New Girl

Chapter 1: Time for a Change

A/N: AU. First in "Mixed Hearts" series. Based in Ninja Storm.Kennedi Ford loves traveling and adventure. She and her family live in Reefside, where Kennedi trains as a fire ninja at the Ember academy. When it is attacked, her sensei gives her the one thing she needs to survive. Now that she needs to go to Blue Bay Harbor and help the other rangers, where will she go? Thank god Kelly is a family friend.

This will start off in "I Love Lothor," but won't get into the fighting much yet. Things may be a little rushed, but that's how things will work. I don't know why I'm starting it so late in the season, but I just am. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Italics are flashbacks.

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Oh, and if this chapter is crappy, I apologize because this chapter was actually written many months ago, long before I started my Shattered Glass series.

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a few days earlier…

"Something wrong, Sensei?" Shane asked as the six rangers were gathered around Ninja Ops. Sensei had called them all here saying something about some big news, and they were all wondering what exactly it was about. It was possible it was something ranger related, considering the odds of it not being about it ranger duties were kind of slim. It had been a couple months since the six rangers had began their ranger career, and things seemed to have fallen into an odd routine for them.

The guinea pig looked to his students. "Lothor has finally attacked the Ember Academy." The wind rangers frowned, Cam looked a bit confused, and the thunder ninjas grew worried.

"But father," Cam frowned. "Doesn't that academy have a better defense system?"

"Yes," Sensei nodded. "But it has weakened over time, and it was weakened enough for Lothor to attack. Like both of the academies, he has taken the ninjas and their Sensei hostage. One has managed to escape with the fire morpher." The only one who hadn't heard that part was Hunter, having left before Sensei finished his explanation.

"Wait back up," Dustin blinked. "Ember academy? As in, fire?"

Sensei nodded once more. "Not many are fit to be fire ninjas. The one who escaped was given a ranger morpher. I do not know which student this is yet, but in a few days I should receive word about the student."

"So," Tori drawled out slowly. "You're saying we have a new teammate who won't be here for a couple of days?"

Sensei nodded.

present day…





"I won't let you!"

"But I have to!" Kennedi argued with her twin sister. The dirty blonde and her twin Kira had a lot in common, aside from being completely identical. Well, their eye color was different and Kennedi liked orange where Kira liked yellow.

"Ken, why can't you tell me why you're leaving?" Kira whined.

"It's a secret," Kennedi shut her suitcases. She was moving to Blue Bay Harbor for a while. Everyone in the world knew the town had rangers and was fighting off an evil space Ninja known as Lothor. It was part of Kennedi's destiny to become one as well. She just had to leave that part out.

Her family was tight, being all girls. Her father died in a car accident when she and Kira were young, and since then, it's been the two and their mother. Both, for protective reasons, knew Kennedi attended a super secret ninja academy in Reefside, known as the Ember Academy. Students there were taught and trained in the element of fire. It was the most well protected of the three ninja schools. Because of that fact, Lothor wasn't able to attack it until a few days ago. Kennedi recalled the day clearly.

"Our shields are falling," Sensei Huron spoke to a small crowd of ninja students. Not many were able to handle being a fire ninja. Kennedi was one of the lucky few who could, and was top of the class. "I feel he is coming."

"Who Sensei?" a brave student asked.


The name caused each ninja to freeze. They heard what happened to the other academies and knew that most of the students and Senseis were captured and held captive on Lothor's ship. It was sad for them to hear about. Now, it appeared they were next.

"What can we do Sensei?" another student asked. The elder woman turned around with a box in her hands.

"One of you must go and help the other ninja rangers defeat Lothor." Her voice was hard and serious. "Sensei Watanabe knows that I am sending one of you to help." It was silent as the news fell upon them. "Kennedi," the dirty blonde looked up at the sound of her name. "You must take this and go to Blue Bay Harbor when the time is right, and use it to fight against Lothor and his forces." Kennedi took the box and bowed.

"I won't let you down Sensei."

She didn't plan to. Now she had to go to Blue Bay Harbor and be a power ranger. She hadn't even morphed into the suit yet. Of course, she had a place to stay while there. The family friend Kelly Holloway, who owned a small sports shop in the city, offered to take her in for her stay. Now that she was ready to go, she couldn't waste another minute.

"Ken, we have no secrets," Kira pouted.

"Well this has to remain a secret," Kennedi walked downstairs. Kira followed her sister, still pouting. Mrs. Ford, or known as Katelyn Ford, was out at work. She wanted to be there to wish her daughter good bye and good luck, but her job wouldn't allow it. Either way, Kira was still there. "If I could tell you, I would, but I can't."

"At least call everyday so mom and I know you're not dead," Kira reasoned.

"Even if I died I'd still call," Kennedi laughed. From outside, the girls heard a horn beep. Kelly was here to take Kennedi away. "Well, that's my ride."

"Call to let me know you got there alright," Kira pleaded. She helped her sister with the luggage. Kelly helped the two girls load it into the car.

"Take care sis," Kennedi hugged her sister goodbye. Kira returned the hug and the two went their ways. Kennedi rode off with Kelly and Kira went back inside the house. It was going to be a long journey.

"Well, this is the shop," Kelly introduced Kennedi. The vibrant sports store was set up for some cooking demo that Kelly had explained and roped the dirty blonde into helping with. After all, despite being practically family, Kennedi was going to work off her stay by working in the shop. In return, Kelly was letting her stay with her in the loft above and sponsoring her softball team. "Now put an apron on and go get some of the other supplies."

"Can I at least put down my stuff upstairs first?" Kennedi wondered. They had just gotten here.

"Sorry," Kelly apologized. "But the demo starts in a couple of minutes." At that moment, a blonde wearing blue walked into the shop and over to the counter.

"Hey Kelly," she greeted.

Kelly smiled. "Hey Tori. Do you mind helping us set up for the demo?"

"Not a problem," Tori agreed. She went to help and spotted Kennedi. "Hey," she greeted. "I'm Tori."

"Kennedi," the girl returned. "Kennedi Ford." Something about that name struck Tori. After their last battle, Sensei had told them that a new ranger would be joining them soon, and had earlier today told Tori and Cam the name of the ranger, since the others were off doing what they loved. That's when Tori pieced it together.

She dropped her voice to a whisper. "You're a fire ninja, right?"

"Excuse me?" Kennedi blinked, a bit shocked. She looked at Tori and spotted a morpher on her wrist. "Oh, you're a water ninja." Tori smiled and nodded, knowing that this was the girl they had been waiting for. "But yeah, I am then."

"Sensei told us that you would be coming," Tori admitted. Kennedi sighed. She knew that Sensei Huron had told Sensei Watanabe that she was coming. "Maybe after this you could come with me to Ninja Ops and meet him."

"That'd be great," Kennedi grinned. She was starting to like this girl already. The two finished helping Kelly set up the demo. Tori was filling Kennedi in about the other rangers, such as names, colors, and elements. When she finished, the boys aside - from Hunter and Blake - walked in.

"Hey, what's this?" the boy Kennedi figured out to be Dustin asked.

"'Real Pro Sport Cook Off?'" Shane read the banner. They all turned to Kelly.

"Since when is cooking an action sport?" Dustin wondered.

"Real Sport Pro Drinks has chosen Storm Chargers to host a series of cooking demonstrations," Kelly explained, wiping her hands on a towel. She turned to Kennedi. "Ken, can you go grab the cups from the back room?"

"Sure Kel," Kennedi turned and walked to the storage room. Blake walked in at that moment, joining the others. He had to make sure Hunter was all right after what they learned earlier in the week.

"Dude this stuff is nasty," Dustin shook his head. "I don't care how you cook it."

"Stick around," Kennedi spoke as she popped up behind the counter. "You might be surprised." The guys frowned, wondering where she came from. Didn't she just head to the back room? Blake noticed her, smirking, which she returned.

"Hey," a boy in green called as he walked over to the group. Kennedi recognized him as Cam, from what Tori had told her. Cam took note of her as well, recognizing her. He already knew who Kennedi was, having met her once when the two academies had met before.

"Cam?" Shane chuckled. "You're taking cooking?"

"Look, Tori wanted someone to take the class with her," Cam shrugged. "And dad said I needed to get out more, so here I am."

"Yeah but cooking class?" Shane continued. A group of girls walked in, causing the boys to turn their way.

Cam smirked. "It has its advantages." That's when the other boys caught on.

"Dude's got a point," Dustin realized. Cam and Tori took a seat in the front row. Shane and Dustin sat behind them, talking to the women. Blake stood by the counter and turned to Kennedi.

"What are you doing in town?"

"Ain't it obvious, Bradley?" she rolled her eyes. Yes, she knew the Bradley brothers, having raced against them on the tracks before and having met them a few times from when their academies worked together on techniques. Hunter and Kennedi had even started going out, it coming close to their one year anniversary. "So, where's my boyfriend?"

"Trying to make sure you're alive," Blake stated. "He got pretty upset when he heard your academy was attacked. He's been trying to call you for a few days."

Kennedi frowned and pulled out her phone, checking for messages. "Well, I guess I've been too busy to hear it. I mean, I had to get school transfer papers, had to pack, had to make sure my letter got sent, and had to figure out how to operate the morpher."

"Hey, for all he knows, you're up on Lothor's ship."

Hunter wanted to be alone. He hadn't been around the others aside from Blake over the past few days. Ever since learning that the Ember Academy had been attacked, his mind had been plagued with thoughts that his girlfriend had been taken hostage onto Lothor's ship. He had missed the part that a ranger from the academy would be coming to help them. All he could think about was how to get his girlfriend off of Lothor's ship.

The blonde had headed for the track instead of joining the others at Storm Chargers. He just wanted to be alone and only Blake knew why. He had made attempts to call his girlfriend, but she never answered or replied. It only added to his fears that she was indeed on Lothor's ship, and that it would be a while before he saw her again. As far as he knew, no one from the Ember Academy escaped Lothor's attack, including his girlfriend.

Hunter sighed as he began another lap around the track. His attention was grabbed by something orange flashing before him. He looked up and his eyes widened as he saw another rider wearing orange gear speed by him. There was only one person he knew who had orange motocross gear, and he was praying that this wasn't an illusion. Deciding to check it out, he picked up the speed. He couldn't tell who it was from behind, but he was hoping it was the person he was thinking of.

When the other racer crossed the finish line, Hunter saw them pull off the track and park on the side. He did the same, parking his bike next to where the other rider had. The thunder ninja removed his helmet and looked around for the rider, the bike was still there, but the rider wasn't in sight. Hunter thought it was an illusion, but seeing the bike still there made him question it. He got off of his bike and looked around, trying to find the rider.

As he stepped closer to the bike, he felt something jump on his back, nearly tackling him down. "Miss me?"

Hunter set the person on his back down and turned to face her. "I thought you were on Lothor's ship."

"Well, clearly, I'm not," Kennedi smiled up at him. She had left the cooking demo after Blake and Cam had started a food fight, not wanting to get caught in it.

"How do I know this isn't an illusion?" he narrowed his eyes, getting the sense this could be his mind playing tricks on him. Kennedi smirked and leaned up and kissed him, which he gladly returned.

"Now do you think I'm an illusion?"

Hunter pulled her closer and held her tight. "I was so worried you were on his ship."

"I managed to escape that," she replied. "The others of my academy didn't, though. I'm the only one who's not up there."

"How did you manage to get out?" he asked.

"With a little help from this," she showed him the morpher. Hunter's eyes widened a bit. He never expected his girlfriend to get a morpher. "Sensei gave it to me a few days before the academy was attacked. Told me to come here and find the other rangers. I've already met Tori, and she figured out who I am, and so did Cam, and once I saw Blake I figured he was one and you probably were as well."

"How did Tori and Cam know?" Hunter frowned, confused. "I mean, Blake I understand, but…"

Kennedi shrugged. "Cam delivered a few things between the academies a few times, and I was the one who always let him in. Tori told me that your mentor said you were expecting me, but it seems as if you are confused."

"Because he didn't tell us who was coming," Hunter stated. "I didn't know anyone was coming from your academy."

"Well, I'm here now, and I'm here to help," Kennedi smiled.

Hunter smiled back and kissed her.

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A few things to know:

Hunter and Kennedi are already in a relationship, and how they got into it will be explained in a later chapter.

Kennedi is a fire ninja and will appear as a ranger soon.

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