They chased each other all the way out of the building until Nathan became too fast for Audrey to keep up with. Although she was still grinning to herself that he had something 'special' to tell her tonight at the gull. Speaking of which she should start getting ready, she didn't know why but she always wanted to look her best for her 'partner' or whatever they were to each other, they had never really clarified that.

She finally finished off her light makeup, and the small curls that framed her face nicely before she gave one last look at herself in the mirror before she'd make the nervous trip downstairs to go meet Nathan. She prayed to herself that tonight went well, they'd both been through so much this past year that they deserved one happy moment. She had to admit slow dancing with Nathan Wuornos certainly had its advantages but their blissful moment was indeed cut short yet again by a murderous skin stripping bolt gun killer to put it nicely.


He'd been sat waiting at the private booth he'd paid duke extra to reserve, for several minutes now and he was jittering, while he held his beer loosely in his hand his leg absently mindedly bounced up and down with half excitedness half nervousness. He had no idea how he would react when she sauntered through that door looking her usual beautiful self, god she was gorgeous he thought to himself, a thought cut short by a waiter asking did he want more beer. Accepting the offer he happened to glance over towards the entrance to the Grey Gull. He almost dropped his now empty beer bottle at the sight before him. She stood glancing innocently around the room trying to spot her good friend sat alone. Catching his eye she blushed and looked downwards, making her way over to where he sat.

He clambered up out of his chair awkwardly, inwardly cursing at how nervous he had obviously looked. He ushered her into the cosier, more closed side of the booth, she looked beautiful tonight he thought. The stunning nay blue number she wore, wow she had it off to a tee.

"You look… fantastic." He smiled goofily, his cheeks reddening in embarrassment.

"You don't look so bad yourself." She grinned back.

"Finally we get a day off, seems as though we never get a break."

"Yeah, I think we need it to, we work too hard, and we never have just a normal day to ourselves, any of us."

"At least tonight will be relatively calm." He smirked.

"Don't speak so soon, I just can't tell with this place anymore, no matter how long I've been here."

"Glad you stayed." He smiled a little looking down at his hands holding the rim of his glass."

"Me too, and besides I would have never gotten to know the true Nathan Wuornos if I hadn't, and that wasn't worth missing."

"And who is the true Nathan Wuornos?" he asked purposely.

"Well on the outside, he's kind of a tough guy, doesn't let anyone in, sure he's handsome but he seemed kinda lonely…"

"And on the inside?"

That was one question she really didn't want to answer, she'd never really been one to dish out heart felt compliments, even to her closest friends, but she supposed it was now or never, she had wanted to tell him for a while now.

"Well, on the inside he's… he's really sweet, caring, loving, he just wants everything to work out, and he never puts himself first and that's…that's…that's-"


"That's the guy I've fallen for… I guess what I'm saying is that I sort of… love you… "She squinted in confusion and gestured wildly with her hands. "And I know it's crazy and we're partners and the barn and the troubles and-"

Before she knew it, his lips came towards hers from the other side of the table. Sure he had done it to stop her babbling but his hand wound round her neck and trailed up through her hair while he moved his body round to her side of the booth to sit beside her. He parted his lips slowly and pulled away from her face, both their eyes still closed. When he opened his eyes he saw her face turn from complete shock until a smile was graced upon her face. He loved it when she smiled, like she hadn't a care in the world when really she had been burdened with saving the troubled people of this dysfunctional town and he hated she had to bare that alone, which is why he vowed to stand by her.

"I guess you could say I've sort of always loved you too, since the moment I pulled you from that car."

"I think you mean 'saved me from that cliff'."

He chuckled as he spoke softly to her "yeah, guess you could say that."