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Ambition of the Uzumaki Clan - Chapter 9

The Uzumaki forces were once again preparing to march into battle. It has been a few days since Naruto had shown Genryƫsai his official plans to aid the Yuki Clan in battle, and the leader was happy with his strategy. Mito had prepared enough food and weapons for the Uzumaki army to last a war of at least two months, and had gotten the entire chain of command ready for transport.

The morale of the army was great; after the soaring victory of the war in Tsume no Kuni, the Uzumaki Clan was bursting with motivation and confidence. Everyone in the clan believed in the leadership of their new ace; Uzumaki Naruto, and will follow him into battle without a second thought. Some thought joining the Yuki Clan in battle was a little too soon after their escapade with the Shimura Clan, but they understood that Naruto wanted to ride the momentum to its fullest.

"Good morning, everyone!" greeted Naruto loudly in front of the large army of a thousand.

"Hai, Naruto-sama!" replied the group in unison.

It was ten o'clock in the morning and almost everyone was in top condition. Naruto was dressed in his usual black combat suit he wore back in his own time, which resembled the Konoha Jounin uniform a lot. A Katana was strapped to his hip as his Uzumaki Hitai-ate was proudly worn on his forehead. Behind Naruto were a few guards holding onto some flags with the emblem of the Uzumaki Symbol emblazed on its blue background. Genryƫsai had decided to grandly show their clan's presence in the wars they participate in, and he gladly allowed Naruto and his daughter to represent their clan.

Mito was standing right beside Naruto dressed in black armor and had her hair tied up in a bun. She had a determined look on her face unlike the uncertain expression she had on last time. This time Mito knew exactly what she had and needed to do, and she would carry out her duty as the future leader of the Uzumaki Clan no matter what. She had promised herself that she will contribute more and more in the wars they fight in and she will fight side by side with Naruto through the carnage.

"In a few minutes you will all be transported to the northern edge of Mizu no Kuni, there will not be any battles yet but you will have to be always on guard!" ordered Naruto with utmost authority. "The temperature over there is very low, so activate your chakra heat seal beforehand so you will be able to slowly accommodate to the climate over there!"

Mito cleared her throat as she stepped up. "When we arrive at the scene, all of you need to be motionless and quiet!" commanded the heiress with a loud and confident voice. "Leave the talking to Naruto-sama and I, and no matter what, do not react violently or appear suspicious; just remain stoic and calm!"

"HAI!" responded the entire army at once.

Naruto nodded as he and Mito walked off the heightened stage and away from the prepared army. The two Uzumaki's walked behind a wall of banners where they could be private from everyone else, and Naruto took the chance to place a comforting hand on Mito's shoulder. It has only been a short time since the last war and he was afraid that Mito was still haunted by the carnage.

"How are you feeling, Mito-chan?" asked the man with softened eyes. "Are you ready for this?"

Mito smiled and nodded. "Yes I am, I know what I have to do and will do it!" replied the girl with conviction. "We have a very clear purpose in the war, and in the large picture; as long as I focus on that I will last through this no matter what!"

Naruto offered the girl a kind smile and nodded. "I'm proud of you, Mito-chan..." muttered the blond sincerely. "...I know if we work together as partners, there will be nothing we can't accomplish!"

The heiress looked into Naruto's blue eyes and felt a lump in her chest. "Thank you, Naruto-kun..."

The blond Uzumaki gave Mito a rare grin and began to focus his chakra. "Okay, its time..." Just as Naruto was about to turn back toward the army, Mito grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him back a little. Naruto's eyes widened when he felt Mito place a gentle kiss on his cheek. The blond let out a shocked exhale as his entire body focused on the slightly tingling part of his cheek where Mito's lips were still touching.

Mito pulled back with a blush on her face and smiled up at him. "For good luck..."

Naruto got over his shock and smiled at the happiness that was surging inside his entire being. "You know..." started the man with a whisper. "...it works better when you kiss me on the lips."

The heiress' blush flared and she shoved Naruto lightly. "D-Don't push it, Naruto-kun!"

The blond chuckled and leaned in to kiss Mito on her forehead. "I'm just kidding...and good luck to you too." whispered the man softly as he pulled Mito into a one armed hug. "Let's go..." Naruto pulled away and walked back to the main army with a smile on his face. Mito started to follow behind the most powerful man in her clan, but she was trailing back because she needed to suppress the dark blush on her face.

Unknown to Naruto and Mito...Uzumaki Retsu was standing up on the balcony of Genryusai's office and saw the whole thing. The woman smiled at the happy blush on her daughter's face, she knew that Mito has developed feelings for Naruto, and she was happy for her. Retsu always wanted her daughter to marry a man who she loved and could protect her, so Naruto was the perfect choice...

'Take care of my little girl, Naruto-san...'

The one thousand members of the Uzumaki Clan were spread out in columns and rows, 20 columns across with 50 people in each row. All the soldiers except for the far right column had their left hands on the shoulder of their comrade on the left, and everyone except for the people in the front row had their right hands on the shoulders of the people in front of them. One of the men at the very front had his hand clutching Naruto's own right hand while Mito grabbed onto Naruto's left hand.

A week ago, Naruto had sent a clone to travel to the northern edge of Mizu no Kuni, and the clone had notified the Yuki Clan leader that the Uzumaki Clan will be helping them in the war. The clone couldn't explain much after traveling for so long on limited chakra, so it left a Hiraishin Kunai in the leader's possession and had him prepare a large area for the Uzumaki forces to arrive. The clone had told the leader that the Uzumaki army will arrive in three days' time after he was dispelled, and the real Naruto had honored that down to the very second.

Naruto was glancing over to a clock tower and waiting for the second hand to land on the 10:00 mark. The man's eyes discreetly lingered over Mito's warm grey eyes and gave her the tiniest of smiles. Mito's eyes connected with Naruto's own as she sent her own silent message with a blink of an eye. Naruto slowly exhaled as he flared his chakra...

"Hiraishin no Jutsu!"

In a split-second, the entire army vanished from the large courtyard of the Uzushio Island, and the place was left bare. A burst of air rushed back to the sudden void that was created with the disappearance of the large mass of people, so a loud whirlwind sounded through the area. Retsu sighed from where she was watching and prayed that her daughter and citizens will be alright...

The Yuki Clan lived in the coldest area in Mizu no Kuni seeing that they were among the few people who could survive in such terrain. Mito had to prepare a chakra heating seal for each member of the Uzumaki army so that they could warm themselves with their own chakra. The cold temperature will be one of the most difficult problems for Naruto and Mito to deal with because Uzumaki's were generally used to the warm temperature of their island near Hi no Kuni, so it will be hard for many people to fight in such frozen terrain.

The snowy mountains that surrounded the small village of the Yuki Clan were very tall, and it took the clone of Naruto a whole day to trek even with the use of the Hiraishin no Jutsu. His Father's jutsu really saved Naruto's problem with transporting a thousand people undetected over a snowy mountain. Sending a clone to the destination with a Hiraishin Kunai made everything very simple, and saved the troops, days of fatigue and the village a lot of food and resources.

"It is almost ten o'clock, Kenji-sama!" announced a member of the Yuki Clan from behind his leader. The Yuki Clan had created a welcome ceremony to greet the Uzumaki's upon arrival; they had created a large ice platform that spanned fifty feet across and eighty feet in length. The leader of the clan, along with his sister, stood in front of the few hundred of their members. The Yuki wanted to show their own power to their potential ally and give a good first impression.

The leader of the Yuki Clan was waiting for the arrival of the Uzumaki forces in one of the large training fields of his village, and he was getting a little anxious. Yuki Kenji was the leader of the Yuki Clan and he was only thirty years old. After the passing of his Father, young Kenji was given the role of leader at the tender age of twenty-three years old. For the last seven years Kenji had been a kind and passionate leader for his people, but in times of war, he needed more than his love for his people. The young leader was a tall man with long black hair that was tied into a pony-tail. He was dressed in a suit of light blue armor, and had a Hitai-ate with the symbol of a snowflake on it.

The Yuki Clan had always been rather distant from battles with other clans, and even with their powerful Kekkei Genkai, their lack of experience made it difficult for them to fend against the war-hardened people of the Kaguya Clan. All seemed rather dim and morbid for Yuki Kenji since his small village was attacked by the Kaguya Clan, but he saw a glimpse of hope when he heard about the Uzumaki Clan rescue the Inuzuka Clan. Kenji had been looking for aid from other clans, but they were not particularly close to anyone, and since the Uzumaki seemed to be looking for allies, he officially requested their help in return for an alliance.

Yuki Kenji wasn't sure if he would receive a reply from the far away clan since they were geographically distant, but he was delighted to meet one of the commanding members of the Uzumaki Clan. The name of Uzumaki Naruto had stretched out to the far ends of the Elemental Nations since the battle in Tsume no Kuni, where the Uzumaki Clan, under the leadership of Uzumaki Naruto, had almost wiped out the Shimura Clan with one day.

Kenji was shocked to hear that Naruto had sent a clone to meet with him, but was glad that the Uzumaki Clan was willing to help them. It was a rather risky move on Kenji's part to trust just a clone of Naruto and held onto his tri-pronged Kunai, but he already had nothing to lose...

Yuki Kenji walked to the center of the large snowy field and placed Naruto's kunai steadily on the ground.

"Okay..." muttered the young leader to himself as he back up to the edge of the field.

Naruto had instructed the Yuki Clan Leader to place his Kunai in a large space to that he could teleport his troops to his village. The young leader was shocked to learn that Naruto had such a powerful transportation technique, but accepted right away since he needed the extra help as soon as possible. Kenji had cleared out part of the forest that surrounded his village to make the training ground bigger, and hoped that it would be big enough for the Uzumaki forces.

"They should be here any minute now, Onii-sama." said Yuki Yukino, the sister of the leader and one of the main commanders of the village. Known as one of the most beautiful woman in Mizu no Kuni, the twenty-five year old stood out among the other of her clan. Yukino's long black hair that flowed down to her lower back hovered beautifully in the cold wind as her elegant blue kimono framed her shapely body. She also had a serious expression on her face as she waited dubiously for the Uzumaki Forces.

Kenji nodded and crossed his arms. "Naruto-dono made it very clear that he will arrive at exactly ten o'clock..." said the man as he looked up at the sun. "Which should be anytime no-"

Before the man could finish his sentence, a huge rush of wind appeared in the midst of the training ground, and almost knocked a few of the Yuki members down. Kenji and Yukino forced their eyes opened to watch on in shock as the sight of the empty training field suddenly filled with a large army. Kenji saw Uzumaki Naruto standing in front of his troops with a smile on his face; his plan had worked just as he'd hoped.

Yukino and many of the Yuki Clan members were in awe. "Wow...they really came after all!"

Kenji smiled as a huge sense of relief came over him. "I had faith in Naruto-dono; he seemed like a very honorable man."

Naruto smiled and gestured Mito to follow him as they walked up to their Yuki counterparts. As the two Uzumaki's made their way to the leveled ice platform, Naruto saw the young woman standing next to Kenji and had to hold back a gasp; she looked exactly like Haku. Naruto immediately thought she looked very beautiful just like the first time he met Haku, but a surge of fear rose up within him at the thought of the beautiful woman actually be a beautiful man.

'Oh Kami-sama, not again!' cried Naruto inwardly at the thought of him being attracted to a man.

"Naruto-dono!" exclaimed Kenji happily as he approached the blond man. "It is great to see you again!"

Naruto smiled and nodded kindly. "It is great to be here, Kenji-dono." replied the Uzumaki with a friendly tone. "Our plan has gone off rather well I might say."

Kenji gave a hearty chuckle as he shook Naruto's hand. "Yes it did..."

The Uzumaki smiled and gestured over to Mito, who was standing next to him with a smile. "This is Uzumaki Mito-sama, the heiress of our clan and the official leader of the Uzumaki Forces!"

Kenji bowed a little to Mito, and the latter mirrored the gesture. "It is an honor to meet you, Mito-dono." said the man as he offered Mito his hand.

Mito smiled and shook Kenji hand. "The honor is mine, Kenji-dono."

The Yuki Leader reached back and grabbed the hand of his sister. "This is Yuki Yukino, my sister and the second-in-command of the clan." said Kenji as Yukino walked up to the group with a smile.

Naruto inwardly sighed in relief. 'Thank Kami-sama, she is a girl...'

Mito smiled and shook hands with Yukino. "It's nice to meet you Yukino-san."

Yukino smiled and nodded back. "It is nice to meet you too." She then turned to the handsome blond man next to the Uzumaki heiress and offered him her hand. "It's nice to meet you as well, Naruto-sama."

Naruto smiled and gently shook the woman's hand. "Thank you, it's a pleasure."

Kenji smiled at the bonding diplomacy and stepped back a little with his sister. "Why don't we bring this indoors, and I'll have my people help your troops settle in to the rooms we have prepared." Kenji had constructed a new side building out of ice and had some warm installation filling the sides, and it would fit the Uzumaki forces quite nicely.

Naruto and Mito passed their forces into the hands of the other lieutenants of their clan, and tasked them to settle into the space the Yuki Clan had provided for them. The two commanding Uzumaki's followed Kenji and Yukino into the main compound of the Yuki Clan home, which was made mainly out of wood, and settled down in a conference room. It was quite empty at the moment and they were the only people in the room. The table was filled with many maps and various files of information.

Naruto pulled a chair out for Mito and sat down beside her quietly as they settled in the room...

Mito cleared her throat and looked at the two commanding Yuki Clan members seriously. "How about you tell us your current situation, Kenji-dono?"

Kenji nodded as Yukino started to clear the table of the mountains of documents and files to reveal a large map of Mizu no Kuni. There were a few marked places on the map, and they were the presumed bases of the Kaguya Clan and their positions compared to the Yuki Clan village. Kenji and Yukino had spent that last two months staring at this very map, trying to figure out a way to break out of isolation, but so far they were not successful.

Kenji cleared his throat from where he stood and gestured to the map below. "This is our current position..." stared the man as he pointed to the northern region of Mizu no Kuni. "...we are pretty much blocked from all surrounding towns and villages, so it is very hard for us to purchase resources." Naruto nodded as he listened to the man. "Our usual pathway onto the mainland is across this river..." Kenji marked a long river that reached to the ends of the country. "The Kaguya has control of the other side of the river, and essentially blocked us from the rest of the world."

Naruto crossed his arms as his brows furrowed in thought. "So basically, the only way we can take control of this war is to take back control of the river and push the Kaguya back at least 10 miles." muttered the blond as he marked the map with a pen of his own.

Yukino nodded in agreement. "Yes, but the Kaguya outnumbered us before you joined, and even though we are about equal in number now, they still have a powerful defensive line blocking the river." said the woman as she sat down in her seat. "Their frontline members are almost thirty members who possess the Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai, and they are very hard to kill with long range attacks." Kenji nodded at his sister's words. "We tried to attack them head on with close ranged combat, but our members were no match for those with Shikotsumyaku."

Mito stood to get a better look of the map. "How many of the Shikotsumyaku Kaguya have you managed to kill?"

Kenji sighed and lowered his head. "We only managed to kill three of them..." muttered the man in shame. "Their bones are as hard as diamonds, and we only killed the three by coating our Kunai with sharp ice." Naruto silently wondered why the ice would help. "We can manipulate our chakra to the point where our Ice Kunai will freeze on impact, and the cold will make their bones weaker." Naruto smiled and nodded at the concept. "By that point, we will be able to kill them."

Yukino sighed. "But the problem is that we need a huge number of Kunai to take down on of the Shikotsumyaku members, and we are running really low on them..."

Mito leaned back a little. "We brought a lot of weapons with us, how much do we need?"

Kenji sighed. "We found that we will need about a few hundred to a thousand Kunai to kill one of the Shikotsumyaku members..." Mito looked at the man with surprise, that was a much bigger number then she had expected. "The Shikotsumyaku are fast as well as very flexible; they can block most of the Kunai we throw at them and it takes many landed shots in order for us freeze most of their skeletons."

"How well do explosive tags work against them?" asked Naruto without looking away from the map.

Yukino crossed her arms with a nod. "It does work better than normal Kunai, but they always manage to escape the blast radius or would slice through the tags before they would land." Naruto nodded at the woman's words. "Even when they manage to land a successive blow, the people with Shikotsumyaku can shield themselves by pushing out their rib-cage...it is disturbing really."

Naruto smirked. "Well what if I told you that we can seal your Hyoton Chakra into a tag like an explosive tag?..."

Kenji and Yukino's eyes widened. "You can do that!?"

Mito smiled and nodded. "Yes, we often create elemental explosive tags like these back home, it is quite easy for us to make."

Naruto sat down and grabbed hold of a piece of blank paper on the table. "The seal is quite similar to the normal explosive tags, all we have to do is change the content sealed into the tag." said the man as he wrote some symbols on the paper. "Instead of channeling concussive or fire chakra into the paper, we leave it empty and let your men to channel Hyoton Chakra into them." Naruto passed the piece of paper to Kenji with a smile on his face. "If you can do the honors, Kenji-dono..."

"Of course..." muttered Kenji as he channeled his Hyoton Chakra into the piece of paper before handing it back to Naruto.

The blond completed the seal with a few more symbols and had a smile on his face. "It will look something like this..." said the Uzumaki as he created a clone to stand just a few feet away from him and placed the tag on his chest. Naruto gestured the others to back away from the clone and they quickly followed him to the back wall. The clone closed his eyes and waited. A few seconds after, the tag began to glow, and a flash flared in the room.

"W-Wow..." muttered Yukino as she saw the clone completely encased in a thick layer of ice and had spikes of ice framed his body.

Naruto smiled and dispelled the clone. "Since freezing the bones of the Kaguya will make them easier to kill, then a thousand of these tags will pretty much fix the problem for us."

Kenji smiled along with his sister and nodded. "Well I must say that I am very glad to have you all on board, it seems that our abilities are quite compatible with each other." said the leader of the Yuki Clan as he shook hands with Naruto again.

Naruto chuckled. "That's true!"

Mito smiled and looked at Naruto proudly; he would constantly surprise her with his intellect and quick thinking...

The entirety of the next day was spent making boxes upon boxes of Ice Tags for the upcoming war. Based on the timing of the attacks, the Kaguya will attack in a few days, so they had plenty of time to make as many ice tags as they could. While the Uzumaki men were busy with drawing seals, the Yuki Clan members will attach them to Kunai to add to their arsenal. Things were looking very well and the Yuki Clan members were more hopeful then, than ever.

The training fields were converted into large tents with very efficient manufacturing lines. All of the paper, ink, and Hyoton Chakra in the village were used in the tents, and in under a day they made over 500 tags and attached them to Kunai. Naruto and Kenji looked over the maps again to see if there were any weak points in the Kaguya defenses, and Mito and Yukino looked over the manufacturing process to make sure nothing goes wrong.

But there will always be problems...

Kenji walked up to Naruto along with Mito and Yukino with a concerned look on his face and shook his head. "We have a problem; we don't have enough Kunai."

There has been an official count up of all the Kunai in the allies' possessions, and they were not enough. There were about 1000 hundred Kunai in total on the Uzumaki side, and only 100 on the Yuki Clan side. Ideally, 2000 Kunai will work best and will leave room for error, and they were short by 900. The Yuki Clan had used up most of their Kunai in their two months of war, and it was impossible for them to buy more from other places in Mizu no Kuni since they were blocked off.

Mito crossed her arms. "Do you think you can teleport back home to take more?"

Naruto shook his head. "No, we don't have 900 spare Kunai just lying around...we need to figure something else out."

The group fell into a tense silence as a few minutes passed, and an idea suddenly popped into Naruto's head. From the reports, Naruto had read that the Kaguya had created a long defense line along the river and will attack any people who dare trespass their territory. The Yuki Clan had attacked the river blockade many times in the last two months, and they figured out that the Kaguya's defenses were mainly of shooting down incoming enemies with projectiles, and the Allies can certainly use that to their advantage.

The Uzumaki looked over at Kenji. "Kenji-dono, how many boats do we have right now?"

Kenji was a little confused but recalled reading through the assets log a few hours ago. "About 80 right now..."

The blond turned to Kenji again. "Also, what do you know about the chakra sensors of the Kaguya Clan?"

It was Yukino who answered. "The Kaguya Clan isn't really known as people who are good sensors, and we haven't really run into any of them before."

Naruto smirked and nodded. "Perfect...I know what to do!"

The group of commanders followed Naruto to the harbor connecting the river to the land, and they saw the series of boats that were connected to the harbor. Most of them were transport boats used for civilians and merchants, some of them were for fishing, and only a few of them were armed with arrows and roofs. Naruto crossed his arms as he gazed down at the river that almost covered the horizon, and the far away lands of the Kaguya were mainly covered with mist.

"Yukino-san, can you please order a few groups of people to start taking off the roofs on those battle boats?" asked Naruto with a smile.

Yukino nodded but was still extremely lost. "Okay, but why?"

Naruto grinned. "You'll see..." mumbled the blond man as the other remained confused; Yukino and Kenji looked over to Mito to see if she knew what Naruto was doing but she was just as lost as they were. "By the way Kenji-san, I saw a bunch of kids making snowmen with their chakra, can everyone do that?"

Kenji nodded as he recalled doing it himself as a kid. "Yes, every child will learn how to do that in this village."

Naruto smiled and turned to face the group. "Okay then, I will take care of the Kunai problem." said the man casually. "The three of you still have your own jobs to do and they need you in there, I can take care of this myself."

Kenji trusted Naruto, but was a little concerned. "Are you sure about this, Naruto-dono?"

The blond nodded. "Positive."

It was early in the morning and the river was covered in a thick layer of mist. The sun was just peeking out of the horizon and created long shadows with everything that it shown upon. Naruto had gathered about fifty men last night to help him prepare the things he needed. He had taken off the roofs of the combat boats and had all of the other boats ready for use. There were eighty boats in total and all of them were in good condition.

Just in case, Naruto had several Yuki Clan members encase the innards of the boats with a layer of ice to strengthen their resistance, and in a few hours they were all ready for Naruto's plan. The children of the Yuki Clan had a great time making as many snowmen as they could on the boats, and on average, about fifteen snowmen can fit in each boat. Naruto had instructed the children to make the snowmen about the size of a normal person, and they have done a good job on that.

Mito, along with Kenji and Yukino stood behind Naruto as he looked out at his boats. "Okay...in a few moments we will begin!" announced Naruto as the worker on the boats began to retreat back to land. Naruto made eighty-one Kage Bunshin, one for each boat, and one to stand next to him. Naruto had them stand at the back of the boats to act as the engine. Each boat was connected to each other by a series of ropes, and the very back ones were tied to the harbor with many very long ropes.

Mito walked up next to Naruto. "What are you doing, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled down at the girl and winked. "You'll see Mito-chan; I am quite excited about this!"

Kenji and Yukino walked up to the Uzumaki pair and watched as Naruto gave a signal for his clones to start moving. The clones started to use their wind chakra to push their boats out of the harbor, and they began their short voyage to the other side of the river. The boats moved rather steadily because of the interconnection of ropes and soon they were out in the middle of the river. The current was quite fast but the wind chakra of Naruto's clones managed to make the boats stay on course.

The real Naruto smiled as he felt his clones reach the middle of the body of water. "Okay...this is where the show really starts." The clone standing next to Naruto dispelled, transferring his memory to the rest of the clones.

The clones reached down to the boats and grabbed a battle-horn. With eighty heavy breathes blowing through the eighty horns, a resounding blare of shaking vibration blasting through the area. Kenji and Yukino looked on in shock as the boats alert the attention of the Kaguya.

"Naruto-dono, what are you doing?!" cried Kenji in shock, he thought Naruto was trying to sneak into enemy ground and try to steal their weapons with his clones.

Naruto smiled and patted Kenji's shoulder. "Don't worry...this will work."

The Kaguya Forces were commanded by the leader of the clan and his two brothers. The leader was the oldest of his siblings and his name was Kaguya Makoto, and his brothers were named Kaguya Kenshin and Kaguya Anji. These three brothers were known as the most ruthless and savage members in the clan, and would treat their subordinates with the Shikotsumyaku like freaks of nature. The Clan would usually lock the Shikotsumyaku members into cages when they were not needed, and would control them as if they were animals.

"Anji-sama!" cried one of the guards. "The enemy has movement!"

Kaguya Anji was the one in charge of leading the battlefront against the Yuki Clan while his brothers stayed back in their main clan home. Anji was the youngest out of his brothers, but he was also the one who has the most experience fighting in hostile territory. He was a large man with a very muscular build, his head was bald but he had a defined beard and very thick eye brows. He was wearing a set of armor with a large battle-axe to his side.

"It is misty morning, if we send our troops out there it might be a trap." said the man with a low and gruffly voice. "Strike them down with projectiles!"

The clones smirked when they saw a lot of activity of the Kaguya's side, and soon there were sounds of Kunai being thrown. A few seconds later, the first Kunai landed on one of the boats and caught onto one of the snowmen. Soon, legions upon legions of Kunai were being thrown into the river and toward the boats as the Kaguya saw the sun shining through the boats and saw what appeared to be a large army.

The ice encased boats and snowmen caught hundreds upon hundreds of Kunai as the clones easily blocked the incoming weapons...

The clones all smirked when the Kaguya continued to launch Kunai after another, and it seemed to be increasing by the second. By acquiring Kunai in such a way, not only were they gaining a mass number of weapons, the Kaguya will also be losing the same amount.

As soon as all the snowmen were destroyed, the clones started to tug on the ropes and channel their wind chakra to the other direction. The real Naruto snapped his fingers and many men from both the Uzumaki Clan and the Yuki Clan started to pull on the ropes attached to the harbor to help the boats back faster. Naruto stood with a smirk on his face as his plan went off like clockwork, everything was according to plan.

Anji smirked when he saw the enemy boats start to back away from their side of the river and took it as the enemy retreating. The fact that the Yuki launched a large scale attack against them was not surprising, they were fighting an isolated and losing war and Anji saw this as their last effort of retaliation.

"The enemy is retreating!" cried the large man loudly. "Keep the pressure strong!"

Anji was laughing the whole time the Yuki Ships were retreating, especially when he saw the shadows of the men on the ships fall one after another...

Kenji's eyes widened with a smile. "I see what you did..."

Naruto smiled as the boats all came into view, and were covered with hundreds of Kunai. The snowmen had caught most of the Kunai and they harmlessly stayed on the boat, so each boat was filled with as much Kunai as they could carry. There were a lot more than 900; it seemed that the Kaguya really wanted to kill everyone...

Mito and Yukino looked on in awe when they caught onto what Naruto just did...

Naruto smiled. "We don't need to use our own weapons when they have so much to spare..." said the man with a smirk.

The End!

I based the Kunai scene of this chapter on a real historic battle that took place in the Three Kingdoms Era of China.

I hope you all liked it, and the next chapter will be out soon.