Hi guys it's me I know I said I was finished this story this ending was so bleak I just deleted in and contuied on so here we go

p.s I'm writing horseback riders now so this is the real ending

Serena laughed

It was June and finally they had got back from their honeymoon (which all they did was have sex) and

She had just found out she was pregnant so she was aglow with happiness

Serena walked into the ballroom making sure that it was empty and she lifted up her skirt (doing that

Back then was like raising your skirt up to your hips) and started to dance while thinking about


Her thoughts

Omg I know the baby is going to be a girl so I think I should call her grace but what about the other children that we will have




Yes those are what their names will be

So Serena gave birth to these children and live happily ever after with Darien Laura graces tommy and Kat

THE END! (The last update)

So ya I reread this and I was sad to say almost every chapter was short but I guess I should finish these all then just stick to reading unless I become braver and come up with my own ideas not inspired ones so review!

- Catgirl505