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Chapter 27: Well, This Is New

"Huh, you know when we last visited this place to break out Shadow, it was not this bad." Tails commented. Tails was flying the Tornado at a fast speed. Shadow, who was standing on the left wing, gave a soft glare towards the fox. Sonic, on the right wing, chuckled softly but loud enough for Shadow to hear. The Ultimate Lifeform could never take things lightly.

After the shoot out and seeing that Zeren was actually alive, the team decided to split up so some of them could take care of Zeren, while the others rescued Zera. Team C: Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos, and Amy stayed at Knuckles' house to protect Zeren and the island in case GUN got any funny ideas. Team A: Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Rouge plus Espio, go to Zera's location, break her out, and reunite her with Zeren. And looking at GUN's most prized prison right now,

It was in an uproar of vengeful flames.

"You think she went all Hulk on them?" Rouge said, calmly. Shadow glanced over at his bat friend. Rouge was always cool and confident, always kept it that way, that's how she let's everyone see her. But Shadow knows her better than most, if not all. On the inside right now, she's probably scared for Zera, hoping she's alright. That she was dead in the wave after wave of flames. Sadly though, Shadow can't lie.

"Not likely. Those Chaos darts really take it out of you... And if I know this place, they'd put her in my old cell... In that pod... She's definitely asleep in there.. We need to move in. Espio, what's the damage?" Shadow said in his comm link.

"Guys... There's someone, something, down here looking for Zera... It's mass chaos, you need to get down here before the whole place comes down... Or I can pronounce Zera dead..." The group was silent. You would never in any form of language, would you say Zera and dead in the same sentence... Shadow couldn't stand for it.

"Tails, take us down we're going in."

"Without a plan?"

"Of course there's a plan little buddy! Go in, trash whatever is left, get Zera, and go back to the others! Easy as pie! Which is what we should be rewarded for when this is over!" Sonic said with a grin.

"Sonic, I think that 'plan' isn't fool proof!"

"Well then, we'll be the fools to prove it!"

Tails could only roll his eyes as he started to descend the plane in for a landing. Always so positive and goofy in the face of danger. They lande on the docks, farthest away from the base so it wouldn't catch on fire.

"Tails, you stay here and keep the plane running for our get away. Rouge, Shadow, let's roll!" Sonic didn't even wait for Shadow usual stoic nod he went right into action.

"Gotta hand it to Big Blue, he's a very caring brother figure. He's such a softie." Rouge said to Shadow as they started to jog towards the flaming base.

"Rouge, you got an opening?"

"Yes I do Hun. Let's go." Grabbing both Shadow's and Sonic's hand Rouge flew up to the roof and down an easy to get through pipe.

'Why can't GUN ever clean? I'd be surprised if that would be the only thing they're good at." Sonic claimed as he and his fellow hedgehog crawled through the foul smelling filth. Shadow didn't want to seem like a high class whiner who wants only the best in life, so he kept his mouth shut. He did crinkle his nose a bit. Curse his super senses.

"Since you know this place better than the quills on your head, take the lead pal!" Shadow heard Sonic say. Since the pipe was big enough to hold both of them side by side, Shadow stared at Sonic.

"Hedgehog... you, of people, can't be serious?" Shadow, honestly, was a bit dumbfounded by this. Sonic, the big blue hero, was always leading into victory. And now... he wanted to be the back man. When was he or ever wanted to be the back man? When things aren't even at his level. He's afraid he'll screw it up with his usual ways of doing a rescue mission, which is by a stroke of luck... Shadow sighed. "I guess I have no choice. Alright Sonic, if I must. Just don't get any funny ideas this is for Zera..." Sonic nodded. "Well, I think we shall start here. We do not have much time before the building comes down and kills all of us." Sonic nodded as they kicked open the grate and dumped down on the floor.

"Man, so this is what my chillidogs feel like when I put them in the microwave." Sonic said. The fire was spreading, quite fast in face. There really wasn't much time.

"Follow me..." Shadow said as he skated down a corridor. Sonic wasted no time in following him.

"Where do you think they're- ahh! Hot, HOT! Um, keeping her?" Sonic yelped as his quills were closed to being engulfed in flames. Shadow almost smiled. Almost.

"As I said earlier, they must be keeping her in my old cell... If that nearly killed me... I could only imagine what it could do to her..."


"Hey, you two! Cut the chit chat and let's save the girl!" Rouge said. She was farther down the hall.

"How in the hell did you get in?"

"There's plenty of ways to get in here, Stripes."

"..." Shadow was so close to yelling, but knew there was a better time and place for it. The three started to run down the flaming halls, praying to have enough time to save the beloved female hedgehog.

"If we go any deeper in here, we'll become French fries! And choke on all this smoke!" Sonic said, coughing afterwards.

"Suck it up Blue! We have to take some so we can-" There were screams suddenly near them. The team froze. The screams grew louder, then grew completely silent. Rouge gulped.

"- So we can save Zera and whatever monster is down here..." Shadow said, now taking off. "GUN, what have you idiots gotten yourselves into this time? Who did you upset?"

And when Shadow rounded that next corner, he new exactly what GUN upset.

"A beast." Was all Shadow could say just as Rouge and Sonic rejoined the dark hedgehog's side. Sonic's eyes darkened as Rouge gasped and laid her head on Shadow's shoulder as the group looked at the scene before them.

Blood had stained the walls. 3 men lay in a pool of their own blood. One man had his head clean off. His facial expression the saddest thing of all. It was full of terror, dried tears could be seen. The second man could be sushi the way he was chopped up. His stomach was split open, and all of his precious human organs and intestine's littered the floor for all to see. The last man looked like someone tried making him into a human braid. Legs that were snapped and twisted up like a pretzel. The same can go for his arms. Maybe the beast was using his limbs to cover up that it pulled out his heart from his chest.

"Who... who did this?" Rouge whispered. Maybe for the first time, Shadow let his panic show on his face. What could be said? He did not know. And he did not like not knowing things. Whatever came down here, it came here with a purpose and real business.

"Don't know, and at this moment I don't care. As long as it isn't Zera, it's none of my concern." Sonic commented lowly. Oh boy, was the blue boy scout pissed. "We've gotta outrun that thing before it kills someone else... or Zera..." Sonic let it hang in the air for a bit. Rouge's fists clenched.

"We aren't going to let that happen. Shadow, how much farther is Zera suppose to be?" Rouge asked. Shadow looked back at Rouge to Sonic, then back to Rouge. Just how crazy are they about this girl? This single, wonderful, lovable-... oh, now he sees why.

"Just down over there... Step lightly, and keep your guard up. We don't want to startle-" Sonic took off before Shadow could even finish the pretty important sentence.

"Big Blue is true blue stubborn, I'll tell you that." Rouge muttered as she went after Sonic. Shadow stood there for a second before going after them.

"These idiots are going to get themselves killed." Shadow's soul thought was.

"SHADOW!" Rouge screamed. Yup, he totally called it. He ran around the corner and froze.

Zera was alive, so very much alive. And the thing holding her was too alive. It growled at them. All that could be seen was glowing yellow...no, gold eyes.

"Guys..." Zera finally said slowly, "Don't hurt her.."

"Don't HURT her?! 'She', looks like a tribal animal that's willing to throw you in the sacrifice hole!" Rouge couldn't contain her worried anger. The apparent she growled lowly, causing Zera to sigh though sounding like a gasp for air.

"Nina corto ba hun tima. Nici na camas se mi." Zera spoke to the one female holding her. Everyone froze. Did Zera just...?

"Nani? Que te di na porro tumo misk a?"


"Zera, what the fuck kind of language did you just speak?!"

"DO NOT, speak out of tone to the chosen one, who is my princess." She bellowed, now speaking English. Zera groaned, but there was a small smile on her face.

"Celia, you don't need to call me those, you know I don't like it. Now, let me stand up." Zera said, avoiding eye contact with her friends. Celia, watching them very closely, allowed the young girl to stand on her own legs. She was a little wobbly, but she still stood tall and proud.

"Zera... what is-"

"HAULT, YOU THERE!" A few soldiers who happened to have passed by saw the Project wasn't in the pod. They started to charge at them.

"We will answer the questions you all have later. Now we must run!" Zera said, and the girl named Celia put her arm around Zera so she could run better. The girls took off. The others paused, but they got right back on track and ran after them.

"Who is that girl?" Was the only question that ran through Shadow's head. Since it was dark.. no, Shadow can see in the dark quite well. So... why was it so hard to see this other girl... Was she... camouflaging herself from him?

"Celia, did you cause of this... chaos?" Zera had the courage to ask. It was basically dark columns of smoke barreling in their path. Celia didn't say anything. She just smiled.

"Technically speaking no... All I did was start this party." She chuckled in a dark way that started to worry Rouge. She looked at Shadow.

"Don't think I trust her being near Zera..." Rouge whispered near the dark hedgehog. Shadow glanced up to lock at the two girls in front of them.

"You know the great thing about these specialized hedgehog ears? That you hear just about everything around you." Celia said with probably a smile that was sinister.

"Celia, leave them be. Remember, they're my friends and they only want to help us."

"You, not so much of me dearie."

"THE EXIT!" Sonic shouted a bit awkwardly. Yes, the clear night sky was now available in sight. Good thing too. Just as they reached Tails at the Tornado, the entire base exploded.

"Oooooo~ pretty fireworks." Celia said with that loving crazy smile as they flew away from the scene of the crime. Shadow knew this mighty make him uncomfortable, but he had to look anyway. He glanced at the two girls.

Celia seriously was a hedgehog. In fact, she was an exact replica of Zera. The only thing that was different about her was her eyes and no colors on her bangs. Does that make them...sisters?

"Guy, just take a picture. It lasts longer." Celia made him step out of his staring. She kept staring at him, then looked down at her sleeping 'princess'. It wasn't odd to him that she was staring back at him like that. She had a right, she did not trust him. Yup, those two could be sisters, twins even.

"Where are you takin' us? She may trust you guys, but I don't. No need for the likes of you to be around her..."

"Celia... I do not wish to make a bad first impression, but I do not want to hear that kind of tone and talk about my friends. If anything, we are no different than you or Zera. So I expect a bit more respect outta you..." Sonic commented from across the Tornado. Celia glared at him with enough power to blow up the moon. But, her hardened face seemed to unhinge slightly.

"Celia, we are now approaching your temporary hideout: Angel Island." Tails shouted above the roar of the engine. The female hedgehog looked to see the massive chunk of rock coming closer to them.

"Et to ma..." Celia gasped out.

"Exactly Celia... if that is a good statement..."

Tails landed in a clear opening that was near Knuckles' house. Shadow hopped off immediately, looking at Celia and Zera.

"Toss her down to me Celia. I swear I'll never let her go." Shadow said as he held his arms out. Celia glanced at him, then hmphed and stuck her nose in the air.

"And then you'll never let her go. Sorry, but I ain't never letting her go. I only take orders from her. Besides," Celia jumped and was just... floating. Floating in the air. Then she finally landed next to Shadow, a proud smirk on her face. "I think I can protect her and myself pretty well, don't you think?" Shadow didn't say a word. Just stared her down, then started up the stairs to Knuckles' house.

"Hey everyone, Shads is home! Welcome home sweetie~." Shadow glared at the stupid dark red echidna, then walked inside past him. Celia was right behind him, full blown curiosity in her eyes. And in Joey's was- well, we already know. "And welcome, little darlin', to the humble Echidna household. Where all that is beautiful is welcome.~" Joey said smoothly. Celia finally noticed that there was another living creature in her presence, and acted like any girl would.

"HA! Boy don't even try. No matter how high your people are in our favor, you are too high to have me. I'm spoken for. Now move pipsqueak." Was all Celia said as she passed by Joey with her head held high and nose in the air. Joey was stuck there.

"What, just happened?"

"As you can see Joey, you got rejected by a girl you honestly shouldn't have asked out." Sonic chuckled as he and the others walked into the house.

"Oh okay just checkin'." He pouted slightly, then closed the door so he could rejoin the others.

Celia only stood where she was, observing everything and everyone awkwardly. "These... people... let a complete stranger into their home so easily and act as if nothing is wrong... They are... the many types of strange..." She looked down at the girl in her arms, and felt like smiling. "But, if she trusts them, then I shall have to do so as well for my princess..." She cleared her throat, gaining everyone's attention.

"Oh yes, we need to do introductions. Everyone, this is Ce-"

"Celia X. Um, pleased to meet you all..." She said, now growing shyly cautious of everyone. No one said anything, they were all just studying her. Erm, thank you for saving... Zera..."

"No prob, Bob!" Sonic said with a smile.

"No, it's Celia."

"..." "She's just like Zera."

"Well um, I'm Sonic. I'm the hero around here. That little fox is my best friend and brother Tails. The two that were with us was Shadow and Rouge. You've already met Joey." Sonic snickered while Joey glared at him. "I'm guessing the others are in the other room. Celia, follow me so we can put Zera in a safe place." Sonic said, now walking away. Celia slowly let her feet take her away from the group and after the blue hedgehog. "Let's hope it isn't a dramatic scene in there."

"Sonic! You're back!" Amy said, holding him in his arms too tightly. Sonic started coughing from the lack of air. Amy kept smiling until she saw who was behind her blue hero. "Zera? Why do-" And then she realized that Zera was only a limp body and not the girl holding the said body. She flat out dropped Sonic who fell on the floor with a thud.


"Sonic... who is she?"

"Oh, I'm sorry if I frightened you. I'm Celia X. You can say I'm a friend of Zera." Celia said calmly. Amy kept staring at Celia, feeling concern. She walked past Amy and Sonic.

"Oh, hello there... Celia... just, set Zera on the bed over here..." Knuckles directed Celia. She followed his orders with no questions asked. Sonic and Amy just watched in amazement.

"Sonic, who is she seriously? She's like... the exact replica of Zera! And she listens to Knuckles of all people?!" Amy surprisingly whispered to Sonic.

"I don't know, but we'll find out soon enough." Sonic looked at Knuckles, who was slightly distracted with Zeren and looking at Celia. Finally he noticed the pair of eyes looking at him. Sonic eyed him, then Celia's back, then the doorway the two were standing in. Knuckles looked at Sonic like he finally lost it. Then, Knuckles slowly started to have a clear face.

"Celia." Knuckles turned to the hedgehog girl, who looked at back at him with curiosity. "I would like you to go with Sonic and Amy back to the others. This isn't an interrogation. This is a friendly conversation, alright?" Celia looked at him, then the other hedgehogs, then at Knuckles again.

"Oh, alright..." Celia finally answered, walking away. Knuckles watched her and the others leave, then looked down at the two others in the beds. He chuckled softly, a soft smile at his lips.

"Those who get hurt together, love each other."

"So Celia, what's your relationship with Zera?" That was the first question asked as soon as Celia sat down on the floor with the others surrounding her on the couches and chairs. And who else to ask that question but Shadow. Sonic glared at him, but then it softened. Well, that actually might have been the safest question to ask. They didn't know if this female hedgehog was like theirs with her emotions. Celia twiddled her fingers in her lap.

"Well, it's a very complicated story, I don't even know where to begin." Celia finally said.

"Well, how about you start at the beginning. We don't get freaked out here so easily. If you haven't noticed, we don't have normal lives either..." Tails said, making everyone laugh awkwardly, even Celia. Shadow didn't. But his face was full of understanding.

"Oh, alright. One messed up story, coming up!" Celia took a deep breath, drawing the others in with its intensity. "It's pretty obvious that me and Zera are close. It's cause, well, I am a bit of her."

"YOU'RE HER DAUGHTER?!" Amy shouted.

"Oh no, no way. In this term, I'm her clone, a replica if you will." Celia paused, a certain look on her face. "Well, how I came to be, it's an interesting story... Apparently since Zera was classified as a threat to N.U.G, they wanted something that could defeat her, and that they could control. And since she's her, little to nothing could stop her. Until the idea to create another her came to play and have Jade's attention... So, the one time they had captured her... they sent her to the labs... once they took some DNA from her, they altered the codes a bit... science stuff later and pop, I was 'born'." Celia said, that fake smile her superior self likes to do.

"So, your relationship started out like Sonic and Shadow's? Amy asked. "Well, they were brutal enemies at first, then it came to friendly rivals. We're still waiting for the best friendship to start." A few of the others chuckled.

"...Heh, I guess we were like Shadow and Sonic. Once I grew up a bit, they trained me nonstop. Their soul dream for me... was to be stronger than Zera, and eventually kill her..."

"Did you really want to kill her?" Rouge asked giving Celia a type of look. Celia looked back at Rouge with a type of frown.

"No... as a young girl who was just an experimental pet that did not know she was one, and didn't know much, I did not have a reason to kill her... Then they told me what that reason was... that I wanted vengeance.. They told me that it was Zera that took everything away from me... She came into my town, and killed everything... my family..." She sighed, pain entering her eyes and face. "That, had fueled my anger. So, I worked hard to get stronger... they pushed me to a brink of insanity. Until finally by some chance, they caught her. She was in my trap, they said. They would grant her the freedom this time if she could defeat the greatest weapon they have: Me."

"Guessing she whooped your butt since she was still running. Erm, not that you're weak or anything. I just-"

"Oh Tails, it's fine. Actually, at our first meeting, we were completely stunned. We just looked so alike... for a moment, I thought she was my family, my long lost sister. Zera... I dunno what she thought of me... I did not want to fight her but they forced me to... I nearly killed her... But before my final blow on her, she held my hand... And told me she was sorry... For now and the future... Then she stabbed me!" Celia was laughing but she looked like she was on the brink of tears.

"... I don't see how it could be funny to be stabbed by... well, someone you're basically apart of." Espio commented, finally letting his presence be known. Celia looked in his general direction, and made a slightly honest smile.

"I know what you're saying there... but with us, when she did that, I felt what she was feeling. I felt her sadness in me, her disappointment. And I, as she told me later, was letting what I felt be known as well... After our fight, I was forced to train harder... they abused me, and my power. The pain I felt then turned into anger... And whenever they let me out to go find her... I took my anger out on her..."

"But, didn't you-"

"Realize that my anger was aimed at the wrong person? I was a kid at that time, I didn't understand my true emotions... Hell, I still don't. I was corrupted at a young age, I didn't know. But..." She looked at her own hands with a smile and looked deep in thought. This one time when we crossed paths, instead of trying to kill me, she just told me to trust her. Already knowing she wouldn't play dirty as kids do, I allowed her to take me wherever she pleased, away from the spies eyes... Heh," She grinned more, then it got smaller. "So when we were finally alone, she told me what N.U.G was really all about... And the lies they fed me... She even shared some of her memories with me... They really were monsters. So, she let me have a choice: I could either go back to N.U.G and continue working for them, or live my own life."

"Obviously you chose the second option."

"Actually I choose the first one-"


"To fulfill the second choice, if you would have let me finish, Lil Joey." She smirked in his direction, causing him to blush. "The reason I went back to them... Was to what I should've done the whole time... I destroyed my 'lovely little home.' Completely wrecked them... So of course they listed me as enemy #2, my superior being the first... It was glorious... Tasting actual freedom..." She grinned slightly.

"Ok second question. You really got a man?"

"JOEY!" Everyone yelled. Celia chuckled at them all, then looked at Joey.

"Sorry cutie, but I do... I'm guessing you all want a story on how I got one, huh?"

"Now I certainly am." Rouge said with a certain mischievous smile on her face. She leaned forward, all her interest on Celia.

"Um, alright then. Well, it happened a few weeks after my escape, they got their filthy hands on me again. Just as they were about to throw me away... He came..." A serious smile was on her muzzle, gold eyes sparkling with actual feelings. "Jax, a dashing fox with a pure heart came to my rescue..."

"Not as dashing as me, right Celia?"

"JOEY, HUSH!" Rouge said, causing Celia to chuckle.

"He was a rebel, trying to take down N.U.G and stop their taking of children... Oh, and I can't forget to mention his brilliant twin sisters. They were with him on that mission to save me."

"They have a rebellion on your planet? Did you become apart of it?" Sonic asked, feeling a bit comfortable to say something.

"Well, yea. Aren't you guys one?" Celia asked, looking at the group of people around her.

"That's more of a side job. Our job is to defeat the... 'evil' Dr. Eggman... is like our side enemy. This is strictly for Zera." Shadow finally spoke to Celia. Their eyes were locked for some time, some sort of unspoken talk happening. Finally, Celia broke free of the conversation, a bit red in the face.

"Erm, anyway, they took me in, treated me like family. Jax and I grew close... Very close... He made me feel all gushy inside, and never gave anyone the kind of attention he gave me.. Still didn't get feelings, but I knew I was in love with him whenever a certain girl was being a bit too perky near him. I finally had the nerve to ask him what we were. And his reply was, 'Silly Cel, we're together. Have been from the start.' So, he was my first boyfriend."

"Did you guys break up?" Rouge asked. Celia looked at her, all signs of happiness gone only to be replaced with hurt. Her new thoughts of Rouge was that she was too much of a prying person of romantic feelings.

"No... it's more along the lines of God making him go to him... I don't wish to give anymore details now, about this... Don't worry, I'm not lonely or anything, you just gotta go with the punches of life, you know?" Celia stood up, now walking over to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

"So both of my girls are broken... So tragic..." Rouge thought her eyes drifting towards the back of the house where Zeren and Zera are resting. "I wonder how she'll really feel about all of this, especially that Zeren is still alive."


"Zera, are you alright? Can you hear me?" Voice? No, Voice has never sounded so concerned about her. Probably never will. She knew this voice... Deep, rough... but still caring. Not Shadow, nor Espio.

"Knuckles?" She thought she said. She didn't feel right. Her mouth felt stuffed with cotton,, her body too warm. She groaned, causing Knuckles to chuckle. She wanted to glare at him. If only she could open her eyes..

"I figured that's how you feel. Don't worry, I need to give you one more thing, and you'll both feel alive with plenty of strength as well. You two just hang tight, I'll be back in awhile." Knuckles said as he walked out the door. Two? Who else was in the room? Did someone else get hurt while trying to save her? She whimpered.

"This was what I was afraid of. They would get too close, attached to me, and end up risking their life for my pathetic one... I couldn't dream now to lose someone... I already lost someone I think I got... too close to..." Zera felt like someone stabbed her in the chest. She still couldn't believe that Zeren took the bullet... the rain of bullets for her. After all that happened between them, after how she treated him, he let them take his life, instead of hers." ... "Baka Zeren, why did you do it? Why do something for a girl who is just practically a stranger?" She whispered, only wanting an answer from someone, anyone. Him.

"Why? Because my dear Zera... My feelings for you won't want to see you dead." Oh great, she was hearing Voice again, mocking her... No, these are just regular voices teasing her, trying to fill her broken heart with hope. "Zera, look at me when I'm talking to you."

"NO! You aren't real! You died Zeren! I don't want to look at you to see you aren't there, or that you're here only as a ghost! I couldn't live through that!" Zera didn't mean to cry, but the tears flowed anyway. She was just glad no one saw her cry this intensely, or the fact that "Zeren" could only bear them and not see it.

"When will you stop being so stubborn towards me?"

"When you're alive... Stop being dead..."

"Fine, I will." And then she heard a creak from another bed across the room. Oh my gosh, this is weird. Was someone actually in this room? A clone, that had to be it. They cloned Zeren, just like they did with her to make Celia.. She felt sick to her stomach. If they did that for her, it was an honestly sweet gesture, it was horrible. "A clone could look like Zeren, act like Zeren... but it wasn't real. It was just wrong..."

And then she felt a pair of hands grab her shoulders, twist her around, and stuff her face in a warm inviting chest.

"I'm not dead Zera. I will never leave you alone." And then, she looked up, to see the real deal, her real deal. He was smiling gently at her, raising a hand to wipe away her tears. "As long as you're alive, I'm alive babe." He hugged her again, tighter than before.

"He's real... He's alive... I'm holding him again..." The smile on her face grew to a point of it being almost comical to smash it with a hammer and letting everything shatter.

"Zeren, I don't understand. How are you alive?" Sure, she was overjoyed that he was still amongst the living but how he had avoided death's grasp wasn't quite... right. She heard Zeren sigh as he released her.

"Look Zera, this is something I still can't tell you. I trust you but this just isn't the time." The frown on Zera's face lead him to believe that she wasn't okay with this. "Zera look, I will explain myself... When we're both good and ready..." He smiled his stupid smile that he knew Zera liked a lot, and walked out of the room to probably get a drink of water. She watched him leave, 'accidently' looking down at Zeren's backside and enjoying it.

"Bullshit." Was all she could mumble as she climbed back into her bed, trying very hard to ignore the blush that was eating at her cheeks. Why was she getting so flustered around Zeren suddenly? It's like she was so...

"Shut up, you." She thought to Voice, knowing it was going to give her a smart remark soon if she thought about this any harder.

"Fine, fine, if I must... Just don't forget what I told you, my dear. It's coming, and so is she and I. You can't stop us from coming. it will happen with or without you." Was all Voice said before it vanished.

She... She? Why would she... It will never come to that. Never has, never will.

"And I intend to keep it that way..." Zera said as she fell back into a dark slumber.


"Zeren? What the hell are you doing out of bed? Get back in that room!" Rouge shouted in a whisper. Yup, that's his friend, the one who loves to tease the hell out of him, but when he needs it, is the caring older sister he never got to have as he walked past her to get to the kitchen.

"Relax girl, I just came to get a glass of-" And that's when Zeren looked eyes with a girl who looked too much like his own. He nearly dropped the bottle he was holding with now shaky hands.

"Oh yeah, forgot to do introductions. Zeren, this is Celia, Zera's clone/sister. Celia, this is Zeren, Zera's future husband but for right now friend." Rouge nearly burst out laughing when she saw how quickly Zeren's face flushed red. Celia's facial expression showed she was only slightly amused.

"Oh, so you intend to be with my Princess forever, Mr. Zeren?" Celia said, arms crossed over her chest with sass. Oh shit, so she would be the parent he would have to talk to have a blessing to be with Zera.

"I um, well yes, I would like to..." He said softly, now being shy and scared under the golden stare of Celia.

"Oh, I see..." She looked him up and down, and then her features softened. "Well, my first impression of you is cute." She smiled, if only slightly like her original would. "We'll see if you can impress me enough to let you be with her. "And that's all she said as she walked down to the living room with the others. They all smiled (Shadow only nodded) up at Zeren. Sonic was smiling especially big.

"Wait a minute..." Zeren thought. That was Sonic's mischievous smile, meaning he was being a sly ass. And now, Sonic held up the black recorder. Zeren felt weak and pale.

"Sometimes, I hate this hedgehog." He whispered to Rouge. She giggled as she patted his back.

"Yea yea, I love him too." She said as she went to go join the others. "You, have to go back to bed before Knuckles comes in to chop all of our heads off." Zeren was about to make a snarky comment but kept his tongue in. He knew Celia was watching him, even if she wasn't looking in his direction. He shrugged just to be cool, and walked back to his and Zera's room. Oh, how that had a wonderful ring to it. Their room... Sure, they aren't in the same bed and a happy married couple, but he'll take it anyway he could.

"You're sister, is she always-" Zeren smiled his honest smile, knowing he wouldn't get an answer right not. Zera was fast asleep, curled up to get more warmth. He closed the door softly, trying to not disturb her. He sat next to her, watching her sleep. Just like he did the first night he found her.

"Sleep well, my princess." Zeren said in a whisper. He lowered his head till his lips met her cheek in a small sweet kiss. He walked back to his bed, taking a long sip practically finishing his bottle. Finally getting comfortable. "Completely hopeless... I'm completely hopeless..."


Knuckles walked through the front door, looking very ragged and annoyed. He was carrying a small bag tightly like it was the most important thing on the planet. Makes you think what else lives on that island with him. Rouge actually looked concern."Knuckles, are you alright? You look like you fought-"

"Me." Sonic snickered. Knuckles tiredly glared at the blue hedgehog, but then he looked back at his girlfriend.

"I'm fine. I just needed to get a few more ingredients for the Z team." Knuckles said as he walked towards the rooms. He so was going to make Zeren pay for it, starting with that little irritating nickname for those two, and another one that got under his skin. The things he does for friends...

"Knuckles." He looked to his side to see the echidna form of Tikal. She had a worried look on her face. She didn't even let Knuckles say hello to her. "It's Zera. She's a daughter of chaos... which isn't the only strange thing about her. As she was sleeping, I studied her. At first, I couldn't find anything serious, she seemed pretty much in perfect health. Until... I got to her brain..." She looked over at the door that held the way to the very girl she spoke of. "There's... something in there... Something I can't explain... It's clouded, like it's hiding... You would think that they had planted a chip in her brain but that isn't the case here..." Tikal said, looking like she was about to cry. Knuckles couldn't say anything at first.

"Can you extract it?" Knuckles asked, though now seeing tears flow from her eyes, he knew the answer.

"No... I can't do much. If anyone even tried to take it out... She'll die... It's too risky to even try..." Knuckles looked over at the group, then the door.

"Come with me..." Knuckles whispered as he opened the door, letting Tikal in then him, slamming and locking the door, "Zera, wake up!" Knuckles shouted.

"I wasn't really asleep you know, no need for shouting. You could stand you use your inside voice, if you have one that is..." Zera mumbled, raising her head up to give a certain look towards the red echidna. Tikal felt guilty now knowing that Zera actually wasn't sleeping and she was spying on her with no consent of Zera's feelings.

"We're sorry Zera." Tikal said, taking the bag from Knuckles and handing it to the female hedgehog. Curious, she opened it and pulled out the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. The petals start out purple, but then it starts to merge to become this blue color. Oddly beautiful. "This flower is very special. It has a unique healing effect on anyone who partakes in it. No one has ever given it a name. I call it The Clenser, for it clears your mind, and helps your soul. You and Zeren must eat the petals to get better." Tikal started to smile oddly, just like the girls when they were in art class... She didn't like it.

"This isn't cause any bad side effects for me, will it?" Zera asked as she sniffed the flower. Zeren, now being aware of what was going on around him, walked over and sat next to Zera on the bed.

"We need to... share this, Tikal?" Zeren asked, trying to keep his smile down. This is like a dream come true! His head so close to Zera's, sharing. They might clonk heads, they might brush cheeks, they might touch tongues.

Eww, no that's too far.

"Yes, Knuckles only managed to bring one, so you must." Tikal giggled, just like she knew what Zeren's intentions are. Knuckles grabbed her arms and drew her in closely.

"Tikal, I brought one for each of them... Why do they need to share it?" Tikal rolled her eyes. He's not the smartest guardian, she'll say that. How he managed to get Rouge and keep her romantically is a mystery. At least he was interesting.

"Because silly, it will be romantic for these kids, and give Zera a bump... Not in that way of course, just a push." They looked over at the 'couple'. Indeed, Zeren was clearly enjoying this. And under all that red, Zera seemed to not be hating this. "Plus..." Her face grew all serious. "Should something happen to Zera or even anyone of the gang, we'll have another clenser at the ready so you don't have to waste time fighting for another one.." The worry never left her face. Knuckles' face softened.

"Alright... just, don't let things get any type of wild in here... Seriously, don't let it..." Knuckles told her as he left the room. Tikal sighed, then looked over at the 2 oddballs finishing up the flower petals.

"Hopefully, you two will come together at the right time..." That was Tikal's soul wish at this moment.

"Tikal, are you alright? You've been staring at me and Zera for a couple of minutes now..." Zeren said, now standing up to throw the rest of the flower away. Tikal flushed.

"O-oh, nothing is wrong, I'm perfectly fine." She chuckled a bit, which put Zera on guard. "The real question is if you guys are alright. You feel alright?" She was mainly looking at Zera when she asked the question.

"Me? Oh well... I feel alright I guess."

"And I feel just happy and dandy Ma'am!" Zeren said with excitement. Zera watched him from the corner of those powerful eyes. Why does he grin so happily to her, talk to her with such joy in his eyes? Zera didn't like the feeling she was feeling or that someone was getting better attention from Zeren than she does. Then again, this... 'unhappy' feeling as she decided to call it, made her feel energized, powerful even. Maybe it was with the help of the cleanser she felt this. Perhaps this flaming feeling in her chest was a side effect?

"Where is Celia?" Zera wanted to distract herself with something so her urge to suddenly slap the... dead daylights out of her didn't happen. Her 'little' sister was important though, who knows what kind of trouble she could get herself into.

"I think she's in the kitchen still." Tikal said. Zera felt like grumbling, but she didn't want to draw attention to herself so she let her eyes do the talking. Curse Tikal and her cute niceness, no wonder everybody likes her. She nodded, and walked to and out the door without another word.

A thin smile drew on Tikal's face, and she started to chuckle. Zeren gave her a strange look.

"What's so funny Tik?" He asked, which only caused the female echidna to laugh hard.

"Oh, I'm sorry Zeren, I just couldn't help it. It's a girl thing and I know you don't like learning about those." Tikal said after her laughing fit was over. The poor boy missed his moment of hope. Tikal saw that growling look that Zera was giving her, and earlier when she was doing the same thing towards Zeren. Tikal knew what all that meant; it's sweet.

"Zera was completely jealous of me just now!"




"... You know how I feel about that title Cel."

"Are you alright Zera?"

"Yes, I'm alright. Are you okay?"

"Who cares about me? I didn't go through a hell right now."

"You know I will always care about you and everyone else." Zera said as she brought Celia in for a hug. Celia sighed, but was glad to hear that from the female hedgehog.

"Ok, you know my payment for saving lives, cash or food. I don't want or need hugs." Celia said, knowing they both feel awkward with this kind of display of affection.

Zera released her hold, looking at Celia properly. She hadn't seen her in honestly a couple of months, and Celia looked like she changed. Zera sensed it, but couldn't figure out what. She stared at her feet, and finally noticed the bag next to them.

"Celia, what's going on? What is this bag for?" She asked, though she had a pretty sure idea of what she was doing. Celia gave her a honest confused smile.

"What do you mean, 'what is this bag for/' Girl, I'm packing to go home. You should be doing the same thing. Any valuable things you have pack'm up. We don't have that much time anyway. I give us about two, three minutes tops."

"Celia, what on Marnt are you talking about?"

"Yeah, I want to know what exactly is going on back here." Shadow's calm, smoothly chilling voice came out from behind them. Both girls nearly jumped out of their shoes. Shadow was leaning against the wall, no hint of nothing on his face..

"Shadow, I need to take Zera home." She looked at Zera dead in the eyes. "When I heard that you were captured, I couldn't stand it. You couldn't be, since you have a job to do. SO me and the girls decided to save you."

"The girls? Who's the girls?" Joey asked with excitement. Zera rolled her eyes. When will he stop hitting on girls for five minutes? Celia smirked in his direction, and Joey knew what was coming.

"My little sisters, who are too young for you and to date." She smirked again, then turned back to Shadow and Zera. "They're my little twin geniuses, and will be opening a portal to come get us any minute now."

"She's fine here too you know, we have everything under control." Joey stated, an actual look of seriousness in his eyes.

"Oh yes, you guys letting Zera get captured and almost shipped off to her immediate death was completely in your control." Celia said in a sweet sarcastic voice. For a moment, no one said anything.

"And yet, we rushed off to her rescue within the hour. Was Shadow's words. Zera finally looked at Shadow, studying his expression. In the eyes that usually hold no care or feelings in general replaced by anger and some type of hurt, held compassion and maybe...

"Zera can still stay with us. No certain place can ever be safe, but we have and will continue to keep Miss. Zera safe." Espio finally said what everyone was thinking to say. They have grown so close and surprisingly attached to this girl in one short week. Some can admit it, others would rather drop dead and let someone else burn them alive than admit any kind of feelings they harbor in their being.

"Guys..." Zera finally said quietly, which instantly caught everyone's attention. "For one," she turned to Celia, never letting either of their gazes drop from each other. "I decide where I want to go, and what I do. I've been doing it most of my life, and nothing will be stopping me now." She faced her crowd of new friends. "I don't know why you all insist to try and protect me. It's always appreciated but not necessary... What I'm trying to say here is this is the end. I really do need to go with Celia. I need to end things at N.U.G... You all can not come with me."

And that's when a portal opened up in the living room, causing an eerie glow to shadow the house.

Zera's words hung in the air, chocking the others. Zera didn't need them anymore, their adventure with her... is over...

"Good job girls!" Celia chanted, hoping her words didn't make them feel too awkward even more. She picked up her bag by her feet and looked at everyone around them. "It's been a fun half hour and so with all of you. Perhaps I could recruit you all some in the future. My organization could use people like you."

"Perfect when do we start?" Zeren asked, hobbling onto the scene, Tikal beside him. Zera felt a twinge of that feeling again when she saw how close and good the duo of echidnas looked together.

"Zeren, I didn't-"

"No Celia, I know what you're saying. You can't bear to see Zera all sad about leaving us, even after what she just said. You want us to come with you guys and stop N.U.G.. Am I right?"

"I don't have time to answer stupid questions, I don't know how long they could hold the portal o-"

"Celia..." Zeren walked over to her, now in her personal space. For the first time here, everyone saw the color of pink shine on the female hedgehog's cheeks. "Just say yes."

"Y-yes..." She admitted. "How the hell did I let that happen? The girls couldn't even persuade me so like this, nor could any other man! How could he do so so easily? He's radiating something, I felt that power... I just can't name it..."

"You heard her guys, everybody into the portal!" He said as he first pushed Celia in. She sure was going to kill him once he crossed to that side too, but it was worth it. Sonic didn't hesitate, whooping as he jumped through. Tails went in after his big hero brother, which lead Espio to do the same. Shadow, looking very unamused at this way of transportation (and feeling a bit of deja vu), walked in. Rouge followed, Knuckles going in with his own bag. Everyone filed out of except Zeren and Zera. She was looking at him, her eyes asking a question. He smiled down at her, and held her hand tightly.

"No, I will never leave you alone, no matter what you say." He brought her hand to his face and hissed the back of her hand. Zera felt her heart skip a beat and her muscles tense up at his lips being so gentle. How could he just reduce her to a gawking puddle of embarrassment?


"Ahh~ home sweet base~." Celia, breathing in the fresh crisp air (or what she could at least call fresh air on this polluted planet she called home). She turned to her audience, glaring in murderous lust at Zeren when he joined the group with Zera. "Welcome to The Underground. This is where we all live, in secret."

"The woods?" Rouge said looking around. Since she got used to the city, the woods almost felt foreign. Celia smiled wickedly and in excitement.

"I'll let you be the judge of what, 'the woods' are." She said, starting to walk over to a grassy field. She cawed like an eagle, causing everyone to stop walking. Moments later, a few trees vanished, showing a path.

"Oh gosh, this is amazing!" Tails said in awe. This is cloaking and hologram technology isn't it? Those designs are flawless, who exactly did this all?"

"Oh, she did." Celia pointed over to the group over by a tree. They were all dressed in black, so no faces or bodies could be recognized.

"CELIA!" Screamed a voice. Or, was it well blended voices that sounded as one? Everyone looked to see two of those figures run towards the group. They practically jumped on Celia, laughing.

"Oh, my beautiful girls, you did it! I'm so proud of you both..." She held them a little bit longer, then remembered that she had people behind her. "Um, guys, these are my little twins, ET. Girls, this is Team Sonic."

"There is no way in hell that we'll be called that again..." Everyone thought in misery. The twins turned around to face the group.

The perfect pair of identical twin wolves stood before them. Same snowy white fur, same height, same muzzle twitch. The only way to tell who was by their tails and eyes. One of them had a blue tipped tail and the other had a black tip. Piercing blue eyes greeted everyone gently.

"Just to clear it up, I'm E. Sis here is T. You'll know who's who once you get to know us better." E said. Tails was watching the twins intently.

"So, you guys made this?" He asked, his voice still in awe. T went pink for a moment, but E was grinning ear to ear.

"Why of course, little guy. We are, what I like to call geniuses." E said, looking oh so prideful of her and her twins work.

"Well, I welcome you to the genius club." Tails said, his charming smile never fading. E smiled back. "Why, I think you could be the president. Even though you're a girl."

And that smile went from 100 to 0 real quick.

"Tails, was it? Look, on your planet it might be okay to discriminate women, but here, it doesn't fly. And maybe with those tails, you can fly back to it and be a full fledged jerk." And with that, E turned around and walked swiftly away from the group. Sonic stepped up to Tails.

"Lil bro, you gotta choose your words carefully. But, you picked an interesting one, impressive." Sonic said. Tails gave Sonic a look.

"Don't, start with me..." Tails said with a low growl. I watched her twin storm away in anger, then looked at the poor fox kid.

"Ehe, don't worry, E isn't so rough like that once you get to know her, and get on her better side. Good luck." And T followed after her twin.

"Don't let their faces fool you. E may have the more innocent looking face, but she's a bit more of the tough child." Celia said, a small smile. Don't worry, you'll get to her. She has a weak spot for foxes." She snickered when she noticed Tails cheeks start to glow. "Anyway guys, let me show you more of the base I call home."

"Lead the way." Zeren said, staying close to Zera. Not only because, well, he never gets the change to and promised her he wouldn't leave her alone, but also because he knows Celia is still trying to kill him. He knows she's looking at him, just waiting to strike. The group continued walking until they reach a huge secluded field.

"These are out campgrounds. It's not, how you say, 'the rits', but it's home sweet home to us." Celia said, showing them these tent like huts. Some where smaller than others. Every single one of them had a light near their entrance. Some were out, maybe to indicate that they weren't there, or just sleeping.

"Do you guys got a place to eat? Cuz I'm hungry." Sonic said, holding his stomach dramatically and pouting just for an extra measure of innocence. Shadow rolled his eyes.

"Oh please Faker, you didn't eat that long ago. Stop trying to gain attention." Shadow grumbled to the pouting blue hedgehog. Sonic and his stupid puppy eyes.

"Well for one Shads, being the center of attention is where a hero like me should belong. Secondly, those burgers couldn't hold me up. I think it's the dimension travel that got to my poor stomach." He said, batting his eyes at Shadow. The dark hedgehog grimaced at this act, now noticing how close the other was to him.

"Whatever hedgehog, do what you want to your stupid body, I don't care. Don't come crying to me if you start puking." Shadow looked away from the green eyed hedgehog. Sonic, on the other hand, was smiling like no tomorrow.

"Aww Shads, you may not care about my stomach, but you certainly care if I'm happy or not~." Sonic said slyly, inching closer to the hedgehog as they continued walking. Shadow didn't say anything, not making any contact with Sonic. His head was turned away from him. But the blue blur knew better.

"Shadow is blushing. I know he'll never admit this, but when he blushes, his cute ears move in a certain angle... Erm, and it isn't cute when they do that. Heck, who said his ears were cute in the first place? Not me, that's for sure... Yea..." Sonic suddenly felt odd and walked closer to Celia. She smirked, thinking the whole act of Sonic and Shadow was quite interesting and well, cute.

"Here we are, our mess well. Mmm, smells like G is making us something good for dinner." Celia said as they walked into the largest tent. There were wooden tables everywhere, and blue folding chairs surrounding them. It was like a slightly better version of a high school cafeteria. They walked around the back to the kitchen.

"Cel, who be these... people?" A deep voice said as they walked in. There was a tall, stout, beefy female warthog. She had beady black eyes, and a big snout that house thick tusks. Her eyes glazed over the group, then widened at the sight of Zera. "Zera... how, when did you..."

"Chill G, you shouldn't be surprised that I'm here. You know I'll always come back here. Thank the girls." Zera said, stepping closer t the cook. She snapped out of it, the cold look returning back, and a shrug came with it, cool and collected. She walked over back to her station where all the food was, causing everyone to follow her.

"You just another mouth to feed... And I am ve definition of... chill... Now, vhat you vant to eat?" She barked out towards the group. Sonic picked up a tray quickly.

"One order of piping hot chilidogs ma'am! Extra spicy please." Sonic said, charming and innocent smile put into play. G stared down the blue hedgehog, her one eye making a weird twitch.

"Fine... I go get your dog of chili... with extra kick..." G nearly spat it out. The supposed sisters started to chuckle. If there's one woman you should never command her what to make or even question her cooking, it's most definitely G.

She returned with a big pot of something. Sonic's one ear drooped a bit. He slowly grabbed a spoon and a fork from their piles and waited to be served. G started to grin in a wicked way, grabbing her trusty ladle and going in the huge pot and plopped down... not a chilidog.

"And for your extra kick.." She used another ladle to plop something else on his tray, it's color defying all colors food shouldn't be. "Dis. You satisfied, Blue?" G smirked, really pounding her down on the counter. He whimpered and rapidly nodded, moving away from the now annoyed chef. Celia burst out laughing, and Zera's chuckling only turned into a deep grin.

"So.. he heh, anybody else hungry?" Celia managed to say, still full of giggles. The crowd burst into a choir of 'no's and 'not hungry'.

"Oh Cel, you sure do love to torture people just for laughs. SO charming." A voice said. Everyone turned around and saw a very charming looking wolf. He was a mysterious type of blue, and that's saying a lot for a wolf. And his eyes were a perfect shade of deep blue. He was skinny yet muscular. Celia smiled as she walked to him, allowing him to scoop her up and give her a light peck.

"Everyone, this is my boyfriend Ty. He's the new light of my life, if you were wondering how I coped with the loneliness after losing the last guy... Ty, this is Zera's group of friends that helped saving her life. Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Espio, Amy, Tikal, Joey and... Zeren. Sonic is the guy that made G upset." She smiled again, wrapping am arm around his torso and he wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all. And Zera, I'm glad that you've come back home Princess." Ty said, making a slight how towards her. Zera grimaced and turned a small shade of pink.

"Great, she has him in on this too... Damn this child." But she eventually walked over and hugged the couple.

"My favorite pair of girls." Ty said, crushing them against his chest causing Celia to laugh and Zera to lowly growl.

"Really, your favorite pair? Isn't there a, dare we say, younger fresher pair you love more?" The twins came on either side of the other pair of sisters. Ty smiled down at them.

"Yes, of course. They come after you guys." He said, letting go od his girlfriend and her sister go to grab the real pair of twins and swing them around.

"Oi, put us down flea bag!" T said with a squeal and trying to wiggle away from him. He finally put them down.

"Yea, I'm the flea bag, you little monster." He commented. The girls blew him a raspberry and walked over to G. E bumped her shoulder harshly against Tails. He pouted, but didn't say anything. He really didn't know what to say to her, to make her forgive him. Then again, why should he? She's too prideful and spoiled to deserve an apology from him...

"Why should I care if she likes me or not it's like I'm staying here forever... Don't have to deal with these... characters for that long. Hopefully." Tails thought, rubbing his shoulder.

"Hey G, think you can give us the good stuff?" The twins asked. G's facial expression never changed, but she scoffed and went in the back for a minute while the girls got their trays. She came back with a tray full of lamb. She slapped a piece on their tray. Sonic, who finally put his tray away, made a face.

"Whoa, hold up G lady. How come they actually get some of the good stuff and I get the Sloppy Extreme? Sure you're only just met me but I thought that you should treat guests with kindness."

"Key word there, you thought! " She mumbled, gripping her ladle and her eyes bright with fire. Listen here, pretty boy, you not always get vhat you vant. That is lesson of life, one of the many laws of universe. And not everything you get can be prettiful for you. Who knows if you did get the stuff better for you den da girls did? Who knows if rat poison was dropped into making of lamb?"

"WHAT?!" The girls yelped, going whiter than their fur color. She shook her head at them.

"No no, you girls know I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you. But you!," She points her ladle at the fearful Sonic. "Need to learn manners in my kitchen! And don't think I'm mean. I am kind to everyone on this campsite, this group is like family.

"But why not me? I didn't think I was rude and I was smiling politely towards you."

"See, again with your damn assuming and stupid thinking. You actually rude towards me. Therefore, I do not like you, blue boy." And with that she left the quiet team and a pretty much stunned Sonic.

"Well, that was an interesting show of G." Celia said to break the ice. The twins were just munching away at their dinner and trying not to laugh. "I guess we will show you to your tents for now. Follow Ty please." Celia said. The team nodded and took after their guide. Sonic was slowly walking behind everyone which was saying a lot of him. They left the mess hall and headed west.

"Should we have any guest or unexpected visitors we have some spare tents for them. Wasn't easy getting them either..." Ty added as they started going down a trail within the camp. It started to get rocky so Rouge decided to hover over everyone else.

At the end of the trail, there was a small clearing. Then slightly beyond that were 3 large tents, though this time of being dark green like everybody else's these ones were grey.

"These are grey to protect the people inside. Since N.U.G is still trying to scout for us and these tents are just outside the protection field, we're making them look like caves or even large boulders so they can't tell from the air. Pretty smart, eh?" Ty said. A few nodded and a few didn't say anything. Zera noticed that one of the tent's lights was out.

"Ty, is someone occupying that tent?" She asked, her bright eyes studying him then. He made a tsking sound and his eyes narrowed at the mentioned tent.

"I'm afraid so Zera... If it was my decision I wouldn't have let them in this base, let alone that tent, but your sister is the big cheese around here (not to mention my beloved girlfriend and for the fact that she could kill me in an instant) and I have to follow her orders... only thing they deserve is a good kick in the teeth..." Ty's facial expression went from warm and kind to dark and unforgiving. Zera frowned. Who could make him have so much hatred in his voice, make him seen so cold, and-

"No... it couldn't be..." Zera said, looking back at the tent. She departed from the group and rushed towards the tent. Ty rushed after her, yelling at her to get away from there. She didn't listen, nor did she care to. The thumping of her heart grew just as she threw open the tent flaps to reveal who was living inside.

"And my guess was right... Hey guys." Zera said with a vicious (the good kind) grin at the inhabitants. There before her and when the others entered in with her, was the spy team that had plotted to kill them before (in a way). Miskit was sitting on the one bed in the far corner, writing in a journal. Merlinda was in the bed next to the panda bear's, maybe sleeping or acting to avoid the intruders of their space. Raldo was on the bed closest to the entrance, and a very tired looking Ivy was laying her head on his lap, now attempting to smile at the group.

"Hey, Zera. Sonic group..." Ivy tried speaking but it rough and dry, causing her to have a coughing fit. Raldo stroked her side and she actually allowed it, though her face showed discomfort and embarrassment.

"Yea yea, big secret is out. I'm hiding the spy team here." Celia came through the tent, and stood beside Zera. Shadow's face showed positive anger, just as bad as Ty's did. He could've Chaos Blasted everyone with how red he was.

"You're helping the enemy?! The people who were trying to kidnap and kill Zera and had temporally killed one of our friends?! You brought them here?!" Shadow's voice rose, and Sonic and Ty had to pat his shoulders to make him kick it down a notch. Shadow wasn't known to lose his cool so easily, so this was quite shocking. "Why would you do that?"

"They saved us." Zera and Celia said in unison.

"When I was trying to break Zera out of that prison, this team here came at us. I went into instinct and tried to attack them-"

"But we told her we're on their side and helped them defeat some of the soldiers... don't know what that makes us now, but I know a promotion is so out of the question." Ivy jumped in with a small sad smile on her face. Espio's face was full of confusion.

"We didn't see you guys when we went down to get her. We only saw the twins here." This earned a look from the female hedgehogs.

"We told them to move on without us, we had to cover their tracks."

"But crazy girl here decided that we had enough of a beat down and she let us be teleported here. So ta-da here we are." Ivy said, laying back down on Raldo.

"Yes, here you are, ruining my camp with yourselves."

"Peace, Ty. I allowed them here in my camp, and they are under my protection. So if you have any other problems with them, you talk to me." Celia said, no remorse or kindness in her voice towards her own mate. His face softened for a moment, then he walked away and out of the tent.

"He'll get over it eventually, he just needs to cool down.." Zera said, taking a glance at Celia. Her face was firm but her eyes had details of sadness in them.

"Glad we can make things interesting for y'all." Ivy said, finally standing up. Shadow's face was not happy.

"Yes, interesting." He all but growled out, following in suit of Ty.

"But what about your sleeping arrangements?" Celia actually called out to him.

"I'm used to sleeping outside, thank you. Send me a blanket and a pillow to the nearest tree of this tent area." Came his harsh reply. Sonic rolled his eyes. Shadow is such a drama queen.

"Don't worry, I'll get him to step thinking he's a king." Sonic said with a wink as he walked out of the tent. Celia found herself laughing and smiling. She stopped when she saw everyone looking at her.

"Well you know, they're funny cuz they-... Um, well... Erm, anyway, let's get you all settled. Come this way. Have a good night guys." Celia said as she led them out of the tent and into the one next to it. It was the one longer tent, this time holding about ten beds. Ironically just enough.

"The battle starts tomorrow. You guys are going to need your rest. I don't know if you'll need training, but if you ever want to learn anything new, you can always stop by. Open 24 hours. Night." Celia said with a wink and walking out of the tent.

Sonic came back moments after Celia's departure with a very tired looking Shadow. Sonic was basically crushing Shadow's wrist in his grip.

"Shads agreed to sleep in the tent with us!" The blue hedgehog said cheerfully. How could he be smiling when his left cheek had a bruise on it? Shadow only 'hmphed' and somehow got his wrist back and went to the farthest bed in the corner. He laid down and no one questioned him.

"So I will let you all settle in. I'll take my leave now. Good night everyone." Zera called as she took her leave. Mainly everyone said good night, apart from Shadow and Zeren. Zeren went after the girl.

"Why can't you stay with us, we have plenty of room for you. And if not, we can just make Shadow sleep in the tree like he wanted to." He joked, earning a small laugh from Zera. It was too damn cute, even for her. They were walking back to the main campsite, very close Zera realized and her faced burned.

"T-thank you for your concern and the offer, but I have my own tent to sleep in. I have lived in this place for awhile, after all." Zera commented, not exactly looking at him. They continued to walk together, silence surrounding them.

"Hey Zera, can I ask you something?" Zeren suddenly asked. Zera finally had the courage to look him in the eye.

"You... may." She was slightly confused. This felt formal, even for him. Sometimes he would just go for it which half the time was stupid and angered her to a great point. But now...

"I know that N.U.G hasn't been kind to you... ok, they'll never be kind to you-"

"If you're trying to make me feel better about my life, it is not working. At all." Zera commented, her eyes narrowing slightly. Zeren chuckled nervously and cleared his throat. Gosh, this was hard to do with someone like her.

"No no, that wasn't my point nor my intention. I mean, like... What will you do?" When he saw her perplexed face, he sighed and rubbed his hands together. "I mean, when we defeat N.U.G and it's sisters, what... exactly is your plans after that? What will your future look like?

Time stood still, as did Zera. She was staring blankly into space. "Did I just break the best thing that has ever happened to me?" He thought, feeling like he should try to comfort her in a way.

"I don't know." She sounded like a broken record or that CD your mom refuses to clean and it sticks, getting slightly (aka overly) annoying. But he would never think of Zera as annoying. Just... hard to work with in his personality.

"Zera, I didn't mean to break you like-"

"Zeren I don't know! You can break something that is already broken..." She looked off to the side, seeing a couple holding hands walking to a tent with smiles on their stupidly happy faces. She looked down at Zeren's hands. "My whole life, my whole existence, was trying to avoid yet take down this evil organization... And now, that goal is so close that I can just absorb it, but I haven't the faintest idea about what I could do afterwards..." And she took his hands into hers. her thumbs stroking the back of his hands that they could reach. Zeren looked down at them then at her, cheeks warm and heart beating faster.


"I don't know what I want..." Her eyes were glassy, like she was trying to hide or hold back tears. "I want my freedom and peace too don't get me wrong, but... What should I go for afterwards Zeren? What?" She finally looked back at him. He desperately wanted to say 'me, I'm worth going after Zera!' He didn't though. Maybe he was wrong. He held her hands tightly.

"Zera, I can't tell you what you want. Only you know what you want. You need to trust in your heart to find what you want." He said. Zera didn't say anything. She just kept staring at him. He had started to feel nervous. As much as he liked her, girls still gave him that freaky feel. "Zera? Are you okay?"

She blinked. "Oh yes, I'm... fine. Thank you Zeren." And she smiled, like an actual smile. He loved it, it was like she was showing the world the small amount of happiness she had left. It made her silver eyes sparkle. She hugged him, sinking her face into his chest and getting a good sniff on him. Hopefully he did not notice. She looked up at him, all emotion on her face. And it scared him. Slowly, she moved and tilted her head closer to his, eyes closing slowly. Zeren's eyes widened at the realization of what was going on. The thing that he thought would never come true.

"Zera had kissed me... she's still kissing me!" Zeren's mind and heart was frantic. The girl of his absolute dreams had done an act that wasn't exactly in her nature. It was just how he dreamed it would be. Her lips were soft and silky, and she was shy with them. She didn't know hot to kiss maybe... this was just instinct. Zeren could help her with this. He formed his lip properly over hers causing her to do the same.

"Ok buddy, don't blow this. You finally got the kiss, so that means that you can't put any... advanced moves on her. GOT IT?" His inner voice screamed. Zeren understood, but... It felt hard (literally) to not take her right now and ravish her body. Her young, supple, curvy... GRRRR.

Before he even got the chance to really think about it, Zera ended the magical kiss. She held her fingers to her lips, as if being surprised.

"Or savoring our flavor~" his inner voice said. He mentally slapped his brain and it actually felt like he shut him up. Zera finally brought her eyes to Zeren's and Zeren smiled.

Zera's eyes were sparkling, like she actually had little gold flecks in her eyes. It made Zeren feel giddy and happy.

"Goodnight... Zeren..." She finally said, her words coming out slow, shy, and quiet. Zeren smiled at her and pet her head.

"Goodnight Zera, sweet dreams." He said as he walked away from Zera's tent. She watched him go, eyes stalking his backside. She growled in a way that made herself blush.

"What is wrong with me, I feel like this is getting out of hand... I hope these aren't side effects from having that flower..." She opened up her tent flap and stepped inside.

"It was like she never left, or no one ever came in since she went back into the action. The cot was still in the corner, all the way on the back. Her blankets hadn't shifted what so ever.

"Just like I left it..." She mumbled, going over to it and held the corner of her blanket between her fingers.

"Nothing is going on, nothing could go on... I don't know why I did that, seriously why? Why did I do it? why did I... enjoy it?" Zera didn't know what was happening to her, she wanted Voice to give her answers. But it seemed to have disappeared. She got in the cot and wrapped herself in the blankets.

"Maybe this is all just a moment of stress relief... Maybe I'll be better in the morning..." She told herself, letting her eyes shut out the world.

"She saved us all! She's a hero! Thank you Zera!" They were cheering. Her, being cheered her. Why?

"You're welcome citizens. I have grown to love this city and all that live in it." She said. "I saved Zeren's town."

"Zera! Zera! Zera!"

"ZERA, ZERA ZERA, wake up!" Someone was shouting at her. She opened her eyes. Shadow and Zeren were standing above her. She groaned, eyes glaring at the boys.

"Now I know why people like sleeping... You can get good dreams other than nightmares..." She stuffed her head back in her pillow.

"Zera this is serious. The camp is under attack."

Zera shot up immediately. "What happened?"

"Someone... took out my damn night patrol. By the time I was alerted and reached the scene, Ivy and the others were trying to drive back N.U.G. Even in their condition, they still kicked ass..." Celia came in to tell them the story. She looked very drained and pissed. Puffy, red eyes.

"Celia, are you-"

"Ty was on that patrol tonight..." She said, not even listening to her labeled twin. "He and Billy were the only ones to survive..." She sounded like she was about to cry. Zera frowned and walked over to her. They stared at each other in the calmest way and Zera smacked Celia across her face. Shadow's eyes widened while Zeren's jaw dropped.


"Zeren, shut up."

"Celia... I'm sorry, but you have to man up. I know you're sad right now, but you have big fish to fry. I'm ready for a fish feast, so you can feed the entire camp. You with me kid?" Zera said, a small smile on her lips. Celia's bottom lip twitched, indicating she would of smiled but held it back.

"I'll always be with you, my little princess." Celia finally said. The boys, finally feeling like it was safe to let out the breath they were holding. Zeren being more dramatic about it, causing all eyes to fall on him.

"Drama queen.." Shadow commented. The girls smiled as the echidna flushed. Then the ground shook, causing Celia to fall back into the desk, and Zera to fall right into Zeren's arms.

"Whoa, hey, I got you don't worry." Zeren said gently. Zera wanted nothing more than to sink deeper into his arms, his warmth but action... of the different variety, are needed to be taken. Now. She stumbled out of Zeren grip and looked at Celia.

"I think I an idea. Where's the enemy now?"

"By the west gates." Celia said, slight puzzlement on her face. Zera was grinning like a villain.

"Perfect. Let's go." Zera said, already rushing out of her tent. The others had no choice but to comply and go after her.

The cold chill welcomed Zera, and she felt alive. Sure, her last fight was about a couple hours ago, but she was pumped. This was probably her best idea ever.

"Zera, I'm hoping your plan doesn't involve destroying the camp. You know this is all we have left!" Celia said behind her as they were running up the steep hill.

"I can't make any promises on that Cel, I can only keep my word that no more of your family will die or get hurt."

"Those are words to believe in." Sonic mumbled, somehow meeting up with the rest of them. Shadow did hear them though and nudged him harshly in his side at his rudeness.

"Guys, meet me in the mess hall I'll be right back." Zera said, heading in the opposite direction. No time to argue, they rushed to the mess hall, seeing a pretty raging G shoot down 2 soldiers.

"No one messes with G's kitchen!" She said in a battle cry. The others just stood there in a shock at G. She looked at them like they were crazy.

"You make it seem like I do wrong. It's my kitchen, my rules." G said matter-oh-factly and started to drag the bodies out of the mess hall.

"Yes... We were only here due to the fact that Zera told us to wait here for her." Celia was still confused on why her 'superior' made them all come here. It must be a big plan to keep them out of the way.

"That girl... Full of something I say..." G commented with a grunt, dragging the last guy out.

"Everybody stay back!" They heard Zera say. Curious, they poked their heads out of the entrance way.

Which was honestly a big mistake on their part, for a light as bright as the sun blinded them with a scream. A female scream.

Then everything went deathly still.

"I can't believe she did that..." Ivy said hoarsely. Raldo chuckled as he held Ivy tighter to him in their hiding place.

"You could never underestimate her... She's got the makings of greatness in her..." Raldo said. After Miskit got wounded in the ambush and Merlinda helped him get to the infirmary tent, the two captains were left on their own to drive out the remaining forces of N.U.G. As Ivy was taking the time to reload some soldiers nipped her shoulder, taking her down for a moment. Ivy became the one that got hurt the most on this mission she realized. But that moment of defeat died when Zera got them just in to explode on the enemies. Literally.

"That was pretty amazing..."

"I know... I just wish it didn't as much..." Zera said, practically limping towards them.

"This is why I said you shouldn't have used yourself as the charger. But no, you just had to go and play hero, didn't ya?" E said behind her, an annoyed look on her face. Her twin ran towards Ivy and Raldo, carrying a huge bag.

"Here, let me help you." T said gently, taking out some medical supplies. Ivy couldn't help but chuckle.

"That bag, which as you should realize by now is twice your size, you use to carry all of your medical equipment?" Raldo asked. T shook her head like they were stupid.

" No. I keep some of my organized med stuff and weapons in here, like the ones we just used to plow up N.U.G." She explained proudly. She took out some medical tape and alcohol, and started to work on Ivy's wound.

'' Wow, you really are handy."

"Of course I am, I'm one of the best medical hands on the team."

"Key words are 'one of' dear, meaning there are a couple of awesome people on the team. Meaning I'm there too. I am one of our top weapons specialists after all." E said, taking Ivy's gun and inspecting it.

"I could modify this for you if you want. Make it into a more... powerful and environmentally friendly type of gun. Ooo~, and possibly make it sync with your brain!" E said with this joy eating grin, the wheels in her head running at maximum speed now.

"Yea, she's the gun nut outta the two of us. Trust me when I say this: We are more opposite then ever. Don't believe the stereotype that all twins are exactly the same. We only have the face, the allergies, and the family in common. In other things, we're different." T said, finishing up on Ivy's wound. E nodded as she started taking the gun apart, then went through the bag for something.

"You also have one other thing in common: being GROUNDED!" Celia ran over to them, her face alone describing how pissed she was. "Zera, how could you? Of ALL people, you let MY GIRLS OUT ONTO THE FIELD?!" Celia's eyes were red, just like how Zera's get when she's mad. Zera looked at her vexed sister like she had grown two heads.

"Wait, are you telling me that you still haven't let them fight? I mean yes, I did get them out here, but to be honest it was of their own free will as well. You can't keep them away from the battle. They are rebels after all, they live for this. Let them fight Celia."

"I certainly will not let them go! They could get hurt or worse, end up like their brother! I don't want to lose them, they are still too young for battle! I've been protecting them for a long time now, and I'm not letting you ruin that Jax!" Celia's tears started to flow and her face was full of horror. "I... I mean Zera..." She corrected herself, wiping away the tears from her face.

"Celia... are you okay?" The twins said, now walking towards their older adopted sister. She stepped away from them. She couldn't look any of them in the eye.

"Please don't tell me this argument was the last one you had with Jax..." Zera finally said to her. Celia froze.

"Guys, please, we shouldn't be worrying about this. We need to be ready for more of N.U.G's-"

"Celia." Zera said firmly, now clamping her hands on her shoulders. "Is it true?" Zera's voice was shaky. She didn't even know the boy or how their relationship went, but she was scared. Celia studied her face and finally nodded.

"Why? Why was your last meeting about us?" T asked. Celia shook her superior's hands off and walked to them. She held them close, and started crying all over again.

"Please, forgive me..." Celia sniffed this out so quietly, they didn't hear her. "Forgive me girls..."

"Um,... For what? You crying on us? No biggie Ce-"

" No, I'm apologizing for what I'm about to tell you." She sat down in the grass, like she was old. You see E.T, before the accident happened to your brother, we had a fight... Okay, a really big fight..." Celia said, looking sadder by the second, as if she was guilty. "I had a vision... A vision that you guys would die, in the battle field. Jax said that it would never happen, that my visions were never right."

"They haven't, and I'm saying that with a great respect. None of the worst things have happened."

"That's because these happen at an unknown time! They could be from the next day, to the next year!" Celia shouted at them, starting to shake all over again. "Anyway, I told him that he should keep you guys away from the field.

"We were rebels!"

"You were 11! Who let's 11 year old girls carry a pistol so freely?"

"Our family! This rebel organization Celia!" The twins shouted back at her.

"Jax and I were your family! Jax wanted you both safe as much as I did. But he thought you both be better off in the fights, safer even. I said you both were safer in hiding, back at the base. Long story short, you guys were left home on that mission... and your brother died... His dying words to me as I laid his head in my lap were to keep you both safe, to never let you fight out here-"

"That's a lie! Jax would never just stop us from doing our job!" E interrupted Celia.

"Or stop us from doing what we love to do; what we do best Celia." T added, though she was acting and speaking more calmly than her twin.

"And I've been keeping my word to him ever since." She was acting like the duo didn't even interrupt her. "Et, you're both more important to me than this stupid fight. I already lost most of your family to it, I'm not losing the rest. You're both the most valuable people we have here. You're needed here, okay?"

"Celia... Look, I know you made a promise to their late brother, but times change. I mean look at them! Do they look like they're 11 anymore? They're growing up, you can't be their protector forever."

"Damn straight I'll be here forever for them! I'm immortal, if you've forgotten that Zera. You have the gift of immortality, and so do I. They're my girls!"

"There are limits to the immortality, if you've forgotten Celia!"

"And we won't be here forever Celia... I think this isn't about us. It's about you." T spoke, making the elder sisters become silent. "In all honesty Celia, it seems like you need us to function, not the other way around."

"Y-you don't know what you're talking about T. I'm a living weapon of mass destruction and chaos, void of feelings and a heart. Why would I need to depend on 2 teenage girls who are nothing but trouble? Interesting kind girls that would do everything in their power to help the ones they love. How they're so strong and brilliant minded despite their age. How despite how much trouble they are, they bring my mind to ease with their jokes and other nonsense. Why would I need you both by my side with honor and pride because your my strength. Why am I so..."

"Humiliated to tell the truth? Why dear child, that's so easy to explain. You're defective. Your emotions are too unstable. A mistake in the lab 'oven', I suppose. You're just an accident waiting for death." Everyone froze over. Time felt like it froze, heck even hell froze over. That voice alone nearly killed Zera on the spot. "Oh come one, don't act like you didn't hear me! We all know, that I exist." She said that so coldly that Zera couldn't help but shiver. "Now that's the reaction I want."

"Jade..." Was all Zera could say. Everyone looked up at the hill closest to them. A top of it bathed in the glory of the moonlight and even blood, stood Jade. She was wearing what looked like black armor, and pretty powerful looking at that. There were two katanas strapped to her sides, making her look even more intimidating. Her glowing eye outshined Celia's and her smile was dangerous. Even for her.

"Hello again Zera, it's nice to see you after too long. It's been what, a year or so since we last meet face to face?" She said. She was being coy, and it was pissing Celia off.

"It's been 5 years Jade. It should have been kept longer. How did you find us?" Jade chuckled at this question.

"Well, I was so tired and bored of not getting what I want when I wanted it, so I decided to come out and have some fun. It wasn't easy, with you guys trying to hide from me and the fighting, plus trying to save your lives, OI!" She fanned herself like she was exhausted and annoyed. "I'm not as young as I used to be. But, after I got through your little 'line of defense', I sensed your power build and explode! Lucky me, huh?" She said, walking down the hill. Ivy and Raldo stood up quickly, trying to get in-between Jade and the others.

"I should of never signed up to be your captain." Raldo growled lowly at Jade. Jade smiled wickedly.

"Oh, but you did. And you did it with the best intentions which I enjoyed. You were suppose to be the one Raldo, but you became such a disappointment. And Ivy..." She paused, studying her with a poker face. "I can't say anything to you now. Share the same shame as Raldo then."

"SHUT UP!" Celia screamed as she blasted Jade in the chest. The dark wolf fell back, but she jumped right back up. Jade dusted off her suit.

"Oh no, I think I upset the reject. How scared I am." She said with a mocking smile. Celia growled and charged at Jade. Jade didn't move, the smile still on her face "But now, I think you should sleep." She said, her eye glowing even more. All of a sudden, Celia froze, and then fell over. The twins rushed to her side, causing Jade to do the same thing to them.
"Now, let's wrap this up shall we? I think I already missed my dessert time and I need something to eat unless I get more cranky." Jade said, cracking her knuckles at the rest of the group still standing.

"I know exactly what you should eat, you bastard of a bitch." Ivy said, firing the modified gun E made. It nailed Jade in the chest, and blood started to pour out. It was like you couldn't even see the bullets come out of the barrel. "Oooo~, I love it!" Ivy cooed, firing away at the crazy wolf. Jade actually yelped when Ivy clipped her left ear and shoulder. "I really, really love this thing." She kissed this glorious just for the fun of it.

"Glad you're having fun. Might I have a go now?" Jade growled out, pouncing on Ivy. Raldo punched her square in the back before Jade could do any real damage to the fox. "ENOUGH!" Jade shouted. "Fall." Jade commanded. Ivy and Raldo screamed as their bodies disobeyed their brains as they grew stiff and fell over. They were still conscious, but just couldn't move.

"Zera, run..." Raldo managed to say to his little sister. Zera was watching all of this in her frozen horror. She was still on the part when Jade just showed up. She felt Jade getting closer, but couldn't do jack about it.

"Now Zera..." She felt Jade whisper in her ear. "How would you like to finish this off?"

"WITH YOU BEING BURIED IN THE FUCKING GROUND!" Zeren screamed, kicking Jade away from Zera. Jade screamed as she went flying 20 feet away and landed harshly on her back. "Zera, are you alright?" He asked her, kneeling down next to her. Zera was shaking, and looked so lost.

"She's here... Jade is here..." He heard her mumble. He held her in his arms tightly, feeling his anger rise as he felt Zera tremble. How could that bastard of a woman do such awful things to this amazing creature? He looked at Jade, who look disoriented but was still walking towards them. He kissed her gently, and went straight towards Jade.

"You... have some nerve showing your face to me." Zeren basically growled at Jade. The wolf looked confused, seeing as that she didn't know this creature. He smiled, it being the only thing visible from his head being covered by his hood. "Jade, was it? Yea, we're gonna have a lot of fun." He grew a shit eating grin and punched her square in the jaw. The wolf licked her bottom lip as she tasted her own blood, and smiled at the echidna.

"Oh yes, it certainly will be." Jade said, and she pressed a small button on her suit and it started to glow. Well... this looks like trouble. But, not too much for Zeren.

"Guess I'll to resort to using them..." Zeren mumbled just as Jade came to punch him in his gut. He felt the air get knocked out of him..

And then started to laugh.

"You like playing hard ball, don't you?" And Zeren started to glow himself, starting to look like an angel. Jade was taken aback.

"What the fu-"

"Oh, this? This is just a little trick that I learned." Zeren said just as he through a ball of energy at Jade. He heard her screech, but she regained her focus, and went right at him. Powerful kick and punches were thrown at their opponent, the power nearly blinding everyone around them.

"I think Zera could use another plaything like you, just so she could feel better about herself. I mean, look at her over there, being alone and pathetic." Jade commented with a smirk, causing Zeren to put more force in his punches. Big mistake on his part. Jade grew the upper hand when her suit shot out chaos darts onto Zeren and he fell to the ground. Jade was right on top of him.

"You know you can't save her, boy. She belongs to me, and me alone. I will take her and use her as I see fit. You won't even be alive to see it all happen though." Jade said, punching Zeren down. "I mean, look at you, you're tiny, don't have too much fighting experience, and it only took me a few seconds to get you off guard! What does that make you, huh?" Jade said with a cackle of crazy. She kept punching him and punching him, blood flying everywhere, bones cracking. But Zeren, wasn't down for the count.

"It makes me her HERO!" Zeren screamed at Jade, head butting her. She yelped, clucking her head and backing off of Zeren. Zeren got his second wind and started to glow all over. Jade looked at him, and jumped on him again, stronger with anger this time.

"What... Who the hell are you?"


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