A girl, the age of 21, wiped away the tears as the credits to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II started to play. The movie always made her cry, the book as well. The Harry Potter books have been big part of her life. She pushed the brown hair out of her eyes and yawned. She looked at the clock it was official midnight. She was glad she didn't have work the next day.

She turned off her tv after talking the DVD back in the case and putting it away. She was glad that she changed her into her pj's before starting the marathon. She was dressed in her black shorts, and Ravenclaw t-shirt. She headed to her room, moving the Harry Potter books from her bed.

She yawned and took off her glasses, happy that she changed into pj's before hand and pull the covers over herself.

The last thought she had was wishing that the Harry Potter books were real...

"Matilda, wake up" said a voice, that made her awake with start. Matilda found herself in small room, with desk, a chair, dresser and bookcase. It wasn't her room, it looked small. Wait what did everything seem a little bit bigger?

Matilda got out of her bed and looked at her hands..she was smaller. She ran up to the mirror that was above her dresser. Instead of seeing her 21 year old self..she saw her 11 year old self. With Brown short hair, blues eyes,and lighting scar on her forehead. Wait Lighting Scar, She touched it to wince...she had lighting scar on her forehead? It was real...it must be a dream she thought.

She got dress anyways, not really knowing where she was, she poked her head out the door to see bunch of rooms. It reminded her of orphanage. A Girl with short blonde hair and hazel eyes ran up to her.

"Matilda, come on" said the girl taking Matilda arm to set of stairs going down. They went down the stairs where they found some kids, adults at table that had a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Matilda" it said. The number 11 was a candle on cake.

After blowing out the candles and some singing, everyone had a cake. There was a lot of Happy Birthdays from the other kids. Matilda just went with it nodding and smiling but felt weird. Later all the childern went out side.

Matilda was playing tag with some of the kids when Mrs. Summers called her name. Mrs. Summers, was the head of orphanage that Matilda learned was called St. Johns. Mrs. Summers was basically a grandmother to all the children. She was pretty nice, including the helpers. Sarah, Jack and Emma, who came and went int he orphanage.

But Matilda had questions, like what about her parents, who she last check were alive and well. That sound left her mind as she saw Mrs. Summers standing next to a tall lady with Red hair, and green eyes. She looked Lily Potter from Harry Potter... she was dress in clothes like her and had a wand in her hand. This was one strange dream thought Matilda.

"Matilda this is Lily Potter, shes here to talk to you about a school" said Mrs. Summers.

Mrs. Summers left leaving Matilda with Lily Potter.

"Matilda, have you ever did something strange that you can't explain, like maybe something floating or someones hair Turing color" asked Mrs. Potter. A flash of memory came to me one that I never saw before. It showed a group of kids at zoo. The kids hair turned different colors.

I nodded, kind of freaking out on the inside.

"Matilda, you're a witch" said Mrs. Potter.

I thought for moment unsure what to say. One of them why Mrs. Potter was here. Second on how as she alive if this wasn't a dream. The third being why am I 11. The last one...does what mean I'm the girl who lived. I decided to copy Harry from the books at least.

"I'm a what" I asked, lucky still in shock from today.

Mrs. Potter smiled at me "A Witch, your parents, were witch and wizard..Magic is real"

I looked thoughtful for moment. So I was just like Harry in way? I remembered all the books by heart...so I knew what would happen if I was really in the Harry Potter books but took Harry's place. I was sad that my parents were dead..so I still played Harry Potter card.

"You Knew my parents" I asked in small voice. Mrs. Potter nodded, giving me another smile.

"Your mother Anna was actually one of my best friends, we grew up right next to each other, and your father Zander was my husband best friend" Mrs. Potter said showing me a picture of my parents. Expect the picture was moving, my parents My mom with her brown hair in blue eyes in Ravenclaw Uniform, holding hands with my dad, in Gryffindor uniform with black hair and grey eyes. The photo was taken by the Whomping Willow but at a safe distance. Both of them were so happy, it kind of made me sad.

"You can keep the picture of you want" said Mrs. Potter who must of notice my face. I felt tears going down my face but push them away.

"Do I get to go to the school they went too" I asked even through I knew the answer. Oh My Rowling I get to go to Hogwarts! Yeap this could be a dream..a very long one...when was I going to wake up?

Mrs. Potter handed me a letter, address to me. It had the Hogwarts seal on it. Oh My Rowling, it was actually a Hogwarts Letter. I always wanted one to show up but this was crazy. This had to be a dream... I hope the envelope, to find two letters. I looked at the first one first:



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Collins

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

I started at the letter in shock, it was real, I wasn't dreaming and I had Hogwarts Letter.

"Await Owl" I asked again like Harry, wow I was getting really good at this.

"I will send a letter, I know its a lot for you to handle..this weekend, I'm getting my son Harrys, stuff for his first year at Hogwarts, you can come with us if you want" she asked carefully. I nodded trying to process this, Mrs. Summers sent her out.

"So your going to Hogwarts than" asked Mrs. Summers. I started at her in shock.

She smiled sweetly at me " I know, I'm squib I was wondering when you get the letter" she added with another smile. I went up to my room in shock and had to pinch myself to see if this was all real. Yeap this was real alright. I was 11 years old, and going to Hogwarts. I was the girl who lived.. Merlins Pants.