Chapter 1

Like most Twilight fans I had read the books so much that I could quote some sections and I had seen all the movies so many times that I had lost count.

That particular afternoon I was just enjoying a quite day at home and I felt fine. I had a couple of dizzy spells but I just chalked it up to not eating or maybe high blood pressure. It was such a weird feeling ….

All of a sudden I'm in a forest and it's not the one behind my house. Was I dreaming? If I was it sure felt real. I could hear the chirps of the insects and birds in the trees. The smells were almost overpowering. I never remember having a dream where you could see and feel things so vividly. I started to walk and explore when I heard voices a few hundred yards away. I crept forward and peered though the branches and there before me was Emmett, Jasper and Edward. They had evidently been on a hunting trip because Emmet had blood all over his shirt, Jasper was a little messy but Edward didn't have a speck of dirt on him anywhere! I was mesmerized… awe struck!

As I watched Emmett looked up and in my general direction and let out a bellow and a roar so loud I just about jumped out of my skin. He jumped up and started in my general direction. I thought for sure they had seen me but he ran past me in a blur. I heard the attack before I saw it. I whirled around just as Emmett took down a big brown bear. Behind me Edward and Jasper were laughing and joking about Emmett's graceful kill.

Wait, wait, wait… huh? They were looking in my direction but it was as if they couldn't see me. That was weird. How could that be? I pinched myself a couple of times thinking this has to be a dream. In trying to figure this out I was going to give myself a headache. They couldn't see me and didn't seem to be able to smell me either. I wonder if they could hear me or if Edward could read my mind. I decided to try moving around but that brought no response at all.

After a lot more teasing and laughter the guys decided it was time to head home. They said Esme was redecorating an older house in the town of Forks and would need their help. I got so excited because I wanted to see their house and the rest of the Cullen's . Without putting much thought into it I jumped on Emmett's back and held on.

When they arrived at the house I jumped off and went into the house very quietly. Alice had a strange look on her face. She looked at Edward and asked if he had seen anything strange when they were out hunting. Edward and Jasper both laughed and asked "Do you men besides Emmett's grace when he hunts?" Alice just smiled and said "No that's not what I meant, but I do think we are going to have company in a little while." Jasper looked at Alice with some concern and asked her "Why so vague?"

About that time Carlisle and Esme along with Rose, Nessie , Bella and Jake came in. Jake immediately wanted to know if there was a problem. Alice responded with a shrug and said" I'm not sure but I don't think so".

They still can't see me, hear me or smell me but I haven't opened my mouth yet…..