand on Raven's shoulder "Come on, we'll go outside and talk about this." Ivy told her, as the two girls walked out of the club.

Ivy- So, I decided to pull Raven outside to keep the peace for night, because she has a problem with Dina getting attention from other people and to me how can you get petty over somebody dancing.

Alex and London saw the two girls walk out the club, Alex raised a brow "What do you think is up with that?" she asked confused.

London narrowed her eyes "It may be because she has some type of problem with Dina Jersey, I just wanna hear if she going to talk some shit about Dina."

London- Raven come on its the first night we don't need drama already like move the fuck on on last time I checked I expected this bullshit from Alex and Tinka not from you honey grow up.

Alex smirked "Why don't we try to stir things up between those two and see what happens."

London began to smile "Ooh! You're evil! I like it" she exclaimed, the two of them shook hands, snapped their fingers, and flip a strand of their hand back.

Alex walked outside following Ivy and Raven while London walked toward Tinka and Cece watching Dina dance on people.

Alex- We're not starting any drama we're just finishing something that Raven created, so if she gets her ass beat and anyone tries to jump in I'm going to fight.

Alex walked over to Dina tapping her shoulder "Hey!" she called over the music.

Dina turned around and got close to Alex so she could hear her "Yeah? What is it?" she asked.

Alex fought back a smirk "I was dancing next to Ivy and Raven, Raven was talking shit about you and I just wanted to let you know because we're cool." she told her.

Dina- So, Alex tells me that Raven was talking about me to Ivy, I thought me and Raven was cool but that isn't the issue, I'm drunk and bitches are trying me, so let's settle this.

As Dina walked with a drink in her hand outside she saw Raven, Ivy and London sitting outside of the club, Raven put a drink to her mouth then pulled it away after taking two sips "I mean, why would girl wanna be a stripper anyways? There are better jobs than being a hoe."

Ivy shook her head "It's not being a hoe, if you keep talking shit like this it's only going to cause problems for you."

London nodded then looked behind her and saw Dina with a drink in her hand and Cece and Tinka walking towards them, Raven turned slightly "Oh, here she is with her little group." she muttered.

Dina stopped next to the three girls "What? Is there something wrong?" she asked her.

Raven shook her head "Nope." she said.

Dina raised a brow "Oh? So, you weren't just sitting out here talking shit about me?" she asked pointedly.

Raven shook her head again "No, if I had a problem with you I would have brought it to your face." Raven told her.

Ivy made a face when she said this.

Ivy- No Hell No, I'm starting to see that Raven is really a punk ass bitch, you lied to this girl as soon as she got in your face like you are kinda taller than her and you're scared of her are you really that fucking fake.

Dina crossed her arms "Okay but you see I heard you when I was walking out here and I heard from a from one of your friends that you were talking bout me too, and so let me set one thing straight, what I do with my life is none of your damn business and if you have a problem with that then I'll fuck you up!" she exclaimed squatting down in front of Raven's face.

Raven took a gulp from her drink then turned to Dina and spitting the drink on Dina's face, Dina dumped her drink on Raven's head.

Raven clenched her fist "I'm not going to fight you out here." she told her.

Dina squared up her fist "Either get up and take this ass beating or sit there and take it, there's your warning."

Raven stood up then reached out to grab Dina's hair but Dina stepped back shaking her head "Don't touch me, don't." Dina warned.

Raven tilted her head "Or what?"

Dina raised a brow with her fist raised "You want it?" she asked.

Raven pushed Dina and Dina pushed Raven making her fly back, Dina snatched a hand full of Raven's hair then pulled her forward making Raven trip. Dina began pounding in the back of Raven's head while London and Ivy quickly grabbed Dina trying to break her grip on Raven's hair "Let go!" Ivy yelled as Dina continued to try to hit Raven, but eventually she let go.

London and Ivy separated Dina away from Raven as Alex squatted down to Raven to make sure that she was alright.

"That's what the fuck you get bitch! Don't ever try to motherfucking play me like I'm some weak ass bitch! I'm from Jersey ya' dumb hoe!" Dina yelled struggling to get out of their grip.

Dina- I'm not good with people talking about me behind my back and lying to my face about it like I've learned to fight despite my size or attitude, you bitches better learn quick because that I'm not the one.

Dina left to go fix herself, Raven rolled her eyes "Oh shut up, you stupid ass hoe!" Raven yelled back trying to fix her hair.

"Bitches I'm going home tonight" Dina exclaimed as she ran back to Raven before London and Ivy could grab her and Dina began to bash Raven head in, Dina was punching Raven in the back of the head again when Raven flipped her and Dina over and started to punch Dina in the face security went to Dina and tried to grab Raven and Dina."Let Her Hair Go!"yelled one of the security "Bitch I'm gonna get you let me the fuck go!"Raven yelled.