On this chapter of Bad Girls Club, the animosity continues on as things between Raven and Dina heat up and Cece forms a relationship with Raven making Dina upset that she had lost her friend, Cece and Ivy takes Raven's side leaving London and Alex on Dina's side while Tinka decides she doesn't want any part of the fight leaving Cece to question the girls' role in the house , while also creating some more animosity between two other girls. Alex tries to stay cordial but when Ivy spills the beans that two of the girls have plotted to get someone out the house, they both decide that a Bad Girl needs to leave the house, and Tinka along with London comes up with their own idea and plans for Bad Girls Club.

I don't Own Bad Girls Club nor do I own any of these characters but I will be using some girls from Disney shows to be bad girls. Also, these's girls were picked out by me and my sister, we picked their personalities but altered some because they couldn't all be bad girls. Also I hate flamers so if we can keep that as a no-go I'm all good thank you guys for liking the season so far.



Cecelia "Cece" Jones 21 Chicago, IL "The Fiery Redhead"

Raven Baxter 23 San Francisco,CA "The Fashionista Queen"

Alexandra "Alex" Russo 21 New York, NY "The Hispanic Dynamite"

Dina Garcia 21 Ocean City, NJ "The Latin Beatdown"

Tinka Hessenheffer 23 Chicago,IL "The Crazy Blonde"

London "Lo" Tipton 23 Boston,MA "The Rich Bitch"

Ivy Wentz 24 Denver,CO "The Feisty Diva"

[Dina raised a brow with her fist raised "You want it?" she asked.

Raven pushed Dina and Dina pushed Raven making her fly back, Dina snatched a hand full of Raven's hair then pulled her forward making Raven trip. Dina began pounding in the back of Raven's head while London and Ivy quickly grabbed Dina trying to break her grip on Raven's hair "Let go!" Ivy yelled as Dina continued to try to hit Raven, but eventually she let go.

London and Ivy separated Dina away from Raven as Alex squatted down to Raven to make sure that she was alright.

"That's what the fuck you get bitch! Don't ever try to motherfucking play me like I'm some weak ass bitch! I'm from Jersey ya' dumb hoe!" Dina yelled struggling to get out of their grip.

Dina- I'm not good with people talking about me behind my back and lying to my face about it like I've learned to fight despite my size or attitude, you bitches better learn quick because I'm not the one.

Dina left to go fix herself, Raven rolled her eyes "Oh shut up, you stupid ass hoe!" Raven yelled back trying to fix her hair.

"Bitches I'm going home tonight" Dina exclaimed as she ran back to Raven before London and Ivy could grab her and Dina began to bash Raven head in, Dina was punching Raven in the back of the head again when Raven flipped her and Dina over and started to punch Dina in the face security went to Dina and tried to grab Raven and Dina."Let Her Hair Go!"yelled one of the security "Bitch I'm gonna get you let me the fuck go!"Raven yelled.]

After Dina let Raven's hair go security told the girls to go back in the club, but they had to stay separated until their limo get here. Cece walked over to Alex and Raven "What the hell happened?" she asked while London looked at her.

Raven wiped away some tears "That bitch attacked me out of nowhere and now I have a fucking black eye." Raven exclaimed.

Cecelia- Raven is obviously emotional and weak, but to put your hands on someone who didn't want to fight you is weaker. I'm beginning to question my friendship with Dina.

Ivy and London dragged Dina over to a close table while Tinka and Cece walked to the limo, that had just pulled up, with Raven in the middle of them. Dina stood up looking at them "That's right you punk ass hoe! Go the fuck home Bitch!" she hollered gaining people's attention.

Raven places her hands on the door then tries to climb out but Tinka puts her hands on her shoulders pushing her back down "Don't she isn't worth going home over." she ordered.

Raven looked back up at her "Trust me I'm not going nowhere" Raven pushed Tinka away from her and got out the limo.

Cece shook her head and tried to grab Raven, "No, if you try to give her attention you'll just give her another reason to attack you, this is the first night and we don't want to see you go home so early doing something stupid." she stated.

Cecelia- I like Dina don't get me wrong about that,but Raven needs someone to keep her calm and relaxed, I will admit if someone tries to fight you then you have the choice to leave or fight and obviously she chose wrong and got her ass beat.

Raven walked back into the club, but got stopped by club security.

"You stupid bitch I'm not scared, I'll drag your ass you dumb bitch" Raven yelled from security

Dina stood up while London tried to grab her and make her sit back down "Dina" she yelled but Dina flipped over the table they were sitting at knocking everything over then she ran at Raven, Ivy quickly caught her pulling her back despite the struggling.

Alex got in front of Dina and tried to make her see her face "Dina you need to calm down!" she told her.

Dina tried to force Ivy's arms from around her waist "Fuck that! I'll go home for fighting her! Cause if that bitch thinks that I'm going to let someone disrespect me, she's got me so fucked up! I don't play games!" she snapped.

"Go the fuck home you dumb bitch!" Raven yelled.

(Screen fades to black and white)

Dina broke loose from Ivy's grip around her waist and she charged at Raven, Dina swung her fist out and punched Raven in the face. Raven reached over the security guards and pulled Dina's hair. Dina tried to punch Raven but she couldn't see because of Raven grabbing her hair. Raven tried to swing at Dina but she was grabbed the security guards, when security had made Raven let Dina's hair go, Dina was grabbed by Ivy before she could do anything else. The security escorted Raven, Cece, and Tinka to the limo outside waiting for them. When a security guard closed the limo door, the limo took off heading to the mansion.

Alex nodded "I know, but this is only the first night! We knew that there was going to be people here we may or may not like so when we get home we're going to have to settle this problem." she tried to reason.

Dina glared "There's nothing to work out with that bitch!"she yelled.

London stepped forward "Yes, we know she was talking bout you and you handled it right, but now there's nothing else to do. She says she's not a fighter but you just proved her wrong, but for you to fight her knowing she said that make you both look weak." she told her.

Dina had stopped struggling,allowing Ivy to place her back on her feet, Alex looked over her shoulder at London "Alright, so when we get back to the house we're going to call a house meeting, Okay?" she asked.

Dina- Raven, don't start thinking that you won this fight bitch, if it wasn't for your girls calming me down, I would've been in jail regardless if your ass go home or not, but next time your hands touch on my skin bitch, I'm going home while you go to the hospital.


At the house the limo pulled up in front of the entrance; Cece, Tinka, and Raven climbed out of the limo quickly walking toward the doors of the house.

Raven- After getting into two fights with Dina, I'm asking myself how the hell did she know that I was talking about her? And why does she care about what I say? Insecure much bitch.

Tinka sat Raven in a chair while Cece opens up the freezer then place ice-cubes into a rag then hand it to Raven, who places it against her eye "That dumb ass bitch, attacking people for no damn reason." Raven muttered angrily.

Cecelia- Raven is beyond pissed and I don't want her to do anything drastic so I'm going to call the club where we was at and check up on the girls.

Cece walks into the phone room then sit in the pink chair grabbing the phone and dial in the numbers, after waiting for a moment someone answers "Yes? Can you go into the front of your club and ask for a Alex Russo?" she asked

After a few minutes the phone picked up "Hello? Alex speaking." she said.

Cece ran fingers through her hair "Alex, it's Cece, are you guys coming home soon?" she asked.

"Yeah, how's Raven doing?" she asked with a roll of her eyes.

"She's as good as she could be with a black eye, is Dina calm now?" she replied.

"Yeah, we calmed her down and I say that we should have a house meeting when we get back to the house!." Alex told her

Cecelia- Alex thinks we should have a house meeting, and I completely agree what happened tonight has went to far and I hope that this can be resolved.

Cece nodded her head "Alright" she agreed.

"Alright." the two hung up the phone.

Cece stands and goes to the kitchen where Raven is still holding the home-made ice pack to her eyes and Tinka is drinking from a cup "Um, I called Alex and we talked, she wants to have a house meeting to talk about what happened." she told them.

Raven looked at her "What? That dumb bitch put her hands on me and you want me to talk about it with her?" she demanded.

Cece puts her hands up in mock-defense "We both thinks it would be a good idea."

"Hell No! This is a good idea send that stupid bitch the fuck home!" Raven snapped."Because you're not going to put your fucking hands on me and think that you're going to get away with it, something has to give, because if it don't then I'm beating her ass"

Cece nodded "Right and I agree, so when they get here we'll have a vote to see if she should stay here or if she should go home." Cece told them sending Tinka a glance, in which Tinka narrows her eyes.

Tinka- Why am I getting the feeling that Cece thinks I'm going to follow her, like girl bye, but I will vote.

A limo pulled up in front of the house; Ivy, Alex, Dina, and London all climbed out of the limo.

Dina- I'm starting to feel bad about what happened, it's really not like me to just put my hands on people because they talk about me I'll take responsibility for what happened but she need to also take responsibility for talking about me behind my back.

They walked through the doors, Alex looked around "Bitches? Are you here?" she asked slightly annoyed.

Alexandra- I'm think that we need to have this house meeting, because what happened at the club went too far, but I guess its my fault for starting shit, I really feel bad for Raven.

Cece turns her head then looks over at Raven "Come on, here's our chance." she whispered standing up along with Raven and Tinka.

The three girls walked into the living-room where the other four girls were sitting on the longest couch so the other three took seats away from them.

Alexandra- The animosity is thick and I'm wondering why Tinka and Cece aren't on Dina's side,since this is supposed to be their friend.

Alex sat up slightly while Dina leans away from her "Alright, we all know why we're here, we need to talk about what happened at the club, so who wants to go first?" she asked.

Raven shrugged her shoulders "I don't really have anything to say I was the one attacked." she told them.

"Well I do," Alex told her," I would like to say none of this wouldn't have happened if me and London started any of it, so I'm sorry you guys I didn't know it would cause these many problems"

Dina rolled her eyes before sitting up "I want to apologize to you for putting my hands on you, I've really never did it like when people talked about me behind my back and then lie to me about it, so I apologize but you need to apologize to me because it would've never had happen if you didn't say shit behind my back." she told Raven.

Raven stared at her for a moment "I don't want a fucking apology I want a damn vote, whether you get to stay here or not." she said ignoring the apology.

London- So, that's why she didn't want to talk, she wanted a vote? I'm a little nervous for Dina, because last I checked Ivy was Raven's "talk-to buddy", Cece and Tinka are on Raven's side, and she can't vote leaving me and Alex on her side.

Dina shrugged her shoulders lazily "Alright, I'll have the vote, I'll take responsibility for my actions while she sits her fat ass over there acting like a damn child. She's lucky that I don't come over there and whoop her ass" she told them all.

"So whoop my ass then!" Raven told her as she sat up.

"Don't test me, put that ice on your eye and shut the fuck up" Dina told her.

"No, if you want to fight me again, I'll beat your ass again" Raven told her as she stood up.

Dina- Wait what? Did this bitch just say that she whooped my ass? Where the fuck was she at?

Dina stood up, "What's good bitch?"

Raven got in her face,"So act on your word then"

"Raven if you not going to do shit don't talk then" Dina told her.

Raven got closer to Dina's face.

"Get out of my face Raven" Dina told her.

Raven got closer.

When Raven tried to reach out her hand, Dina grabbed the front of her hair and pulled real hard and started punching Raven in her back, Raven tried to punch Dina in the side, but she tried to cover up her head. Security guards ran in the living room and tried to grab Dina away from Raven, when they separated the two. The girls all came back together in the living room for the vote to start but security guards were in the room with them.

Cece nodded her head, "Alright we all know what happened tonight at the club, so we are having a vote to for Dina to either leave this house or stay, so for Dina to stay."

Ivy, Alex and London raised their hands

"For her to leave." Cece exclaimed.

Raven raised her hands.

Tinka- The last vote relies on me, usually this would already mean that she stays but I'm reassuring her that I'm on her side regardless of the fact...

Tinka shook her head "I vote for her to stay." she told them all.

Dina- I really was honest when I apologized and it won't happen again...I think, but I can't make any promises.

Dina looked around "Ok, so I'm staying." she said standing up, "I'm going to go get in the hot tub." she told them all.

Tinka stood up too "I'll come too."

London nodded "Me too."

Alex shook her head "Nah, I'm taking my ass to sleep." she told them.

Alexandra- I'm not getting involved with anything that involves Tinka's dumb ass I'll give her props for not sending Dina home but I don't trust so far I'm tired from the first night of drama, hopefully when I wake up everything will be cool and drama free.

After everyone left Raven turned to Cece "I don't believe this, how could Tinka turn on us like that?" she asked angrily.

Cece crossed her arms and shook her head "I don't know but it's her opinion, she obviously thought it through so I'm not going to hold it against her, but Dina will not last long in this house, only three people wanted her here." she pointed out.

Cecelia- Raven I really feel like you are my friend but also so is Dina, I don't know what to do, but I feel like something is going to happen and I really hope that whatever happens doesn't affect our friendship.

Ivy stood behind the wall listening to the girls conversation.

Ivy- I'm not always the one to start things, I'm always the one who knows the information, but this is the Bad Girls Club and I'm here for a reason, I'll keep this to myself...only for a little while.

"Bitches were being sneaky and fake, and now I think is a perfect time to send someone home, preferably Alex and London." Raven explained.

In the hot tub Tinka, Dina and London sat in their bathing suits with their hair pulled back in a ponytail and had a few drinks in their hands; Dina turned to Tinka "Hey, thanks for not voting me out, you're a true friend." she said with a smile.

Tinka smiled back "I wanted to give you a chance before I decided my vote and to see you apologize to someone who talked about you showed me that you're sorry for what happened and can probably move on from the situation." she replied.

London took another sip from her margarita "But it's still pretty weak how they tried to vote you out and failed." she stated

Dina sighed closing her eyes "I could really care less about that little tantrum she tried to throw, just because I apologized doesn't mean this won't happen again, I'll admit when I'm wrong but don't think for a minute I won't kick a bitch's ass just for talking shit about me." she told them.

London- I can tell that Dina will be the one exposing these girls for who they really are and hopefully she doesn't get caught up in the moment.

Ivy walked into Alex's room, Alex was laying down on her bed,

"Hey" Alex told her as she moved over for Ivy to sit next to her.

"Hey," Ivy told her as she sat down next to her. "Okay,so I just over heard Cece and Raven talking shit and they saying how it's time to send you and Lo home." she told her.

Alexandra- Ivy decides to tell me that Cece and Raven wants to send me and Lo home and I'm really pissed about all of this shit going around if you want to start something be ready to get your ass whooped.

Alex rolled her eyes "Are you kidding me? Why are they trying to start something already!" she asked Ivy.

"I don't know but I got your back." Ivy told her. "While saying that we might as well try to send one of them home!"

Alex shook her head "I don't know, Ivy, I think we should wait until something worse pops off than just them talking shit about someone who could whoop their ass." she told her.

Ivy- It's obvious to me that Alex doesn't want to have a problem with Cece and Raven and because of that I should whoop her ass but I'm a let her do her and just go with the flow.

"I hope that you and Lo aren't going to let them call you guys instigators." Ivy told her.

Alex shook her head "They are Punk ass bitches, you know what?" she asked leaning over to Ivy "I say we get rid of Cece, she's more of a threat than Raven." she plotted.


"Ivy, do I look like I was born yesterday? For all I know you could be trying to get me kicked out for whatever reason but that ain't the case sweetie, I'm on to your little bullshit that you call a plan, and I hope that it doesn't blow up in your face." She exclaimed as she looked in the camera with a laugh.


In the hall, Tinka was standing there with a towel around her body listening to her confessional.

Tinka- I'm listening to her talk, and it's obvious to me that Alex is the biggest one in the house, they are scared of her so I decided that I'm not going to get into this because it'll only cause more problems and that's not why I came on this show.

Cece and Raven walked outside, when they passed the hot tub Raven rolled her eyes "I really don't know how long I can stay just being cordial and quiet, Cece." she whispered to the girl.

They sat at the table and Cece smiled "What are you thinking?" she asked.

Raven smirked "I'm thinking that we should trick Dina into thinking that we're cool and just start watching and see what goes down from there and then we start manipulating the weakest person in the house to the strongest one by one just to get her out this house." she plotted.

Cece giggled "Damn girl, you're pretty evil." she whispered back "When do you want to do this?" she asked.

Raven shrugged "I plan to this tonight when we are at the club."


Plan to get rid of Dina is taking place. So, by the end of the day Dina will be on our side then out of the house. Bye bitch!


Dina glances over at Cece and Raven, who were laughing with each other as they ate some left over pizza "What the hell?" she muttered confused.

London turned to her "What?" she asked

"Cece is over there hanging out with the bitch that put her hands on me, matter of fact she hasn't talked to me since we had that voting and she voted for me to go home." Dina stated.

London narrowed her eyes "Because, she's fake as fuck Dina!" she told her "Just don't pay her no mind."

Dina shrugged "Whatever."

Dina- I'm a little hurt to see Cece isn't as cool as I thought she was, but I'll be waiting until she steps to me.

Four hours from now the girls are in their rooms getting dressed, Alex is wearing a tight purple shirt with her hair pulled into a french braid, she wore a tight pair of black pants, and ankle length black heels; Dina, who was standing next to her, was wearing a black tank-top connected to a black dress with her hair straightened; Cece wore a plain black shirt and white pants, and Tinka wore a baby blue dress. Ivy wore a black dress with black heels, London wore short red dress with black heels, and Raven wore a tight leather blacker dress. All the girls walks out of the house where there was a limo waiting for them in the front, once they were in the limo it pulled off heading off to the club.

Ivy- So, we're going out to this new club called Oxygen but I feel as if something is about to happen, something I don't like.

They got out of the limo while walking ahead of the line yet again for the club and directly through the doors as soon as they hit the dance floor they all began dancing a little; Alex and London walked over to the counter then ordered some drinks for all the girls; Dina and Tinka continued to dance ignoring the looks they were gaining from everyone else, including Cece and Raven, Ivy laughed when Dina hopped on Tinka making them both fall.

After everything calmed down Raven walked over to Dina "Hey," Dina looked up at her with a raised brow "I just wanted to know if we are cool, cause when I came in this house I thought that I wouldn't have a problem with you."

Dina shrugged "We're cool, I'm not going to apologize for putting my hands on you because I don't know how to react when someone else put their hands on me but I feel the need to put my hands back on them." she said

Raven nodded opening her arms for a hug, Dina leaned forward and the two hugged.

Raven- Dina you are in for the surprise of your life if you think I am gonna forget the fight because regardless if you beat my ass or not the plan for you to go is now taking place.

London turned to see Dina hugging Raven and Cece coming over towards them she turned to Alex.

"Hey, do you see that?" London asked Ivy and Alex as she pointed towards Dina and Raven hugging.

Both Alex and Ivy turned in the direction where Dina and Raven just broke their hug and Cece coming towards them, Alex raised a brow "What the hell? What happened to her not liking the bitch? And what would that dumb bitch want from us?" Alex asked pointing at Cece.

Cece sat down next to London and turned towards her "Hey I know that you and everyone else think I am being fake but Raven has a plan to get Dina out of the house and don't want that to happen can you guys try to keep Dina and Raven apart for me?"she pleaded.

London sneered "I told her to stay away from that bitch anyways and now she's acting completely fake." she stated, while Alex kept doing a little dancing while sipping a drink from her straw.

Alexandra- I really don't give two shits about what the hell is going on, I'm really close to Raven and Dina so what happens has nothing to do with me I already have a plan to get one girl out and probably one more girl after.

Alex walks away toward Dina, who was sitting down having another drink "Looks like Ivy and London may have just turned against you." Alex told her.

Dina glanced up "What?" she turned looking around then saw London and Ivy dancing with Cece and Raven "This is just gonna start a lot of shit I'm not taking place in." she told her standing since it was time to go.

In the limo Dina sat between the door and Tinka, with her resting her head on Tinka's shoulder, London and Ivy sat away from her while the others were in the middle.

London snorted "Bitches swear that they are real when they are really fake as fuck" she muttered.

Dina's eyes opened slightly but then closed them again.

Dina- I'm slightly surprised to hear someone come at me while I'm drunk but even more surprised that it's London. What the hell bitch are you kidding me you call me fake when you were dancing with that bitch! I'm not tying to beat another bitch's ass, I'll face this shit later.

Alex turned to London, "Don't start anything with her Lo"

Raven, who had her head on Cece's shoulder, turned to her "Are you talking about me? Cause I'm not sleep." she stated.

London rolled her eyes "No, not you." she told Raven, she turned her head towards Dina, "I was talking about her."

London- I can't wait to get out of this damn limo with this bitch. I'm pissed at how she just became friends with someone who she claimed to hate, you're just another fake ass bitch.

Dina leaned up looking at London "So you're talking about me?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

London shook her head "No." she denied.

Dina shook her head "Bitch, are you motherfucking kidding me! Are we really about to have a repeat of the lying shit now! You want come at me when I'm drunk cause you thought I was asleep! Bitch I'm wide awake now!What's Good?." she yelled.

London raised an eyebrow "I wasn't coming at you," she then turned to Tinka "Was I coming at her Tinka?" she asked.

Tinka- I understand that I am in the middle of everything but you girls need to stop bringing me into things because I'm not going to have your back.

Tinka shrugged "I'm not in this." she muttered trying to make Dina sit down.

"What the Fuck does she have to do with you talking about that I said I'm real, Really you want to start with me" she yelled and tried to reach over Alex and Tinka "Bitch you want to Pop off then Pop the fuck off but do it when my eyes are fucking open!" Dina grabbed some of London's hair "Bitch I will put you in the motherfucking hospital"

Ivy tried to break Dina's grip on London's hair "Let her hair go Dina!"she yelled. Dina used her other hand and started to punch London in the head. London grabbed Dina's shirt and pulled the shirt making herself go on the floor while everybody tried to break up the fight. The limo pulled over and the door opened some camera guys grabbed Dina; while they tried break up the fight. Cece got out of the limo and tried to calm Dina down. The camera guys called Cece and Dina a cab to take back to the house "Bitch remember where I'm from" Dina yelled as she got in the cab.

In the cab, Cece looked at Dina "Ok so here's the thing Raven wants you out the house and she wants you gone like now I've told Ivy, Alex, and London; the only person who looked like they cared was Alex because she left and went over to you like it didn't faze her and she could careless what Raven had planned for you, London said that she doesn't care if your fake ass stay and Ivy agreed with her Tinka and me talked and we have an alliance, we want you to be apart of it since we're the only ones who really got your back because if Raven says one more thing about you being a dumb hoe I'm going to slap her!" she exclaimed. Dina look at her and nodded her head "Ok I'll join if it'll means I will be here longer than I intended and can beat another bitch's ass; now the question for you is that if I fight London are you gonna have my back like Tinka or will you sit with Raven and let me go home?" she asked.

Dina- I want to believe Cece over anything but if she helps me not go home tonight then I'll know that she really is my friend.

The cab parked in front of the mansion, Dina looked around and realized they were the first ones there she then pulled off her heels and she ran to the door when she opened it she ran upstairs "Looks like I'm about to fuck another bitch up." she exclaimed.

Cece followed her with a knowing look as they walked into their room that they shared with Alex "Dina, don't do anything crazy." she told her,

Dina pulled on a white tank-top and black sweat pants then pulled her hair back and put it into a ponytail, Dina shook her head "Nope, I told y'all staying here isn't that important to me, I'll fuck a bitch up again." she stated then walked out of their room.

Ivy, London, Alex, Raven and Tinka were sitting in the common room when Dina and Cece walked into the room "So, do any of you bitches have something to say?" she asked looking at Ivy and London.

London shrugged before standing up "I think that you are completely fake, you were talking about how you don't like Raven but you was hugging her back in the club." she stated.

Dina narrowed her eyes "I can do what the fuck I want to! I'm a grown ass woman! I'm not about to let no bitch tell me who I can or can't hang with! And who the fuck are you to call me a fake bitch you claimed to hate how immature her ass is but yet you were dancing with her so who is the fake bitch now hoe!" she snapped.

Raven looked between Dina and London, and she had a smirk on her face.

London walked up into Dina's face "Call me a hoe again, because you the bitch that was shaking your ass in a club looking like a damn whore Bitch!" she snapped back pushing Dina back and Tinka stood up.

Dina brushed her hands off "Don't touch me! You don't even know who the fuck you're dealing with!" she yelled

Raven- Either Dina will make the first move or Lo will, they're both drunk off their ass so this will be good I got my popcorn and margarita ready so I'll sit back and watch the show.

London pushed Dina again causing her to fall, Dina quickly reached out grabbing London's hair pulling her down with her.