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"Hey, Jin wake up" shouted Chase knocking on her door.

"Okay stop yelling" she replied.

She jumped out of bed and got ready. She couldn't wait they were going to start school today at some fancy high school named Ouran. Her, Chase, Dax, Beyal, and Bren were all going there on scholarships with help from Dr. Suno. She mostly just wanted to head straight for the library and see what kind of books they had.

"You ready yet, Princess?" asked Dax.

"Yes" she paused for a moment then added "and stop calling me that!"

30 minutes later

They all stared in awe at school just before they enter through the gates and went to their classes.

Jinja, Chase, and Bren were 3rd year student and were in all the same classes as for Beyal he was a 2nd year and Dax was a 4th year. So they didn't have any classes together, but decided to meet in an abandoned music room after school.

Jinja's POV

Chase, Bren and I got to class early and we sat in front of the class side by side. Then the rest of the class came in and sat down and were followed by the teacher. The teacher then told us to introduce ourselves so we did. We stood in front of the class to introduce ourselves and that's when we introduced ourselves then returned to our seats.

After that the rest of the day went by quickly. The final bell rang and I asked "Hey you guys don't mind if I stop at the library and meet you at the music room later do you?"

"Sure" said Chase.

I waved goodbye and headed toward the library. When I got there I awed at how huge it was as well as how empty it was. I found Beyal looking around at the books; I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

We then left to the music room, when we got there we decided to go right inside instead of waiting for the other, but when we opened the door there was a huge flash of light. When the light faded I saw seven figures and rose petals that were somehow falling from nowhere. Then one figure came up to me. He was pretty cute with blond hair and blue eyes. He then grabbed my hand and kissed it.

Then he asked "You must be new" he paused then added "My name is Tamaki and let me be the first to welcome such a beautiful princess to the Ouran high school host club".

It took me a second to realize that I could hear Dax laughing behind me and then it hit me that the guy Tamaki had just called me princess.

I then shouted "Don't call me that" then I kicked him in the stomach and before anyone could do anything Tamaki was sitting in a dark corner growing mushrooms.

Chase's POV

The second Bren, Dax and I walked in the music room we saw a blond guy named Tamaki kissing Jinja hand and then it hit me that he just called Jinja princess. Then I looked at Bren and Dax and knew that they were thinking the same thing that I was. Which was bad move dude.