"What do you mean?"

"You have a secret motive. You're not fooling anyone." Rin answered suspiciously. He had a bad feeling about this. Ami felt the same way. She was trying to figure out what he was really up to?

"Well?" The brown haired woman asked. Her heart was beating out of her chest.

The man in question smiled. "You're right. I do have a secret motive. It won't be a secret anymore. I'll let you keep the house and your business. I'm even willing help you get out of debt. How does that sound? Is it a good deal?"

"That sounds great. But, what's the catch? What do you want from us?"

"Your daughter. Such a sweet girl."

"NO. WE WON'T LET YOU TAKE ANYTHING ELSE BUT NOT HER." Ami yelled in anger. Rin was ready to punch this bastard. "You can take me instead. I'll work day and night, for as long as it takes."


Aizen remained calm even though he was growing impatient. "That won't do. Did I say compromise? I meant that you have no other choice. I'll make sure of it. These aren't empty threats. Maybe I will take your business and family mansion. Your precious daughter's coming with me either way."

He sighed in frustration. "This is going to be hard . . . We'll go with the first option. But, only if you keep your end of the bargain."

She slapped him hard against face. "You disgust me. You're willing to sell your daughter for money. There's no telling what he'll do with her. IT'S YOUR FAULT. EVERYTHING. BECAUSE OF YOUR GAMBLING ADDICTION. I - I WON'T LET ANYONE TAKE HER AWAY."

Tears fell from her face. Ami ran straight for Aizen but, the driver stopped her. The lady was unable to escape. Her whole body was bound. The driver was fairly tall with a medium build, bald head with tan skin. Her eyes were dead set on the brown haired man. "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU ASSHOLE. SHE'S NOT YOUR PROPERTY."

"I will. I'll give you two a chance to say your goodbyes."

"Okay! I'm going to help Hime pack her things."

"No need."

He walked in the house without any hesitation. It was time to tell her. Everyone else waited outside for a few minutes. When the teen finally came out the door, her face set in a small frown. She tried hard not to cry. Everything was surreal. It didn't feel like reality, more like a bad dream. She carried a small bag with a few things. Her mom didn't say a word but, she cried.

"Bye Orihime." Rin exclaimed sadly.

"Let's go Orihime-Chan."

"I love you sweety." There were her mothers last words. She couldn't bare to stare any longer or she would break down in front of everyone. So, the girl got in the limo quietly.

She felt worthless, like no one cared. Her parents sent her off to some creepy rich guy. I can't believe it. Would I ever see them again? Do they care about me at all?

It was an hour long drive to her new home. It was a little bigger than her family home, it even had an extra floor. The mansion was modern with up to date technology. He swiped the card key to open the front door which was made out of glass like the stairwell, elevator and white marble floor through out the house.

"You're going to be living here from now on. I'll give you a tour now." The brown haired man said. He showed her around almost every inch of the house except his room and a few other rooms. Orihime blew out a sigh of relief once she realized she had a room of her own. But, she didn't see any bed, everything else was there.

"Where's my bed?"

He turned the second knob near the door before the floor moved and a big bed ascended from the floor. "A . . . did that just come out of the ground? How's the bed made neatly?" She stuttered a bit out of shock.

"Special technology. It cost a pretty penny." Aizen smirked at the innocent girl. "Dinner will be ready by 6:30 pm. Feel free to roam around until then." He than walked out of the room.

When I watched them out the widow I could barely hear what they were saying. My heart went cold when my dad said I'll be living with Mr. Aizen for a while. I'm still not so sure why. He didn't give me all the details. Orihime thought to herself. She couldn't get the image of her mom crying out of her head.

Her cell phone began to ring.


"Orihime, what happened? Are you still coming to karaoke? Or are you just running late?" Tatsuki was seriously worried.

"Um, I can't go today. My parents found out I skipped school and now I can't go. I'm so sorry Tatsuki-Chan. I should've called you sooner." She felt guilty for lying to her best friend. But, she wouldn't be able to explain about her current situation now.

"I'm glad you're okay. That's all that matters. Well, I'll see you tomorrow then."


"I might as well look around some more. He said I have my own private bathroom but never showed me. This room is so big." The walk in closet was the size of a regular bedroom. So many clothes. The girl looked in her drawer and saw underwear that looked much like lingerie. Actually it was, Orihime felt uneasy about it. What's more disturbing is that everything's just the right size. Lace thongs, lace bras and satin gowns "Do I really have to wear this?"

Too many unwelcoming thoughts crossed her mind. So, she decided to focus her attention to her bathroom. "Wow. This bathroom is gorgeous. Silver herring bone tile, large bath and rainfall shower head with glass doors with a built in radio inside. My house wasn't this modern. Most of the things were old fashioned but nice nonetheless."

Two hours later

Orihime laid on her bed wearing her new light blue, long cotton gown with short sleeves writing in her diary. She wished she was home with her family. The teen felt more alone now than ever.

" She looked at the clock on her night stand and got up. "It's almost time for dinner."

Once she entered the dinning room she saw Sosuke sitting across the far end of the dinner table that was made of glass. "How do you like it here so far?"

"It's fine." She responded at a barely audible tone and took her seat on the opposite end.

"What do you want to drink, Orihime-Chan?"

"Cranberry juice would be fine." A short man with gray hair served their food and drinks.

"Donkatsu?" The girl questioned. She expected a fancier meal like filet mignon or a lobster.

"Are you enjoying dinner so far?"

"Yep. It's quite good actually."

"That's good. I see you took a bath before dinner?" The man was curious.

"Oh, yes. Is there a problem with that?" She hoped it wasn't.

"No, just an observation. Come to my room when you're done, there's some things we need to discuss." He stood up from his seat.

"Where's your room?"

"The third room to your right on the second floor."

"Our room's on the same floor? Maybe he wanted to keep an eye on me." She took her time finishing her meal. She felt a bit of fear rush through her body. The closer she got to the room the more fear consumed her.

"You finally made it. Come in, we need to talk."

"Yes, sir." The redhead held her head down.

"No need to be so formal. Let's get down to business. I don't want you telling anybody about our living arrangement. You tell them that I'm your guardian for the time being."

Orihime didn't understand what he was saying. She really thought that he was her guardian. What other reason does she have? "What do you mean?"

"Let's just say that . . ." He closed the door before he continued. "Ume Hotels isn't doing so well nowadays. Because your father gambled it all away at a poker game a few months ago."

Her whole body froze. She hoped it wasn't what she thought it could be.

"You get the gist of the situation now? The reason your mom cried and tried to stop me. Your dad made the decision at the last minute to give you to me instead of losing everything they worked so hard for. Those options were set by me of course." A mischievous grin grace his face. He didn't tell her about him having her either way.

Words refused to come out her mouth. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse.

"You will wake up around 7am and get dressed. Eat breakfast around 7:30 am. Be home by 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday. You will stay here when I go on business trips days or weeks at a time. When I want company you'll come with me, no questions asked. Do you understand?"

What exactly would we be doing? Having . . . I hope he doesn't mean sex. What am I supposed to say to that? Things can't possibly get worse. It just can't. If I don't respond he will get angry. What about school? How will this work? She nodded her head in agreement. "Um. How will be at school on time if my school is over and hour away?" Her eyes refused to meet his.

"You will be transferred to a different school. It's really close by. You can't bring friends home without my permission. Better yet you won't be able to leave this house without my consent. You're not allowed to date either."

"But, why?"

"Because I said so. If you break any of the rules you will be punished. Do you want to be punished?" He said in a threatening tone.

A chill went down her spine. She doesn't have much freedom.

"Let's go to bed."

Her body started to tremble. Her worst nightmare come to life. "Where?" She scolded herself for asking such an obvious question.

"In here of course. Now go lay down." The man noted with authority.

No . . . I shouldn't be here. This shouldn't be happening.

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"It's right over there." He pointed to the bathroom on the other side.

She really didn't have to go. But, she was running out of options. Inoue splashed her face with cold water on her face. The red haired girl wanted to stay in here for the rest of the night but, knew it was futile.

The light in the room was suddenly much dimmer. She laid down in his bed, covering her body with the sheets and blanket.

"Don' t be afraid. I won't hurt you." He moved closer to her, softly caressing her cheek. "You're such a beautiful young lady. Aizen gazed into her gray eyes and kissed her passionately on the lips allowing his hands to roam free to her arms then her breast. "Look at me." He commanded.

The fear grew stronger in her. She felt like dirt. She was disgusted for allowing herself to be taken advantage of by him. It was the only option, if the girl fought back it'll only make things worse.

He managed to take off his pajamas. "Take it off, now." The brunette said impatiently, tugging at her gown. The poor girl sat up removing her sleepwear by pulling it up over her head. Sosuke grabbed her butt than her bare breast, one in each hand. Kissing and sucking on them before moving his lips down to her belly button than her thighs. Without hesitation he ripped off her panties.

"Umm. Such a gorgeous sight." The older man moaned.

A part of disgusted for letting her body respond to some of his advances. It only caused more shame.

"You're so tight." He pressed one of his fingers inside her. Without warning he plunged inside her.

Orihime's body jerked with the intrusion. It was painful, she dug her nails into his back. A few tears fell from her eyes. He continued at a slow pace for a while.

"The pain will go away, eventually. Orihime" His breathing was more ragged than before.

Will I ever wake up from this nightmare? I don't want to live this kind of life in fear and shame. I want to live a good life. I could have a loving husband with kids in the future. Because, living a comfortable life is better than not having any control over it. Why am I thinking of this now? I don't want to remember this night. I refuse to accept the fact that I'm losing my virginity to a pervert old enough to be my dad. More tears fell from her eyes. She didn't care about the tears wetting her ears and pillow. She just wanted to turn back time, go home and sleep in her own bed.

So, this is how my life's going to be for now on?

The thrust was more desperate and quicker.

"FUCK." He yelled. Other obscene and perverted words were mentioned but the teen decided to drown out everything after that. Though she wasn't allowed to drift for too long. He finally climaxed thrusting a few more times and collapsing on top of her. She felt something warm spill inside her. It was an unfamiliar feeling.

This is finally over.

"You belong to me now." Aizen whispered into her ear.




12:17 am

Someone started banging at the door.

"Who could that be?" He opened the door to see who it was.

"Mom, is that you? What are you doing here so late?" Shock evident on his face

"Can I come in." Ami came in.

"You can sit at the table. I'll make some tea and you can tell me what's going on. I was just getting ready for bed."

"Today your sister came home early. I think she came home to change to go out with her friend."

"Tatsuki. She's a good friend to Hime." Sora smiled.

"Yep. But, she might've convinced her to leave school early since she has a free period before school ends. I guess it isn't too bad." The mom laughed at the thought.

"What's the real reason for your visit? I have a bad feeling." To be honest he felt uneasy all day. He sat their cups down on the table.

"You need to sit down."

"Okay mom." The man took a seat at the table, taking a few sips.

"Your father . . . He gambled our business into the ground ..." The elder Inoue cried, reliving the moments before her eyes.

"WHAT?" He shouted angrily.

"It's true. There's more." The woman held her head down focusing her line of vision to her cup.

"When did you find out?"

"A few hours ago when our investor came for a visit and told me. Apparently it happened a few months ago. I guess he tried to give us time before he can collect."

" . . ."

Tears continued to well up. "Sora, he was the one to bring your sister home.

"Please tell me it doesn't get worse?" He said more to himself.

"He w-was willing to help us pay off the debt so we c-can keep everything, almost everything. Or he would make sure we lose everything.. We offered the mansion, our business as collateral including ourselves. She remained silent for a few seconds. When he asked for Orihime in exchange we both refused."

"Was she kidnapped?" The gray eyed man panicked. His hands started to tremble in fear.

"No. Your dad made the decision to give her up. I tried so hard to stop him. Actually, he was going to take Hime either way."

"Please, please tell me you're kidding. WHY DIDN'T HE TRY HARDER TO FIGHT FOR HER?DON'T TELL ME THAT DAD PIMP ORIHIME OUT FOR MONEY." In a blind rage he flipped the table over along with the tea and cups that are now scattered to pieces on the floor with it. This startled Ami and made her jump from her seat. "YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIED HARDER."

"I'm a terrible mom. My baby is gone. I hope she's alright." She began wiping the tears from her eyes.

"You're not. Is this the same guy I met a few years ago at dinner?"


"That guy was always up to no good."

"I hope Hime's okay."

"Do you think she's okay living with a guy like that?"

" I don't want to think about it. I-I did find it strange the way h-he looked at her." Ami stuttered.

"Strange in what way? Was he disgusted? Or? Or?"

"Or what?"

"YOU CAN'T BE THAT INNOCENT MOM. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I MEAN. DID HE LOOK AT HER IN A SEXUAL WAY?" The male cringed at his own words. He didn't want to say it but, it needed to be addressed.



Ami ran to the bathroom to vomit. The situation was too sickening for her to handle. He ran in there to check on her. "Mom. I'm sorry for yelling at you. I had no right to talk to you in such a way."

"Don't worry about it sweety. We were both out of line. But, it came from worry and fear. She wiped her mouth. He handed her a clean face towel.

"What are we going to do? Where does he live?"

"We can't go to his home right now. We need a plan. But, first can you clean up the mess you made in the kitchen." He helped her up off the floor. "I'll get you something to sleep in."




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