A/N: This is based off a random roleplay I did with a Dave (I DUNNO IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DAVE, BUT I LOVE YOU! WHY'D YOU BREAK MY FEELS?) and it's going to break your feels probably. Consider yourself warned.

"Bwo, mowe Doctow Who! Mowe Doctow Who!" Bro Strider laughed, watching his little brother bounce up and down on the couch with excitement.

When Dave had turned 5, Bro had finally decided to introduce his little brother to the most amazing television show known as Doctor Who.

"All right, all right, lil bro! Hang on, lemme put the disc in!" Bro ejected the Season One disc that was in the DVD player, replacing it with Season Two. The familliar theme song began, Dave and Bro snuggling together with the bowl of popcorn.

"Bro, where's it gone? I swear I heard it!" Dave was 10 now, only instead of bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement, he was searching the house top to bottom for the continuously escaping blue police box.

"I dunno, lil bro." Even though five years had passed, some things still hadn't changed, including the happy Doctor Who obsession and Bro's nickname for Dave.

He smothered a laugh as his phone rang again, causing Dave to frown. "I know I heard it! Didn't you? Maybe it left and forgot us, Bro? Wouldn't be the first time." The pain in Dave's eyes was visible through the hand-me-down cracked shades that had once been Bro's.

"Nah, it'll come back, lil bro. You'll see."

Bro replayed this scene in his head as his "lil bro," now only around sixteen, exited the house they'd both shared. When he reached the end of the drive, he turned around for a moment, lifting Lil Cal out of the bag he was carrying and holding a match in his other hand.

The match caught on the first try before he placed the match on the puppet, dropping him in the gravel at his feet before turning around.

For a moment, Dave was the 5-year-old innocent bouncing up and down while the TARDIS noise played. The tiny innocent who was sad when Bro was sad before he knew anything about it.

"Bye, Bro." Dave whispered, walking off and turning once he was almost out of sight, watching the flames burn brighter.

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