Hello everyone, as you are aware from lack of updates I have been gone for quite some time. I am very sorry for not posting anything to explain why. I don't want to go a long explanation of everything that has happened in the last few years so long story short: several upheavals in my life, including the passing of my closest friend, left me very depressed and could not bring myself to actually work on any of my writing. I am deeply sorry for the lack of an update in so long, but I hope you all can understand.

But there is good news: I am feeling the itch to write once again, so I am back. I am going to be rereading what has been written so far to re-familiarize myself with it, editing and possibly rewriting previous entries before working on new content; so you'll just have to be patient for a bit longer. I will be continuing what I have written, I promise this. So until then: I am back, the writing shall continue, I never forgot about this and am terribly sorry for being gone for so long, and I hope you all have been well. Look forward to updates in the near future!