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I walked through the trees, slowly gaining speed. The trees' underbrush scratching my face as I moved. Kodi will never find me this time! He always finds a way to beat me at ultimate hide and seek, but not this time! I have a very perculier feeling about this time, wherever I"m heading. I couldn't help but think of the hunger games here. Running and hiding for your life, not wanting to be pelted with paint balls. That's the most fun we can have in Maine. Plus skateboarding. I was practically born on a skateboard.

I'm call me Scar sometimes because of all of them I have on my body frm hunting for most of my life. Kodi, or Dakota, is the science whiz of the class. We're both fifteen. We've been friends since we were about four. I dance, he writes. I hunt, he plays with chemicals. I'm not easily distracted, he is. I love movies, he's a comic fan. We're about as different as two people can be, yet we're friends.

I continue running, my short black hair swishing slightly in the wind, until I find a r easonable tree. I start climbing as I hear a shout, "I'm coooooommmiiiinngg!" I find a small bunch of leaves and climb onto the branch, crouching, when I see kodi running towards the tree, paintball gun in hand.

Splat, splat splat... He's shooting up the tree! And... "ouch! Hey! Ha- ahhhh!" crap! I'm falling, I can feel darkness closing around my eyes. I look down to see Kodi falling too. The ground w as an obyss? This isn't real! Not one chance! I manage to steer my fall back over to Kodi, and hang on, letting the darkness consume me.



"I have a plan. Attack." iron man turned to fly out the quinjet, but paused when he saw a huge hole appear at the ceiling of the jet, allowing two kids screaming their head off in the jet. The portal closed as soon as the kids fell out, but the kids woudnt stop screaming no matter what. Iron man shook his head and left. Captain America immediately bent down to the kids turning them over, and getting a well-placed kick to the groin. The kicker quickly stood p and scramed, pointing at captain America, "Chris Evans! Oh my Freaking Thor! Kodi! It's Chris Evans! Wake up!" the obvious girl kicked the other kid in the stomach, causing him to suddenly pop up and- shoot the girl? " I win." he said. The girl looked ticked off and he backed away, looks around, and gaped.

the girl grabbed captain America by the shoulders and said," you have to go, now! They need you to settle the fight! Thor's a good guy!" he looked to Natasha and said I'm going, and left the jet. "let's get you guys to the helicarrier. Fury's going to want to know what happened."


this was just running through my head so yeah, I'll only continue if someone tells me to. Don't. Want to waste space... So you know...

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