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Juvia was blushing.

She was being pulled away to the back door of the deafening club and to his car. She was contemplating if going with a hot stranger guy was such a good idea. Though despite knowing the consequences she might have in the end, lustness overcame her body unable to resist the desire she currently have with…this guy. Biting her bottom lip, she was ended up being inside his car as she was roughly kissed again full on the lips. She knew the guy couldn't resist anymore and so was she, so she wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. She felt his wet tongue licked her lower lip asking for entrance but Juvia declined it. Obviously, she didn't want to just give in instantly and let him have his way. Of course not.

Juvia smirked against his lips.

She knew he was irritated for declining his persmission when he groaned against her lips. Chuckling, she didn't open her mouth again when he tried licking her lips—wanting to see him suffer for not getting what he wanted. Engrossed with her own thoughts, he didn't feel her ass being caressed lovingly by his hands and then squeezed them making her gasped. Juvia did not see that coming! She mentally exclaimed. She then felt his lips curled into a lopsided grin as opportunity block his way. Without hesitation, he delved his tongue inside her mouth tasting every inch of her sweet, wet cavern; making her moan rather loudly. Juvia was now entranced on how a great kisser he was. Being kissed by this stranger felt heavenly and she really couldn't stop the way he dominate her at such a lustful yet passionate way.

"My place." He said as he pulled away, breathing heavily against her lips. Rather than answering him, Juvia just nodded unable to resist the desire anymore.

He got off his car as he let the woman ride on the passenger's seat whilst he abruptly got on his car as he drove at fast speed all the way to his house. He gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to just do it right here, right now but he thought it would feel even better to do it in his bedroom. A few minutes had passed, they were finally at his home as he urgently turned off the engine then instantly hopped off of his car and then pulled her out to the door as he immediately kissed her roughly yet passionately. He was so caught up to the urgent kisses they were sharing that she intentionally bit his tongue then felt her lips curled into a smirk. What the? He thought.

She laughed then whispered in a sultry voice. "That's what you get for squeezing my ass."

Hearing those words coming from her mouth made Gray even more turned on. He really did not see that coming but he shrugged to himself. He searched through his pockets for the keys then opened the door when he found it. Their minds were being clouded with lust as the heat enveloped their bodies making their kisses unstoppable—neither of them wanted to break the kiss. Gray picked her up as the woman wrapped her soft delicious creamy legs around his waist whilst kissing each other fiercely. He let his rough hands grope her big and round ass then received a luscious moan from her making his meat throb even more. He closed the door then walked up the stairs—then he set the lovely woman down once inside his bedroom.

Fuck! She tasted sweet—like a blueberry fruit. Probably the flavor of the alcohol she had drank?

Gray pulled away, breathing simultaneously. The intense of the kissing was unbearable that he had completely forgotten to ask her name, let alone introducing each other before this…happened. He mentally smacked himself for not thinking of that due to the kisses and touching here and there. Scowling, he had no idea how to ask her name without emitting an embarrassment for himself, but what should he call her? More importantly, how will they be able to scream each others' names when climax arrived?

Shaking his head inwardly, he decided to ask her in a flirty way rather than asking her in a normal way. Looking down at the beautiful woman beneath him, he could see her breathing heavily with a red tinted blush on her face, her swollen red full lips and her blue hair was sprawled everywhere. He then let his eyes traveled downwards as he noticed her skimpy outfit was lifted up a bit—revealing her delicious creamy thighs. Gray Indecently licked his lips at the sight of her. FUCK! He really needs to have her right now!

Without hesitation, he leaned against her neck as he whispered on her ear. "Tell me your name." He stated, well, more like he demanded. Suddenly, she laughed. Gray blushed in embarrassment despite showing her a scowl, intending to let her see the it's-not-funny face; but the way she laugh, he didn't find it annoying. In fact, her voice sounded nice and he wanted more—screaming his name, that is. Wait! Her name…he needs to know her name. Shaking his thoughts, he looked down at her again and this time, the laugh had died down. Her eyes looked back at him with lust and…is that love?

She snickered, unable to suppress her laugh. She said. "You were teasing me at the club without knowing my name?" And then laugh again. He had never felt embarrassed before but this woman made him to be. Grinning, he decided to punish her…punish her that she would swear she'll never do it again.

"Your name. Tell me your name." He leaned forward to kiss her neck and bit then sucked on the pulse point making her gasped again. He chuckled at the reaction she was receiving. "Now, tell me your name." He repeated.

She moaned deliciously. It was a bliss…a pure bliss but Juvia wanted more. "Juvia." She finally said, unable to control herself for resisting to not revealing her name just for a tease due to his kisses and caresses that made her failed to do so. She admitted. This guy was such a great kisser and just the way his hands teasing her body was enough to wet herself—but she really wanted more. She saw him taking his clothes off then tossed them on the floor. Her eyes fixated on his chiseled chest, letting her eyes traveled downwards then noticed his 6-pack abs…but as she let her eyes traveled down even more, she could see and feel his throbbing rod aching to be inside of her. She blushed at the sight.

"Like what you see?" She heard him asked. She abruptly averted her eyes from his delicious figure to his lustful eyes. She bit her lower lip as she felt embarrassed for staring at his body discreetly.

"Y-Your name." She stuttered. She couldn't believe she just stuttered despite having a make out session just awhile ago with him. But what could she do?

"Gray." He introduced himself. She like the name. It suits him. She thought.

"Gray…sama." She repeated his name, adding a suffix on it. She began tracing her slender and delicate fingers on his chiseled abs then slowly letting them touch his nipples, receiving a small grunt from him. He was HOT—no, hot is too trivial of a word to describe him. His body was simply gorgeous.

"Yes, that's my name." He replied to her.

Noticing that he was the only one being naked, Juvia then allowed her hands to lift up her skimpy outfit as she began to take it off but her soft hands was stopped by his rough ones. "Wait. Allow me." Gray lifted her clothes as he started taking it off. He gulped. As soon as the clothes and her undergarments disappeared from her body, his eyes gazed at her tasteful curvaceous figure. WOW…just wow. His throat suddenly got dried then licked her lips hungrily. He knew he was becoming even more perverted guy because of this enticing woman. Suddenly, Gray stopped his dirty thoughts as he saw her instantly covering her full mounds with her blush became even more visible.

"G-Gray-sama, stop staring." She muttered then bit her bottom lip shyly.

Smiling, he grabbed both of her arms to uncover her beautiful mounds. "There's no need to feel embarrass. You're beautiful." He whispered as he leaned forward to kiss her hungrily yet passionately. He placed both of her hands on each side of her head as their fingers entertwined whilst kissing, then moved his head to her neck as he kissed then sucked on her pulse point, making her moan wantonly. He let his lips kiss her sweet collarbone through the valley of her breast then lick her right nipple then sucked and bit on it; whilst fondling her other twin.

"G-Gray-sama…" She muttered heavily and moaned as Gray kept licking, biting, swirling and sucking on her left nipple—giving the same treatment like the other one. He looked up at Juvia then smirked at how well he did to her just using his mouth on his breasts. He kissed her full lips again then slowly to the valley of her breasts, down to her flat stomach. He kissed her thigh slowly to her now visible opening. He decided to poke the bundle of nerves just to see her reaction. Alas! Her back arched as euphoria suddenly enveloped her erotic body. "Gray…sama…please." Her breathing had become ragged, causing her chest to heave in and out rapidly. The more tease he does to her, the more it takes for her to explode in ecstacy. But Juvia knew that she was being teased and wanted to beg him to fuck her already—if she could just—

She gasped unanticipatedly, stopping her indecent thoughts as she felt her sensitive jewel being poked again. She moaned as she arched her back. "Please…Gray…" She begged. "Please what, Juvia?" His voice was low and husky as he said demandingly. He saw her biting her lips as her eyes were half-lidded. He break her swollen lips apart as he blew on her wet opening and then he felt her sudden squirmed then moaned. The sensation that Juvia felt was electrifying each time he poked her precious jewel as she try to beg for release; but the words turned into a wanton moans within her throat. Unanticipatedly, her eyes snapped open as she gasped when his mouth decided to play as well, earning an intensified sounds from her mouth. She could feel his wet appendage circle the opening to her core. Juvia couldn't help but throw her head back when he pushed his tongue inside of her and now she felt the desire enveloped her body aggravate as he continues his ministration. Juvia's toes curled against his shoulders with her eyes closed with pure ecstacy yearning for release; though she knew that he was torturing her to beg him for more like a slave. Irritated, she then wrapped her creamy legs around his neck impatiently in hoping he would get the message. And he did.

Opening his eyes from his focus activity, he let his eyes avert to meet her blue ones. Gray knew she was growing impatient for not allowing her climax to reach, however, he had planned this. In fact, he was trying to win from her liitle game she had created back in the club to prove for seducing him. Gripping her thighs, he then licked the of her legs earning an immodest whimper from her mouth as her limbs jerked. Chuckling, he steadily leaned forward as he slowly lick her navel through the valley of her breasts in a straight line until his lips stopped at the brim of her soft delectable mouth. He tilted his head as he kissed her rather roughly and hungrily, unable to let her prepare for a sudden kiss. Gray bit her lower lip sensually as he sucked on her lip—earning a sensual moan from the woman beneath her. "G-Gray-sama…please." Gray knew what she meant by that but he want her to say in a sentence that meant she was yearning for release. "Tell me what you want, Juvia. With that, I can give what you really wanted in the first place."

Juvia couldn't endure the pleasure she was feeling ever since the beginning. She was planning on abiding the euphoria he was giving her but the teases and the touches were the hindrace of her goal. Should she continue her plan or give up already? Her thoughts were being halted when Gray suddenly pinched her erected peak of her breasts, earning a sudden gasped came from her mouth. Her body arched from the sudden touch as she heard him spoke huskily on her ear. "Tell me what you want, Juvia." He said repeatedly. Biting her bottom lip, she suddenly blurted out her words that longed for coming out from her delicious mouth. "FUCK ME ALREADY, GRAY-SAMA!" There, she said it. She finally said those words that she had been endruing to say for the sake of her little game despite knowing the result of her created game. However, Juvia let her pride went down due to the pleasurable feeling and the wanted release she had been yearning for. Unexpectedly, the man hovered her spread her legs apart lining up himself in front of her pried limbs as she felt the tip of his erect meat unhurriedly entering her wet opening making the swollen lips slowly stretching. She gasped at the contact of her precious flower to the throbbing hot rod. She knew that it would hurt the first time—according to Lucy—but what she didn't know was the feeling of his manhood inside of her.

Gray was in heaven. He had never felt great like this before. Discreetly, he was a virgin, though no matter how virgin he was; he was still a guy after all. "Fuck..you're…so tight." He muttered between his gritting teeth whilst he slowly entering her—not wanting to hurt the beautiful woman beneath him. He heard her sudden scream as she gripped tightly on the pillow with a flushed face, teary-eyes and a sprawled hair. He stopped all of a sudden, afraid of hurting her as he kissed her cheek tenderly.

"Gray-sama…its okay. Please don't stop. I..know it hurts at first…but it'll subside." Juvia said between pants, convincing him to not stop as she slowly wrapped her arms on his neck; letting him know that she wanted this. Gray smiled while he lifted his arm to tucked the hair that was getting in the way to the side to see her beautiful blushed face. He then leaned forward to kiss her swollen lips and tasting her salty yet sweet tears that welling up from her eyes as he continued to thrust her at a slow pace. Moans and groans echoed through the bedroom as Gray started to quicken his pace when Juvia told him to go faster. Their bodies were like magnets as the sound of their skins touching each others. Their erratic breathes, whimpers and groans were the only ones that could be hears thoughout the premises, however, neither of them cared as their love making continued.

Deciding to change their new position, Gray lifted her up letting her seat in between her legs with her spread legs and her front facing him. He felt her large and round breasts against his chiseled chest earning a sudden groan escaped from his mouth—suddenly plunged into her deeper. A delicious moan came out of her mouth as she arched her back unpurposedly giving him the touch of her full mounds. "YES! Aaahhhhhh!...Gray-sama!" Juvia screamed wantonly whilst wrapping her creamy legs around his waist tightly feeling the heavenly pleasure she currently have. She was indeed in heaven. Gray nibbled on her neck, her jaw, and to her bottom lips then passionately kissed her—tasting her wet cavern; memorizing every inch of her mouth. "Gray...sama." She said in between their heated kiss, continuing their thrusts. "I-I'm cumming."

"Juvia..I'm cumming…too." Gray said breathely.

"Then, come for Juvia, Gray…sama."

Without hesitating, their climax had reach them as they screamed each other's name in unison. Loads and loads of his cum were pouring out of his manhood inside her as the both of them lay on the bed exhaustedly. Gray pulled his rod out of her swollen core while draping his arms around her naked body possessively as he tenderly caresses her back. He watched her newly lover asleep peacefully as exhausted engulf her beautiful body. Smiling to himself, he kissed her temple and closed his eyes letting himself drifted to sleep while embracing the beautiful woman next to him.


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