"There look, next to the girl with busy hair" mumbled someone. I groaned.. yeap now I knew how Harry Potter felt. They were whispering about me. Which sucked because honestly I had attention. I nibbled my lip and kept face down well kind of .

See i was bad at remembering stuff and hogwarts was huge. Like really huge with lots of stare casses that moved and trust me i did my best but how in the world but than I remembered I had Hermione. Hermione Granger was better at stuff and thankfully I could just follow her at least until I knew where things where.

Also there was fact hey you know how it ends! So how as I going to destroyed all the horcuxes and myself! I was only 11 but I wasn't it. I had too something. I had to save people..

I knew if I would warn them nobody would listen. So I had to be well 11 years old which was kind of easy sometimes at least I had too. After finding Great Hall which was kind of easy.. we ate breakfest and got our timetables.

Hogwarts wasn't all what she thought it was be.. it was home but it was also school which was with magic rather hard. But I worked hard with Hermione and others by myside

It was weird being in it. Like History of Magic, the boys would always say how boring it was but to me it was rather interesting.. Like how it started and more about the founders...honestly I could listen to it forever but ghost...that was thing. I mean I couldn't get my salt wait that's supernatural but Grey Lady was cool and the Gryffindor Ghost, Headless Nick. Helped me a lot when i was lost. All you had to do was ask.

Honestly the only class I didn't like was of course Quirrels, the guy with voldemorts head. Seriously he wasn't a good teacher. He acted the whole time and I just didn't trust him. I didn't get how Dumbledore didn't know.

But class went on and I listen and did my best. But this made me nervous. I knew what was coming and I didn't know if I was going to stop it.

It's was finally friday and this was first time the boys didn't get lost.

" I wish we had the map" mumbled Harry as they sat down.

"What do we got today" I asked the others eating toast.

" Double Potions with The Slytherin" groaned Ron. And I nibbled my life. I didn't know if well my brother knew Snape. Or if Snape would hate me. Honestly everything was going like I was Harry but now...it was different.. I could make things better.

The mail arrived and I honestly didn't think I was going to get anything. I pushed my food around as mail came and it was For Harry. It was from Hagrid who wanted them for tea. He was nice and rather friendly. Luckly it was just Tea because potions. They wanted to get their early because Snape hated gryffindor and they didn't want any points to be taken.

Snape started class with rollcall and paused at my name.

"Ah, yes" he said softly, " Matilda Collins our new Celebrity".

He honestly was almost like Alan Rickman Snape but different . I heard Draco and his friends laughing and Snape went on talking.

Ah now it comes his famous speech. I almost new it by heart. After all the first book was always my favorite. It was start of book that changed my life. I'm glad I knew the questions by heart. so Bring it Snape, I thought in my head but didn't say it out loud. I just acted scared. Snape did kind of scared me.. but if My father did pick on him.. I was mad.. I didn't like bulling but Snape had no right to treat me like that. I'm me my own person. Okay I need to stop ranting and pay attention.

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potions making" he began. He spoke barely more than a whisper. Which was well annoying but you could make out every word he said. I guess he did this so we would pay attention and stay quite.

"As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldrons" Snape went on and I well thought over anything.

I thought about what I learned in Deathly Hallows... I wondered if well growing up potions was the thing that kept him going. And I felt sad for moment. That he had this happen to him but than i looked my friends who were raising their eyebrows at each other. Hermione was at the edge of her seat.

"Collins" Snape said suddenly making me jump and the others laugh at me. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormswood" he asked me. I went over in my mind remembering the answer.

"Draught of Living Death" I said quitely and he was suprised but went on. Testing me to sure I wasn't my father.

"Lets try again, Collins, where would you looked if I told you to find me a bezoar" he asked ignoring Hermione's raised hand.

"In a Goats stomach sir" I said quitely, again he was surprised and went on again.

"Did you quote it from a book Collins" hissed Snape well kind of hissed. Well yes I thought in my head.

"What is the difference between monksshood and wolfsbane" he asked coming to my desk.

"There is no difference sir they are the same" I mumbled.

"Well... right all of that down" Snape said after while to the others and we did

"10 points from Gryffindor for being a know it all" mumbled Snape and we were off to create potions cure boils.

Harry and Ron were together. Hermione and Me were together and Neville was with us also at the table.I was glad for pottermore because I wouldn't really remember how to make the potion but poor Neville missed up and it was off to the hospital wing. We lost more points and we were all mad when we got up to leave.

"Professor...whatever happen to you and my father.. I'm not him..sure i'm his daughter but I'm my own person sir" I said before leaving running to catch up with the others. I didn't hear what he said and I really didn't want to lose any more potions.

We head to Hagrids all of us. His home was just like the movie and it felt weird but awesome. Fang was huge and quite nice. Than I remembered fluffy and shattered. Hagrid gave us tea and rock cakes which were well rocks but we pretended that we overjoyed them and we talked to Hagrid.

That's when I saw the prophet. Voldemort tried to break in the gringotts.

"That's the safest place in the world besides Hogwarts" Hagrid said in shock. Me and Harry shared a look and nibbled my life. I knew the truth that no where was safe... until Voldemort was gone. Suddeenly I wished i wasn't in this anymore.