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Present Day

"WOW!" Two kids said as they entered their new house –mansion.

"So, the moving van should be here shorty. The pluming and the electricity have been fixed. I think that's everything lady. That comes down to a total of $500." A man in a blue overall with a matching cap said as he looked through his clipboard.

"Just put it on a cheque." The woman he was talking to said. "Jellal! Erza! Please come over here." The woman shouted in the direction the two children were standing at. They quickly came running to where she was. "I want you to unpack your things when the van gets here, ok?"

"Yes Mom." They said or rather Jellal said, and ran outside. They were greeted by a van with all of their belongings in it.

"Come on Jellal, I'll get the boxes with the clothes and you can get the boxes with the shoes." The scarlet-headed girl said.

"Why do I get the shoes Erza? They're heavier!" The blue haired boy, Jellal, whined.

"Because you're the boy!" Erza retorted back at him.

"Fine…." He said and dragged his feet over to the rear of the van.

A Few Hours Later

"Listen kids. I'm just going to a very important meeting. You guys have to stay out of trouble ok?" The woman said and looked at them with a stern face.

"Yes Ultear. You can stop acting like our mom." Erza said. Erza never like Ultear no matter what Ultear did to please her she never had a liking for her.

"Just come home safely mom." Jellal said, unlike Erza he rather liked Ultear. "When will you come home?"

"Maybe in two or three days. The meeting is quite far from here." She said. She grabbed her coat from the door and left with one more goodbye.

"You should be nicer to mom Erza." Jellal said looking at Erza.

"She's not my real mom, so why should I even call her 'mom'?" Erza said facing Jellal with a pout on her face.

"And I'm not your real brother!" When Jellal said that Erza's eyes got watery. "Never mind. You never listen to me anyway. Let's explore the house." Erza nodded and followed Jellal up the stairs.

When they had finished exploring the second floor they went to the attic.

"This place is creepy…" Erza said as she walked into the ride side of the room.

"Erza look at this!" Jellal yelled from the other side of the room. "It looks like a board game. Wanna play?" He asked her.

"Sure!" She said as they walked to the middle of the room.

"There are already pieces on the board…." Jellal said as he attempted to pull off the pieces on the board. "Must be magnetic." He said as he shrugged her shoulder.

"You can I have star. I'll have the angel." Erza said as she handed him the star piece.

They floated towards the board where it said 'start'. "Yea, magnetic." Erza said as a chill ran down her spine. "You can go first Jellal."

"Hm.." He said as he rolled the dice. It landed on a '5' and a '3'.

'Monkey see,

Monkey do…'

Erza read as the words appeared in the middle of the board.

"What could that mean?" Jellal asked giving Erza a questioning look on his face.

Then they heard noises from down stairs.

"What could that be?" Erza asked slowly walking towards the door and opening it. "Let's go investigate." She quietly as she walked quietly down the stairs.

A 'CRASH' sound was heard from downstairs.

"A monkey?" Erza said dumbfounded as she walked into the kitchen.

She walked back into the living room where Jellal was. "Who are those people and that cat?" She asked even more dumbfounded as she pointed to 3 people and a blue flying cat.

"Shouldn't I ask you that?" The blonde and only girl said. "This is my house after all."

"Um… we live here now." Jellal told the woman. "No one's lived here for 13 years."

"That can't be possible!" The pink one shouted. "Lucy's been living here for her whole live!" He said as he pointed to the blonde.

"NATSU!" The shirt-less one said hitting the back of Natsu's head. "We've been in the jungle for 13 years! Of course no one's lived here!" He yelled at him.

"YOU COULD'VE JUST TOLD ME GRAY! You didn't have to hit my head." Natsu yelled back at him while rubbing the back of his head.

"What year is it?" The blue cat said flying in front of Jellal's face.

"Not only does it fly but it talks too." Erza said crossing her arms.

"2013." Jellal said nicely to the blue flying and talking cat.

"I was right, 13 years." The shirtless one said.

"That means someone rolled a 5 or 8. Who rolled a 5 or 8?" Lucy said looking at Erza and Jellal.

"He did." Erza said nudging Jellal.

"THANK YOU!" The 4 strangers said hugging Jellal to death.


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