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Ichigo waited outside the hotel for a taxi. He was ready to go home. He only stayed there a little over an hour, no longer. The man wished the sweet lady didn't cry on his way out. It was a little hard to watch. "I can't believe I didn't use a condom. I definitely had a few on me just in case. What if I gave her a STD I didn't know I had? Or what if she . . . No way. She's not the type." Despite sleeping with so many people he was healthy, or at least he hoped. He'd have a check up every now and then. Ichigo stared at his watch once more to check the time.

"Shit. It's fucking cold out here."

A cab came into view. The blonde got in soon after. The ride lasted for half an hour. The whole time he thought of that Inoue girl. Was she really that lonely? Did she have any friends? She didn't have to pay for anyone to have sex with her especially him. "Hell, I would've fucked her for free."

But, something was off. He didn't expect her to beg him to stay. The sadness in her eyes made it more difficult to leave. "I can't be bothered with such feelings." The tall man said under his breath. It was dark and cold in his apartment. He lived in a big old town apartment building with furniture to match.

"Where the hell have you been?" His roommate asked suspiciously. The man was of average height and weight with short black curly hair, medium skin tone and emerald green eyes.

The orange haired guy narrowed his eyes and respond. "None of your damn business."

"What do you do out there, man? Your job seems very sketchy. Do you sell drugs or something?" Yamimaru questioned.

"No." Kurosaki went in his room to changed into his pajamas before going to bed. "The man lived here for a year and thinks he owns this place." He thought to himself. He doesn't need a fucking guardian to look after him.




Orihime woke up with a slight headache. She realized her pillow was wet from tears. "How long have I been crying?" She asked herself. Orihime remembered what happened the night before. The lady felt somewhat embarrassed from her desperation. Not the hired help. But, the begging seemed desperate, even for her. There was nothing on the agenda for today. Another free day. Deep down she knew there was more to life than just doing what you wanted. The young lady wanted structure. A greater purpose in life. But, the woman didn't know where to start or how to find it. She'd already checked out the service and maintenance for the hotel in Tokyo. She'd do the same when there's nothing else for her to do. Ume Hotel was the name of the chain of hotels which was owed by the Inoue's.

The lady decided to stop by a nearby bakery. "Is there anything I can help you with?" A black haired guy asked at the register.

"Oh, do you have any pastries with red bean paste?" The redhead knew that a lot of people don't use bean paste from sweets but. It was worth a try. Wasabi was too much of a stretch.

The employee seemed a bit confused by her question. He'd never heard anyone mention red bean paste in pastries before. This was definitely a first. His day just got a bit more interesting. "Not that I know of."

"Sorry about that. I've should've known better. I'm used to eating it with some of my food." She apologized half heartedly.

"Don't worry about it. Everyone's taste are different. It'd be boring if everyone in the world liked the same exact things."

"That's true. What do you suggest, sir?"

"Raspberry tart, cream cheese danish, chocolate donuts and much more. I'd recommend almost everything from here. I'm not just saying it because I work here. Plus I get an employee discount." He explained playfully.

"I see. I'll have one of everything."

"Are you sure? You'll have a lot to carry. I wouldn't mind helping a beautiful woman like you."

"I'll be fine. I couldn't decide on just one thing." Orihime responded blushing innocently.

He couldn't help but smile at the young beauty. "That'll be $35.50."

She paid quickly before heading for the door.

"Wait a minute. I didn't get your name." The cashier yelled out. He jumped over the counter and grabbed her two bags filled with sweets. He walked her to her car. There was a beige Mercedes Benz, the newest model. "Is this your car?" The raven haired man was a bit dumfounded.

"Yep. Thanks for carrying my bags."

"No problem. What's your name?"

"Orihime Inoue." She turned around slightly surprised but, answered his question and approached her, holding out his hand.

"I'm Yamimaru Yoko. Nice to meet you."

"Same to you." Orihime finally shook his hand.

"Would you like to go out for dinner sometime? Anytime you're available." The poor man was nervous.

"…" Inoue wasn't sure what to say even though she's been asked out quite a few times.

"You don't have to-" He was cut off by her response.

"Yeah, anytime." Her cheeks were tinted pink.

Yamimaru sighed in relief. They exchanged numbers before she left. A black limo was parked across the street. She had no idea that someone was watching her.




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