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Gray Fullbuster didn't really want to go to a place he isn't very fond of. In fact, he would rather stay at his home watching his favorite sports, Ice Hockey, than going to a noisy place with full of strangers and sluts and a deafening blaring music. That wasn't Gray's thing. But no matter how many times he would refuse to, his friends would not allow what he wanted this time since Gray always turning them down—even making pathetic excuses was a waste with a persistent word written on their foreheads. Sighing, he agreed to go with them eventually. Did he have a choice? No, definitely not.

Walking in, his droopy eyes was met by strangers—men and women—drinking alcohol, dancing wildly not caring at all, and even making out in each possible corner of the club. A scowl began to appear on his face, thinking that he was the first to arrive. Turning his head from left to right, he starts looking for the pink-haired flame brain through the crowd but failed. Groaning, he decides to just go through the crowded club, walking passed some men and women and heck, even bumping into them unpurposedly. This is what he hates about going to a place he hated. Thanks to that flame brain for choosing such an uncomfortable and deafening place.

He was being careful as to not shoving then harshly, thinking it would be rude or to make It worst, he might shove a guy who's bigger than him. But he wasn't being scared at anyone, in fact, he could just beat them into a pulp if he wanted to but now is not the right time…well, more like, he wasn't in the mood to do it. All he wanted is to find the pink-haired idiot or any of his friends. Alas! He found them.

"Hey Droopy eyes! What took you so long?" The flame brain, Natsu Dragneel, said as he took a big gulp of his now empty glass of alcohol then wipes his mouth using the back of his left hand.

Normally, with the name insults were being announced by each other's mouth (or when Natsu started it), Gray would gladly take a comeback then starts brawling with him—but not this time. Instead, he groaned as he takes an empty sit right next to Natsu. Natsu, himself, looks back at him wondering about his behavior's sudden changes. Of course, being an idiot he is, he didn't know the reason behind his friend's abnormal behavior this time. Shrugging, he continued his drinking session with their other friends. Gray knew the look that Natsu was giving him but rather than answering his skeptical look on his face, he ignored him—he wasn't in a mood to answer him, either.

Unexpectedly, Jet, the member of the shadow-gear, offered and asked him to drink alcohol even in just one glass. Hm…maybe it wouldn't hurt to drink one or two glasses considering he could handle a beverage like this. Well, a club contains mainly with alcohol so why not?

His throat starts burning as he straightly gulping down the first glass of sake without even bothering to stop. Man, sake really do calms your mind—he thought.





Okay, maybe two glasses or so? He didn't bother counting how many glasses he drank, after all, sake really do calms your mind. Yes, just like what he thought. The glass he was holding was defintely his sixth glass—he would go for another if he wants to but he was holding back. But why would he do that?

The reason?

The blue-haired woman sitting in a bar stool.

He wasn't really a perverted guy but when his droopy eyes landed on the woman, he suddenly felt strange in his…ehem…area. Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to not know the meaning of this strange feeling, he knew that he was TURNED ON just staring at her. The alcohol is to blame for this unexpected situation he was currently in. Yes, that's right. It was the SAKE's fault for being….like that.

Ever since he started drinking, his eyes unintentionally landed on her back that was almost visible for his friends to see, but the area he was currently in was way visible to him. He could clearly see her back, with her tempting curvaceous body in those skimpy blue and white stripe dress she was wearing. His eyes traveled downwards as he starts checking out her ass…her big and round ass. He smirked. He then let his eyes wander on her skin…oh, her creamy skin that hardly exposed from the sun. His throat suddenly gets dry just by looking at her body with her clothes STILL on. He began to think of what would it be like to taste her delicate porcelain skin against his lips and to touch her after her clothes was being ripped by him…HIM. More importantly, how does it feel to be on top of her?

Gray licks his already dried lips as he continued to stare at the blue-haired woman.


Juvia was having a hard time to ignore the hungry looks that the stranger men was giving her when she walked in. In fact, judging by the way she was sitting alone in a bar stool, this kind of place isn't her thing. But since her friends…mainly, Erza Scarlet, chose to go to a club for their girls' night out. Of course, she wouldn't bother objecting their choice of place since she was kind of scared of Erza, herself. Sighing mentally, she agreed to go even if she knew it would cause her an unwanted attention. Well, it's not like she was the only one who has killing body like hers, there's Erza and Lucy—with their skimpy outfits that matches their skin tone. Oh wait, she is too! That piece of cloth was to blame for receiving some perverted looks she didn't like.

Trying to ignore their indecent stares, she ordered a vodka. Maybe drinking this would build up her confidence and if it does, she would go to the dancefloor and dance like there was no tomorrow? Yeah, Juvia will surely do that.

All of a sudden, Lucy sat right next to her and said, "Hey Juvia, I think someone's checking you out."

Juvia turned her head to the crowd but all she could see was the men and women dancing widly, making out, etc. She gave Lucy an skeptical look then began searching again. She wasn't sure if what she said was true since she couldn't find the person who was checking her out. Maybe the alcohol started blocking Lucy's mind as she said those words to her? Probably? But Juvia knew that Lucy wasn't really a drinker. Her friend only took sips or sometimes just one glass of sake…and that's enough. So, maybe she was telling the truth.

As if reading Juvia's mind, Lucy chuckled at her friend's unsuccessfully searching. "Turn your head a little bit to the left and you will see a dark haired guy with droopy eyes." And she did.

Upon landing her blue eyes on the said man, he was INDEED checking her out! Juvia wasn't sure how to handle a situation like this. Sure, she was receiving hungry looks from other preverted men here, but that guy's gazing eyes was different. She instantly looks away from the handsome man's staring eyes on her. What should she do? She thought. Should she go there and introduce herself? Juvia shook her head at her own pathetic and embarrassing idea that was in her mind. There's no way she would do that! Besides, for all she know, he could be one of the perverted men here. But she couldn't help but ponder the way the looks he was giving…it was indeed different.

Her head began to hurt a bit as she kept thinking about the guy. Seriously, he was a total stranger to her so why would she bother thinking about the way he stares at her? Sighing, she ordered another vodka…and another…and another…and another. Smirking to herself, she decided to have fun on the dancefloor as she secretly thought of how she would turn him on just the moving of her body in a tempting way.

She stood up, confidence suddenly enveloped her body. She was shy and felt uneasy before but now, with the help of the alcohol she drank, she didn't bother thinking an embarrassing she could possibly have sooner or later.

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