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He watches her walk silently over to the large blue truck that was parked on the edge of yet another crime from yet another trouble occurrence. She looks tired and weary, its late, almost 11pm, he knows he should start to drive her back to her apartment over the gull, but just for this moment he can't take eyes off her. She's stunningly beautiful, in the late Maine moonlight, he still sees the glimmer in her vivid blue eyes no matter how much she needs sleep right now, her hair slightly messy but just her usual perfect self, his partner, Audrey. But not just his partner, not really, not to him.

She catches him for a split second as she passes towards his bronco, she never did understand how a car could still be in such great shape after all those years he had owned it, but she sees it, his eyes watches her move towards the vehicle, staring at her awe, it almost makes her blush, which makes her hope he can't see that in the darkness of the night. She's always known there's been something more between them, more than work partners, she knows neither of them thought of each other as just that, but the thing was she also knew neither of them thought of each as only friends either, so where did that leave them?

She clambers into the seats of the now cold truck, the heaters had steadily cooled after they'd spent a good half hour at the crime scene, but she doesn't care, she's grateful for the ever so needed rest from a hard day's work. The cool air floods in again once he enters and prises open the door, but then again settles once he sits beside her. Both of them say nothing, as she rests her head against the side of door and closes her eyes slowly, letting sleep engulf her. He starts up the engine and slowly begins to drive; it's a simple but long drive, the scene heading about an hour inland from their serene, pleasurable coast where they both lived. He stares straight ahead at the road in front of him apart from the odd stole glance towards her direction, in complete silence, not wanting to even wake her with the steady evening chatter from the radio.

He pulls of the road about 20 minutes into the journey, as he soon notices that she has fallen asleep, jolted around by the bumpy road towards the coast, he felt her head bump onto his shoulder and so that's where it neatly lay. Thinking to himself, he decides he won't take her back to the gull as he knows she's using the spare key after she lost in in their last case, and he's too much of a gentleman to go hunting round her clothing and pockets looking for it. Considering it for being far comfier for her, he slides his right arm around her frame, one hand on the wheel, her bought into his chest. He thinks to himself 'because that will be easier to carry her inside and- and- that's why' he almost hears the chiefs voice inside his head mocking his reasoning. So that's how he ended up after he'd pulled into the drive, carrying her in his arms, bridal style to the door of his house. He knew she'd have a shock when she woke up, she'd never stepped foot in his house before, they always hung out at hers. Living alone came at a price, one bedroom. So he slowly set her body down in his king sized bed, merely unzipping her calf high boots and placing them beside the bed, and pulling the duvet up to her neck, his hand cupping her cheek, he brushed his thumb tenderly over it before pulling away and resigning to his living room couch.

Still groggy and sleep eyed, her eyes snapped open, she knew she was in unfamiliar surroundings, but the last thing she had remembered was sitting in Nathans truck, her eyes darting around the room, her heart beat slowed as she spotted a picture of the late chief on the bedside table, she had never thought of Nathan being so sentimental as his 'fathers' badge lay beside it. That just left one question, where was Nathan? She presumed it would just be the one bedroom as he lived alone, meaning she felt the need to go look for him. Feeling her way around the walls for a light switch she made her way through the halls until she stumbled upon the living room door. He lay on his back, arms wrapped around himself. It was cold and crisp that night. Glancing at the clock above the television set, she saw it was 3:04am, she couldn't just let him go out of the way for her and sleep uncomfortable and cold on the couch while she slept in his bed, warm and content. Shaking him gently as she whispered his name, she was relieved as his eyes finally fluttered open.

As soon as he saw her, he sat bolt upright.

"Audrey! Are you okay? Is everything alright?"

She stifled a giggle at his worried tone of voice, "everything's fine Nathan, what's not fine is me putting you out, you go to your bed, and I'll sleep on the couch."

"You're not putting me out, and besides I'm fine down here, its… warm."

Audrey stood there that knowing smirk plastered on her face unconvinced, "riiiight, so that why you kept your clothes on from today, just because you wanted to... It had nothing to do with the fact that you're freezing down here?" she mused while she cocked an eyebrow.

She was met with a shrug from the man sat in front of her.

"Well if you're staying here then-"his eyes widened as she started to lie beside him, their bodies becoming entwined. His muscles relaxing as he wrapped his arms around her and a content sigh escaped from her lips.

"Who knew? Audrey Parker caring, wow." He joked.

She elbowed him gentle in the ribs, unable to hide the smile playing on her lips, while for the rest of the time they had left to sleep they stayed like that, wrapped around each other's body. A perfect fit.