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Lucy stared at the man who had saved her many times standing in front of her – his back facing her, she had a smile on her face. She felt the journal in her hands fade away into nothing. She couldn't help but be happy that all of the fighting was over which was why she was surprised that there were tears rolling down her cheeks. She watched as Natsu stood there staring with a blank expression up at the sky. Lucy walked over towards Natsu slowly, many emotions coming and going as she did so.

When she reached him she couldn't help but throw her arms around his torso, burying her smiling face into his back, breathing in his scent. She could hear his heart beating and the heat radiating from his body. She felt his body stiffen, and she then realised he felt the wetness of her own tears on his back.

"Is something wrong Lucy?" he asked, she could hear the worry in the tone of his voice.

"No... not really." she paused for a few seconds. "Just... thank you." he felt her smile on his back, and he couldn't help but smile in return. He turned around to face her and wrapped his arms around her like she did with him.

"I was just protecting what was precious to me." as he said this Lucy felt her cheeks grow warm.

"You did a good job. You protected everyone in the guild and even more you protected our county." Natsu shook his head slightly and people thought he was dense, though it was half true, he was indeed protecting everyone else but she was on his mind the whole time. But he could see what she was getting at, all of his talk about protecting the guild caused her to believe he hadn't meant her specifically. Sighing; Natsu pulled back and cupped her cheek with the palm of his hand, using his thumb to brush away her tears that were still falling down her red cheeks.

"There isn't any need for you to cry Lucy. We succeeded and it is all thanks to you, if you hadn't of closed the gate there would have been more dragons then we would have been able to handle. You saved me again." he placed his forehead on hers, closing his eyes. "We managed to protect the future, I bet your future self is able to rest in peace now." he said with a smile. Lucy nodded at the thought of her future self being able to be happy at last, the suffering she must have endured after the loss of her comrades. She could just imagine her up in heaven with her fellow guild mates, even possibly up there with her own mother.

Lucy sighed and placed her hand on Natsu's which was on her cheek, entwining her fingers with his. She brought their hands down to their side, both not wanting to let go of each others hand. They stood there, smiling at one another; both happy that the fighting is finally over.

Natsu suddenly fell forward with a groan, pushing both to the ground. Natsu was now lying across Lucy, she sighed when she noticed he was no longer conscious. He must have been exhausted from his fight, just by looking at him anyone could tell he was badly injured. Lucy gentle pushed him of her so she could sit up and placed his head on her lap. She caressed his pink hair, thinking of how she had fallen in love with Natsu Dragneel. All she could hope for was that he loved her as much as she loved him.

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