Assassin's Creed


Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own OC, whose name has been changed to Joseph the Nine-Tailed Werefox, and my Custom Keyblades and Gunblade.

Location: My Secret Lab

Tails: Joseph, I'm detecting a world called The Abstergo Building. There's a second world connected to it called the Realm of Memories only accessible by the Animus. In order to get there you need to Synchronize with the Avatar I've created to get you used to being in the Animus. I've already sent Sonic and the others to save Desmond Miles from the antagonists the Templars. Also, you'll have to take out Heartless Templars and Boss Heartless that have possessed the Main Targets. Finally, it looks like a piece of Ansem came out of the seal large enough to regenerate The Seeker of Darkness.

Me: Battle Style?

Tails: There's different ones. When you get out of the Animus in The Abstergo Building, they'll think you're Desmond. Once you're inside the Animus, I'll be able to help you through hacking the Animus to talk to you. (The Animus appears from a rotating wall and I lay down inside it) Good luck.

I know, I know, this time I plan to finish my story. Also if anyone would like to send me a drawing of my OC, please attach it to an email and use this profile to do it.

Name: Joseph the Nine-Tailed Werefox a.k.a Joseph Prower

Family: Miles "Tails" Prower, Shippo the Fox Demon

Color: Yellow-Orange

Abilities: Controlled Werefox Transformation, Dual Wield Keyblade, Transformation, Fox Fire, Tailed Beast Form, Summon Xemnas, Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, Regenerate, Shadow Magic, Create Dark and Light Corridors, Summon Obeying Heartless and Nobodies, and summon allies, Keyblade Fusion

Eyes: Slit Blood Red


Head: Nothing

Right Arm: Omnitrix, Ultimatrix, Poketrix, Sonitrix, Heartless Seal/Summoning Tattoo

Left Arm: Millenium Gauntlet (a Golden Bakugauntlet), Nobody Seal/Summoning Tattoo

Torso: Organization Cloak, Digivice Selection Belt

Weapons: Foxfire(Keyblade), Aura Blade(Keyblade), Blazing Aura (Fusion Keyblade/Gunblade)

Signature attacks: Dark Gaia Weresword (My hand morphs into a sword glowing with DG Energy and Tears my opponents to shreds) and Werefox Blitz (In Werefox form I bring out my Keyblades and wildly swing my Keyblades fast enough for a Aerogiga to form around me, dealing devastating blows.