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Ambition of the Uzumaki Clan - Chapter 1

The last twenty years in the Elemental Nations had been one of the darkest times in recorded history. The Fourth Shinobi World War wreaked havoc and chaos through all towns and villages throughout the lands; there were no longer any sort of sanctuary avalible to the innocent people of the world, even the tiniest creak in the most isolated lands were filled with bloodshed and slaughter.

Two decades ago the world had a population of over fifty million people, but the number had dwindled down to a mere 10 million because of the war. The evil forces of Uchiha Madara swept the lands of peace and life; no one would be safe as long as the man was alive. For the first time in history, all nations in the lands banded together to fight against one enemy...but they were not winning.

The wicked forces of the Uchiha had proven to be far too much for the feeble might of the Allied Shinobi Nations. The legendary Uchiha had employed some of the darkest Jutsu in existence to ensure to defeat of his enemies and the success of his puesdo peaceful world. The ever expanding population of Zetsus virtually gave Madara unlimited amount of troops, and their average power was higher than that of an average Chunin.

The price was too high...for very Zetsu dead would even out to be two humans sacraficed.

The human population had grown pessimistic and hopeless. No one believed that the Allied Forces would ever defeat the superpower of Uchiha Madara, it was far too great a task for any man. These negative thoughts were only fueled by the consecutive deaths of the Five Kage of the Elemental Nations. The supposedly all powerful beings of each nation had been discarded as weaklings by the truly all powerful Uchiha, and it was by their deaths that many people had gven up on the war.

But like all stories ever written in history, there was always a dim light shining magnificantly in the midst of the darkest times...

Since ten years ago Uzumaki Naruto had been the Supreme Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces, and he had been battling galantly against the Uchiha and his forces. It was only because of the Uzumaki that the humans have survived so long against Madara and his Moon's Eye Plan. Back at the start of the war Madara and his minion Uchiha Obito managed to revive the Juubi, but that plan was scrapped when Naruto and the previous Hokage all banded together to rip ot apart.

With the aid of the most powerful Shinobi to ever live, Naruto managed to seal some of the Juubi's power into himself, rendering the Moon's Eye Plan useless. Naruto had taken an equivalent amount of another Kyuubi from the Juubi, just enough to make it not powerful enough for Madara to employ his plan. It was by a very thin margin, if Naruto himself had a quart less of Chakra the world would have already been under Madara's control for over two decades.

Things were looking quite well, but that was when Madara forcefully revived himself by using his control over Obito to force him to use the "Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique)" and revive him to his original form. With his true body Madara angrily captured all the previous Hokage with the power of his Rinnegan and pulled their souls out with his "Kyūkon no Jutsu (Soul Absorption Technique)" With the loss of the previous Kage, Naruto was left alone with his feeble power...it was also at that point that Uchiha Sasuke decided to join over with his ancestor...

Naruto knew that he stood no chance against the combined power of the two Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan users and he had to survive to preserve the survival of the world. If Madara managed to kill Naruto he would have gathered more than enough power to use his Moon's Eye Plan, and that would mean the end of the human era. There was no way that Naruto or anyone in the Allied Forces could allow that to happen, so there was only one priority in everyone's minds at that point...get Uzumaki Naruto off the battlefield.

Against the power of the Uchiha, many people were slaughtered while Naruto made his escape. The Uzumaki didn't know most of them so that saved him part of the guilt, but two people died at that point that changed Naruto forever. Haruno Sakura and Hyuga Hinata had both sacraficed themselves for the sake of their love and leader...

From that point on there was no way that peace could ever be reached between Naruto and Madara...the world was too small for both of them to live.

After that Naruto was promoted to the Supreme Commander of the Shinobi Forces and had been leading his men into battle ever since...

It was ten years ago that Naruto had finally killed Uchiha Sasuke. The vision of the Elder Toad was very true in the end...Naruto did end up fighting with Sasuke, and it was a death battle. It was clear to Naruto that they could never go back to what they once were...and he would kill Sasuke for the lives of the many men that had been sacraficed because of him. Naruto was no longer fighting for personal revenge for reasons, he was fighting for the very survival of the Shinobi and humans alike...no matter what the Uchiha needed to die.

With the full power of the Kyuubi and the Chakra he absorbed from the Juubi, Naruto wiped Sasuke of the face of the earth with a full power Biju-dama. It was a long and arduous battle, but Naruto was victorious in the end. Uchiha Sasuke was nothing more than a burnt crater on the face of the earth...and there was only one more Uchiha left in the world...

In the midst of the largest forest of Hi no Kuni was a large crater that used to be Konohagakure no Sato, it had been made by a rampage by Uchiha Madara himself five years ago, and no one had even bothered to clean the area of the debris. The area had become known as a place of bad omen and many people tend to avoid the entire forest, so the place had become one of the rare quiet places Naruto could find in the distressed world.

In the past five years, whenever he had time Naruto would teleport to the place where the place his home once stood using his father's "Hiraishin no Jutsu", and cleaned the place by himself. He would never use any of his clones to help him because it was a hobby that he didn't want to finish so quickly. Whenever Naruto would come to the large crater and clear the area of the debris and dust he would find the slightest bit of solace from his heavy responsibility, and it kept him sane.

"Hey Tou-chan..." muttered a Naruto in his mid-thirties as he planted some seeds in the soil of the crater. "How are you and Kaa-chan up in heaven?..."

Naruto would always talk to the previous Hokage by himself whenever he would visit the area, but mostly he would only talk to his Father. The Hokage monument was totally destroyed but the mountain that once housed them was still left slightly standing, so Naruto would view it as a monolith with spirit. Naruto would never talk about the war or his hardships to his Father, he would only strike causal conversations that he would have loved to share with his Father if he was still alive.

"I got another couple of confessions again this week!" exclaimed Naruto with a smile that was not unlike the one he used in his youth, which was a great relief to his own conscious; he didn't want to become a sulker and emotion wreak like many people under his command. "They were pretty cute...but they were too shy and that kind of put me off."

The most power man in the Shinobi Forces had never had a steady girlfriend in the past twenty years...most knew why; he just could get over the fact that the woman who loved him and the woman he loved died for his sake. Naruto doesn't think about Hinata and Sakura nearly as much anymore and that was a good sign, but everyone including Naruto himself knew that the two girls would always be in his heart no matter how much time have passed...

"I am not bragging...but I have gotten even better looking than you Tou-chan." said Naruto with a chuckle as he started to plant his next seed.

At the age of thirty-six Naruto was basically a clone of his late-father. They had the same eyes, hair, facial structure and even body shape. It surprised Naruto as he grew as he tended to take from his Mother more than his Father in his youth, but apparently that was not true, although he still shared his Uzumaki Chakra with his mother. Naruto was happy that he looked like his Father and Mother, it made him feel as though they were living on inside him.

"And even you have to admit it...I have a cooler Haori than you." muttered Naruto as he concentrated on his planting.

As the Supreme Commander of the Shinobo Forces, Naruto had to dress more conspiculously than others, and he had focus the design of his uniform like his father's. Being true to his home, Naruto wore the standard Konoha Jounin Uniform under his Haori, which was somewhat like his father's but it had blue waves on the bottom instead of flames and it read "Supreme Commander" instead of the Yondaime Hokage.

"It is time Naruto..." muttered a familiar voice from within Naruto just as the man was finished planting the very last seeded needed for the crater. After five years of cleaning up Naruto had finally finished and in a few years the forest would be back to what it once was. "I can feel the Zetsu's coming already...you have about three minutes left."

"Okay...thanks Kurama."

It has become clear to Naruto that with only five percent of his men left there was no way that he could win the war, so in order to defeat Madara he had to cheat. The Supreme Commander had been working on one Fuinjutsu for the last nineteen years, and he had finally finished it one year ago. It had always been a back up plan of a sort for Naruto and he never hoped that he would end up using it, but now it was the only chance of survival for human kind so there was no choice in the matter.

Naruto had created a seal that would allow him to travel back in time...he would go back to the Era of the Warring Clans and kill Madara before he reached the peak of his power. The Uzumaki had calculated the amount of chakra he would need to go back so many years...and if his calculations were correct then he would have to use all the chakra of the Kyuubi as well as the power he gained from the Juubi. It would burn out Kurama and kill him temporarily, but he would be back in a few years in the current time.

That means that Naruto could only go back with his own personal chakra, and that would leave him at a huge power down. In the two decades of war Naruto had grown to be the most powerful man in the lands except for Madara, and his personal skills were definitely in the league of the previous Hokage even without his Bijuu Chakra, so he should be able to defeat a much weaker Uchiha Madara back in time...

"Remember what I told you before...don't worry about screwing up that past too much, no matter what your existence is absolute...nothing you do will cause you to never be born." said the ancient being with a serious tone. "Even though you are sent back in time you will still have the tiniest traces of me and the Juubi in you, so think of it as you are not a part of the natural process and more as a being that is outside of the world existence...the Naruto that will be born from where you will go will no longer be you."

Naruto sighed and nodded. "I know Kurama...you are turning into a nagging Father."

The Kyuubi chuckled and shook his head. "Even after so many years you still enjoy pissing me off..."

The Commander chuckled back and looked up at the sky. "Well of course..."

The Bijuu closed his eyes inside the large garden that was his cage at the moment. "Honestly kid...it has been great knowing you; the heir of the old man that I once knew."

Naruto smiled and nodded back. "It was truly an honor Kurama...I know we will probably not see each other ever again, but I promise you that I will not fail this mission." said the blond man with a hardened expression on his face. "I will go back and I will kill Uchiha Madara..."

Kurama chuckled and nodded back as well. "You better kid...give him an extra hard kick to the face okay?"

The Uzumaki laughed a little. "You got it!"

Naruto walked to the middle of the crater where Konoha once stood and stopped at the very center of the area. Unknown to anyone else in the world, Naruto had setted up an extremely intricate web of seals inside the crater of Konoha, and it spanned even into the forest because of it's size. All the hidden seals took Naruto almost two decades to finish and it was his pride and joy as an Uzumaki Fuinjutsu Specialist. Naruto could probably be the Uzumaki with the deepest knowledge in Fuinjutsu yet, even the previous leader of his clan wouldn't have been able to create such a complicated web of seals, or so according to the Kyuubi.

The Commander suppressed the sadness in his heart about being forever separated from all his friends in his time...but it had to be done. Naruto gripped his fists and flared his chakra to full power, causing the surrounding area to shake from the vast amount of chakra. Naruto had mastered the Kyuubi and the Juubi's chakra as much as he could in the past two decades, and now he could use it as if it was his own natural chakra.

With the ultilization of the mass chakra of the Kyuubi and part of the Juubi, the ground began to shake from the pressure being push out of Naruto's body. A familiar cloak of golden chakra flared from Naruto's body as he cried out fiercely into the sky.

"HHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!" cried the Uzumaki as he chakra created a pillar of light that pierce the heavens themselves.

"Lets do this, Naruto!" cried the Kyuubi as he himself pushed all of his chakra through the veins of his host.

Naruto felt his power hit it's maximum level so he was ready to use his seal. The man placed his two hands onto the ground, which was the epicenter of the web of seals. With an simple exhale Naruto began to force his chakra into the web of seals, and instantly the entire area of the crater and the Hi no Kuni Forest were covered by a bright light. The mass amount of light was the exhaust of Naruto and his Bijuu Chakra burning through the seals, and soon the light was like a second sun on the ground.

Naruto felt as if his body was being ripped apart by the sheer pressure he was exerting, and soon there was an upward force that lifted him into the air...

"J-Just a l-little mo-more N-Naruto!" cried Kurama as his voice was becoming distorted.

The Uzumaki forced the last few drops of power through his body as hard as he could, and suddenly his body was propelled up to the sky like meteor. True to his name, Naruto created a maelstrom of blinding light in the sky that cleared the hundred mile radius of any clouds. The earth was shaking from the power being channeled through it's domain, and it kept on a huge portion of the earth would be completely destroyed.

Then suddenly...there was nothing.

Everything was quiet...the forest was still standing and the seeds Naruto planted were still in place...

But Naruto was gone...

It has been a long time since the last time Naruto was knocked unconscious by something...the last time it happened was at the end of the fight with Madara. But Naruto would never forget the peculiar feeling of waking up with a weird headache that would last for the day. Normally Naruto would lay to rest for a while longer to help him his headache, but seeing that he just used a seal that he took twenty years to make, he was far too anxious to just lay there.

Naruto forced himself to open his eyes and the first thing he saw was that the sky was extremely blue, there was not a cloud in sight. Underneath his body were no longer the loose dirt of the crater...but it was a layer of soft and long grass. How long has it been since Naruto last felt the crisp feeling of laying on grass...he couldn't remember, but he knew that it was once his favourite thing to do back in Konoha.

Moving his hands just very little Naruto could feel that he didn't have any strength left...he had used up almost all of his chakra and was very weak. Thankfully Naruto had thought about this situation so he had brought back with him in his body seals a Chakra Replenishing Seal. The Uzumaki placed several of them on his body a few hours ago and they would automatically activate whenever he would be low on chakra, and he could already feel them kicking in as he felt his reserves fill up gradually.

"Man...that was a rough ride." muttered Naruto to himself as he forced his body to sit up.

The Commander looked down and saw that his clothes were mostly intact, but his Haori was completely ripped up and could barely stay on his body. Naruto sighed and ripped the remains off his body and brushed the dust that had collected on his Jounin Uniform, which was surprisingly still perfectly fine. He then checked all the seals he had placed on his body and he found that they were all intact, meaning that all the things he brought back with him were still with him...which was certainly good news.

Looking around the area, Naruto couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia. It was the Konoha forest...but in this time it was just a nameless forest in the middle of Hi no Kuni. Naruto smiled softly to himself as he looked down at his hands. 'Wow...it really worked, I am really back in time.' thought the man silently as he felt more hopeful than he had been for the last twenty years.

Naruto had throught of a thorough plan of action before he left, and the first step was to locate where the Uzumaki Clan was. It had become clear to Naruto that Madara had fostered so much animosity for the world mainly for the Senju Clan, so Naruto would try to prevent that from ever happening. He would join the Uzumaki Clan and work as a part of their system; hopefully that would allow him to meet the Uchiha Clan and give him the chance to kill Uchiha Madara...for the world, and his revenge.

Naruto stood up with a sigh and smiled a little when he heard the sounds of a creak near him. "So thirsty..." muttered the man as he staggered over to the small river and knelt down in front of it.

The Uzumaki moaned a little in relief and pleasure as he drank the cold and fresh water. Back in his own time the water of the many rivers in Hi no Kuni had mostly been contaminated by the war so it tasted horrible and it often made Naruto sick to his stomach, so the clear water in this time was a real treat to the powerful man. After having his fill of water Naruto sighed and wiped his lips dry with his hand...but that was also when he looked down at the water.

"W-What is this?..." muttered the man in shock as he saw his reflection.

The person who looked back at Naruto was not who he was when he left...Naruto now looked like when he was twenty years old. The difference was quite clear...he no longer had the wrinkles he collected in his many hours of stress and he wasn't as tanned as he was. This was certainly unexpected, going back in time should only effect the surroundings around him, his physical body should have no changes to it all...maybe it was caused by using up all of his Bijuu Chakra at once.

Naruto started to chuckle. "Well I can't say I am not happy about this..."

Suddenly Naruto picked up some rapid footsteps coming towards him from the forest on his right side. Out of habit Naruto immediately unsealed one of his Tri-Pronged Kunai from his wrist and held it tightly in his hand. But what came out of the forest only a few seconds after was not what he expected...he was expecting an ugly Zetsu to jump at him, but instead he was greeted by the sight of a beautiful woman with a shade of red hair that reminded Naruto of his Mother.

"Look out!" cried the young woman as she fell towards Naruto's direction.

Out of reflex Naruto stepped forward and caught the woman in his arms, and she was surprisingly light in his arms. Looking down into his arms Naruto stared into a pair of light purple eyes that looked very innocent and pure. Refocusing his vision Naruto took in the full image of the woman's face, and he had to admit that she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life. Her face as quite angelic and she had a sense of majestic on her.

"Are you alright miss?" asked Naruto as he slowly placed the woman on her feet. "You're hurt!" exclaimed the man as he saw quite a bit of blood seeping through her white clothes.

The woman was quite frantic as she tried to pull Naruto away from the area. "You have to leave this area, there are a lot of people coming this way!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed when he felt many chakra signatures coming their way and oddly, he could still feel their negative emotions. 'What the hell...Kurama I can't sense Kurama anymore, why do I still have this power?...' Shaking his head clear of the thought Naruto focus on the incoming group of people who were most likely after the woman behind him.

"What are you doing, they will kill you if you don't run!" cried the woman, but her voice fell on deaf ears as Naruto's eyes caught sight of a flag that was emerging from the forest.

"Uchiha!" cried Naruto in anger as he flared his powerful chakra, which had been partially revived.

As soon as the word left Naruto's lips tens of people leaped out of the treeline with weapons in their hands. They all had one thing that Naruto hated more than anything in his life...the Sharingan. They all had the same red eyes that the man who killed almost everyone close to him had, and that alone was enough to put Naruto into a state of untamed anger.

"Kill her!" cried the apparent leader of the Uchiha group as they pointed over at the woman.

The woman staggered back and was about to leave Naruto since they were after her anyway, but she stopped when she felt the man flare his aura of chakra. The woman was in shock, she had never felt such a powerful chakra signature before except for Senju Hashirama who she grew up with.

Naruto silently threw his Tri-Pronged Kunai up to the area where the Uchiha's were jumping down and gripped his fists. "Hiraishin no Jutsu!" muttered the man as he vanished from sight and killed the first five Uchiha on the spot. The other watched on in shock as their leader and teammates were suddenly killed, and they themselves were frozen in shock from the palpable killer intent that filled the area. Naruto used his momentum to mercilessly kill whoever was in his way, and blood was aimlessly splurting all over the forest.

The woman watched on in shock and amazement as Naruto effortlessly cut down one of the Uchiha's battle units...

"Futon: Atsugai!" Naruto pushed his hands out and instantly, a blast of potent wind ripped apart the lands in front of him. The rest of the Uchiha's close to the man were blasted to shreds by the sharp and heavy wind, none of them survived the next second of their lives. The wind carried on to destroy a large part of the forest...and at that point Naruto was struck out of the stupor and felt a little guilt about damaging the land he loved so much.

A stabbing pain suddenly struck Naruto's head as he fell to the ground. "Arrghh!"

The woman was still in shock from the man's power but she ran up to him and knelt down. "Hey...are you alright?!"

Naruto was in extremely pain as he felt a great headache but he forced his eyes open. "W-Who are y-you?..." strained out the man weakly.

The woman had a look of concern on her face as she place a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I am Uzumaki Mito..." muttered the woman as she lifted Naruto and supported his weight with her shoulders. "You saved me so I will save you...don't worry; I'll get you some help!"

The End!

Well there it is...the Naruto x Mito story that I promised you all a few months ago. Sorry this took so long but I had a lot to think about this story, so it took quite a bit longer than I expected.