[Bold Italics]- Clips

Bold- Tanisha Thomas

Girls- Interview

["Run up" Ivy exclaimed as she walked towards Rocky "Run the fuck up because I've been afraid of you all season right!" she yelled.

Security guards was holding Ivy back.

"Bitch you are literally twice the body size of me" Rocky exclaimed a she stood up behind the bodyguards.

"Then run it then" Ivy exclaimed as she tried to punched Rocky through the gap between the bodyguards.

Ivy walked back over to her seat and sat back down.

"Bitch you ain't shit" Rocky exclaimed as she sat down.

"Bitch I don't have to be shit" Ivy told her.

"I have beef with Rocky obviously, I have beef with Alex, and Raven" Ivy explained.

"Because me and Alex both came up with a plan to take out Cece and Raven but instead when we was talking she was thugging in her interview playing me saying that she is going to send me home" Ivy told her.

"When have I ever said that" Alex questioned her.

"Bitch we were plotting against Raven and Cece and I find out you want me out the house." Ivy told her.

"Bitch what do you expect people to do when they see your fat ass" Rocky told her.

The audience 'OOOHHHHH']

Ivy stood up and walked over to Rocky "Stand the fuck up because I'm about to whoop your motherfucking ass"

Rocky looked at her and rolled her eyes.

Ivy pulled Rocky by her hair and slung her on the ground.

Rocky tried to swing but she couldn't.

Ivy started punching Rocky in the face and then she slung Rocky off stage.

"You stupid bitch" Tinka exclaimed as she walked from behind the stage onto the stage.

Hey hey what happened

"That bitch wanna catch someone off guard" Tinka told her as she sat down.

Hey I run this reunion right now and Tinka I need you to calm down

"Fine" Tinka replied.

Ok ladies now that we are almost done I would like to know how was Cabo

"It was alright" Raven told her.

"We had no problem with it" Cece told her.

"I had a blast" Ivy told her.

Ivy I want to check out the clip where you kept messing with Rocky boo

[Ivy looked at Rocky"Bitch shut your ugly ass mouth before I do it for ya"she told her.

Everyone looked at Ivy."Why do you always want to come at me?"asked Rocky.

Ivy sat up"Bitch I don't like you!"she yelled."Like you aren't here to be our friend ,my friend was the girl you replaced and I'll be damned if you think I'll give you respect."yelled Ivy.

Rocky threw her cup of water at Ivy. Ivy reached over and grabbed Rocky's hair but when Cece tried to break her grip on Rocky's hair Rocky punched her in the face. Rocky tried to move away and she landed on the carpet of the limo as Tinka tried to keep Ivy away by laying down on her."Chill Chill Chill"yelled Tinka as she tried to push Ivy away but Rocky had her hair."Let my hair go"Ivy told Rocky. The limo pulled over as security guards try to grab Rocky and pull her out the window but she won't let Ivy's hair go."Let GO"yelled Raven."Both of y'all Let Go". When Rocky let Ivy's hair go the guards pulled her pout the car along with Tinka. Cece was sitting in the limo trying to think about what just happened."Fuck you Cece you wanna let that punk ass Bitch punch me in the face! Bitch I'll knock you the fuck out"yelled Ivy. Cece got out the limo ignoring Ivy as she keeps got back in the limo as the producers called a cab for Cece and Rocky to take back to the mansion.]

Ivy in that clip you went off on Cece can you tell us why?

"Honestly when, Cece was friends with Rocky and me knowing that loyalties came first, I took my anger out on Cece, but me and her talked it out and we're cool" Ivy explained.

Ivy we all want to know what is it about Rocky that you don't like

"It's not like I don't like her because she's skinny, but when someone keeps throwing low blows at you about your weight what can you do" Ivy told her.

"I agree like everyday Rocky would talk mad shit about Ivy's weight" Cece told her.

"Cece bitch you need to shut your ass up" Raven told her.

Hold up ladies we need to breathe and calm down, Raven what makes you so mad at Cece

"I just don't like the fact how she can be real but turns her back on her friend" Raven exclaimed as she stood "Coming from the person who tormented your friend bitch you didn't even had her back then"

"Raven I'm a need you to take your seat" Cece told her.

"No bitch you never had her back until she got into that fight with London" Raven told her "At the end of the day you didn't have the bitches back and you sit right there thinking you real when you're not"

"Raven first of all bitch you don't know shit" Cece told her.

"She's right Cece you never had Dina's back until me and her got into that fight" London exclaimed.

"No I didn't and I can admit that" Cece told her.

"But you still fake though" Rocky told her.

"Hold up" Cece told the girls as she stood up "Don't try to play me like I'm weak, or fake because I'm not me and Dina had a conversation and y'all don't know shit about me and her"

Cece I need you to take a seat and not pop off on anyone right now

"Hold up, when I left that house, I was no where around the girls to say goodbye and in all honesty I was closer to Dina then I am with Tinka" Cece exclaimed.

"But bitch you wanna come here and say you're Tinka's friend but you didn't even say goodbye" London exclaimed.

"You wanna sit over there talking shit but yet you want throw them hands" Cece exclaimed.

London sat up "What you gonna do?"

"Let me tell you something" Cece told her as she stood up "You wasn't even friends with this bitch to begin with you a back stabber"

"Who the fuck did I back stab?" London exclaimed.

Cece was leaning over London "Bitch you threw Alex under the bus and then you want to be friends with Tinka after you socked her in her face?"

London looked at Cece.

Cece are you gonna pop off because you're mad close to me right now

"No I'm not because this bitch is talking mad shit and she's not doing nothing" Cece exclaimed.

"Bitch you the one is looking like a fool" London exclaimed.

"Bitch you a damn joke" Cece told her as she went back to her seat.

Tinka I'm confused why are you quiet right now

"Obviously it's hard for me to choose between the girls who I am friends with" Tinka told her.

"But Tinka are you kidding me that bitch never told you goodbye" London told her.

"But I see it from her view though" Tinka told her "When me and Tinka got arrested where was you?"

"People think that they have to compete with me like Bitch there's no competition your always going to fall short"


"What the fuck do you mean" London exclaimed.

"Bitch you didn't have her back neither" Cece exclaimed as she stood up.

London stood up "Cece I'm about tired of you" she exclaimed "If you ain't gonna do something sit your punk ass down"

Tinka stood in front of London blocking Cece's path.

Cece have a seat boo

Cece ignored Tanisha and tried to walk up to London "Bitch pop off then"

Tinka tried to go make Cece sit down.

Tinka I honestly feel bad for you, but I don't understand how you can come out here and just be quiet

"I know but here the thing I never claimed to be perfect on this show but I'll admit I'm sticking up for myself when I should've did that during the whole season instead of the last couple of weeks" Tinka told them.

"That's why I don't understand why these two bitches came out for no reason! Like what the fuck" Raven told exclaimed. Rocky nodded her head.

"I thought you would come and attack my ass" London told them.

"London really you knew that shit was gonna happen" Raven told her.

"But I didn't expect Rocky to try to jump in" London exclaimed.

"I didn't come after you I said 'London what the fuck is going on" Raven told her.

"You came at me like this" London told her as she stood up and flailed her arms.

"No you posted up" Rocky told her "And said 'You want to fight' Like what the fuck"

"That's what I thought" London told her.

"You have to admit there was a lot of things going on and people were getting messed with and it didn't help when Rocky tried to jump me" Tinka told her.

"Tinka you made people want to mess you because your FAKE you deserved to get picked on" Alex told her.

Cece stood up and got in front of Alex "No one deserves to be picked on nobody" she told her.

"I say she does" Alex told her.

"Nobody Does" Cece told her.

"Then why you got that damn shirt on" Tinka told her. "Take that shirt off"

Alex got up "Take it off me then" she told her.

Cece got in front of Alex trying to block her from Tinka "No you're not going to fight her"

"You're not security" Alex told Cece as she went around her.

Cece looked at the girls "She is ridiculous right now you guys" she walked back to her seat " She being to extra like WOW"

Alex turned around and went back to her seat "That's fine Cece that's absolutely fine I can be extra all I want too" she told her as she clapped her hands.

Cece turned around and looked at Alex.

Alex was standing in front of Cece "It's my personality, I'm Extra" she told her.

"No but it's like not in a good way" Cece told her.

The audience laughed at Cece.

"It doesn't matter though because Your opinion is your opinion" Alex told her as she put her hands in Cece's face.

Cece grabbed Alex's hands and tried to pushed them down "Don't put your hands in my face"

"Don't touch me" Alex told her as she moved Cece's hands.

Cece socked Alex in the face.


Alex grabbed Cece's other hand. Cece moved back and kept trying to hit Alex in the face.

Hey Hey

Alex punched Cece in the face.


Cece came back and punched Alex in the jaw.

The Security guard ran on stage as Cece on the couch pulling Alex by her hair with her.

A security guard grabbed Alex around her waist and pulled her away from Cece.

Alex was kicking trying to get out of the security guard's grip because Cece pulling her hair and punching her at the same time.

"Let Go! Let Go!" a security guard yelled at Cece as he was trying to break her grip on Alex's hair.

Security Hey Hey

Cece was being pulled by another security guard.

Alex was bent over kicking Cece as she tried to get out of Cece's grip on her hair.

Cece was still punching Alex in the head.

When Cece let Alex's hair go she started to kick Alex back in the chest when she was being pulled away by the security guards.

Alex rubbed her hair back.

"Bitch you don't want none" Cece yelled as she was being escorted off stage.

Alex took one of her earrings and threw it at Cece.

Cece charged back over to her as she was getting grabbed around the waist by a security guard.

Alex punched Cece in the face two times.

"Rip that shirt off her" yelled Tinka as Cece was dragging Alex across the stage.

Alright everybody Security thank you

Cece hand a strand of Alex's weave in her hand waving it to show the girls and the audience as she was escorted backstage.

Alex tried to charge off the stage but she was grabbed by London. Alex swung her fist back and punched London in the face. London pulled Alex's hair and started bashing her in the face. Security guards ran back on stage and grabbed London and tried to get her away from Alex. London yanked real hard and started to drag Alex across the stage.

Hey Hey

London let Alex's hair go and she was escorted back stage.

OH MY GOD, Season 1 you girls are absolutely the most craziest season reunion I've been to so far

The audience laughed at that.

Cece walked back out and went on the stage "Now that I'm being honest and whooping everyone's ass y'all want to escort me off stage" she exclaimed.

Cece welcome back, I hope you are done

"Oh girl I'm not done yet" Cece told her "But I have one more surprise and then I'm done" Cece exclaimed.

London walked back out and went on the stage and took her seat

Ok ladies,now that we are all here lets take a trip down memory lane, You girls went to Mexico and had a blast and you went to the ATL and things got heated but one bad girl stood out before she even went on any of these trips, this girl was the top party girl she was the girl who you all love she started the drama in the house Dina come on out here.

Dina comes out wearing a one sleeved, short pink dress with opened toed white heels.

[Dina. Age: 21. Nickname: The Latin Beatdown. Hometown: Ocean City,New Jersey"I'm best known for my attitude and personality I don't deal with fake because if you can talk it then you can handle the consequences that comes with the bullshit out that mouth of yours, you have to be on your toes because you don't know if the person you trust will be a backstabber."

Raven pushed Dina and Dina pushed Raven making her fly back, Dina snatched a hand full of Raven's hair then pulled her forward making Raven trip. Dina began pounding in the back of Raven's head while London and Ivy quickly grabbed Dina trying to break her grip on Raven's hair

London started to punch Dina in the head while Dina was trying to fight back, London leaned sat down and kept punching and Dina suckered punch her in the jaw; London pulled Dina's hair and they switch positions and Dina tried to grab London's feet but London started to kick. Ivy stood up and tried to grab Dina]

"Hey Tanisha can I give you a hug" Dina asked her as she walked towards Tanisha.

You look amazing

"And you"Dina turned towards Raven. "So you the puppet master and you were scheming everyone"

"Yeah I was scheming but honestly I don-" Raven tried to tell her.

"Bitch save that shit" Dina told her as she went to go sit down next to Cece and Ivy.

Dina took off her heels.

"I'm not going to sit here and try to apologize" Raven told her.

"Shut up, Shut up bitch, Shut the fuck up who cares if you have a sob story" Dina exclaimed a she walked towards Raven.

"Bitch, What's good" Dina told her as she stood in front of Raven. "You did all that popping off in the house saying you the baddest bitch in the house"

Dina did a knocking gesture and then she stepped forward "Knock Knock Bitch, I'm in the motherfucker what's good"

"I honestly have no issue with you" Raven told her.

"Bitch I have an issue with you" Dina told her, "You want to get Me kicked out the house, you want to play Cece when I'm gone"

Hold On hold on , I want the real scoop check it out

[Raven smirked "I say we trick Dina into thinking that everything is cool but slowly turn her against her clique and then turn the entire house against her so that she will leave since she'll have no friends." she plotted.

After everything calmed down Raven walked over to Dina "Hey," Dina looked up at her with a raised brow "I just wanted to know if we were cool, cause when I came in this house I thought we would be the coolest."

Dina shrugged "We're cool, I won't apologize for putting my hands on you because I don't know how to react when someone else place their hands on me but to put mine on them." she said

Raven nodded opening her arms for a hug, Dina leaned forward and the two hugged.

Raven- Dina you are in for the surprise of your life if you think I am gonna forget the fight because starting right now plan Get rid of The Jersey Slut is right now taking place.

London pushed Dina again causing her to fall but Dina quickly reached out grabbing the ponytail of London's hair pulling her down with started to punch Dina in the head while Dina was trying to fight back, London leaned sat down and kept punching and Dina suckered punch her in the jaw; London pulled Dina's hair and they switch positions and Dina tried to grab London's feet but London started to kick]

Damn Dina, First of all how did it feel when you had to fight London

"To be honest I was not coming at London in the limo I was addressing why she wanna to come at me when I'm drunk" Dina told her.

Watching it all now it looks like Raven manipulated the whole situation, What do you have to say .

"I feel like London was being fake and she told me she was so she got a justified ass whooping" Dina stood up and walked towards London "I will say I'm sorry for coming at you and calling you a fake bitch" Dina turned towards Raven "But it was this bitch right here fuck" Dina told London as she pointed at Raven "Get the fuck up Raven since you want to be the baddest bitch in the house" Dina exclaimed "What's good"

Dina reached out and punched Raven in the head and stood on the couch above Raven punching her in the head.


Raven started punching Dina in the sides.

Dina punched Raven in the head harder making her bracelet come off.

Hey Hey

Rocky tried to get Dina off of Raven.

Dina pulled Raven's hair and started to punch Raven in the head.

Security guards came and grabbed Dina from around the waist.

When the security guards pulled Dina away from Raven, Dina pulled Raven's hair making Raven fall of the couch and started punching Raven in the back of the head. Two more security guards came and grabbed Raven.

"You fucking bitch Manipulate that you dumb ass fucking hoe What's good" Dina exclaimed as she pulled her dress down.

Raven fixed her hair.

"What's good bitch" Dina exclaimed from the side of the stage "Rocky did you want some too" Dina told her as she tried to walk towards Rocky,

"No she didn't" Cece told her as she tried to push Dina back. "You have to keep it cute" she told her as she gave Dina back her earring.

Dina I need you to calm down and take your seat boo , Like Oh My God, Ok let's get right back on track, These girls received a shocking surprise and had their own mini reunion check it out

[ The girls all headed to the patio. Jessie, Cece, and Ivy all took seats at the patio table while Dina sits on the ground. The couch which was occupied by the other girls.

Dina- The photoshoot is over and I'm ready to get shit cracking Do you see the way I'm dressed there's no question that I came to fight. So who want's to step to me.

Dina looked around "Anyone wants revenge" she asked "I don't know I came to fight".

"Obviously we see your outfit" Alex told her "So who you want to fight?".

"Anybody, SO Anybody want to fight" She asked. "That's what's up" and she stood up.

Raven- Here is Dina looking like she crawled out of a fucking dumpster so I'm like 'Oh ok you came to fight Oh Ok I get the hint thank you' like really you so extra for no reason.

"So ain't nobody going to talk" Dina exclaimed.

"Honestly I said what I have to say" Raven told her.

"Okay I have a lot of shit to say" Dina told her back.

"GO Ahead" Raven told her.

"First off Alex just to let you know because I didn't get to tell you" Dina started.

"You fucking tried to jump me" Alex exclaimed.

"But Tinka fucking grabbed me and I tried to break it up" Dina told her.

"Then you never should've jumped in then if you didn't want to get hit" Alex told her.

"But anyway that's what I didn't want to talk to you about, The thing I'd try to address was You and Raven have been cool since Day 1 you can ask any of these girls but here's one thing Raven talked mad shit about you" Dina exclaimed.

"No I have not" Raven exclaimed.

"Don't lie Raven" Dina told her.

"Dina no I have not" Raven told her.

"Bitch you talked shit about Alex bitch don't play dumb" Dina told her as she stood up "because if you want to play me then you can get your ass whooped right now Bitch"

"Dina that's what you fucking said though" Raven yelled "You know what I ain't about to waste my damn breath on you".

"This my last point and I'm done talking I don't want to fight Alex, Alex maybe we might be friends in the friend maybe not after the show maybe you'll see who is fake and who's not, Raven I'm done fighting you, London you don't want to fight, Rocky I'm a slap your ass before I leave so just be prepared" She exclaimed as she sat down.

"For what?" Rocky asked.

"And don't nobody jump in" Ivy screamed.

Dina- Rocky feels like she can get away for jumping people so I'm going to show her how you suppose to handle a person 1-On-1.

"You ready to get slapped Rocky?" Dina asked her."because I'm a slap your ass then I'm going to walk out this house, so tell me when your ready"

"No" Rocky told her.

"What happened to your balls?" Dina asked her.

"Bitch you want to be touching people things" Ivy screamed.

"You were touching people things and jumping people Rocky what happened to that" Dina questioned her.

Rocky- Dina why me bitch you don't even know me so just so you know you if touch me and it'll be the last thing you do.

"If I slap Rocky is any of you bitches gonna jump me" Dina asked the girls as she walked towards Rocky.

"Are you serious?" Rocky asked her.

"I'm dead serious Rocky" Dina told her as she stood over her. Dina looked at Teddy "You don't know me but when you see this at the reunion you'll know why" Dina told her. Dina brought her hand back and slapped Rocky across the face. Dina brought her hand back again but Rocky kicked her making her fall. Ivy grabbed Dina's hand and pulled Dina up. Rocky reached out and grabbed Dina by her hair and started punching her in the head. Dina shoved Rocky's head back making Rocky get on her back and Dina started punching Rocky all over the face.

Tinka- I honestly feel like since the girls who have my back are here and they know me so well why don't I just leave with them.

Tinka made sure her bun was still in her head and she charged at Teddy.

Tinka- Goodbye Bad Girl Club it's been real but it's time for me to go.

Tinka grabbed Teddy by her hair and slung her to the ground. Teddy was surprised and tried to grab Tinka's hands, Raven stood up and tried to go after Tinka but she was grabbed by Ivy,"No No No she wants to fight let her fight".

Rocky started grabbed Dina's hair tighter when Dina started punching Rocky in the temple. Tinka was punching Teddy in the face while Teddy turned over trying to stand. When Teddy got to her feet she started to punch Tinka right back. A full out brawl broke out, Dina was hitting Rocky with her own weave by the time a security guard came and grabbed Dina around the waist and tried to get her off Rocky, Dina felt the pull and started dragging Rocky with her when Rocky started getting loose Dina started kicking Rocky and stomping on her. Tinka and Teddy was brawling hard, Tinka's bun fell out her head but she was still swinging at Teddy while Teddy was trying to land punches on Tinka, another security guard came and grabbed Tinka, when Tinka felt arms circle her waist she started to punch Teddy harder in the face and she was pulled away. The security guards had gotten Dina and Tinka away from the patio and over to the pool where Cece and Jessie was at.

Ivy was standing laughing as she went to go check on Dina and Tinka. When she got there she saw Tinka was shaking her hand back and forth. While Dina was struggling in the security guards grip.

Inside the house, Raven and Alex was in the bathroom helping Rocky and Teddy wipe off the blood from their face. When all the blood was gone is was shown that Teddy had a busted lip and a black eye and Rocky had a black eye a busted nose, a cut on her lip and a bruise on her cheeks.

Rocky- Dina bitch next time I see you be prepared for Karma bitch.

Teddy- Tinka you may have won this fight but be ready because I'm coming after you at the Reunion bitch.]

Dina came back on stage and too her seat.

Dina I have to ask why did you attack Rocky

"Honestly my goal was for me to go after Raven but hearing that the person who replaced me is jumping, all the bullshit between me and Raven went out the window." Dina told her.

"But you didn't even know me" Rocky told her.

"Shut up, Shut up Bitch, what happened the last time you came to my face" Dina told her as she swung her fist out "Boom, Bitch you want it again"

Rocky stood up and got in Dina's face "Do it then bitch"

"Get out my face" Dina told her.

Rocky raised her left hand and slapped Dina across the face.

Dina swung her fist back and punched Rocky in the face.

Rocky pulled Dina's hair and tried to punch her in the head.

Dina grabbed Rocky's hair and slung it the side making Rocky stumble and Dina started punching Rocky in the side of the face.

You guys

Rocky tried to grab Dina's hands but she couldn't see.


Security guards ran on the stage and grabbed Dina and Rocky.

Dina pulled Rocky's hair and tried to yank out all her weave, but she let go.

Dina was being escorted backstage, as she was walking an audience member threw a shirt at Dina. Dina ran towards the audience member and started punching her in the head. The security guard grabbed Dina while the other took the audience member outside. Dina went backstage.

Dina is absolutely popping off already

"Yeah that's Dina for you" Cece told and Ivy nodded her head.

Well let's move on Ivy you still haven't explain to us why you have beef with Alex

"Ok just how Cece and Raven were plotting to get Dina out the house, Me and Alex were plotting to get Raven and Cece out the house did I know that Alex was fake Hell No" Ivy exclaimed.

"Bitch how am I fake" Alex told her.

"First of all don't call me a bitch, Second you were in your interview popping mad shit" Ivy told her.

"Bitch you was talking mad shit too" Alex exclaimed as she stood up.

"Bitch sit the fuck down" Ivy told her.

"Make me you overweight cow" Alex told her.

Ivy stood up and got in the Alex's face "Take a seat"

"No" Alex told her.

"Bitch you gonna take a damn seat" Ivy told her.

"I don't have to do shit" Alex screamed at her.

"Take a seat" Ivy socked Alex in the face "Or I'll make you"

Alex charged at Ivy. Ivy punched Alex in the face as she was backing up. A security guard came and grabbed Alex and took her off stage.

"You want some more" Ivy told her as she sat down on the couch.

"Yeah" Alex exclaimed from the side of the stage.

Ivy come back on stage and just take a seat next to Cece

Dina came back from back stage but she had her hair in a ponytail.

Dina welcome back, now back to what happened before you left

"Oh that bitch wanted some attention and I gave it to her" Dina told her "But these girls know I'm never scared to fight especially now, Matter of Fact" Dina stood up "Alex bitch I'm coming after you bitch" she exclaimed as she pointed at Alex.

Jessie charged off the couch and went towards Alex. Alex saw Jessie coming and tried to kick her away but she fell on the couch. Jessie started punching Alex in the face. Raven grabbed Jessie away from Alex. Jessie pulled Raven by her hair and started socking Raven in the face. Raven tried to swing but a security guard came and grabbed her from around the waist and took her off stage.

Jessie are you serious now, We can't get shit done here

Jessie fixed her hair and sat back down next to Tinka.

Ok, Dina you left the house after you got in a fight with Alex can you tell us how did you feel

"All honesty I had no beef with Alex when that fight happened but then she thought she won because I got sent home" Dina told her.

"But you called me a follower" Alex exclaimed.

"Bitch all of you followed Raven" Dina exclaimed as she made a gesture to Teddy, Rocky, and Alex.

"Hold up I didn't follow anybody" Teddy told her.

"Bitch shut your ass up you followed these girls because you didn't want to get your ass whooped" Dina told her.

"I can handle you all on my own honey" Teddy told her as she stood up.

Dina stood up "Bitch what you gonna do?" she questioned as Teddy got in her face.

Teddy shoved Dina's head back.


Dina swung her hand out and grabbed Teddy by her hair and swung Teddy to the side and started punching her in the back of the head.


Dina let Teddy's hair go, but not before she kicked at Teddy's head.


The audience was shocked at what Dina did.

"Bitch don't talk shit if you can't handle what I do" Dina exclaimed as she took a seat.

Dina why would you attack Teddy like that

"The bitch came at me like everyone saw that" Dina told her.

But Dina you just kicked her in the HEAD!

Dina shrugged her shoulders "Like I said don't talk shit if you can't handle the consequences"

Well, Cece you and Tinka got arrested lets check it out.

[ In the limo Ivy and Tinka were sitting next to each other, Dina was sitting in between Tinka and Cece, next to Cece was London, and Raven was sitting in between London and Alex.

"Ok let me clear this up right now cause I don't do tension so Cece what made you come at Raven this morning"asked London.

"Ok here's the thing Raven talked shit about all of us and she thinks she can get away with"Cece told.

"Hold up what have I said about you though? Cause last time I checked I wasn't the only person so when have I said anything about you?"Raven asked her.

"Shut up cause I wasn't talking to you I was talking to London"yelled Cece.

Raven started to sing"One little Two little Three littl-"

"SHUT UP THE FUCK UP BITCH"Cece took her drink and threw it all over Raven and Raven threw her drink all over Cece and some landed on Tinka,"Oh my god that was so mean"exclaimed Alex while Tinka threw a drink and it landed all on Alex.

"Don't throw Drinks"yelled Alex

"Bitch I threw the drink on Raven"exclaimed Tinka.

Alex- Cece threw a drink at Raven and Raven threw a drink at Cece and all of a sudden Tinka decides to throw a drink and it all lands on me.

"No you threw the drink on me"Alex exclaimed.

"No bitch I threw the drink on Raven."yelled Tinka"You Stupid bitch"and she lunged at Alex.

"Hell No I will fuck that bitch up"yelled Alex as she tried to swing at Tinka.

"Oh no oh hell no G' I'm out"exclaimed Raven as she got out the limo.

Cece grabbed Tinka and pushed her back until London and Raven tried to hit her. Raven Alex, and London were escorted out the limo.

Tinka was being hugged by Cece "She wanna come at me I threw that drink at Raven you wanna come at me you stupid bitch"she exclaimed.

"This is a brand new ass dress"exclaimed Alex"I spent $150 on this dress for that and I will fight today."

"Y'all poured drinks on me"exclaimed London.

"Relax girl" replied Ivy as she tried to hold Tinka back.

"No cause you know what she came at because I defended Dina"yelled Tinka.

Tinka- I feel like Alex came after me because I threw the drink on Raven and she used that as an excuse because she's jealous because I wasn't on board about blaming Dina for the fight between her and Raven and you know what honestly she can kiss my ass.

"You a Fake Ass Bitch"yelled Tinka.

Raven- Are you kidding me Tinka calls Alex a fake bitch I thought they had a friendship.

"Bitch I'm going home tonight"exclaimed Alex as she tried to run towards Tinka but was being held back."Come here you stupid Bitch"yelled Tinka as she was being held back."Bitch I will fight your scrawny ass" yelled Alex. "Bitch I ain't scared of you"replied Tinka."bitch I will fuck you up"yelled Alex as she was being held back and she felled when Tinka tried to hit her and the London tried to hit Tinka for throwing the drink.

A police siren blared "Get off me Bitch get the fuck off me"yelled Alex. "I will fuck you up you Fake Ass Bitch I will fuck you up"shrieked Tinka as she was being held by Cece. Police sires blared to life as police cars came up"Get in the car get in the car"Dina yelled at Tinka"that bitch wanna come at me."yelled Tinka "Come on Come on Tinka the Police are here"she told her"you stupid bitch"Tinka yelled. A police officer came by the limo "Get out the car" he told them"Don't touch me!"shrieked Tinka"Don't you touch her"yelled Cece as she tried to get in the way of the officer"No let go let go of me"yelled Cece. "Hey stay down an don't resist"yelled the officer.

London- Cece is on the ground getting arrested I'm like low-keyed excited because she spilled the drink on me and she's screaming on the ground I don't feel sorry for her at all.

"Let me go" asked Cece as the officer put the handcuffs on her. "turn around I'm asking you to turn around!" asked the officer "You talking to me?"asked Tinka "Are you resisting?" asked the officer. "I thought my girls was being attacked"yelled Cece. "Cece they didn't hit me"Tinka told her. "Don't touch me do you understand that"yelled the officer."I've never done anything wrong"said Cece. "I said calm down"replied the officer. Tinka tried to bring the cuffs around but was struggling "Ma'am stand up"the officer told her. Tinka grunted the officer grabbed her arm and pulled her up "Why are you grabbing me like that?"asked Tinka."Stand up and stop trying to pull the cuffs around, Come on" the officer told them as he grabbed Cece and Tinka"You don't have to manhandle me"yelled Cece."We're going to jail"Tinka told her."This is some Bullshit"yelled Cece from the inside the cop cruiser"I've never been in trouble in my entire life"cried Cece"Cece stop crying"Tinka told her."I got manhandled Tinka manhandled"yelled Cece as the car drove to the police station.


As a cab pulled up in front of the house Alex, London and Raven stepped out and went inside Alex went upstairs and went in Tinka's bed along with Cece's bed.

Alex- I knocked Tinka's and Cece's bed since they aren't here for me to knock them over.

London- We are going to a hotel to calm down for the night and we are hoping we can come back with peace

"Y'all thought this was the Brady Bunch it's the Bad Girls Club"yelled London.

Alex, London, and Raven all walked out the door towards the cab.]

"Like I said London where the fuck was you when me and Tinka got arrested" Cece exclaimed.

"Bitch shut the fuck up" London told her.

Hold up Cece, Alex it looks like you wanted to pop off on Tinka

"Yeah me and Tinka don't get along but like that fight wasn't an excuse" Alex told her.

"But you let London take the blame for the bed tipping though" Cece exclaimed.

"No I didn't before she even went over there I told her not to" Alex exclaimed.

Tinka how do you feel about watching this clip

"I have a lot to say about that right there" Tinka exclaimed "First of all I want to know, I want to know if you think you a bad bitch because you made me and Cece spend the night in jail, I want to know if you think your about it because you fucked with my shit when I wasn't there" Tinka stood up "Bitch fuck with my shit while I'm here bitch" Tinka tried to swing at Alex but a security guard came and grabbed Tinka and took her off stage.

"Bitch you want to fuck with my shit you dumb bitch" Tinka yelled.

Alex looked at Tinka.

Jessie lunged off the couch at Alex and punched her in the face.

Everyone was surprised at what happened.

Raven reached out and grabbed Jessie's hair. Dina charged out her seat and tackled Raven to the ground


Security guards ran on the stage and tried to break up the two fights. They finally got Jessie off of Alex and took her backstage. Dina was escorted back to her seat.

Ok, guys,Alex you had that coming but Cece you are still heated at London why

"Because London claims she is Tinka's friend but yet you over there smiling when she is getting arrested" Cece exclaimed.

"But me and her forgave each other" London told her.

"Bitch I don't give a fuck" Cece exclaimed as she stood up and walked over to London, "You are still a fake ass bitch and I honestly feel bad for Tinka for having you as a friend"

London reached out and tried to slap Cece.

Cece grabbed London's hand and socked her in the face.

Tinka wrapped her arms around London and tried to pull her away from Cece.

Dina and Ivy tried to grab Cece and stop her assault on London, when they did, they took Cece back over to her seat.

Ivy reached over the side of her couch and grabbed a huge bottle of cranberry juice.

Uh Ivy I noticed you brought juice did you bring that for me?

"Oh girl you want some because I actually I brought it for Dina because she never got any" Ivy told her as she turned the top on the bottle.

"Because I never got to go on any of the trips" Dina agreed. "But you can get some Tanisha even though it's for me"

Wait a minute I'm mad confused right now, Dina likes cranberry Juice?

"I love Cranberry Juice" Dina exclaimed.

"Right" Ivy exclaimed as she took the top off the bottle.

So you brought her a present

"I brought, well you know what I'm a keep it Real" Ivy exclaimed as she stood up. Ivy walked to the edge of the stage. "I'm a keep it Real Tanisha, I'm sorry y'all"

"I brought this Cranberry Juice for Alex, but you know what me and Alex had our little fights, apologize whatever you want to call it, I don't have no beef with Alex no more" Ivy exclaimed.


"All my beef is with the bitches on the this couch" Ivy told her as she pointed at Rocky and Raven.

On this couch

"Yeah so Tanisha I'm a need you to" Ivy told her as she made a gesture to stand up "If you don't want to get wet"

Yes boo because this is Calvin Klein and I don't play that shit

Rocky stood up.

Ivy ran forward and threw all the cranberry juice all over Raven and Rocky. "Sorry Alex" Ivy exclaimed.

I don't play that shit

Rocky charged at Ivy and Ivy punched Rocky in the face.


Ivy backed up and kept swing at Rocky a security guard came and grabbed Rocky.


Raven walked up to Ivy. Ivy swung her fist back and punched Raven in the head.

"That's what you hoes get" Dina exclaimed as she stood up.


Raven slipped and fell on her back as she pulled Ivy by her ponytail. Ivy started punching Raven in the head. Raven pulled Ivy by her ponytail making Ivy fall down to the ground.


Ivy was sitting up punching Raven in the head. Raven tried to punch Ivy int the face.


Ivy pulled Raven by her hair and started trying to kick Raven, but security guards came and pulled Ivy and Raven apart.

We need a mop

Rocky walked back on stage.

"Excuse you" Dina told Rocky as she tried to go back to her seat.

"While we're at it" Cece exclaimed as she stood up. Cece pulled out a bottle of ketchup and squirted it all on Rocky.


"What's up" Cece exclaimed.

Rocky started punching Cece in the top of her head.


"Fuck with Me" Rocky exclaimed.

Cece grabbed Rocky by her head and punched her in the head, making Rocky fall to the ground.


Cece started punching Rocky in the head.

Security guards came and tried to grab Cece.

A security guard slipped.


A security guard grabbed Rocky and tried to pull her away from Cece.

Rocky was punching Cece in the face.


"Yes Bitch" Dina exclaimed. "Beat Her Ass Cece, Yes Bitch"

Cece was pulling Rocky's hair while Rocky was pulling Cece's hair.

The security guard got the two separated.

Cece started struggling in the security guards arms.

"Yes Bitch" Dina exclaimed. "She got what she deserved Cece , Yes Cece Yes"

Ok Stop

Jessie charged from backstage after Raven.

Raven saw Jessie and started punching her in the face.


Jessie pulled Raven by her hair and started to punch her in the face.


Raven tried to punch at Jessie but a security had her by her arm.

Jessie kept punching Raven in the face.


A security guard came and took Jessie back stage.

"Rocky and Raven got their asses whooped today" exclaimed Dina.

Rocky was getting help to stand up and she whipped her hair out of her face.

Ok everyone let's calm down and take our seats

"Bitch I'm happy as fuck right now" Cece exclaimed.

"I'm really happy" Dina exclaimed.

"I'm so happy let me tell you" Cece exclaimed.

Jessie came back out and took her seat right between Tinka and London.

Ivy came back out and sat down in her seat.

Raven and Rocky you both still look cute.

"Thank you" the exclaimed at the same time.

"Don't lie Tanisha they look a fucking mess" Dina told her.

I won't lie ya'll weave is a little flat

"Bitch you need some help" Dina exclaimed.

Jessie I'm confused why grab

"Raven" Jessie exclaimed " Cause fuck this bitch"

"No Like I understand why she did it" Raven exclaimed.

"No cause fuck her she's plotting and scheming and she started the whole me getting jumped thing" Jessie exclaimed.

It was payback, Cece why would you attack Rocky.

"Obviously I don't like her but she was as much as part of the things in the house" Cece exclaimed.

Ok so is everyone good.

"I don't know I kinda want to punch Raven again" Dina exclaimed.

"We can keep the party goin" Cece exclaimed.

I don't get it we're bad bitches and we don't kick people while their down, and to me right now they both are down.

"She got us all out the house though" Dina exclaimed.

But what I'm trying to say is Raven and Rocky are done

"Ok" Dina told her.

When Alex was going back to her seat, Dina charged off the couch and punched Alex in the face.

Alex tried to push Dina away from her and she grabbed Dina's dress sleeve.

Security came and separated them and they took Raven, Alex, Rocky, and Teddy all backstage.

Well, is there anything that you girls want to do before we end this reunion,

Ivy took her hair out of the ponytail and brushed it.

Ivy you have a surprise for your girl right

"Yes boo" Ivy exclaimed as she stood up and went backstage

OH My Gosh this was an intense and crazy reunion

"This is the bad girls club" London told her.

Ivy came back out with a cake with orange coloring and a picture of Dina.

AWWW CAKE I'm so hungry

"Happy Birthday Dina" Ivy exclaimed as she walked back on the stage.

Everyone clap.

The audience started clapping.


Tinka and Jessie stood up to go see the cake.

"That's so sweet" Cece exclaimed.

Dina looked at the cake.

Ivy grabbed a piece and tried to eat it.

"Bitch don't try to" Dina told her but Ivy to the small piece of cake at Dina.

Hell No, Oh hell no I'm out this motherfucker

All the girls except Cece, Ivy, Dina, and Jessie ran off the stage.

Dina had the cake in her hand and took a huge piece and threw it.

Ivy had a piece and threw it at Cece.

Cece threw a piece at Dina.

Jessie grabbed a piece and tried to throw it at Cece but she slipped and the cake landed on her face.

The audience laughed at Jessie.

Ivy ran across the stage trying to dodge the piece of cake Dina threw.

Cece picked up the cake and was about to throw it.

Wait I didn't get a piece

Cece tore off a piece and gave to Tanisha bit she semi threw it at her when she put it in Tanisha's mouth.


Ivy put a piece of cake in Cece's hair.

Cece tried to catch her balance but she fell in a huge mess of cake.

Jessie ran over to Ivy and tried to put cake on her back but Ivy saw her coming and tried to put a piece in her hair.

"BGC MIAMI" Cece shouted from the center of the stage.

Alright Everybody that's a wrap BGC: MIAMI you girls came, you fucked up cake, and you have set the bar high for the next season girls

The audience laughed at Tanisha.

I know you bitches thought you were bad but we all know who the baddest bitch is. Until next time

If you think Season 1 girls were crazy you haven't even met the season 2 girls, That's right FF Productions is having a season 2 and it's staying in the south and heading to the ATL Check out this so new sneak peek

"Some people needs to learn the hard way that mouth would get you in trouble"


"All I know how to do is be me"


"Bitch If you have a problem with me then you're going to fight me"


"You do what she say Bitch"

[A girl punching a girl with blonde hair in the face]

"I'm on top of the world"


Next Season on Bad Girls Club Atlanta

"Bitches you need to round the fuck up and let's get it crackin' in the motherfucking A" a girl yelled from the stairs

[ Two girls pulling each other's hair]

"We're here to get our shit fixed because I'll be honest I got things wrong with me that I got to fix"

[ A girl punching another girl in the face ]

"We're going to Puerto Rico" the girls started screaming.

[ A girl stumbling and trying to push another girl away from her]

"I just want to go the fuck home" a girl yelled inside the limo

[A girl standing in front of another girl]

"If you wanna pop off then pop off"

[A girl hitting the cutouts of one of the girls pictures]

"My problem with anybody is you"

[A girl wrapping her hair]

[The girls raising and clinking their glasses together in the middle yelling "BAD GIRLS CLUB ATLANTA"]

"If you wanna talk that shit back it up"

[A girl dragging another girl across the driveway]

"I'm finna show all ya'll" a girl exclaimed.

[A girl getting dragged across the bed and punched in the back of the head]

"Where that bitch at" a girl yelled as she ran up the stairs.

[A girl pushing another girl]

[A girl with brown hair getting slung around the driveway]

"She going the fuck home" a girl with blonde hair exclaimed.

[Blondie pushing three people back and falling in a plant while fighting two girls]

"Call in the next replacement" a girl with black hair exclaimed.

[A girl with blue extensions fighting a girl in the limo]

[Two girls fighting in the room and one of the girls falling on the bed]

[Blondie getting her hair pulled and swing and then getting punched]


[A girl's hair getting pulled while she pulling another girl's hair and getting thrown to the ground]



[Blondie get her hair pulled]





[Blondie getting her hair pulled by three different people]

[A girl punching another girl from behind in the jaw]

[Blondie getting punched in the face]

[A girl getting pulled across the bed]