Hello there (: This is a little idea that has been playing in my head for quite a while now. So, I decided to upload a little (yes, very little) intro, and see if anyone is interested in the concept. If I do continue this story, I should probably mention this is going to be femslash. (Uh-huh, guess what ship). So uhm, anyway, let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil nor Underworld or any of the characters in them.

A Greater Threat

When humans discovered the existence of not one, but two other species, they immediately saw them as a threat to humanity. They were not only different, but also unknown. Therefore, From their limited point of view, the only solution to this problem was elimination. But how do you destroy something that is much faster and stronger than yourself?

Many different companies and scientists were put to work on solving this one problem, this one threat. It was a company, that went by the name of "Umbrella Corporation", however, that claimed to have had found a weapon to cleanse the world of these abominations.

Due to successful results in the tests that were conducted, humanity decided not to wait any longer and get the 'weapon' out there immediately. They were wrong.

The weapon, or should I call it 'disease', did indeed kill the lycans and vampires it came in contact with but that was not the only thing it did.

The limited amount of tests that were conducted on humans, were only relevant on a short period of time as they had decided to spread this disease as soon as possible. Once the disease started spreading in the outside world though, the initial subjects started dying themselves. The problem was they didn't stay dead. By the time humanity discovered this horrifying fact, however, it was already too late.

The 'things' that humanity once saw as a threat, were now their only hope against a far greater threat.