Darkest Desires

Rated: T+

Summary: "I don't mind abiding by your wishes," Reborn drawled, causing a shiver of fear to run down Tsuna's thin spine. "But I have a request of my own." The boy swallowed.

"What is it?"

"If I fulfill your every command, you must fulfill a certain desire of mine..."

As far back as he could remember, Tsuna was always bullied by his classmates. Throwing his desk out a window, writing hateful comments on his papers, ripping up his homework, all of those things constituted in his daily life. It only got worse as he got older. Maybe it was around this time when he heard from one of his classmates about a certain site. On this site, if you gave them your personal information and a reason for visiting, one of the seven would attend to whatever it is that you needed. Tsuna thought this was the perfect solution to his bullying. But the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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I decided that if I couldn't read the book, I would make something similar to it. Well, although it is not like it at all, the preference is similar. I thought Reborn would be a perfect character for the second part, and Tsuna for the first part. With that...

Warnings: language

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Tsuna only sighed helplessly as he came face to face with the gigantic building that was maybe one-hundred times his size. And what lied inside reduced him down to a simple ant that was afraid of getting crushed or eaten.

The boy almost shuddered; that description was so accurate, it wasn't funny.

But still, he had to go in sometime. If he didn't show up to school, the principal would definitely call home. If he did, his mother would call him, and he'd probably come home to a lecture.

Though thinking about it, a lecture was actually better than getting bullied non-stop. So turning back, he began to walk the streets, hearing the hum of silence fill his ears like the pipe water that his classmates sometimes dunked his head into.

But two things stopped him.

One: there was a police officer right in front of him. The police officers in Namimori Town were known to penalize students harshly if they skipped.

Two: His gym teacher was standing a ways from the gate, but his eyes were trained right on Tsuna.

Between these two threats, he quickly weighed his options. Should he try to side-step the professional worker and his teacher, or should he surrender quietly and await his doom, which was sure to happen?

If he side-stepped the police officer to the left or right, with the pace he moved at, Tsuna was sure to get caught. But if he tried to run pass the gym teacher, he would only pull Tsuna by him arm and jerk him back.

"I have no choice," he mumbled as he turned back to the now terrifying gate. Now that he knew that there was no way out, the once gigantic yet harmless gate turned into a horrifying, bone-chilling gate that promised nothing but pain and suffering.

He walked slowly beyond the gates, watching as the other students hurried in groups of fives and tens, laughing happily. Not one of the seemed to pay attention to the brunette, but he knew that one of those groups were laughing at him. It wasn't just paranoia; he knew it from experience. They would wait until he was close, and then they would start talking about him like some celebrity.

But Sawada Tsunayoshi was no celebrity. He was a fourteen year old boy who was bullied most of his life.

It proved to be true when passing by, he heard his most familiar-yet most hated nickname-name being uttered from one of the students.

"Look, it's No-Good Tsuna." More laughing was heard.

"I thought he skipped or something."

"He should. We won't have to see his face anymore."

And then, as if all on cue, every group of five and ten started to laugh. And Tsuna could do nothing more then run past them, to try and fight the crimson color that threatened to take over his face.

He quickly slipped on his other pair of shoes-thank god there were no nails in them this time-and proceeded to open up his locker when-


"Gah!" Tsuna jumped back in pain and shock as he registered what just happened. A bee was stabbed to his locker with a pin, and it's stinger pointed directly at him. He only watched as the bumble bee tried to struggle its way from the pin, but the pin only dug itself deeper into the body of the bug.

And then all too soon, the bee stopped moving.

Tsuna could only watch in horror as the bug twitched like a roach as its life started to fade away like the blood drops on his clothes. He never liked seeing life die...it pained him, because he knew that once a life was taken away, and it popped out of existence, it never came back. No amount of "I'm sorry" or "Please come back to me" will ever make whatever died come back.

But he knew. This was another plot of his classmates.

So ignoring the dead bug with a heavy heart, he opened his locker and inserted his shoes inside.

Good. Nothing strange there.

He then proceeded to walk to his classroom. Although all of those students were out of there, he knew that classes started soon. Even if everyone else was late, he could not be late. The teachers wouldn't punish them, they would punish him.

Why, you ask? Because he was the outcast. The teachers don't blame the hundreds of students, they blame Tsuna for not fitting in.

That's messed up. But he is used to it by now. But just because he's used to it doesn't mean he'll like it.

He opened the somewhat empty classroom; a strange student with silver hair and turquoise eyes sat in the very back, his legs kicked up, and a shy girl with another school's uniform on sat in the front, quietly reading a book. Tsuna didn't even notice she was there until he heard the faint sound of a page turning.

Looking around the classroom, he searched for his desk. There were twenty-nine students in the class, including himself, and there were...twenty-eight desks?

The boy groaned. Not again.

"They took your desk to the gymnasium," the silver-haired boy muttered in the back. Tsuna's wide eyes darted to him.


"What would I profit from lying," he snapped. "And with a dumb fuck like you?"

The boy only shrunk back at his classmate's tone. He didn't mean to rile him up, but he had to be cautious. For all of his life, he has been deceived, and then brutally hurt or played with. Didn't he understand that?


Of course not. He doesn't care. But then, if he didn't care, why would he always tell him when his classmates did this?

Oh yes, this isn't the first time this particular student told of this. In fact, every single time this happened, he would tell him immediately, so most times Tsuna wasn't late for class. But even though he helped him out almost every single time, the doubt that was in Tsuna's heart never vanished.

But in this one occasion (more like every occasion), Tsuna trusted him and thanked him.

"Thank you so much, Gokudera-kun." The silver-haired boy known as Gokudera only snorted, and leaned his head back against the wall. He watched as Tsuna briskly ran out of the classroom, and almost wanted to chase after him, but his pride wouldn't let him.

Irritated at the cowardice of himself, he clicked his tongue and turned his head away from the retreating brunette.

Later, when Tsuna retrieved his desk and chair from the gym, returned back to class and was heading home, he heard his classmates talking. For once, and thank god for that, it wasn't about him, but about something different.

Something about a site.

"It's a new thing nowadays," one of the girls in the group of five said, flicking back her blond hair. "Apparently there are seven rich and important people, and as a part of a money-maker for...the Arcobalerno Organization or some dumb shit like that...anyways, you go on their site, and on the main page they ask you for your personal information and why you are there. If you put an answer that they like, they will come to your house and follow any order you give them, under the proviso that you pay them 10,000 yen* every two days, and that you answer their 'wish'. I thought it was fake until my cousin did it and she got this handsome dude who used to be a lieutenant for the military."

Another girl gasped. "Maybe I should try it."

"Do it! Though, there is is down-side to it." The other girls leaned in, waiting to hear the rest of the gossip. Tsuna wasn't usually one for gossip, but this time...and this time alone, he would listen.

If it would stop the back-stabbers, the ruining of the desks, the kidnapping of desks, the pranks, and most importantly, the isolation, he would do it in a heartbeat.

"There are very few people who got one of the seven, which is what makes this whole thing so special. Even if you offer them money, they'll take the money and leave you hanging."

"Isn't that illegal? It's almost like stealing, right?"

"Not in their book. In their book, you had knowledge that there was a money transaction, so they aren't liable." The girls continued to hem and haw, but Tsuna turned back to his backpack, continuing to collect and neatly put away his items.

Before, it sounded okay. Before, he wouldn't have minded doing it. Now, he thought that whole deal sounded shady. If you go on their site, put in personal information and a reason for coming, they may or may not serve you. In addition to that, you have to pay an astronomical fee and listen to their wishes? What if their wish was to kill a thousand men? You would be in trouble for that, not them.

He got up and walked out the door, and no one payed attention to him. That was to be expected. But this time, unlike every other time, he didn't care. He had an escape before him-a risky one, but an escape nevertheless-and it stayed on his mind so heavily that he didn't think of anything else.

He could go on this site, put up his personal information and his reason, and pray to any deity above the heavens that one of them would have sympathy on him and help him. Or, he could just leave it alone and save himself...because honestly, even if he had gotten a so-called special person of the seven, he could deny them of their wish and the result would be the same. They wouldn't help him.

The more he thought about it, the more stupid it sounded.

But he didn't rule it out. He was desperate enough that if push came to shove, he would probably go on the site anyways and let what happen happen. But push isn't quite up to shove yet, and Tsuna was still hesitant.

After all, if anything happened to him, his mother would be all alone. Her husband, Tsuna's father, never came home, and when he did, he was drunk. He couldn't depend on his father, and really...they had no other family to depend on.

Tsuna sighed tiredly, rubbing a slender hand over his temples.

Was possibly sacrificing family the cost of his freedom?

If it was, then maybe he should just discard this useless idea of escape that his classmates unknowingly gave to him, and stay in the bondage of his sadness and pain forever.

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Oh! Wait! About the 10,000 yen, I looked it up on Google. Every Japanese Yen is .010 US Dollars. So, 10,000 Yen is roughly $100 dollars. That's a lot of money!

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