Ok, so in your reviews you demand explanation for why this story is utter crap. The answer- It's supposed to be. It's a send up of bad creepy pasta fanfiction, and since I have been hooked on Grojband I decided why not make it for Grojband? Stories that inspired this were mostly "And then a Skeleton popped out", and "The Day of All the Blood". I am perfectly capable of making a good story, just look at my other story. Speaking of which, I should get to work on that, I need to update like crazy. Catch ya guys later!

Blood Band

Ok, so the band wuz palying for a song, and then they were liek, Kawn, were is yur head. And then it wuz goen! Adn then, Cin wuz all, "Oh on! I get hpl! I be beck!" And den Lenay waz all, "Kiss me Coory! I is scared!". but then he siad! "Sorry! But I is ded!" And then she saw skeleton! "I shuld go away!" she said and then bumped into him! But he was all blud! Blud everwere! And then she was eated!