Me: it's been a long time coming, but I finally finished

Jinja: It's about time

Me: I know it , I've been busy with homework. Kyoya do the disclaimer

Kyoya: Vulpix does not own Monsuno or Ouran High School Host Club

Jinja's POV

The chaos has begun, STORM soldiers are everywhere. Yet somehow in all the chaos, Tango managed to find me.

She smirked, "Ready for a rematch?"

I smiled and got into a fighting stance. "Bring it on."

I through the first punch and missed. Tango, much to my surprise, punched me in the stomach. It got me of guard and that's when she jump kicked me. I was sent flying.

I closed my eyes and waited for impact, but it didn't come. Someone had caught me in their arms. When I opened my eyes, I found…

Beyal; his face only a few inches from mine.

"Thank you, Beyal"

"You are quite welcome Jinja." He put me down and when he did so I noticed that Honey had already knocked out almost every STORM solider except for Charlemagne, Tango, Rosey, and Bren.

I whispered to Beyal "Remind me never to make him angry" and as Beyal saw Honey kick a poor solider in the gut he replied "Agreed".

"Jinja!", a familiar female voice called happily. It's Rosey. She ran towards me then she hugged me while exclaiming "I'm so glad you're okay!"

I hugged her back. "Same here".

Rosey stepped away from me and smiled "So which one of these hot guys is your boyfriend?" She said rather loudly. Everyone looked. Dax, Chase, Beyal and for some strange reason Alpha, who is slumped over in pain, all choked upon hearing the question.

Blood instantly rushed to my face. "What?" I managed to spit out.

"You heard me" she said giving me a look that said she wanted an answer.

I stumbled back a few steps hoping to find a way out of this, only to slip on banana pile. I ended up sliding ford. Beyal stepped in front Rosey so I wouldn't crash into her, but in a strange turn of evens, my weight shifted forward and my lips smashed into his.

I stood back in complete awe.

"Well I guess that answers that" Said Rosey.

"Looks like our princess is all grown up now"

"Tamaki!" I yelled.

Everyone let out a laugh, when the laughing subsided, Chase finally spoke. "Umm.. Guys where'd S.T.O.R.M go?"

Everyone looked to find that S.T.O.R.M is nowhere to be found.

"I think it would be best if we leave Ouran" said Chase.

"What?!" everyone yelled.

"It's not safe here and we endangered the host club".

"What about the payment that we owe them?" I asked.

It went quiet for a moment before Kyoya made a suggestion "Perhaps Rosey could work as a hostess in order to repay your debt".

"I'll do it!" She exclaimed happily. I felt sweat drop from the back of my head, oh, well. I guess she can't help it after all they are hot.

"Okay, I guess we'll be on our way then" exclaimed Bren.

"Hold on" shouted Rosey as she ran towards Bren. She stopped in front of him and kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks for getting me out of there".

He blushed and while that scene took place, I walk over to Kyoya. I gave him quick peck on the cheek then said "Your one of the most interesting guy that ever meet".

"You're the most interesting girl I've meet" he said with a sly smile before he kissed me on my lips. It was amazing, but it was cut short by Dax and Chase, who pulled me away from him.

"Time to go" both of them exclaimed. I rolled my eyes as they dragged me into the sunrise.

"Why do you keep kissing guys?" Dax said muttered.

"Why, do you ask Dax, do you want a kiss?" I said laughing.

Beyal's POV


For most of the morning I could not help but wonder if the kiss between her and I was good despite the fact that it was an accident. So, I knocked on her door.

She opened it. "Come in Beyal, I just need to finish packing" She said.

" I um.. was just", I played with my thumbs "um wondering what.. you um.. thought of Kyoya".

"He's amazing" she exclaimed with a smile. I hung my head low "..but he's nothing compared to you Beyal". I rose my head in surprise then she kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back.

Yeah, I'm done. For my next cross-over I'm thinking Monsuno/Hetalia.