Confession of Something Hidden Beneath

He almost lost her

She almost died

And he would have been left alone


Regretful for letting something important slipped him by….

He met her once, and he knew she was the one.

When their paths crossed for the first time, sparks flew and the sudden need for her was threatening to overwhelm him

He was beguiled by the young woman's charm and endeared by her innate ability to bring a smile to someone's face, lightening up their formerly darkened world.

She had captivated him with her downright angelic face

Everything about her enthralled him.

Yet he did nothing.

He tried to fool himself into thinking it was nothing but a simple attraction, boy was he wrong.

He loved Haley that much he knew. But cupid's spell proved to be stronger than he anticipated it to be, because he found himself loving the other woman more.

Years later, she found her way into his team and back into his heart

Although the same as last time, he was much of a coward to do anything and chose to try and rebuild his already shattered marriage with someone who's already ready to be with someone else.

He had always been cautious and meticulous in calculating his every move in order to keep her in arms length

Always with his walls up

Divorce hadn't been easy, even though his heart has already been captured by someone else, knowing that the woman you lived with for more than a decade and that said person is the mother of your beloved son is leaving you, a part of your soul will still break.

Her presence helped though.

Knowing she was there eased the pain

However he wasn't ready yet, so he declined fate's offer for a second chance

She was always there for him

Taking care of him

She seemed to be the only one to see through his mask

To see through him as more than the epitome of a strong man with strong will and with the need to save everyone he loved

She was the only one who made him complete despite of being alone

She was the woman he loved, the woman he is loving and the woman he sure is gonna be loving for the rest of his life

He was hunted by a monster, and she was there for him

He locked himself and nearly gave up, she was the one holding the key, held his hand and never gave up on him.

The grieve of loosing Haley was crushing and holding his son in the dark while both of them cried was devastating.

She was the one that kept them sane, but for some reason he remained insane enough to let her go

When secrets from her past came back to haunt her

She was nearly taken from him

It was then he realized how great a piece of his heart she was

It is not about you or me, it was about saving Emily

And as he said those words, he vowed to confess his love for her, something he had hidden and buried within him for a very long time.