Ohsaka High's Sports Hero

Summary: Starts halfway through OOTP. Events have changed when Harry gets a request from his family. What he doesn't realise is that this change will take him far from Hogwarts, his friends… and Voldemort.

Disclaimer: *sigh* do I really still need to fill this is?

Warnings: SLASH though no obvious relationships will occur in this story, swearing and a lot of… well… Osaka is an all-boys school. I'm guessing a lot of silliness occurs between men when they stay together in one building. Especially teenage boys.

Author warning! I watched the Live Action (Japanese) version of Hana Kimi which is a little bit different from the Manga. No Anime has been made of this series. I can recommend the Live Action series though, because I think it's hilarious. Two versions have been made. I prefer the 2007 version because it's the first one I watched. I guess if I had watched the 2011 remake first I probably would have preferred it. I must warn for extreme silliness, which will also occur in this story.


It all started with a simple request from aunt Petunia that he would return for the Christmas Holidays. Harry had stared at the small note in shock, reading a re-reading the words until they made sense.


I have already placed in a request for you to stay with us during the Christmas Holidays.
There is something we have to discuss.
I will meet you at King's Cross on the 23th of December.


This simple request caused a drastic change in Harry, a change no-one at Hogwarts had ever witnessed. All the stress and pain and hatred seemed to fall away in favour for remaining in, what seemed to be, a permanent state of shock. The inhabitant of Hogwarts School had never before seen their hero/liar/attention-seeking/whatever-they-were-cal ling-him-these-days like this. The permanent blank green eyes which ignored Malfoy's taunts and Umbridge's remarks even seemed to put Snape on hold of his usual commentary.

The only time Harry spoke was inside the Gryffindor Common Room where he would mumble softly. "This never happened before. They never requested something like this before. Hell, the first year I was here he asked if I could stay Easter too. What if something happened? What if…? But no, that can't be. But then again, what happened this summer could have been… it wasn't that close to home though."

When the list of students was announced who would be staying in the castle, everyone had expected Harry to sign up right away. The raven head had simply stared sadly at the list for a few minutes before turning away. A lot of students asked right away why he hadn't signed up, but they were all ignored by the, now, silent Gryffindor. It did wonders for the rumour mill.

A few days before the students were to leave, Malfoy finally got his rival to talk. It certainly created a few Yaoi fan girls that day. "Oy Potter, quite the morbid mood already. It's depressing. Did someone die or something?"

Listless green eyes stared into stormy grey ones. "I've been summoned home for the Holidays."

The blonde Slytherin raised a delicate eyebrow. "That's all. That doesn't seem like a valid reason for being a buzz kill."

"You don't know the family I live with," Harry said, releasing a tired sigh before continuing on his way. The fact that the two rivals had a civil conversation (sure it had been but a few sentences but it was still counted as a conversation) spread through Hogwarts like wildfire. This led to a confrontation with a certain red head who had continued to watch his friend from a distance.

"What was that Harry?" Ron all but bellowed through the entire common room. "Why do you talk to that slimy git but completely ignore everyone else? You won't even talk to your best friends! You completely deserted the DA! And then you talk to that bastard snake?"

"He's hardly a bastard Ron," Harry said emotionlessly. His blank stare seemed to unnerve Ron even more. "I'm sure his parents were married before they conceived him, though it is not something I would like to think about."

Ron blushed before straightening slightly in anger, his face turning quite an ugly colour is his rage and jealousy. "Ron just leave him be," Hermione said softly, placing herself between the two friends. "I'm sure everything will be alright when we get back from our holidays, right Harry?"

But Harry didn't know and it frightened him more than his friends would ever know. Ever since Voldemort's return he had been fighting everyone tooth and nail in order to convince them of his truthfulness. This felt like something he couldn't fight though, something which was beyond his control. So with a heavy heart the young hero packed his belongings and wandered the castle halls one last time.

Arriving at King's Cross only aunt Petunia waited for him, gesturing for him to follow her back to the car. When they were safely underway, Petunia spoke for the first time. "When we reach Privet Drive you will take your belongings upstairs but keep them packed. Your uncle and I have something to discuss with you after dinner."

The rest of the drive home was done in silence. Privet Drive seemed even more depressing in winter time. Harry hadn't seen this place so barren and cold since he started Hogwarts, always happily signing up to stay at Hogwarts. Confusion hit him when they arrived at number four. A 'for-sale' sign had been placed in the front yard on the now brown grass. 'SOLD' was plastered across the sign and startled Harry turned to him aunt. Petunia had already left the car though and was halfway to the door, casting hidden glances at the sign.

"What's the meaning of this?" Harry asked, frozen in place.

Petunia didn't turn to look at him and for a moment Harry thought she might ignore him. "Just get inside Harry," she replied softly. "You'll catch cold if you keep standing there." And she entered the house silently, looking quite defeated.

Snapping out of his shock, the raven head heaved the trunk out of the car and rushed it across the path towards the house. "But it's not fair!" the cries of his cousin greeted him at the entry way. "We don't even know how to speak Japanese and all my friends are here."

"We'll make due and I'm sure you'll make friends over there in no time," Petunia replied her son. "Your father will be here any moment. We're having take-out tonight, so help me set the table."

"But mom," Dudley continued.

"Enough," Petunia snapped and Harry startled out of his thoughts. He had never heard his aunt snap at his cousin before. This must have been the first time ever since Dudley quieted immediately. "Either help me set the table or continue your packing."

Harry dragged his trunk upstairs and nearly dropped it when his aunt shouted once more at Dudley. "You will stay here mister!"

"How am I supposed to stay here, in the living room, when I have to pack my things?" Dudley half shouted back.

Harry stared down from the landing and watched his cousin barge into the hallway and stump up the stairs. Dudley froze halfway when he caught sight of Harry and seemed to pale a little. He hesitated and Harry couldn't help but wonder if Dudley had become even more scared of him then he had been before the attack which happened this summer. Dudley lowered his head and seemed to blush a little, making Harry's eyebrows rise in surprise. The heavier of the two moved further up the stairs and brushed past his much skinnier cousin.

Dudley had barely stepped past Harry when he suddenly stopped. "H-how's things?"

Nearly dropping his trunk for the second time in surprise Harry turned to look at his cousin's back. "G-good I guess," the raven head said awkwardly.

"That's… good." And with that Dudley moved into his room, slamming the door in the process. Harry blinked and wondered if Dudley felt as awkward talking to him as he felt talking to his cousin. What did you say to someone who has made your life miserable since you entered their house? Every time the raven head returned to Privet Drive he felt more distant then the last, unconsciously sheltering them from the realities of his world. The world in which he was hated and revered, quietly and now loudly made ridiculous while a murderer waits patiently for his time to strike. And strike Voldemort would, when the Wizarding World would be at its weakest point.

Sighing Harry moved his trunk into the second bedroom which had been cleared of all the old and broken junk which had once occupied its walls. Only the books remained on one of the shelves and bits and bobs which Harry had forgotten to take with him last summer in his haste of getting away. It wasn't a lot and Harry packed them into his trunk right away. He hesitated taking out a few things, so instead he kept his trunk open and opened the window for a bit.

Hedwig, who had flown back to Privet Drive in favour of riding the train, cooed softly from outside before fluttering inside and resting on top of her cage. She looked at him with big, intelligent brown eyes and flapped her wings. "I'm not sure what's going on, but I have a bad feeling about this Hedwig," Harry muttered softly, stroking her back and scratching her neck before taking out a book for reading. Before he could start the front door opened and slammed close.

"Dinner's here," uncle Vernon bellowed up the stairs. Harry sighed. Better get this over with.

Dinner was an awkward affair with Vernon trying, and failing, to make conversation with his son and wife. His eyes flashed towards Harry every now and then as if he was expecting something, but Harry tried to eat as quickly as possible so he could escape the tension at the table. This time he was asked to do the dishes by his aunt and not in any way forced. Her politeness caught him off guard again and he nearly choked on his water.

Not used to being able to escape the chore, Harry quickly finished washing the dishes. He felt a little useless and awkward, never before having seen the Dursley's so unsure of themselves. Or at least his aunt and uncle. Dudley had tried to leave in a huff but was stopped by his father who made sit in the living room. They waited until Harry finished before inviting him to join them.

"As you might have noticed," uncle Vernon started, fidgeting where he sat. "We have sold the house and are moving. Since we are still responsible for you, you will be moving with us."

Harry raised a questioning eyebrow but remained silent. It was true that he would have to live with the Dursley's until his seventeenth birthday, so he would have to move house when they did. Something was telling him that this was a little bit more about moving house though.

Vernon cleared his throat and moved to stand in front of the window, the light of the moon illuminating the back of his blonde head. "Last September I got offered a chance for a different position at Grunnings. Something which would benefit us greatly financially and also gives us the chance to broaden our horizons." Harry frowned. Something is definitely fishy about this.

"After discussing it at length with Petunia," Vernon continued, glancing at his wife who pointedly stared at the black screen of the telly. Discussed, my arse. Forced is more like it. "We decided that it was a good opportunity for us and I took the position."

Uncle Vernon let a silence fall as if he was expecting some sort of reply from Harry. The raven head resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Well congratulations I guess," he said, his heart not really in it. "So what's the hitch? I get that we're moving and all, but why have you summoned me?"

The beefy blonde coughed awkwardly and directed his gaze away from his nephew. "Well we needed you to pack all your belongings obviously. We're leaving for our new home tomorrow. Everything needs to be cleared for the flight in the morning."

"Flight?" Harry stuttered, but Vernon was now in full blabbering mode.

"Everyone needs to have a small overnight bag prepared and one suitcase with things for a week at least," Vernon said, chuckling awkwardly and staring blindly at a spot on the wall. "This place needs to be cleaned out. Everything that doesn't fit in your suitcase will be shipped to the new house. Only clothing, toiletries and basic needs. The case can't weight more than 20kg."

While Harry sputtered in protest and Vernon blabbered about weight and necessaries Dudley suddenly turned to his cousin, his face oddly flushed. "What dad is forgetting to mention is where he is taking us all. The new position is in Japan."


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