Chapter 1: Just Another Day

"DONT LET HER GET AWAY AGAIN MEN!" The chief said. 7 other officers where still in high chase after the escapee. The criminal smiled quickly towards herself, enjoying her fun.
"Don't you guys ever get tired of playing this game?" She asked in a bored tone, even adding a small yawn to prove her point. She continued to run on the dark streets of Lilian City, many officers still running behind her. Even though she's been keeping this up for about 3 hours, she was showing no sign of stopping. And she wasn't even wearing shoes. Her prison gown was starting to take her down though. It was damp with rain, and the blood of those who dare oppose her. She was trying to lead them away from their own home field, towards hers: The forest.

"Don't play games with us, you murderer!" One of the officers shouted at her, throwing a small explosive bomb at exploded as soon as it made contact with the ground. The sudden explosion flung the girl upward a few feet, then made her land with a thud. They quickly surrounded her. They aimed their guns at her, in case she was still conscious. She was. Slowly,she stood up, her hair flowing over her face. the officers held their ground, though few were actually shaking in fear.
" actually got me...little me..."She said faintly. They almost couldn't hear her soft voice above the rain. She slowly lifted her hand to her face, searching. Then she felt a small cut above her right eye, already drawing blood across the right side of her face. She suddenly started to giggle. They quickly raised their weapons at her head, startled by the sudden sound. She raised her head ever so carefully to look at the officer that threw the bomb, and smiled.
"BIG MISTAKE YOU FOOL!" She shouted just as she produced a small ball of bright exploding energy from her palm,then flung it at him. The man didn't even have time to scream at the quick attack. It was too late, for in no more than 3 seconds had he completely turn into smoking ash. The smell of burned flesh hung in the air. The others stared in horror at the ash pile, now being drowned with the rain, & into a sewage gate. They slowly let their horrified eyes fall on small figure of their "captive''. They suddenly opened fire on her. It was futile, for she saw this coming, and protected herself in a barrier. She smiled wickedly at these foolish attempts to try and take her out. She gave out a tiny wave blast, which sent the men spiraling upwards, then landing harshly on the ground, unconscious. She gave a light laugh at her work, and continued her run for escape.

By the time she made it safely at the start of the forest, she heard the loud wails of many sirens in the city. She frowned for a moment. The young woman slowly slid her body against a near by tree.
"Damn, I don't have that much time...or strength to keep going." She muttered silently under her breath,clutching her chest. The pain was finally taking notice, starting to sink into her body. She couldn't give out just yet, she needed to keep going. She must get to the spot before it was to late. Then, her small hedgehog ears twitched picking out the sounds of slow movement coming from the east, where the city was. Carefully and stealth-like, she climbed the tree she was leaning saw all the beautiful lights and building of the precious place, Lilia City. But, that wasn't the focus right now. She muttered a spell under her breath. Her eyes exploded with green, like night vision goggles, as she started searching the forest floor.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of soldiers, were littering the forest. All in search of her. Her eyes widened a bit with worry. You'd think it could be flattering, having this many men chase after you. But, that wasn't the situation at hand here. This, was not good at all. That much was obvious. Suddenly, blinding light bathed over her. She had to cover he eyes, since they were still in a night vision spell. When she finally adapted her eyes, she looked toward the source of light. It was a helicopter.

"PRISONER 5279,SURRENDER YOURSELF TO THE ORDER,OR BE KILLED!" The pilot shouted down at her. She remembered that voice, she'd know it anywhere. She looked up again, giving off a sad smile at he man flying the helicopter, and shouted back, "NOW WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL WOULD I DO THAT!? IT WOULD BE THE SAME FATE,WHICH EVER I CHOOSE! I'D RATHER DIE FREE THAN DIE A DIRTY PRISONER,RALDO!"

The young female then jumped down from her hiding tree, and started to run at top speed. The pilot, now known as Raldo,gave a small sigh. But he tapped on his com link.
"Attention all units. Prisoner 5279 is retreating in the forest. Shoot to kill. Be careful, she is very dangerous..."He addressed them. He suddenly heard his communication screen blink to life as an image appeared. It was the high command herself.

"Raldo, what is the prisoner's location?" She asked quickly. "Not even a simple hello...Like she even knows how to great people anyway..." He thought to himself.

"Sir,5279 is in the Gulamend Forest. We are soon going to surround her. I have everything under control." He reported. The High commander gave a small glare at him, then banged her hand on her desk. Her image fizzled for a moment, then became stable again.

"IDIOT! Surrounding her is USELESS! And giving the men the order to kill her on site was NOT what I had intended... I want her back ALIVE,NOW." She said coldly. Raldo gave a short nod after her fast out burst.

"Yes, Commander..." He said slowly. With a nod of her approval, she signed off. Raldo sighed. "This job is never going to be easy...Why did she have to come into my life?" He wondered. He shook his head to clear this stupid thoughts. The mission came first, emotions later. He put the come link on again, now moving the helicopter forward to where he last saw the escaped prisoner.

"All units, this is Commander Raldo. Do not shoot to kill, shoot to stun. I repeat, shoot to stun. That is all." He was actually glad about not killing the prisoner.

"Crap, I cant keep this up any longer." the female prisoner exclaimed. She was jumping and dodging heavy fire. It was like a war zone. Bombs exploding, guns firing, all around her. But then again, she was use to this happening to her. She was now covered in dirt and ash. Not even the rain could clean her up. Her legs were now aching with a burning passion, covered in deep cuts and scraps with slowly drying gold blood. She was also losing her speed. She needed to hold off these goons just a little longer. Then the light shined on her again from the copter.

"THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE 5279! SURRENDER YOURSELF NOW,AND NO HARM WILL COME APON YOU!" OK, even HE knew that was a total load of bull crap, a complete lie. He was betting his next "talk" with The High Commander that she knew that was a false statement.
"Ral, we BOTH KNOW THATS A LIE! YOU PHONEY GUYS NEVER KEEP YOUR STUPID PROMISES!" She yelled over her shoulder cockily over the helicopter blades. She suddenly started to speed up, now feeling some strength and confidence to keep going. She sped faster and faster, getting ahead of Raldo and his marching men.

Finally, her eyes found the clearing. She smiled widely and gave a jump and howl for joy. This living nightmare of a hellhole will be over soon. Freedom! She was soon going to escape their evil clutches...again. When she finally made it to the clearing, she suddenly stopped. All of the enemy soldiers, tanks, and helicopter surrounded her. Raldo kept the light directly on her. He then put the copter on auto pilot as he gave a tremendous leap towards the ground.
He looked at the so called "dangerous" female hostage. He was surprised she could still put up a fight and be moving, seeing all of her serious injuries. All of those cuts, bruises, wounds, all over her small body. No wonder she was in their top security. But still, she had suddenly given up.. why? If he was in her footsteps, he actually saw a few chances of last minute escapes. But he didn't want her finding them, so it was a moment of peace that she stopped running. Still, the buzzing in the back of his head said this was probably going to be some sort of plot, so he played along with it anyway as he pulled out a stun gun out of its sheath, and aimed it at her.

"I told you, foolish captive, NO ONE escapes N.U.G." He stated to her harshly. The soldiers chanted around them in agreement. A smug smile played at Raldo's lips.
"Now, put up your hands out so I can cuff you." He commanded, taking a pair of yellow handcuffs. She gave a small glare at the man, but did as she was told. He slowly walked closer to her keeping the gun raised in case she had any last minute tricks. He was just about to put them on her small wrists when she started to chuckle. He stopped dead set in his movements, and gave her a curious look, eyebrows raised slightly.

"What are you laughing at, you piece of filthy shit!?" He confronted her. She started to laugh uncontrollably, almost insanely. The soldiers around them began to whisper and murmur.
"Has she really lost her mind again?" "Why is she laughing?" "Why doesn't the captain cuff her already?" "Are his feelings kicking in again?" After that last comment Raldo heard, his eyes widen in shock, and kicked the girl square in her the stomach. She was flung, left tumbling into the grass a few feet away. Since she was in the middle of laughing, she choked on her own breath, and started to throw up. The sticky, horrifyingly beautiful golden blood flowed softly out of her mouth like a small river. A few soldiers shrieked in surprise and fear at the sudden outburst of action from the both of them, while others said 'eww',and the rest just remained silent and unmoving.

Raldo glanced at the puking child, then at his men. "Do you all honestly think that I have such feelings for this pathetic creature?" He pointed down towards her, who was shaking violently. The soldiers didn't utter a word. "The answer is obvious: NO! This...this failure of a child is not worth my time! She has killed so many of us, mocked our very name! She's committed more crimes in her whole life than an average man could do in 2 years! She is a murderer, a monster, different from the rest of us. What does this horrible piece of shit deserve?" He continued.

"DEATH! BURN THE WICTH ALIVE! SHE'S EVIL!" They all chanted at their captain. He smiled, then walked over to the cowering creature who had finally stopped spilling blood out of her face. He lifted her by her small neck, completely chocking her. She tried to move her hands at him, trying to make him release her, but they fell limply to her sides. He grinned victoriously.
"Too easy..." He thought. He was positive she wasn't dead, but not exactly alive either. Probably just weak, like the worthless being she was.

"Finally, I have you." He said silently, again close to cuffing her. But, all of that changed until he heard a soft sweet voice, and was kicked very hard in the chest. He dropped the child, and the cuffs. He fell to the ground, but quickly stood up.

"You actually thought you really had me, didn't you?" the small child said, slowly and carefully picking her small form up. His eyes widened in fear, but also in awe and amazement. She walked over to him. "Your statement is false Ral. IM the only being to escape your pathetic N.U.G. And I've done it more than once." She said smugly, then punched him dead set in his jaw. He flew backwards into the crowd of soldiers. Two of them held the poor captain by his arms. All of them fearfully looked at the "worthless weak child" they all had seen looking dead a moment ago. She smiled sweetly, though her now burning blazing blood red filled with hatred and death said the opposite of her smile. With the last of her remaining strength, she shouted a spell towards the heavens.
"No mi, maywar...TELO MIYO DONTA!" She chanted. A beam of beautiful pure white light exploded from the ground around her. The soldiers started to shout, wondering what the hell is going on. Finally, Captain Raldo came to, observing the scene before him. His eyes went wide with fright as he saw the girl, eyes as white as the clouds of heaven themselves, and the portal forming around her. He screamed his orders in alarm.

"D-DONT LET HER GET AWAY AGAIN! THE COMMANDER NEED HER ALIVE,NOW! S-SHOOT HER!" he wailed, flailing his arms around like a 3 year old. The soldiers looked at him, than at the girl. She was now slowly lowering down into the bright portal.
"NOW,DAMN YOU,NOW!" He ordered. This time, they did not hesitate. They opened fire on the deadly child. Of course, many missed her completely. Only a few shots where good enough to hit her. A shot got her on her barefoot, another on her back where the clothing was torn and exposing already burning flesh and fur, and the last one hit her in the back of her head. She wailed a terrifying, yet sad scream as she disappeared into the portal. Soldiers quickly took action and tried to follow her. But they failed, for the white vortex closed as soon as she disappeared into it. The captain stared, then cursed silently under his breath. He just couldn't believe it! He was certain he had her in his clutches! Now he knew for sure this creature was very hard to capture. But what really got to him was what words she had said sweetly and caring to him before she attacked him with a good sock to his pie hole. "Thank you Raldo, for everything..." What exactly had she meant by that? Was she really that weak she went even more insane?

He rubbed his sore jaw, now feeling drops of blood on his fingers. He saw most of the tired and probably terrified men of his after what had happened tonight, slowly walk back to headquarters. Until his lieutenant ran up to him quickly. He gave a quick salute, which the beaten man tiredly returned.

"Sir, it's the High Commander. She is asking if the mission was a success." He stated. Raldo gave a short sigh. The small man gave him a curious look, then handed Raldo the communicator.

"Well, was it a successful mission?" She barked impatiently. Boy, was he going to get an earful right now.
"N-no Sir, Prisoner # 5279...has escaped." He said shamefully. He almost dropped the device the High Commander was screaming in.

"BLASTED RALDO,YOU LET HER ESCAPE AGAIN!? I CAN NOT TOLERATE ALL THE MISSIONS YOU HAD TRYING TO GET THE LITTLE BRAT!" She finally calmed down, and took a deep breath. Slowly, the captain looked at the Commander. "Well, I suppose this isn't ALL your fault. I have myself to blame as well, letting you take over the capture missions..." There was a small sigh before she pressed on. "Report back to headquarters. We will discuss your failure then." She said, then signed off.

The poor man hung his head, silent for a moment. The other man looked at him in worry. Raldo slowly handed him back the communicator. He slowly made his feet drag his body toward the helicopter's ladder. He climbed it, and entered the cockpit. He turned the com unit back on one last time.
"All remaining units, report back to home. I repeat, lets go home...Good try guys." He added silently. He turned it off, and put the flying machine off auto pilot. He took the controls and slowly headed back to base in utter humiliation.

"I'm sorry Liah, it wasn't my fault, I was drunk again, ok?" Zeren pleaded to his girlfriend. Exclaiming in a huff, the young chick known as Liah, shook her head.

"Why should I believe you Zeren? Sure, the first time was an accident, the second time a coincidence, but 5 TIMES!? Your just fucking with me, aren't you?" She exclaimed, her voice unsteady and full of sadness. Zeren just stared at her. She was holding her hands by her sides, slowly balling them into fists.
She was shaking, trying not to cry. Her bright eyes searched for his, for a sign, for a clue...ANYTHING, to see what his heart was saying. But...she never found it.

"I see then...if you were that unhappy with me, then I'll just go." Zeren said simply. With hot tears falling from her face,she shut the door on him. He stayed there for a few moments, then started down the steps, and headed into the streets.

"Well, this is wonderful. This is the 5th girl I lost this month...well, in my defense, she was another clinger. Has to practically stalk me, talk too much without me even drawing a breath...boring..." He paused his pace, stumped on what he just said. Boring...yes, that was all he got. A girl who always goes for his looks, not for what he's really got.
"Why...cant a girl who would actually not afraid to hit me, keep me in line, and leave me in wonder?" He pondered out loud. He shook his head, trying to escape his sad fantasies. There isn't a girl like that here. Not in his neighborhood, his school, his town, his state, this world, ANYWHERE! Had he not made it clear before?

~No one would want to be with him.~

He's rude, sloppy, a drug addict, and likes to take advantage of others. Maybe that's why girls leave him. He's insensitive towards them when he wants his way. And they let him. They let themselves be swept away by him.

He hated that.

He wanted to have someone, anyone, rebel against him in his acts. Play with him, make him...
"Feel wanted..." He uttered. His eyes opened at his discovery. But, it could never happen anyway.

Zeren was continuing his walk home, when there was a sudden explosion of bright light coming from an alleyway sounds of trashcans crashing, rats running from...something. His brow raised with curiousness and excitement, & he slowly peeked inside.
"Blasted, to dark to see.." he mumbled, digging in his pocket for his cellphone. As soon as he found the small device and turned it on, he began to walk quietly into the alleyway. He heard rats scurrying around his feet. He made a disgusted face,until he heard a small sound.

It was a yelp.

He shifted for a moment with surprise, wondering if it was made that sudden flash of light. He heard his footsteps echo off the walls as he got closer to the being who made the mysterious noise. Then, he finally laid his eyes on it.
Well, on her.

She looked so small, almost like a kitten, curled up in what seemed in pain and fear. He thought she was simply a child, but then he realized he was wrong when he looked more at her...womanly features. Nope, she was far from being a child, but not exactly a full woman. "She's probably just a teen.." He thought to himself. He continued to observe her.
She looked like she's been passed out for a while. He suddenly smell something that wasn't the stinky alley. It was...burnt flesh. He quickly leaned over the girl. Yes, her dirty gown was slightly smoking.

She had some build, he admitted that. Had some muscle on her arms, and if he could see correctly, powerful legs. But what really confused him was what she was wearing. It was a gown, covered with dirt, ash, and some other shit he couldn't make out. Hadn't she known it was now fall? Guess she a new person here. Slowly, and carefully, not wanting her waking up in alarm, touched her arm.
The reaction was fast. His hand started to burn like fire, and quickly pulled away. He then noticed the faintly glowing sticky substance on his palm. It looked like...

"GOLD?!" he whispered in surprise. He looked around, hoping no one had heard his outburst. He quickly fumbled with his phone, and called someone.
"Hey, Mum? I just wanted to let you know that I broke up with Liah, and coming home."

"Well, it's about time you dumped her sorry ass!" His mother exclaimed rather happily. He had to scoff at this.

"I knew she didn't like Liah.." He uttered quietly to himself. He looked down at the girl again. "Hey um, Mum? Do you think you can make room on the couch I think I found a guest."
There was absolute silence on the other end, but a caring sigh broke out.

"Fine, I'll ask Joey to do it. Just come home quickly." She said tiredly before she hung up. He put the phone in his pocket,and glanced at the girl again. A small smiled tugged at his lips for a moment, then faded away.

He gently picked the young female in his arms, trying not to touch the burning flesh, or any other injury she might have. She is lighter than she looks. He peered his head out of the alley way. Seeing that the coast was clear, he started to walk home, his new treasure breathing lightly in his strong hands.