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The Meaning of Fear


"Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.
Edna St. Vincent Millay


Clarity for Future Days

Fifteen Years Later
October 31st, 2028

'Twas the day of All Hallow's Eve

April's favorite time of year.

"Daydreaming again?" Alison asked as she walked in from the back of the shop. April ceased her caressing of the flowers at the front desk and turned with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry," she said.

Alison gave a small laugh. "Don't be. The plants seem to bloom with your moods. Ever since you started working here, they burst with life even during the winter seasons. Tell me, how do you do it? It must be the glow you have about you, dear."

April shrugged. Ever since she began working at the Riddle Blooms flower shop, business has been, well, blooming. She always had a talent for plants ever since she was small. And true to her name, April always found comfort in the warm seasons of spring. Of course, Autumn had its moments too . .

"Aren't you late for class?" Alison asked.

April snapped out of her trance again and shot a look at the clock.

"Crap!" She hissed, untying her apron and darting to get her stuff in the back. She could hear more of Alison's laughter as she made for the front door, and the woman's voice trailing along behind her.

"Remember, Alec and Zander are hosting their party tonight! Make sure you dress up!"

April scoffed and rolled her eyes. How silly Alison could be? She was twenty-one years old, of course she would dress up!

On campus she had very little time to chat, instead waving at her friends as she zoomed by. They would chuckle at her antics, facing their other friends saying, "April's rushing again." "That's what she gets for day dreaming. "Late again, April?"

Just up ahead, April could see a head of black hair walking through the crowd. She finally spotted him more clearly and she knew that face anywhere - several piercings in one ear, spider bites on his bottom lip, really bright blue eyes. Black leather jacket with chains and jeans with skulls printed in his pockets. A tattoo of some kind of creature crawling up his neck.

"Cuttin' it kind of close, don't you think?" he asked as April skidded to a stop at the door. She glanced at her watch - two minutes to spare.

"Oh . . . shush . . . Zane." She heaved, holding her chest. "Don't be mean to me."

Zane chuckled and pulled something out of the folder under his arm.

"I finally found it last night."

April took the picture from his hand and smiled. "Perfect! I can't believe you found it after all these years!"

Zane winked, his cheeks reddening. "Anything for you, babe."

"No . . . no don't do that." she shook her head, but her smile took out all the seriousness to her words.

Crossing his arms in a mock-pout, he said, "You're so mean to me." Zane relaxed and shuffled his feet.

"So . . . are you going to the party tonight?"

"You mean your brother's 'Come if you want to live' holiday terror? Of course! Why wouldn't I?"

"Actually . . . I . . . was just wondering if you wanted to -"

"Ooh! His lecture is starting, let's go." April burst through the doors, excitement in her eyes.

Zane face-palmed and muttered to himself about nutty professors and being stupid for speaking so slow. No matter how old April got, she was still a child at heart.

They sat near around the middle in the big lecture hall, watching as the Hellenic Studies professor came to the front with long, steady strides. His head was held up, and glasses fit on the bridge of his nose. With a coy smirk in the student's direction, Zane blanched at the sound of the female student's giggles.

"I almost think you care more about our professor than you do of me," Zane fake-pouted again, leaning next to April who couldn't help but grin at the young, fresh looking educator.

She dug her elbows in his ribs. "Don't be weird." She whispered under the man's speaking. "I'm not like the rest of the girls here who took this class just to look at him."

"Right," Zane rolled his eyes, smirking. "It's for research."

Nodding, April took out her notes. "That's right, and you better believe it."

"What do you mean this isn't good?" Jamie exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air above him.

"You know exactly well what I mean, Jamie Bennett!" April said, her hands on her hips. "The boogeyman isn't the least bit like this slimy monstrosity!" She motioned towards the black detailed-sludge monster on Jamie's presentation board. It sickened her to see her pen name, A.J. Springs printed on the page.

"He is in my mind," Jamie muttered bitterly. The two had argued for fifteen minutes about the cover, but as soon as April gave that look like she was about to attack, Amelia stood from her seat and slammed her hands on her desk.

"Okay! You two obviously have some things to go over! Jamie, you were taken on as the illustrator and researcher, not the writer." She reminded as the boy huffed. "I am the publisher, not you two's debate witness. Jamie, take down the details for the character's correctly this time and come back when you have a new, satisfactory character design for me. I want it done by the end of this week. And you," she gave a pointed look at April.

"I know this is your first book and you want everything to be perfect, but go easy on Jamie. He's still mad about that pumpkin incident last year with Jack."

"Ugh," April rolled her eyes. Though when she thought about it - like she did many times when she needed a good laugh - she couldn't help but giggle.

Jamie gave April a glare, who in turn stuck her tongue out at the boy. He turned and left with another huff.

Amelia sighed and rubbed her temples, feeling a her hair begin to stick up more than it was supposed to in its half-bun style. "You two, I swear. You're just as bad as it was when you were children."

"Dear Amelia, you should know better than anyone that there is no such thing is growing up!" April gave a knowing smile.

Amelia sat in her chair, not convinced by April's sudden change of mood. "You're a more grouchy than usual. How did you test for Hellenic Studies go?"

April gave an exaggerated groan and plopped down in the chair. "I swear, it's like he targets me with the questions he gives out."

"That brutal, huh?"

"You have no idea."

Another sigh of silence, and Amelia clicked her nails together - a nervous habit.

"I heard you visited your father last weekend. How'd that go?"

April paused at the mention of her father. Her expression hardened. She could still remember those stressful days of court dates and speaking with strange grown-ups in black suits when she was at the mere age of five and six-years-old. The betrayal she felt when she was old enough to understand what he'd done and why burned her like dry ice.

"William," she said with disdain. "is the same as always. Distant, cold, and tries to buy my love for all the years he spent in jail for paying people to kidnap me so he can, in some twisted way, take away custody from my mother."

"Stand down, April. I was just asking."

April leaned back in her seat. "I already have a father in my life. William doesn't need to be a part of it."

Amelia held her hands up and leaned forward on her desk. "Hey, I'm not gonna tell you otherwise. Sometimes blood can be toxic."

She forced a laugh. "You would know. What's your excuse during reluctant family reunions and they find you looking no older than twenty-five?"

The woman gave her cheek a feather-light touch and fluttered her fingers down to her chin. "Miracle seaweed scrubs. Works every time."

Standing from her seat, April gave herself a good stretch before gathering her things. "Well, I've gotta jet. Zane and I are doing corresponding costumes for some reason, and he wants to make sure they look good."

"Really now? What are you doing?"

"Uhh," she looked unsure. "Nightmare Before Christmas? I've heard of the movie but never really had the chance to watch it when I was younger. Zane said he wanted to do it because he wanted to make someone mad."

"How would he do that?"

April shrugged. "It's Zane. Sometimes I just decide to go along with whatever goes on in that crazy head of his."

"He doesn't usually get along with his brothers. I'm surprised he's going to a party they're hosting."

"I don't know, something about not trusting them while I'm there. Are you coming?"

Amelia sighed, sorting through the papers that cluttered her desk. "I can't. I'm swamped."

"But it's Halloweeeeeen!" April whined as she leaned forward on the desk.

"Okay, okay! I promise I'll stop by for a quick moment. I don't want to feel like an old lady once I get there with you youngsters, though."

April put a hand to her chest in mock offense. "We would never. Besides, what use would there be a Halloween party without the insanity of the spirit of Halloween?"

Amelia rolled her eyes and shooed the girl towards the door. "Enough with the jokes, now go, go! If I'm gonna make it, I have to get ahead on some of my work!"

April made a face as she left and waved her hand through the door.

"I'll tell him you said hi~!"


The music was loud inside the tiny cabin out in the woods where a party of idiot teenagers/young adults were spending the night. Some drank and chatted outside as other danced and enjoyed the games inside. The night was young, and yet so, so dark for the fitting holiday.

With an annoyed sigh, April kicked her feet against the rubble on the ground, waiting. Finishing the last of her sprite, she tossed it in the nearest garbage can before looking at her watch. It was almost midnight, and the others told her that they'd meet her here by then. She silently wondered if she should just head home early with the comfort of her bed, pajamas, and a really good book. How much time would pass before they noticed her disappearance?

Surely they wouldn't be stupid enough to spend the entire night wasted and leave her here, right?

With another sigh, April stuck her hand in her pocket to pull out the first mini-candy bar she could munch on. She may have been too old for Trick-or-Treating now, but that didn't mean she could just buy her own candy.

A series of giggles and low laughter caught her ears. Spinning around, April could make out the figures in the four person group coming towards her. About time.

"Took you long enough," She chastised as Zane swayed from the weight of the brunette on his arm. He was wearing his Jack Skellington costume, with bleached white hair and make-up that didn't look caked on, but was set nicely. He looked rather handsome as the Pumpkin King.

"Sorry April, Jacob kept me up talking to Ellie and Monica."

Jacob Anderson. Forever a pain in her rear-end ever since they were children. She could see him in his orange sweater splattered with fake blood, while a girl wrapped under one arm and a stake-like thing in his other. He was much older now, with jock-cut hair and a brilliant smile that most girls would swoon over. He had the big build required for a football player and towered over April's tiny form.

"There is no way you are bringing that in here," April said, eyeing the fat stake in Jacob's hand. He could stab someone if he got too scared.

"Oh, calm down, sour puss." He hoisted the thing over his chest and pressed it down. The tip bent as easily as a blade of grass. "It's part of my costume."

"And what are you supposed to be, exactly?" she asked. He rolled his eyes at the ridiculous question.

"I'm a vampire hunter, obviously." he said.

"Ugh," Damn Zane for getting him into his gothic novels. To this day, she still questioned how the two became best guy friends despite their opposites in personality and style.

"And what are you supposed to be?" The girl clinging to Zane's arm asked with a slurr. She poked at the rabbit ears resting on top of April's head that April swatted away.

"She's Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas," Zane said quickly before the girl could think fast enough to get offended.

"I don't remember Sally looking like a diseased rabbit doll," the girl said with a sneer. She looked at April's costume: the outfit was styled much like the character she portrayed, except instead of the random stitched fabrics of yellow, red and blues, it was various shades of pinks and reds with bunny-designed patches in different areas. It fit to her body like a glove, ending in strings just above her knees. She wore regular white tennis shoes, and her dark, blond hair was straightened and ended just above her waist. Completing the ensemble was a headband of bunny ears placed on top of her head. Her makeup consisted of black stitches drawn on the creases of her arms, and in various places on her face. Her green eyes popped like two, round jewels.

Despite the insult, April gave the girl narrow eyes and signature smile.

"Of course not, silly!" She said highly. Zane shuddered, knowing the unsaid meaning behind her voice. "Zane wanted to have matching costumes this year, and I love rabbits. So just think of me as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Sally's love child." She gave a cute giggle and tilted her body in a cute posy pose - her small adding to the cute-meter.

"What are you supposed to be? A wannabe hooker?" She asked, her eyes wide with innocence. Jacob choked on his own laugh, covering his mouth as she glared. To April's surprise, the redhead held behind her own fit of giggles from her friend.

"Why you little -"

Zane interrupted, stepping between the two. "We're all ready for the Haunted Trail, right?"

The brunette stuck her nose in the air and scoffed. "Fine."

"Fine." April mimicked. Zane gave an apologetic smile. He tried to loosen the unwanted grip on his arm, but to no avail. Jacob wanted to score some time with the redhead, and so he was stuck escorting her friend.

"Let's get going!" said the redhead. Jacob nodded and looked at the forest trail ahead with unease.

"Um . . . We're all staying together, right?"

April rolled her eyes. "I'' lead the way, like always. Try not to fall behind now." She gave a smirk and turned to start walking. "Scream if you need anything, Blondie."

"My name is Ellie!" The girl said.

"That information is about as important to me as the nannies who used to look after me." April replied dully.

"Be nice," warned Zane.

"I will 'sic my hounds on you," she threatened with an evil grin. Zane gulped and mentally decided to just let her do as she wished.

The trail was littered with creepy crawlies that came from the bushes in impressive costumes. Jacob seemed scared out his wits the most, what with April being able to hear his teeth chattering from up front.

Quite frankly, she was bored. Unlike the others, her eyes were used to the darkness, trained to see ahead of her like normal vision. She could see the other people playing their part as they hid, ready to set off traps and let the mechanical laughter ring through the air as they activated.

Even with the loud clattering of the fake thunder set with the lights of the trees, and the screams from the other members of her group (Zane would deny screaming like a girl at the pop-up of a clown five minutes earlier), April had come prepared after learning her lesson from previous years. Ear plugs. Oh, if only she had these when she was younger.

And suddenly, the trail took a turn of events. Jacob stopped in his tracks, the redhead who was holding his arm getting jerked back from moving forward.

"W-What is that?"

The chaos had begun.

The redheaded girl turned from confusion and let out a shrill of a scream, so loud that it could have blasted out her own voice. The rest of the group turned and April rose an eyebrow in confusion. She jumped from surprise when Zane let out a yelp of pain as something grabbed his feet out from under him. His body dragged across the dirt as he clawed the ground, his face twisted with terror.

Blondie flew back from her spot as if she'd been burned, knocking into her friend and they both fell to the ground. Hovering above them was a large animal with fangs protruding from its mouth. Slobber dropped from its teeth onto Blondie's face and she let out a scream that rivaled her friends. They both struggled to get to their feet before running up ahead of the trail.

"I'm out of here!" Jacob yelled, tripping as he ran behind them.

April stood, making a face of disgust at the ferocious beast as he snapped at her face. Her arms folded, she sighed and tapped her foot.

The moment a large, inhumanly clawed hand set on her shoulder, she'd about had it.

She snatched the wrist and twisted it, feeling it dissolve into smoke as she did so.

"Alrighty, Zander. That's enough." She said with an annoyed glare.

"Dang it!" the boy said as he popped from the shadows. He was tall and scrawny, with small grey eyes and black hair with blond highlights. He was taller than April by several inches, with a long set jaw and big smile. He wore a robe that was very similar to one she knew, except with golden cuffs around his wrists and spikes like armor twisting our of his shoulders.

"This was our last test! You weren't even a little scared?"

April laughed and gave him a 'Please' look. "You're going to have to do a lot better than that."

"You're no fun!" Another voice called out from the place of the beast. Swirling from the shadows, a boy who looked very similar to Zander fell to the ground with a thump and put his hands on his hips.

"It took a lot for us to come up with this! I can see why His Majesty complains about you when he speaks of your childhood days. Man, what a pain!"

April grinned and stuck out her tongue. "I'm special, Alec. That's why."

Zander huffed, the boy pushing up his glasses. "We'll have to do better next year, brother."

"Oh, come on! It's been three years already! This girl is impossible to pass!" Alec whined. April rolled her eyes as the two argued, trying to cut in every time there was a slight pause.

"What did you do with -"

"You made too much noise sneaking up behind her! I could hear you a mile away!"

"Your beast is early year-2000 quality at best. Why didn't you think of adding a little blood with the image?"

"Boys, what did you do with your brother -"

"You dare insult my art!?"

"If you call that monstrosity art, I worry for you, brother."

April gave up and shook her head, continuing down the trail the others ran in fear of. There was no stopping the Fearling Twins once they were at it.

"Did you see the looks on they're faces! They ran in terror!"

"Only because you slobbered on their faces, you dunce-"

The voices faded and April found herself searching the trees for Zane, alone. Knowing his brothers who have always caused him nothing but trouble, they probably him hung from the trees by his feet. Hopefully, he wouldn't be too mad at her once he got down. He was always caught in the middle of the twins' shenanigans when they tried to frighten April for their little tests.

The hair on the back of her neck prickled, and with a triumphant smirk, April turned with the click of her flashlight.


"Turn that blasted thing off!" hissed the voice from the bushes.

"Are you finished grading your exams already?" April teased as Pitch drew himself from the bushes.

"Are you trying to blind me?"

April rose an eyebrow at the Nightmare King and lowered the light. He removed his hands from his face and glowered.

"What?" April asked innocently with a tilt of her head.

"Don't play coy with me, foolish child."

She held back a snicker, moving to meet him halfway through the path. He had really changed over the years from when she first met him. Instead of the dull black robe that draped across the ground, what Pitch wore was fit for the King he was. His robe slimmed down his body, though bulked in the right places for his newfound muscles and build, dragging behind a few feet him like silk water. Large spikes stuck out from his shoulders and fanned out down his shoulder blades. Small golden chains deigned his collar and waist, and gloves covered his hands that could snap into claws instantly.

His hair kept its unnatural spike in this form, though shortened to look less tacky from what he called his 'youth', with a single line of gray working its way up from his forehead. His left hand held a black staff that curved at odd angles.

His eyes softened as he met hers. He caressed her cheek, the warmth burning through his gloves and embraced her tightly. Even though she was much taller as a grown-up now, she was still so small to him. Images of the smiling four-year-old came to mind and he let out sigh of wistfulness.

"I long for the day you can join me in my realm," He said. As he released her, his magic released. Her costume changed; morphing into a long, dark grey dress that covered her black slippers. Designs of vines and flowers embroidered in an elegant fashion and trailed around her arms. Her chest was covered with a soft-see-through fabric that covered her neck and arms, the same material draping down her back and moving with her hands as the corners wrapped around both middle fingers.

Her hair shrunk back into its large, naturally soft girls and a silver ringlet rested on top of her hair.

"Daddy," she gasped, backing away to twirl in the new clothing. Pitch gave a grim smile, using both hands to lean on his staff.

"Your studies are going well," he spoke. April held back her laughter before giving the man a mock-serious look.

"You're a horrible professor! Making us answer such hard questions."

"As if you didn't know them already!" he laughed.

"Yeah, well Zane had a hard time!" She reminded. Pitch scoffed at the mention of the boy's name.

"He purposely angers me with the matching costumes to taunt me. For you to force me to allow that insolent boy to court you . . . What with that banshee of a girl hanging off his arm . . ."

"Daddy," she warned, crossing her arms. "You and I both know that was for Jacob's sake. Zane is nothing like his brothers. Speaking of which, do you know where he is? Alec and Zander took him during their failure-of-a-scare-fest."

Pitch was tempted to tell her the boy fell off a cliff somewhere, but she knew he would never have allowed that just so he could stay in her good graces.

"I released him back into the wild," he said reluctantly with a pout. And by wild, he meant back with those wild hooligans that littered the forest with their beverage cans and paper utensils and loud, obnoxious music.

April shook her head with a soft laugh. "And also speaking of Alec and Zander, I'd suggest you find them. They were arguing when I left them and I don't doubt that they'll start fighting again soon." Which would only bring disaster to the poor forest.

Pitch made an unkingly-like face at the mention of his twin protégés and let out a breath of defeat.

"Fine," he said. "But I insist you spend the rest of the evening with me after finishing your festivities with your friends."

"Promise," She said.

April turned and found herself at the edge of the forest, the gown she adored disintegrating into bits of black sand at her feet and returning to her original costume. That brat, always using his magic to spoil her. She giggled to herself and took out a yellow envelope from her costume. She tucked the envelope at the Y of a small tree.

"I'll see you later, Nightlight,"

April turned to step out into the light.

Nightlight. Such a name had long died with April at the age of thirteen when she thought she had outgrown such childish things. It was only later that he learned she still called him that to the friends who still believed, and as she grew she held the name in the light of her mind.

"Darn, I was too late," came the voice of a woman paced out of the night. Pitch gave a grim smile and held out an arm. She took it gratefully with one hand, held her gown with the other and used him for balance to step over the rocks.

"Evening," he greeted with a tilt of his head. She was a young, dark-skinned woman in a long blue dress, her long white hair cascading down her shoulders. Her eyes were a dark blood-red and small horns protruded from the top sides of her head.

"I'm the Spirit of Halloween! How could I miss the fun on the Haunted Trail? Did Alec and Zander finally get her? Or will they have to try again next year?" Evening huffed and crossed her arms, her face mirroring the same expression of annoyance April had not ten minutes earlier.

Pitch held back a groan at the mention of the troublesome boys. He had ordered them to terrorize Burgess for the night just to get them out of his hair - and piss off a certain winter spirit once they found the residual spirit energy left on the Bennett children.

Evening put her hand on his, both now resting on the head of his staff.

"It's almost time," she said, excitement in her eyes.

"Yes," Pitch replied grimly.

"My King, why must you worry?"

He could see her from that spot, laughing and playing with her friends who would never know of the world she dwelled in.

"To take on the role of Mother Nature . . . I fear that she will not be ready, even as I prepare her."

"You will never completely feel that she will be ready. Your connection with her had been fated the moment she was born, because the world is slowly changing in both realms. I believe she can handle it with a teacher such as you."

"And you," he reminded. "And many others."

"Why do you worry then? You will help her." she turned to look at the ground. "You helped me.

He didn't answer, instead pursing his lips in contemplation.

"But that will not be for years to come," said Evening as she shuffled her feet from the dirt. "The Spiritual Counsel of All of assured your wishes. April will be given the chance to live a long, normal happy life. With controlling her abilities on the side of course. She'll marry, possibly have children," she elbowed the king in the side. "Can't wait for your grandchildren, hm?"

Pitch glowered at her, but the menacing look of the Nightmare King fell light on the woman's shoulders. She was too much like April, and he didn't know what was worse; her rubbing off on April or April rubbing off on her.

"You're too happy," he growled.

"Oh, stop it," she gave Pitch a light pat on the shoulder and stepped out of the bushes.

"I thought you were too busy to come out tonight?" He looked at her questioningly and she rolled her eyes.

"I promised April I would stop by real quick. Have a little fun, dance, maybe meet a cute guy -" she burst out laughing at the furious look on his face.

"I'm kidding! Kidding! I'm probably here to save her from her from the party. You know how she feels about being out and, you know, social for so long." she stuck out her tongue and wove her hands over her form. The elegant dress disappeared, replaced with jeans and an old, gray T-Shirt. Her white hair darkened and braided up into a bun, the ends of her hair fanning out on top. Her red eyes dulled into a dull, orange-brown color.

"Amelia," Pitch flashed a teeth-showing grin.

"Kieran," she grinned back, teasing him with his own human name.

"I'll leave you to your father-daughter time tonight. But you do owe me a date tomorrow,"

She strode away, giving him a flirtatious wink as she left.

As Pitch sat back against a tree trunk, he took out the large yellow envelope April had left him. If there was one thing she didn't grow out of, it was leaving him presents in random places he was sure to find them. He still had her old drawings from when she was five, tucked away safely in his chambers at his palace. This one was quite heavy, unusual compared to the cute trinkets she would leave for him.

As the anniversary of their first encounter, it ought to be special.

Pitch took out the heavy square object and smiled instantly. The kind of smile a King such as himself would never allow others to see except for those close to him. Even now, after many things have changed, the Nightmare King was still a loner of sorts, with few acquaintances and even fewer friends.

The gift was a square-framed picture of Amelia and April, posing with their arms around each other. It was taken some time ago, and he knew this because of Amelia's short hair that spiked around her neck, and written on the back with silver pen read:

Autumn of 2014
Amelia (Age 24) & April (Age 6)

The quality of the photo was outstanding, but the frame was worth more than gold. Decorated by April herself with golden glue and black glitter sprinkled on top. It also had a wooden carving of a cartoonish rabbit glued to the bottom right corner.

Another treasure to add to his collection. He gave a long, content look at the picture of his girls. Though there would always be something in the future to create chaos, there were always times like this when everything felt just right.

Like the first time he met April and accepted her as his own. And so, like the fates seemed to twist, she was even the reason he met Amelia.

But that was another story entirely.

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"You hit me!"

"You broke into my house!"

"And hitting me with a damned pillow was your first defense?!"

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