first story don't flame insipered by usabelle's bloodlust


Rena approached the Throne the little girl in her arms cried as the dark surrounded her. Alright Rena sighed glaring into the dark let's get this over with she said out loud. Two red eyes stared back at her. give me the girl a female voice said with hesitance she handed over Serena the baby to the vampire. come forth Darien a deeper male voice said once they had her. a boy no more than 5 with eyes so dark that they looked like deep water appeared instantly two white hands gave him a golden needle Rena looked away they needed both their blood on a horse heart to sign the alliance that when the princess of the light was 15 she would marry the prince of the dark she knew that t the vampires and dream larkers need this the children produced between these the princess and the prince when they were were older

Darian watched the redhead woman take the needle and slowly turn towards his and suddenly pricked his arm he hissed at the pain and tried to bit her she smiled and seemed to glow and laughed. he's feisty for sure but will he win her heart? his mother smiled a mean smile at her time will tell she said. His father leaned down and whispered to him my son to seal the deal kiss the young dream Laker so that you will see her as she grows and same for her. he made a face as he quickly kissed the baby's mouth when he drew back he saw her as she was in his mind. the redhead spoke we need to make sure the bond bound them she suddenly smiled and told him to come to her his father pushed him to her and suddenly she kissed him he feel dizzy and in pain and something elseā€¦it was if he was betraying someone that he really liked surly not the little baby that he kissed a second ago?

Rena smiled at Darian's puzzlement she held Serena closer to her see you in 15 years boy. She turned back to the throne did you bring the locket? I have his with that she held out a golden locket to the boy he took it quickly and pressed the clasp a picture of Serena was inside. The red eyes flashed of course girl here she threw a velvet bag at her inside was a silver locket with a picture of the prince. she put the locket around Serena s neck see you in 15 years and with that Rena turned and headed out into the night with the princess Serena of the dream Lakers now promised to the dark and dammed prince of vampires Darien.

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