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Chapter 13: Fusionfall Invasion Part 1

It has been a week since the fighters Agent Summers, TigerLeah, Razorback and William Bowman arrived at the academy. They came as instructors under Ben Tennyson who is in charge of the Academy. However, not all of them knew the real reason Ben brought them in. Agent Summers had learnt from Grim during a fusion crisis in the academy that Ben brought them due to suspected fusion activities. So far she was the only one within the group that knew the secret, but that made her worried.

Eventually, the incidence by the fusion spawns was left behind and normalcy returned once more. Agent Summers and her friends went back as instructors during the week and did very well. The recruits began to be open to them and so did the fighters, except Bowman who remained himself.

But while all this was going on the group and the fighters were unknown of a secret plot that will take down the academy for good.


After the usual training, the fighters went to join the recruits in the mess hall. It was a huge place with about one hundred tables to take in the huge number of recruits in the academy. Agent Summers and her friends were able to find the serving point and got their food. They were fortunate enough to find a table which was set up by Ben as gratitude for becoming instructors.

But before they got there, William left to meet up with Buttercup. They had a good friendship during his time in the academy, not that the others would know. So it was just Razorback, Agent Summers and TigerLeah that sat at the table. The two girls sat with each other while Razorback sat across them. There was a short silence until TigerLeah thought about opening a subject.

"So how were your classes, guys?"

Razorback smiled happily and faced the girls, "It was pretty good. Zak and I had a bet on who can gain the interest of the recruits. Guess who won?"

"You?" TigerLeah guessed.

"Nope, Zak won."

TigerLeah's face dropped which resulted in a frown, "So why are you smiling?"

"It was a fun game, even though I lost $20."

TigerLeah sighed, knowing she shouldn't bother. So instead she turned to face Agent Summers aka Raven Summers, "So what about you, Raven? Anything good happened with you." She expected her friend to answer, but instead her face was at the food. It wasn't like she was eating it all. TigerLeah got a bit worried and asked her friend, "Is everything alright, Raven."

"What?" Agent Summers snapped out from her thoughts and faced her friend, "Um…sorry about that. What were you on about again?"

"We were talking about our classes. Are you alright, Raven?"

Agent Summers bit the bottom of her lip, almost like an attempt to tell them the truth. She can still remember Grim telling her why she and the others were in the academy. It has always been on her mind since the incident with the sneaky spawns. She has tried getting her mind over it, but somehow she couldn't. It was like an ongoing guilt that is telling her to tell the others. But since it was a secret for a good reason she couldn't.

"Actually…I'm fine." Summers lied with hesitation.

Her hesitation when lying didn't go by from TigerLeah and Razorback. They gave her worried looks which brought an uncomfortable feeling unto her. She couldn't take the stares anymore and got up to leave, "I have to go somewhere." She said.

"Why?" Her friend, TigerLeah, asked worriedly, "If there's anything going on, Raven, you can tell me."

"I know." Summers bowed her head a bit and whispered.

Without giving a glance at her friends, Summers left the table. TigerLeah was worried about her and so were Razorback. In fact, the young boy wanted to go but wave for TigerLeah told him to stay. She only hoped that Summers will tell them the problem before it was too late.


Summers walked out of the mess hall. She had a down casted look on her face and felt like a burden on her. It was unlike her to keep secrets that people deserve to know. It was only because of Grim that she decided to keep it. So while she was in her bad mood in the mess hall, she thought about meeting Ben. The teen hero might be keeping more and Summers decided to find out. It was the main reason she left.

She went pass a few places before arriving at Ben's office. Fortunate enough she saw the teen hero just leaving his office. But rather than meeting him, she followed him from behind secretly. She followed Ben to a basement door, but then he looked back. Summers was lucky to have good reflexes as she hit behind a rock close to her. Ben didn't see her, so he went inside.

Summers waited for a while to ensure he had gone in before going to the door herself. She opened it and found stairs going down. She decided to go in without hesitation and closed the door behind her. It was dark for a while, but Summers managed to get to the bottom. Then the voices of different people caught her ears when she upon an open door.

Instead a room was Ben and some other famous heroes and villains in the academy. The only ones absent were Scooby and Shaggy, mostly because they didn't have the traits of a hero. The heroes sat around a round table and were discussing on important things.

Numbuh one faced Ben and said, "You can't keep doing this, Ben. They have to know."

"They will, but right now it isn't the time." Ben told him with concern.

"Really and why is that?" Grim asked, though the grin on his face showed that he knew, "I knew we should have told them. Now we may be facing great troubles."

"He may be right." Doc Saturday interjected, "The fusions has become less active her, even more than usual. Fusion Finn isn't detected in his lair anymore."

Atomic Betty shuddered a bit and frowned, "If this keeps up something bad might happen. Maybe you should you should let them know."

"What? The fighters?" Ben asked, a bit surprised, "How did you know I brought them here for the fusion problem?" To answer him, Muttley raised up his hand and snickered. The teen hero narrowed his eyes at the dog, "I really hate you."

"Now isn't the time!" Shouted Mandy who stood at a wall with her arm folded across her chest. All eyes fell upon the girl with devil horn style hair. She had a cruel strict look on her face with her eyes flashing a bit of red due to the evil within her. Even Grim and Zak feared the look. She walked closer to the table and spoke up, "We know that the fusions are up to something. That incident in the sneaky spawns might have been the beginning. We still haven't figured out what deactivated the shield that day."

While the discussion went on, Summers listened to it. She was really surprised about the new found revelation. And now that she knew enough while spying she stepped into the room and spoke up, "So there's something bad going on in the academy."

All eyes went on to Summers with most of them being shocked expression. The only one that remained her expression was Mandy, though she was also surprised.

"How did you get here?" Tommy Turnball asked.

Mandy knew that instant for the answer and glared at Ben, "She followed you, didn't she?"

"Um…maybe." Ben hesitated and chuckled sheepishly. Everyone, except Summers, faced Ben who slide a bit down in his seat, "Come on…I didn't know. Give me a slack."

Seeing that Ben was in trouble for her action, Summers came in further and interjected, "It isn't Ben's fault. I had to know what's going on. Grim told me we were here because he suspected strange activities here."

"Indeed I told you that." Grim nodded, "I feared for the academy safety so I knew it was best she knew."

"Okay, so can you guys tell me what's really going on?" Summers faced them all determinedly.

A short silence took over from there. Each attendant faced the other like they were reading their minds. All of them had the same thought of who would tell her. Summers knew from the hesitation that whatever it is must be devastating. Even Mandy seem to be waiting for someone to speak up. Finally, what felt like hours were answered when Ben stood up.

"I guess you and the others deserve to know." Ben then sighed and began to explain, "We've noticed lately that the fusion activity here has been acting up. By that I mean the number of sneaky spawns reducing and increasing at times. We've also noticed from security cameras of a shadowy figure in different places. We've tried tracking the guy, but he has always been able to evade us. And now we've gotten reports that fusion Finn is absent."

"Isn't that Fusion Finn a copy of the real one?" Summers asked.

"Yes." Grim nodded firmly and got up, "But it's known that when the real Fusion can withdraw his copy at times."

Ben nodded in agreement with the Reaper and continued, "It's because of all this that I brought you guys in. Since you and Razorback are Gatekeepers and the others are great graduates in my line I thought we'll have a better chance to fight whatever that might come."

"But why didn't you tell us? We might have investigated."

Numbuh one stood one to answer that, "True, but Ben thought it would be best you stay as instructors, in hopes that any of you will notice something odd and report to him. It seems to have worked when you noticed the odd behavior of a sneaky spawn. It's too bad we didn't believe you."

"Yeah…" Summers frowned, "So what now?"

Doc Saturday stood up and replied, "Now we…."

Suddenly, the entire room shook violently as an explosion was heard. Everyone were shocked at the sudden intrusion and feared that the worse have finally come.


20 Minutes ago

Within a secret lair of Fusion Finn, the fusions involved in a plan to take over the academy were formed. These fusions were Fusion Finn, Fusion Rex, an evolved sneaky spawn and Fusion Robot boy. It was all quiet for while until Fusion Grim appeared in a flash of green light. The highly supreme Fusion stood in front of them with his hands behind him.

"Is everything prepared yet?"

Fusion Finn smirked a bit and nodded, "Yes, sir. The fusions have been put in position to be teleported and the spy is waiting for Fusion Dexter command."

"Good." Fusion Grim grinned, "What about the fusion spawn fields? Are they ready?" This time he faced the evolved Sneaky spawn.

"It is." The sneaky spawn nodded, "My brothers are ready to attack once the shield is dead."

"Excellent." Fusion Grim couldn't help but snicker a bit, "Everything is in place. Now let's check on Fusion Dexter."

As Fusion Grim turned his back at the others, he raised both his hands up and a green screen formed right in the air. It revealed hundreds of Tech Wings hiding behind a big asteroid not far from the academy. Fusion Dexter was upon Gigatech Wing, a stronger version of the Tech Wings.

Fusion Dexter faced the screen, "Well if it isn't my fellow comrade, Fusion Grim. What do you want?"

"I came to see the progress on invading the academy. Fuse is hoping that this will give us a major victory against them."

"Of course it will." Fusion Dexter scoffed, "By cutting of their flow of soldiers, the war will be much easier for us to win."

"I believe it will." Fusion Grim's grin grew a bit more, "Begin the invasion now. Everything has been prepared."

"Affirmative." Fusion Dexter nodded firmly before the screen went off.

Now that the conversation was over, Fusion Dexter put away his video watch device and furrowed his eyes at the academy. It looked all peaceful and protected with that shield up. But if everything goes according to plan that place will be nothing but an infected zone of the Null Void. Fusion Dexter and Fusion Utonium had planned all this and with the spy helping them they'll surely will.

The fusion counterpart of Dexter brought back his watch to his face and tapped it. The screen of it fussed with static noise before appearing and showing an unknown individual.

"Is everything secured?" Fusion Dexter asked in a strict voice.

At the other end of the communication, the spy of whom the Fusion Dexter and Fusion Grim talked about smirked. The spy had a wrist watch on his wrist as he saw the face of his co-worker, Fusion Dexter. For a while now, the spy has been involved with the latest happening going on in major places in the earth. He was the one responsible for the sneaky spawn incident a week ago and also the same spy that attacked Rex and stole a reactor when the Cul-de-sac was under attack by fusions.

Now that the spy had taken care of the only line preventing him from activating the warp gates, he went forward the controls. Chris McClain had been that only line so it was easy to beat him to unconsciousness. The spy typed in some codes which in turn made the warp gates platforms to glow neon green.

Finally, the spy cocked a grin and faced the watch's screen, "Yes, Fusion Dexter. Everything is going according to plan."

"Excellent. You know what to do next." With that said, the screen with Fusion Dexter's face went off.

The spy nodded, even though the fusion wasn't there, and disappeared in a flash of blue light.


1 Minutes ago.

Now everything was prepared. The clock was ticking and it was only a matter of seconds before they strike. The fusions had prepared for this day for it is the day they believe that Fusionfall academy shall be theirs. Now it was only short seconds that were left until it began.




Then suddenly an explosion of great impact ruptured through the air and shook the grounds of the academy. The generators making the force field in the academy had been blown by explosives, causing the force field to go away. Now the academy was open to any invaders in the Null Void. But not only was that force field gone, but along with the ones holding the sneaky spawns.

Standing right in front of them all, the evolved sneaky spawn laughed, "Now is the time! Go and destroy everything my brothers!"

The hundreds of other sneaky spawns complied with roaring noises and charged into the open academy. This was a great shock by the Plumbers and other recruits walking by as most of them fled while others that had weapons tried fighting them.

An alarm was raised through the air with Atomic Betty's voice heard from the speakers, "ALERT! ALERT! WE UNDER ATTACK BY FUSIONS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! I REPEAT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! EVERYONE IS TO HEAD OVER TO THE CAFETERIA!"

Ben and a few others ran through the grounds and surveyed the area. Once the explosion had occurred, he and a few others went into action. Ben had charged Atomic Betty to get everyone to safety with Numbuh one helping her. From the urgent announcement on the speakers it seems they were already on it.

Ben had also charged Mandy and Doc Saturday to hold off as many fusions as they could so that the recruits and others can get to safety. Fortunate for the two, the Plumbers available were ready to fight them off. Now that left Grim who Ben charged to protect as many lives as he could. The rest were Zak Saturday and Tommy Turnball who followed Ben to the wrap gates teleportation building.

"I'm picking weird activities in the building!" Zak informed them as he looked into a square hologram on his wrist.

Ben was the first as Zak and Tommy was behind him, "Then we have to get there fast before it's too late."

However, when they got to the front of the building it was too late. Several beams shot out from the building's wall with most of them hitting above them. Multiple portals formed in the skies and few on them on the ground which then brought out fusions. Most of them consisted of Hydro Hammers, sonic scorpions and Bully Behemoth.

Some of the fusions surrounded Zak, Ben and Tommy, forcing them to stand back to back. But despite the numbers of the fusions, the three heroes smirked as they got ready. Tommy brought out a bo staff and twirled it a bit as he got ready to fight. Zak took out his claw and made it to become longer. Finally, Ben went to the Omnitrix, ready to turn into an alien.


Meanwhile, Summers ran as fast as she could to find her friends. She made her way through the academy grounds while avoiding some recruits running to an indicated safe place. When she made a turn, she jumped back to avoid a bunch of recruits running for their lives. It didn't take a short while for Summers to know what was chasing them.

Now in front of the fusion fighter was a Bully Behemoth. The pre-historic like animal fusion roared as it centered its eyes on Summers. This made her to draw out her sword just in time to deflect the fusion's tusk. But the force pushed her to the ground and gave the fusion the chance to charge at her.

At the last minute, Summers rolled out of the way and got back to her feet. She got into a ready stance as she faced the fusion which turned to face her. It was only her and the fusion until a sonic blast came and hit her from behind. The teen fighter cried out in pain as she hit the ground hard. The thing that hit her was a sonic scorpion which was behind her.

To make matters worse, two Hydro Hammers arrived and so did another sonic scorpion. By the time Summers became conscious, she found herself surrounded by the fusions. The pain from the sonic blast still hurt her, though it didn't stop her from getting up uneasily. She ignored the pain as she became determined and gripped her sword with both her hand.

However, before the fusions could attack, multiple laser blasts hit them. The fusions cried out in pain from the blast until they turned into fusion goo. That same goo turned into taros and flew to the source of the blasts. Summers looked forward to see who it was and found that it was William. The older teen held a combined weapon of his Spitward sniper and Rifle which packed a lot of power.

William lifted the weapon over his shoulder just as TigerLeah and Razorback ran to Summers. They were able to help her stay on her feet as she almost fell to the ground.

"Come on, Raven, we better get out of here." TigerLeah told her friend as she held the girl's hand over her shoulders.

"Okay." Summers nodded and bowed her head down in exhaustion.

Together, they went off to the closet location prepared for such an invasion.


Underneath a secret bunker under the cafeteria were hundreds of teen recruits. The length was enough space to contain them all and even more as necessary. The place was built by Dexter who thought it was best to do so, though Ben doubted it back then. Now Ben was glad the bunker was built to contain the recruits. At the moment he was absent.

Some of the recruits were hurt from either fighting fusions or trying to avoid them. It was truly a horrible that Mandy felt a small ounce of compassion for them, though she didn't show it. Even the fighters were troubled by the scene of the experience the recruits went through.

A semi-armored velociraptor zoomed into the room as a blue blur. The sudden presence of the intruder made some of the heroes and recruits to target him. The alien raised his arms and shrieked, "Ahh! Don't shoot! It's me Ben!"

The alien was right. Everyone noticed the hourglass on his chest and drew back from attacking. Zak snickered as he made his way to the alien aka XLR8, "Dude, be careful so we don't blast you by mistake."

"Sorry." XLR8 chuckled sheepishly and slammed the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. In a flash of light he was back to normal as Ben, "I did a check around the academy and it ain't good."

"Of course it isn't." Mandy walked to them, "The academy is invaded by the fusions. I've tried communication to Dexlabs and the KND officers on earth, but can't. This invasion was obviously planned."

"And it doesn't help that the warp gates are destroyed." Ben added with a serious look.

While the three heroes talked, the fighters of Fusionfall were regrouped by a wall. Summers sat on a table as a recruit worked on her back. The recruit had black short hair and wore the old fashion style of the Plumbers as required by every recruit. Her name is Sunbeam Razorclaw and she's a human from the real world as well.

Summers wore a tank top so that Sunbeam can work on her back better. She was applying bandages on her due to the injury she had sustained when a fusion attacked her. While that happened, the fighters talked.

"So what now, guys?" William asked firmly, "The fusions have us on the run. I hate that!"

TigerLeah thought about it and spoke, "We should go to Ben and the others and plan this. We can't do this on our own unless we can communicate with earth."

"Nope, not good." Razorback shook his head sadly, "I tried that and it didn't work."

Before anyone can speak, Summers grunted but not from the pain. She got everyone's attention which is what she wanted, "It's best we head to Dexter. Right now isn't the time for offence, but to defend the recruits."

"What if we strike them was it hurts?" William suggested as he blew his fist into and an open hand, "That should stop the invasion."

"Yeah! Hit them where it hurts!" Razorback exclaimed with a fist pump.

"No, that's too risky." Summers retorted, "For every operation there's a fusion counterpart and, believe me it isn't easy."

"Fine, let's go to Ben." William agreed a bit annoyed.

Summers smiled a bit and felt relieved. Sunbeam finished her work on the fighter's back, allowing Summers to wear her shirt again. Summers then left the table with her friends, unaware that Sunbeam followed from behind. They found Ben, Zak and Mandy arguing on a place of their own, away from ear droppers.

William sighed in a frown as he first approached them, "From the looks of things I have to guess you guys don't have a plan."

"We do!" Both Ben and Mandy yelled at Bowman. When they realized what they did, they looked away from each other in anger.

Zak shook his head disappointedly, "What they mean to say is that we have separate plans. Ben thinks we should be concerned with getting the recruits off the Null Void while Mandy thinks we should plan a counter attack."

"I agree with Ben." Razorback stepped forward to say, "The recruits here aren't ready to fight…" He would have continued, but a growl from Mandy's angry eyes forced him to move back.

Bowman spoke up, "Though I hate to admit it, but Ben is right. The safety of the recruits is much more important at the meantime."

"That's nonsense!" Mandy yelled, "If we lose the academy then Fuse has a better way to win. The Plumbers, Providence and Dexlabs has worked so hard for this place just for it to crumple by an invasion!"

"Yeah, but Fuse won't hold the academy for long. We can get to earth and have earth's forces on them. The closest we'll get the academy back if we lose today is in a month. Then we can clean up, make better defenses and continue from there." Zak explained.

Mandy snarled in a low tone with an angry glare, "Fine, we'll do this Tennyson's way."

"Oh yeah! I win!" Ben exclaimed and fist pumped the air.


Later on, Ben was able to rally up some of the heroes available in the academy. With them, they were able to discuss their next move. Originally, Ben wanted Summers and Nate to make a portal similar to the one they used in the sneaky spawn incident, but Bowman refused on the part that Summers and Nate will be needed against fighting the fusions.

The situation seems worse when Buttercup came and informed them that she had a run in with Fusion Generator Rex. This made Doc Saturday to know that there's someone bigger supervising the invasion. It didn't stop Mandy from suggesting that Grim makes a portal to earth. Everyone supported it, but now there was another problem.

Zak was able to get into the video feeds and showed everyone an important video. The fusions were making their way to the cafeteria which was right above the bunker the recruits and them hid in. Now they knew they had to act fast and fight back as much as they can.

"Alright, everyone knows what to do, right?" Ben asked while facing the others determinedly. Everyone agreed in a fine tone, but one which did not belong ousted the others.

Confused, Ben and the others turned to where it came from and found Sunbeam standing there.

"Who are you and what are you doing in a private meeting!" Mandy yelled angrily as she faced the girl.

Sunbeam stepped back a bit, but sucked up some air and faced them in her best determination, "I get that all of you want to protect us recruits, but I speak for them and say we refuse. We came here to learn how to be fighters, not cowards to run away. Please let us fight for the academy, some of us have no other place to go."

Razorback seem convinced and agreed, "She's right, Ben. The recruits should help us out."

"Look, as much as I'm flattered that you and the others want to fight but we can't let you guys lose your life for this." Ben said.

Grim interjected, "Actually, boy, I can make a resurrect em' like I do for the fighters on earth. As long as the kids don't get killed too harshly they will return and, if they want, can keep fighting."

Ben became silent and thought about it. He finally came to a decision, "Fine, we can fight for the academy."

Everyone cheered in excitement with the new plan arranged. Sunbeam was happy the most as now she can fight for the academy and maybe get closer with Razorback.


Now the plan was set and the fighters and heroes were ready to fight. With the number of recruits willing to fight, they have a big chance of reclaiming the academy. Since the fusions were heading to the cafeteria, the heroes, villainess and fighters were divided into different groups.

Group A which consisted of Ben, Zak and Tommy will fight the ones fusions coming from the north. For extra man power, about fifty recruits followed them. With that enough power combined with the three heroes it will seem that they'll win.

Group B had Mandy, Buttercup and Atomic Betty involved with about fifty recruits. This was chosen as the girls were strong and skilled fighters to handle the Sonic Scorpions were mostly the majority coming with a few tough fusions with them. From the security cameras, the fusions were coming from the south.

Lastly, Group C was chosen to handle the ones coming from the far west. The group consisted of Razorback, Agent Summers, Bowman and TigerLeah. With them were about thirty recruits. The fusions coming were a mix of Hydro Hammers, sonic scorpions and Bully Behemoth. The fighters were sure they can handle them.

With the group set up and sent to fight, everyone was ready to fight for Fusionfall Academy.


Flying above the air, Ben flew as Jetray to view the upcoming fusions in the north. When he got there, he saw the huge number heading their way. Seeing it now, he flew back to the rest of the group and changed back on the ground. The recruits were given weapons like lightening guns and lightening weapons. There were also some tanks that the highly trained are going to use.

Ben ran to Zak who was talking to some recruits. When the other teen saw Ben coming he dismissed them and faced Ben, "So how is our chances?"

"It's not as good as I think." Ben informed him. Concerned, he look around him, to the recruits getting ready for battle, "Maybe we shouldn't do this. They aren't ready for this."

"Ben, you worry too much." Zak sighed and smiled, "I'm just the same as you, but I have faith in them. You should too."

Ben became silent as he thought about it. Finally, he gave an assuring nod and smirked, "Right. Let's do this!"


Mandy stood on top of a barrack while sighting the fusions coming. From the looks of it, the fusions were coming in fast with the taste to destroy and kill. Buttercup could see all that as she hovered in the air just a bit away from Mandy.

"Here they come." Mandy stated with her usual monotone voice.

"Yup." Buttercup said while clenching her fist, "This is gonna be fun."

"Yes, it will." Atomic Betty smiled a bit as she wore her wrist gun.


Joining the fighters, Sunbeam stood next to the others. None of them were aware that she was actually a graduate of the academy. She was sent there by Dexter to investigate any strange fusion activity undercover. Unfortunately, that had been three days after the fusion spawn incident. Since then she has been interacting with the recruits and ensuring secretly that they were ready for a fight like this.

The fighters consisting of Agent Summers, William, Razorback, TigerLeah and now Sunbeam stood in front of a heavily armed army of recruits. They had the advantage by the tools the recruits were given and the skills they earned. Hopefully it was enough to fight off the fusions.

William had a serious look as he saw the upcoming fusions, "Get ready everyone. This is the battle we won't forget."

Doing as he said, the


All the groups in their various places got ready to fight. The fusions were coming in fast with cruel rage to kill everything that lived. The humans knew this and they were willing to fight back as much as they can. Just hopefully they can drive the massive force and gain back Fusionfall academy.

For what seem like an hour finally came. The fusions coming for the various groups came to good feet away. It was that moment that each of the group attacked the fusions with all the bravery and courage they have.

Ben went to the Omnitrix and changed into Diamond Head. While charging, he shot several diamond shards at some Hydro Hammers which in turn turned them into fusion matter. It wasn't enough to take down the mighty force, but Diamond Head tried his best.

Ten recruits standing back shot out explosive fire flares into the air. Each shot went into the air and went right down into the massive group of fusions. That caused multiple explosions to shock the ground and destroys more fusions. The rest of the recruits went forward and fought.

Zak and Tommy ran their way through some fusions. Tommy shot some Sonic Scorpions in front of him while Zak his weapon, the claw, to grab an upcoming Hydro Hammer's hand. He pulled it back with all his strength, sending the fusion to the ground. Before it got up, Zak struck it with the back of his weapon, destroying it.


Group B was handling themselves fine. Buttercup flew through the air, shooting eye lasers at the fusions below. This gave the group an advantage as dozens of fusions was destroyed. But then two sonic scorpions looked up and shot sonic blasts at her. Buttercup got him and crashed into the ground.

Seeing her comrade down, Atomic Betty got furious and shot at the two fusions. That didn't help much as a Hydro Hammer tried smashing her with its hammer hand. Betty was able to jump back, but by doing so a Bully Mammoth came and hit her, pushing her to the ground. The intergalactic heroine grunted and looked up only to find the fusion standing before her. It sent its trunk on her, but a knife cut it while in the air.

Confuse, Betty look to where it came and found Mandy standing there. The blond villainess held two katana blades as she charged at the fusion. She did a front flip as she cut right over its head, destroying it into fusion matter. She landed on the ground and shot a glare at Betty, "What are you waiting for?! Get up and fight!" With that said, she charged at some sonic scorpions ahead of her.

Though she hated her attitude, Betty knew Mandy was right. She got back to her feet and got back into the battle to fight.


Meanwhile, Group C was fighting off the fusions in a fight. The battle was incredible as recruits fought back like soldiers in battle. William smiled from the show of courage the recruits possessed. It reminded him of his fights in the academy and after. He stood on top of a moving tank as it fired explosives at the fusions around. Bowman stood on it with his weapons combined due to the Croc Pot setting. His combined weapons were Swamp Recon rifle and spitwad sniper rifle.

When fusions came for the military like tank, he shot incredible shots at them instant pace. His shots were incredible that even when some fusions brought down some fighting recruits, he was able to shoot down the fusion before it could go for the kill. The recruit shooting the explosives did well to combat the fusions and with William's shots it was a good progress.

Summers, at the meantime, ran with her sword at two Hydro Hammers in front of her. One swung its hammer down on her, but she jumped back and quickly jumped on the hammer while it was on the ground. From there, she propelled herself at the fusion's chest and sliced it. In an instant, the fusion became fusion goo and scattered on the ground.

When Summers got on the ground, she turned to face the second Hydro Hammer. It tried crushing her with its hammer, but she somersaulted out of the way. This gave her enough space as she turned back at brought out her plasma gun. With three shots, it hit the fusion and turned into fusion matter.

However, the battle was not over for her. A sonic blast came at her, but due to heightened hearing she jumped to the right and faced the source. It turned out to be a Sonic Scorpion. It was joined with another of its type, but that didn't stop Summers from charging at them. Both shot their sonic blasts, but Summers moved out of the way and swung her sword at the first. It became fusion goo in seconds, leaving the second one standing.

Before the fusion could act, Summers came at its side and stuck her sword into it. That single strike killed it until it was fusion goo. But then monstrous roar came to her hearing, causing her to look forward. Coming her way was a Bully Mammoth and two Hydro Hammers. Summers didn't look worried as she drew her sword back and targeted her sword at the fusions.

"Piece of cake." Summers remarked with a smirk and fired.

While that happened, Razorback charged at various fusions. The young teen was very fast that the fusions didn't have a chance to attack. He encountered two Sonic Scorpions coming his way with the usual hunger to kill. Not only were those fusions coming at him but also a Hydro Hammer and two Bully Mammoths.

Razorback smiled excitedly before charging at the fusions. He drew out his Pen Fountain and jumped into the air, just in time to avoid an upcoming sonic blast. The young teen came down on the Sonic Scorpion and struck his weapon into the fusion, killing into fusion goo. He was able to jump off it and sliced the Sonic Scorpion by its side.

It wasn't over though as a Bully Mammoth came and threw down its trunk on him. However, Nate sliced that trunk in an instant and ran underneath the fusion. While running, he struck his sword into the sword which killed it into fusion matter once he ran out. Another Bully Mammoth came another and swung its trunk at him, but he moved to the right and sword his sword at it, killing it as well.

Now the last one was a Hydro Hammer. It stood in one place, shuddering in fear at the sight of the teen that just took out its kind in seconds. Razorback noticed and widened his smile. Finally, the fusion couldn't take it anymore and ran off with its hands in the air. Razorback snickered and ran after it, "Hey come back here I just want to kill you!"

While the fight went on, a large army of Sneaky spawns were coming from them east of the fight. TigerLeah had just finished killing off some fusions when she noticed the army. To ensure the new arrivals don't interfere she ran at their way and presses the side of the Nanocom. In a flash of light Nano Blossom appeared.

"What do you need, Miss?" The Nano asked in the mix of excitement and humbleness.

Tigerleah glanced at upcoming sneaky spawns. For small creatures they managed to destroy everything in their path. Their numbers was the advantage that it would seem TigerLeah won't survive. But the girl wasn't worried for she knew what to do.

"Time to freeze them up, Blossom." She said slyly.

Understanding what she meant, Nano Blossom 's body began to glow blue as she exclaimed, "Ice Breathe!"

A sudden blue aura came upon TigerLeah. It was by her Nano that the glow came, along with a special ability. When she let out a breath by her mouth it came out visibly foggy. Seeing her breathe made her smirk as she knew her request was gotten.

Nano Blossom clapped her hands and clenched them as she faced the sneaky spawns coming closer, "Are you ready, Madam? This will be a total piece of cake with the choice of power you possess."

"I know." TigerLeah smirked.

Before the fusions could get closer, TigerLeah turned back and shot an ice blast. With that single blast, she made an ice wall that blocked the access into the fight. She made it so that if she failed, the fusions won't be able to get into the fight. But with her plan she had a hunch she'll survive.

TigerLeah then turned back to the Sneaky Spawns heading straight at her. A smirk formed on her face as she felt the icy power going through her. She channeled it to her hands which made them to glow, even when she noticed them on touch. Immediately, blue ice raced right out of her hand and headed for the ground under the fusions.

Since the Sneaky Spawns jumps due to the lack of legs, they either got frozen or slipped on the ground. Every one of them suffered one of the fates depending on their position. The ones in the air ended up slipping on the ice while the ones that were on the ground were frozen. In seconds, the fusions were down for the meantime.

But watching from the top of a speaker pole was Spawny, the evolved Sneaky Spawn. He snarled in anger when he saw his brethren beaten for the short time, "Come on, brothers, get up!"

However, the Sneaky Spawns that hadn't been frozen were upside down due to slipping on the ice. In other words for what just happened to the fusions, TigerLeah just beat them with a single Nano attack. To make sure the ones unfrozen didn't get up, Nano Blossom flew to each of them and shot ice at them. TigerLeah heard Spawny's voice and smirked at him, "Shut up." With that said, she shot a single ice blast that froze the fusion in ice.


As time went on the battle for Fusionfall was falling into the favor of the humans. Each of the groups were able to reduce the number of fusions in their respective areas. If it goes on then the battle would be won.

William stood behind a tank which was decommissioned due to an intense fusion attack on it. It had some fusion matter on it as evidence, but William wasn't close enough to touch it. His group was able to drive the fusions backwards and now it was just the recruits holding them off. So while he stood there, he waited for the rest of the fighters to meet him. It didn't take long as they arrived and formed as a circle.

"So how did the fight go?" William asked while facing them like a leader.

Summers put away her sword and smiled, "We're able to drive the fusions back. They're numbers are reducing and with the Sneaky Spawns on ice we're in the clear."

"Wait, the Sneaky Spawns escaped?" Razorback asked, a bit surprise to hear that.

TigerLeah nodded and explained, "Yes, but I handled them with my Nano Blossom. With her power I was able to freeze them all, along with draining my Nano's power."

"Okay." Razorback nodded, "That means we're totally gonna win."

"Shut it!" William snapped at him, "I know you mean well, Razorback, but we can't jinx ourselves in this universe."

Summers giggled from his reaction, "Come on, you can't be serious. That only works in the cartoons."

"Yes and we're in a universe based on cartoons."

"Well I guess it won't be bad to say this." TigerLeah snickered. William gave her a look that said 'Don't go there.' But to mess with him she said it anyway, "Things can't get any worse."

Right after she said that nothing happened. There was only silence that went through the air between them. It was ruined when TigerLeah spoke up, "See, nothing bad happened."

However, just the monstrous cries of fusions came from the air. The recruits and fusions fighting on ground looked back and saw a great sight. Hundreds of Tech Wings were coming at them as reinforcement. Even the fighters saw this and shot a glare at TigerLeah who smiled sheepishly, "Um…that was coincidental."

Willaim growled angrily and took up his combined weapon, "Now isn't the time for blaming her everyone. We have to fight them off as much as we can and hope things don't get worse." He noticed the other fighters now glaring at him since he just jinxed them. His determined look dropped as he shrugged, "I didn't exactly jinx us…did I?"

His answer was gotten when a single powerful fusion stomps down on the ground right in front of them. The fusions present ceased their fighting and so did the recruits as they came to see who the new comer was. When the fusion stood up everyone gasped in fear at who it was. Standing was Fusion Dexter, one of the strongest fusions and smartest.

"Yup…you jinxed us." TigerLeah gulped a bit.


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